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Text Chapter 03 The prophecy of failure

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    Chapter 03 The Failed Prophecy

    "Music can liberate people's souls" Arroyo smiled slightly, and then said: "Indeed, some music can shock people's hearts. They can make people dance to the music and enter the world of music. When a  When music brings out the deepest emotions in people and liberates people¡¯s soulsthis is the higher realm of music.¡±

    Afterwards, Arroyo added 5 points each to Shana and Sherris as a reward.

    Arroyo walked to a piano, tried the music, turned around and smiled at everyone: "Today we will learn about music appreciation first You can listen to the music I played, and then we can talk  Talk about your understanding of this music.¡±

    After that, the black-haired boy sat on the chair next to the piano stand, placed his slender hands on the keys, and began to play slowly.  The music has a hint of sadness and melancholy.  It seemed as if someone was whispering his sad state of mind in his ear.  The voice was very dull, just describing it in detail, without passionate words or glorious scenes.  It was just telling the saddest past events in the most bland tone.

    When the song ended, everyone found that their faces were already full of tears.  Sherris looked at the black-haired boy with a casual smile on his face, feeling full of surprise.  This is no longer a level that ordinary people can achieve. This young man has reached an extremely high level in the field of music.

    Arroyo smiled slightly and said, "So, have you experienced the realm of music?"

    "Teacher, have you reached the highest level of music?" a boy suddenly said.  They originally looked down upon such a young boy as their teacher.  But now, they are all convinced.

    "In any field, there is no such thing as the 'highest level'." Arroyo shook his head, "I just stand higher than the average person."

    Afterwards, Arroyo started taking classes.  Starting from the appreciation of music to the initial promotion of music.  He told them in more detail.  Moreover, the content of his lectures was not boring, but very fascinating.  He didn't just follow the instructions, he also let the students think for themselves.

    Before you know it, class time is here.  Arroyo said with a smile: "So, this lesson ends here Let's learn the staff music in the next lesson Haha, this is a popular musical notation in my hometown."

    After that, Arroyo walked outside.  Sherris looked at Arroyo who was slowly leaving the classroom, with a smile on her lips unconsciously.  It seems that she finally met a very good music teacher


    Wearing a black mage robe, Arroyo walked quickly back to his home.  He was still worried about Jie. Although she was an angel, she was too lacking in ordinary knowledge.  Shaking his head, Arroyo walked towards his home.  When he got home, he found that the house was in a mess.

    Arroyo was speechless and covered his head. He glanced at Jie, who seemed innocent, and then said, "Can you tell me why you are throwing clothes everywhere?" There were clothes everywhere on the ground, obviously.  , Jie has turned all her clothes out and thrown them everywhere.

    "It's cold, find some clothes to wear." Jie said.  Arroyo felt like she couldn't even laugh anymore Don't throw your clothes everywhere when you are looking for something to wear!

    After putting away all the messy clothes, Arroyo looked at the time and found that it was already past six in the afternoon.  He turned his head, glanced at Jie who was sitting beside him in a formal manner, and said, "Would you like to go eat?"

    "Yeah." Jie nodded, and then followed Arroyo.  While walking on the road, Arroyo turned around and said to Jie: "If you eat donuts later, remember to finish them all. Otherwise, you will be hungry."

    "Angels don't need to eat."

    "Are you hinting to me that you still don't know how to eat bread?" Arroyo just wanted to cover her face at this time.

    The two of them just communicated like this and slowly walked away.  But none of them noticed that there were two people following them.

    "Hey, Shana, stalking people is not a good habit" Sherris said in a low voice to the red-haired girl next to him.

    Shana shook her head and showed a determined face: "I must find out who the girl next to the teacher is! How dare you attack the teacher in front of me It is simply unforgivable!"

    Xuerui Si smiled bitterly, but she regretted coming out with Shana at this moment.  How shameful for a dignified student union president to do such a thing

    People walking by said to each other from time to timeRuisi saluted and said respectfully: "Hello, President." Xue Ruisi could only maintain his usual smile and greet them.  Now she can only pray that no one discovers that she is following someone

    Arroyo suddenly felt a chill running down his spine. He immediately turned his head and looked around.  But nothing was found.  Jie beside him raised his head slightly and looked at Arroyo with a slightly confused face.  Arroyo touched his head, then showed a wry smile: "Haha, maybe it's an illusion" After that, he walked towards the canteen in front.

    Jie followed Arroyo cautiously.  After Arroyo pondered for a long time, he said: "I think the villa we live in has a kitchen. Then we can cook for ourselves"

    Jie shook her head and said, "No." Arroyo smiled bitterly. He found that except for certain times, in most cases, Jie cherished words like gold.

