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Text Chapter 60 Light and Darkness, Love and Blood (End)

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    Chapter 60: Light and Darkness, Love and Blood (End)

    At this moment, the sky is shining with boundless brilliance.  Under the radiance, Avis slowly opened his eyes.  He seemed to have had a long dream, in which he was filled with all kinds of desires.  Under the impact of that endless desire, he almost fell.  Starting from that noble throne, he began to fall towards the abyss, towards the deepest darkness.

    His royal power seems to have been tarnished, the glory is disappearing with his explosion, and he seems to be sinking, sinking, sinking in the darkness of never-ending darkness.

    At this moment, a vague aura protected his last remaining sanity.  Avis knows that this is the system, and the system faithfully protects the player and keeps his sanity intact.

    Otherwise, Avis may go completely crazy and become a real devil.

    But even if the system¡¯s power to pull Avis into the endless abyss is weakened, it still exists.  Its ontology may be broken by powerful systems.  But the human body's ** cannot be eliminated by the system.  The pain coming from the deepest part of the body almost drove Avis into madness.

    At this time, he saw Rebecca¡¯s tears and the pendant that Rebecca was wearing.  At this time, something seemed to be flickering in his mind, and then a series of pictures flashed through his mind.  The picture is warm and sweet.  After this picture appeared in Avis's mind, Avis fell into a deep coma.

    And the passion, as strong as the tide of the sea, also slowly receded.  Avis felt like he had fallen into a warm embrace while he was sleeping.  It seemed to be the warmth that existed between the mother's amniotic fluid before birth.  Although he could feel that there was no sunlight, Ives still felt that there was some warm white light shining on him.

    It seems that a majestic and solemn person said to himself, I have prepared a place for you. When you fall into the abyss, I will redeem your soul.

    After hearing such a sentence, the eternal elf immediately opened his eyes.  What he saw was a smiling face.  That face is very cute. Although it has some baby fat, the bright eyes seem to be able to speak, which makes people feel an indescribable beauty when they look at it.

    But at this moment, there was a trace of tears on that lovely face.

    "Why are you crying?" Ives murmured to himself, "I don't allow you to cry"

    The elf boy's mumblings were also heard by Rebecca. She touched Avis's cheek and said, "I won't cry I won't cry." But the pearl-like tears couldn't stop flowing down.  Lose.

    Avis raised his hand and wiped it on Rebecca's cheek.  At that moment, something soft in his heart seemed to be touched. He had an impulse. He wanted to hold the person in front of him in his arms, wanted to be in love with her, wanted to date her for a lifetime, wanted to wanted to make a love with her.  Make an eternal contract.

    But Avis still stopped his impulse.  He slowly sat up and left the soft thighs that exuded the fragrance of virginity.  He looked around and saw a gray sky.  In the distance, golden flashes continued.

    "The power of the king" Avis raised his eyebrows and murmured to himself.  After he stood up, his breath recovered in a short time.  At this time, Ives suddenly discovered a terrifying new skill.

    Increase in royal power.

    ? Instant cast, allowing the consumed power to be restored to 50 uses.  Cooling time: 7 days.

    "What's going on?" Avis was a little confused.  But there is no doubt that after possessing this skill, Avis can use more powers.

    He stood up straight, turned around, and smiled slightly at Rebecca: "I'm going to fight You go back to the city I'll be back soon." At this time.  , Avis¡¯s smile is so pure.

    "Yeah." Rebecca looked at Avis who turned around and left slowly, and said softly: "I'll wait for you."

    The footsteps of the eternal elf paused for a moment.  After that, he said: "Yeah." and continued to walk forward


    Kadir looked at the trembling man in front of him.  His fat body was stuffed into a gorgeous suit of armor, but one glance showed that this fat man was not good at fighting.

    And the relatively powerful upper-level professional next to him, Best, was half lying on the ground, with a trace of blood spilling from the corner of his mouth.  Kadir slowly squatted down and looked at the fat man in front of him: "Long time no see Lord Augustine." As he spoke, a cold smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

    "Thisthis lord of royal authority.  " Augustine's teeth began to chatter with fear at this time. He pointed at the big glowing ball: "That the enemy has not been eliminated yet"

    "Oh, don't worry. This is my own limit. With the increase in power, it will take about 10 minutes for them to break through. And 10 minutes is enough for me to kill you hundreds of times." As he said, Cady  A deadly and strange smile appeared on the corner of Er's mouth.

