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Text Chapter 25 The Changing World Line (Part 2)

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    The changed world line in Chapter 25 (Part 2)

    "The world line has changed." The man in blue clothes murmured to himself.  Avis did not die and inherited the seventh kingship.  The Fifth Throne was born early, most likely because Icarus did not refuse the throne Later, Joan of Arc did not die after getting the Sword of Miracles.

    The auras of the God Warriors and Imos also remain on this earth What is the reason for all this?  Feng Sicordier was a little confused.  It is said that the world moves forward with great inertia.  What was the reason for such a big change?

    He decided to find the four kings and find out who changed the world line!

    Everything in front of him has completely lost his control.  If the world is allowed to move forward in chaos, the seven-day judgment will still come, and the knights of the apocalypse will still appear on this land where time is running out.

    The man in blue shirt carried his long sword on his back, identified the direction, and then walked slowly towards the magical country.  Halfway through, he raised his head and looked at the blue sky above his head.

    (Even if it¡¯s just to pass on this pleasant blue, I have to fight) Feng Scodil smiled slightly, and then continued to walk forward.


    Warm sunlight slowly penetrated into this somewhat messy single room.  As if feeling the glare of the sun and the constant pressure in his chest, the young man from the eternal elf family slowly opened his eyes.

    "Well" Shaking his head, the Eternal Elf looked at the wooden ceiling above his head, and suddenly smiled bitterly: "Well, I really can't sleep in the new environment It should be said that I am a lover.  Is there anyone in the bed?" Last night he tossed and turned until very late before going to bed, and now he was a little drowsy and not very awake.

    Avis lowered his head, then looked at the body lying on his chest speechlessly, and suddenly he didn't know what to say.  As an angel, you should know something about how to clean yourself, right?

    With a wry smile, he put the sleeping Jie aside. Avis sat up, raised his eyes, and looked at the sunlight shining into the room.

    "My time is running out." Ives murmured to himself with a slight wry smile.  He could feel the madness inside him, a bloodthirsty madness.  This is something that the system cannot suppress.

    He longs for blood, he longs for battle, and he longs for the earth dyed crimson.  Every minute and every second was like the most difficult time for him. He was in great pain. He wanted to kill, kill happily.

    "Heh, it seems I'm still too impetuous." Avis smiled bitterly, but this was just to comfort himself.  He knew that he was not far away from the true "fall" and becoming the Demon King.  All this requires is an inducement.

    "Since you are born a king, there is no chance." At this time, such a voice sounded behind Avis.  Avis turned his head and looked at the angel girl behind him, Jie.

    "Huh? What are you talking about?" Avis looked at Jie.

    "When your unyielding kingship dyes the sky red, you still raise your head proudly. I will personally give you peace as you need." Jie said seriously.  Elvis's expression changed, and then he showed a wry smile: "You know?"

    "Yeah." Jie nodded.

    "Will you give me peace with your own handsOkay. I hope that when that moment comes, I can bury that derailed fate with my own hands. You are right, since you are a king, there is no chance. I hope that when that time comes, you can give me peace.  I want peace." Avis smiled slightly.

    (Gabriel, you would not hesitate to give birth to your and his child for the sake of lovejust for this scene?) Jie suddenly had the urge to sigh.  If this script is followed, it will be a sad ending.  It will be a dark night without light.

    Jie raised her head.  It was also that incident that caused the Lord to prohibit time and space travel.  The cause and effect of this is too confusing.  Shaking her head, Jie discarded all the chaotic thoughts in her mind, and fixed her gaze on the young man wearing aristocratic clothing.

    Her eyes seemed to have returned to that time and place

    She touched her chest, and her eyes suddenly became firm: Use light to punish darkness, and swear to follow our glorious teachings.  Her eyes were extremely firm, and she seemed to see the holy heaven again, the angels buried in the sky with the ashes of all things.



    After Ives got up,, began to put on his own clothes.  He breathed in the light mist mixed in the air, but his eyes had a hint of sadness.

    There's going to be a war.  Avis could feel the impetuousness constantly fluctuating around him.  It was not only the magical elements that were impetuous, but also his heart.  At this moment, Avis just wants to destroy everything, everything in this world.

    His eyes were very sharp, and the eyes covered by his hair reflected the majestic royal power.

    Since you are born a king, there is no chance.

    When Avis raised his head again, there was a smile on his face.  This smile was different from his previous smiles, but a smile that was deep and longing for something.

    "I have to prepare well. I want my pride to dye the sky red." Putting on his cloak, the king of the world opened the door and walked out of the room.

    As he walked in the open space, he raised his head.  In the mid-air where the mist floated, there was a person standing.  The man had purple hair, and he was looking down at the king who had just walked out.

    "Is it finally here?"

    "Well, here we come."

    The fallen angel smiled slightly, and the next moment, a pair of black wings instantly opened, covering the rising and scorching sunlight.  Under the pair of black wings was the deep darkness.

    Avis put his hand on the hilt of the sword at his waist. He raised his head and his eyes immediately locked on the fallen angel in the sky.

    "Qiang." The voice sounded, and Avis pulled out his sword and held it in his hand.  His pupils shrank slightly, his breathing began to adjust, and he was already preparing to take action.

    In the sky, a royal power appeared.  That is the authority of the king, that is the power of the king!  The moment that royal power appeared, it shattered the earth and the sky.

    "My name is, Ives!" (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to become a registered member of Piaotian Literature to recommend this work. Your support is my biggest motivation.)
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