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Text Chapter 33 Holiday preparations (3)

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    Chapter 33 Holiday Preparations (3)

    "I will accompany you at any time." Icarus smiled and then said, "But that should be a long time later. I just came to see the current king's fighting ability The king of the sky did not disappoint me, and so did you.  If not¡­ then there is one left.¡±

    "Avis" the blond woman said the name.  Then she raised her head and looked at Icarus with her sharp eyes: "If you dare to hurt him, then fight to perish, and I will drag you along with me!"

    "Don't worry." Icarus smiled, "I won't do anything to the owner of the dual kingship. I just want to know his true strength In the upcoming catastrophe, can he stand in the mortal world?  On this front, make your own contribution to the peace of the mortal world As a king, you should also be aware of 'that', right?"

    "Tsk, not bad." Reinhard put away his weapon.  Her golden eyes kept looking at Icarus: "I hope you won't let me hear any bad news." After that, the figure of the most powerful person in the world slowly crossed the sky and disappeared.  In the boundless night.


    "OK, Jerry, pay attention to the tone at this time!" Arroyo, who was conducting the band, patiently guided these people in musical guidance.  Because of Arroyo's superb skills, everyone learned quickly.  In just three days, they were able to roughly play Arroyo's musical named "Path¨¦tique."

    This musical is majestic and the melody is different from most music works in the world.  But if you listen carefully, you can be transported into a real music world.  The song, while not of this world, was not created by Arroyo herself.  This piece of music was written by a well-known musician in Arroyo's previous life in the real world, and now Arroyo has taken it as part of his performance without hesitation.

    When the moonlight gradually penetrated the music stage, Arroyo clapped her hands and said with a smile: "Then today's training ends here. I hope everyone will practice more when they go back. Then let's leave!" After that, Weiwei  Arroyo smiled and was about to leave.

    Of course, when no one else was paying attention, the expression on Arroyo's face turned into a nervous frown.  Just now, he sensed a king's fluctuation coming from the horizon.  That is the manifestation of the king using his power with all his strength. When the invincible king uses his power, the king who is closer can sense it.

    And there was no sign of the King of Sky in the vicinity.  So Arroyo is almost certainly Reinhardt who is fighting the uphill battle.  Arroyo looked through the heavy night sky and seemed to see the royal power towering in the majestic atmosphere.  The golden royal power continued to exude its own majesty, ignoring most of the terrifying impacts.

    And the one who is fighting against the king is definitely a strong one.  Even if Reinhard has not yet advanced to the Holy Realm, he is already a king after all.  And every person with royal power is not so easy to be killed.  And he was able to fight Reinhardt for so long, and even let Reinhardt use all his methods.  Such a strong person cannot be underestimated.

    So, who will take action?  Scrase?  Or those hidden sanctuaries and legends?  Or Icarus?  Arroyo didn't know.  He could only lower his head slightly and look at the battle on the horizon.

    Arroyo was not the only one who sensed this battle.  The black-haired boy could feel that many powerful rays of light were constantly emitted from all around. These rays of light were actually magical detection techniques.  Soon, the extremely fierce battle ahead was transmitted to the projections of many magicians.

    Of course, the battle between the king and the legend is not so easy to read.  If you don't have the strength of a saint, you won't be able to see anything even if you force yourself to look.  Because the king's authority will completely render these reconnaissance techniques ineffective.

    Shaking his head, Arroyo decided to put the matter aside.  Midsommar was about to begin, and he had to make some necessary preparations.  Not preparation for a show on Midsummer Day, but preparation for battle.

    After Midsummer, the blockade of Lengcao will end.  At that time, the Magic Empire Linz will form a wave of people to enter the hinterland and eradicate all possible threats.  Unfortunately, the last enemy they encountered was a giant dragon with legendary strength.

    With this thought in mind, Arroyo slowly walked towards her dormitory.


    "We finally arrived, Your Highness the Princess." Xueer said happily, standing next to Kay Avis.  Kay Avis nodded and showed a faint warm smile.  I don¡¯t know if it¡¯s an illusion.  As long as Kay Ives stands hereOn the ground, she could smell her brother's scent.  The faint fragrance of green grass.

    "We have to conduct a routine visit first. So during this period, princess, please do not act arbitrarily." Xueer coughed, and then began to make a formal introduction, "After that, we will use the excuse of looking for a certain treasure to let the princess  Lead a team of silver knights to travel across the continent. There will definitely be no shortage of information about a person with royal authority, and I believe that Her Royal Highness the Princess will be able to find Her Majesty Avis."

    "Well, that's good." The black-haired girl smiled and nodded.  She also knew that now was not the time to rush.  As long as Avis is not dead, it is only a matter of time to find him.

    "By the way, do you have any information about the King of Powers?" Kai Avis asked casually while waiting for the ship to dock.

    "Both the first and fifth kings of power came to Lienz." Xueer sorted out her thoughts and then said: "But unfortunately, we have no news of the seventh king of power. There is news that he has gone  In the Twilight Forest, there are also reports that he went to hell In short, there are different opinions, and none of us can get accurate information."

    "That's right" Kaiweis nodded.  After all, her brother is a person with royal power. If his whereabouts can be easily controlled, then it would be too much of a failure for him to be a king.

    By this time, the ship had already docked.  Under the hazy moonlight, the city seemed to be sleeping.  All around were illuminated by magical streetlights.

    "This isthe kingdom of magic, Linz?" Kaiweis murmured to himself.  She stepped here again today, into this continent called ¡®Karasol¡¯.  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to become a registered member of Piaotian Literature to recommend this work. Your support is my biggest motivation.)
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