    Augustine trembled and retreated back, but no matter how far away he was from the smiling king, he could not give Augustine even the slightest sense of security.

    "I Where did I offend you? Please tell me clearly! I will definitely try my best to compensate you" Augustine was already a little incoherent.  Kadir looked at Augustine, and after a while he said: "Where did you offend me Well, this is a good question. There is a person's name, I wonder if you still remember it."

    Under the dark clouds behind him, Kadir said slowly: "Reinhardt"

    At this time, a ray of light suddenly flashed across the sky.  That was a sign that the Blood Demon God was about to break through the siege.  And under the sudden light, Augustine saw clearly the face of the beautiful king.  This face was so familiar that Augustine felt a sense of extreme fear.

    The fear welled up in my heart and turned into an indescribable feeling.  Augustine said after a long time: "RhineHart? Who is he to you?" He was still unwilling to admit the most terrifying reality.

    Kadir walked forward slowly and showed a beautiful smile: "That person is me." The beautiful person smiled slightly, which made Augustine feel a deep sense of fear.  The feeling of fear even made Augustine's breathing quicken.

    "You, you, you you are now a king, qualified to marry Heloise I will hold a grand wedding for you" Augustine's face was covered with sweat, but his fat face said at this moment  It's ugly.

    Shaking his head, Kadir sneered: "I'm not even a man now, so what else do I need for a wedding"

    As he spoke, Kadir suddenly stretched out a hand and grabbed Augustine's neck.  After that, he slowly lifted Augustine up, and stared into Augustine's eyes coldly: "Although I really want to torture you and let you die, you are so pathetic, so pathetic that I don't even want to dirty you with you."  handso, I will give you a happy one."

    "don't want!!"

    Two voices shouted the same word.  One voice was that of Augustine, and the other was that of Heloise.  The girl who was galloping over on horseback finally couldn't help but fall down and fell to the ground when she saw the most terrifying scene.

    And Augustine, after giving his last cry, died.

    "Hehehe." Kadir let go of his hand and let the body fall to the ground.  Then he started laughing.

    "Hahahaha, hahahaha!" Under the dark clouds, the king's power man smiled crazily.  The royal power in his body burst out, which can explain Qadir's excitement.  He couldn't explain what he was feeling now.  Happy?  sad?  excited?  Is there pleasure?  Is there any pain?

    Those countless feelings surrounded his heart, and Kadir could not stand upright with laughter.

    "Why" Such a voice sounded, and suddenly it started to rain from the sky, and the rain hit the ground.  The armor of the woman who had always been wearing the most glorious armor had been stained by the mud and was no longer as shiny as before.  The woman cried, climbed up, and walked towards the beautiful figure in the rain: "Why are you doing this!"

    "If you had agreed to elope with me, maybe there wouldn't have been so many things." Kadir stopped his strange laughter.  He turned his head and looked at Heloise.  The two former lovers were standing very close to each other at the moment, but they seemed as far apart as thousands of miles apart.

    "If I run away with you, you will die!" Heloise shouted, her face could no longer tell whether it was tears or rain.  The moist moisture wetted her hair, making her look pitiful.

    "I'm better off dead than I am now!" Qadir shouted angrily, "Isn't it funny to look like a man who is neither a man nor a woman?" He kicked the fat man's body hard and kicked the body away.  After traveling a few meters, he hit the dirt on the side.

    "Let's go back to the past, shall we" Heloise said.

    Kadir suddenly showed a beautiful smile.  That smile was indeed beautiful, but it had a hint of inexplicable despair.

    "Back to the past? Sorry." Kadir's eyes were burning with fire, "From now onFrom the moment you gave up on love, I couldn't look back.  It's just that we shouldn't have met.  If we don't meet, we won't know each other; if we don't know each other, we won't miss each other; if we don't miss each other, we won't love each other and in the end, we won't kill each other.  "

    At this time, Kadir smiled horribly.  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to subscribe and reward (this site). Your support is my biggest motivation.)
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