    "Well I think the food I cook is definitely more delicious than the food cooked in the canteen" Arroyo said.  But Jie said one word: "Donut bun."

    "OkayI understand." Arroyo smiled bitterly. Does this mean that there are no donuts that she likes to eat at home?  After that, he and Jie walked into the dining hall.  The canteen of this school is very large and has almost all kinds of dishes.  There is free food, but it's not delicious.  However, those charged dishes require credits to be redeemed.

    Arroyo's own credits are only 30 points. If one credit is calculated for one meal, the basic credits he gets in a month are just enough for him to eat - let me explain here, in this school, the most basic currency is credits.  .  Students or teachers rely on credits.  Eating, experimenting with magic, buying magic props these things all rely on credits.

    Since the credits are valuable, Arroyo will not waste them on eating. After getting a free steak, he found a seat to sit down.  When she saw Jie again, she already had five donut buns in her hands.

    Arroyo already knows what he will face next.  He lowered his head indifferently and began to eat his lunch.  Jie, on the other hand, ate her donut buns in small bites.

    While Arroyo and Jie were eating, two girls in college uniforms came over.  This college has uniforms, but except for certain moments, such as ceremonies, most of the time the school does not force students to wear uniforms.  So Arroyo was a little surprised to see girls in school uniforms here.

    But he immediately recognized the identities of the two girls.

    At this time, the two girls sat next to Arroyo.  One of the girls with fiery red hair smiled and said hello to Arroyo: "What a coincidence, teacher."

    Xuerui Si couldn't help but cover his forehead.  skillful?  You were obviously the one who followed me all the way, right?

    Arroyo looked at the girl with fiery red hair, smiled, and then said, "Well, you guys are coming to eat too?" He had already recognized the two girls, they were the students he had just listened to in class.  He also answered his questions, so Arroyo still had some impressions.

    Sherris nodded, then looked at the empty seat next to Arroyo and said, "Can we sit here?"

    The black-haired boy nodded and said, "Please do as you like with this." After that, the two girls sat down, and Arroyo also started cutting the steak at this time.

    Shana, however, looked at Arroyo's skillful technique when cutting steak, and then couldn't help but said: "Teacherare you a noble?"

    "Huh?" Arroyo, who had just thrown a piece of steak into his mouth, raised his head and looked at Shana, who was also eating steak.  Shana said matter-of-factly: "It seems you know how to cut a steak This is typical aristocratic etiquette."

    Arroyo then reacted and said: "Haha, I once served as a knight in the Kingdom of Lanying for a period of time." Although he still has the title of knight, Arroyo has no plans to go back.  At least, I have no plans to go back until the Lanying Kingdom is reborn from the ashes.

    He is just clearing the way for the youngest but most talented prince in the Lanying Kingdom.  When that prince took over his country, it was not a devastated and broken country.

    By this time, Jie had already finished eating the donuts on the donut bag.  Then she placed the untouched piece of bread next to Arroyo and picked up a new donut bun.

    The black-haired boy couldn't help but smile bitterly.  He could only pick up the donut bun, no, it should be said to be pure bread, and then took a bite.

    Shana covered her mouth in surprise and looked at it with surprise.?Arroyo and Jie: "Indirect kiss!!??" Arroyo glanced at Shana, and then showed an explanation look: "Um, no I just feel that the bread cannot be wasted."

    Of course, looking at Shana¡¯s expression, Arroyo felt that his explanation was useless.

    Xuerui Si was much calmer.  The student council president turned around, glanced at Jie who was eating a donut expressionlessly, and then said, "What is the relationship between Jie and Mr. Arroyo?"

    "I am his pet." Jie said.  Arroyo, who was eating steak, spit on her rice on the spot.

    "Petpetpet!!??" This time, both Sherris and Shana were not calm.  Many images flashed through Shana's mind instantly.  They are all relatively, ahem, rather disharmonious.

    Arroyo wiped his mouth and then said: "Ahem, it's not what you think"

    "Yeah." Jie nodded, "Arroyo said raising me is like raising a pet. So I am his pet."

    Xueruisi calmed down immediately.  If you think about it carefully, Arroyo doesn't seem to be the kind of person with weird habits.  She smiled and then said, "Are you taking care of Jie?"

    "Yeah." Arroyo nodded, "She encountered some difficulties, so she came to seek my asylum. I sheltered her, that's it." Sherris thought about it for a while and understood.  For some nobles, it is normal for them to protect another noble or his heir.


    After finishing the meal, Arroyo smiled slightly and said, "Then I'll take my leave first." Then he took Jie and walked out the door.  After he left, Shana took out a deck of tarot cards.

    This is the rhythm of divination!  Sherris looked at Shana: "What are you going to do?"

    "Divination." Shana said matter-of-factly, "I want to see that guy's past, and also know who he will be with in the future!" Xu Ruisi smiled bitterly: "Knowing fate will bring unexpected consequences.  You should know that, right?¡±

    "Alright, this is not a divination involving the fate of the continent. It's just a divination for an ordinary mage." Shana said casually, "And aren't you curious? Why is he with Jie?"

    Indeed, if it were just two people who were protecting and being protected among the nobles, there would be no need for Arroyo to bring Jie to the academy.  And judging from their expressions, it doesn't seem like they have any close relationship So, what kind of relationship are they?

    "Huh?" Shana's hand that was drawing cards suddenly stopped.  Sherris turned her head and looked at Shana: "What's wrong?"

    "Beigong Qixing's intervention Oh my God, who is he? He actually had Beigong Qixing's intervention!"

    The intervention of the Seven Stars in the North Palace can be said to be one of the few fate interferences that fortune tellers least want to encounter.  With the intervention of the Seven Stars in the North Palace, it is almost impossible for a fortune teller to make a correct divination under the interference of that powerful constellation.

    At this time, even Xue Ruisi felt that this teacher named "Arroyo" was unusual.  This ¡®Intervention of the Seven Stars of the North Palace¡¯ cannot be triggered by everyone.  The one who can trigger this intervention is at least a strong person from the Holy Domain.  Sherris and Shana looked at each other, and then immediately walked towards a mage tower.  They have to confirm something!


    Arroyo and Jai returned to their homes.  Arroyo stretched for a long time, and then said: "Huh, Jie, take a bath first, and then rest early. I'm going to study magic first." He said he was studying magic, but in fact he was going to earn experience.  value.  Because delving into magic requires experience.

    Of course, studying magic requires patience, luck, and skill.  But after all, Arroyo was a legendary mage in his previous life, so he was naturally extremely proficient in studying magic.  So when Arroyo saw that there was a magic laboratory in his room, he was naturally excited.

    "Yeah." Jie nodded, then picked up a book and started reading.  Arroyo glanced at the book, then suddenly smiled wryly and shook his head.  That book is about a love story.  Unexpectedly, the holy angel also started reading romance novels at this moment.

    Or should I say that even angels can¡¯t resist the charm of love?

    Arroyo shook his head and began to study magic.  Before he can obtain the powerful experience-gaining magic, he must first raise his level to level 40.  Otherwise, even if he goes to a place to gain experience, he will be killed because his level is too low.

    He didn¡¯t notice that the silver-haired angel¡¯s eyes, which should have been reading a book, were staring at Arroyo¡¯s back, wondering what he was thinking


      Scrice is a great magician.  This is almost everyone's consensus.  He had already set foot in the Holy Realm at the end of the First Era.  In that era, legendary mages were not completely extinct, so in theory a holy mage should not be so valued.

    But Cleese's reputation is still prestigious even in the era of suppression by the legendary mage.  Because together with a legendary mage, he developed a spell: the art of conferring gods.

    If this spell succeeds, gods will no longer be sitting high on the divine throne. They may be pulled down from the high heaven by mortals, fall to the ground, fall into the abyss, and fall into infinity.  death.

    Although this spell did not succeed, it was extremely close to success.  Many people firmly believe that if it were not for the cross-continent interference of the gods of the Eternal Continent, this spell would definitely be successful.

    Now, many people are speculating that Scrice has actually entered the field of legend.  It's just that he lives in his mage tower all year round without leaving home, so not many people know his true strength now.

    At this time, the two girls passed through the teleportation array under the mage tower and came to Scrice's study.  There, the old mage was reading a book.  He raised his head, looked at the two anxious girls, then smiled and said, "What makes you so anxious? Miss Sherris." The old mage said with a smile.

    "Grandpa, now is not the time to joke!" Xuerisi stepped forward and said, "We just divined a person and found that his fate actually had the intervention of the Seven Stars of the North Palace!"

    "Is there any medium for him?" Scrice suddenly became energetic.  Sherris nodded, then took out a piece of hair and handed it to Scrice - she got it from Arroyo's seat.  For the average mage, only one hair is too little.  But Scrice is a famous rape master after all, and one hair is enough for him.

    Scrice took out his tarot cards and then drew a card.

    "Huh?" There was a look of doubt on Scrice's face.  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to subscribe and reward (this site). Your support is my biggest motivation.)
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