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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 22: Pure Yang Qi

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    Seeing Li Tong's sprinting figure, the scythe demon also screamed, his ferocious face full of bloodthirsty excitement, the scythe in his hand was wrapped with traces of corrosive black air, and the scythe turned into a dim light without making a sound.

    Li Tong flicked his wrist, and the Frost Sword buzzed and trembled, and he moved forward with Qi Penetrating Changhong. After becoming a black iron level 6 warrior, Li Tong did not slack off at all. He practiced the Pure Yang Sword Technique whenever he had time, and had the ability in his dreams.  With his training experience, he has perfected the Qi Penetrating Changhong technique to the point of perfection.

    The sword light was like a dragon, condensing and not dissipating. Without the stimulation of pure Yang Qi, this move was also used by Li Tong with three points of power.

    The sickle demon waved the sickle in his hand and blocked the sword with a clang. However, Li Tong's move focused on penetrating power. The light of the sword was indestructible. The sword body was blocked by the sickle, but a trace of sword energy shot out of the air with a thud.  A bloody hole was pierced in the sickle demon's body, and an icy chill penetrated into its body along the wound.

    The sickle demon felt a sharp pain and roared angrily. A trace of black energy suddenly emerged from his dark red body. His speed suddenly increased by 30%. He waved the sickle wildly in his hand. Li Tong succeeded in one move and was about to continue his attack when he saw the sickle demon like this.  Madness could only switch from offense to defense, and the sword light of the Frost Sword formed a light curtain.

    Dang Dang Dang Dang!

    There was a continuous sound of weapons clashing, and Li Tong was suppressed by the sickle demon. This sickle demon had the strength of Level 7 Black Iron and was very experienced in combat. Every blow of the sickle in his hand was aimed at Li Tong.  It attacks weak points of defense, and its scythe has the power of curse and corrosion. If it is hit by the scythe, the consequences will be disastrous.

    "If you defend for a long time, you will lose. You must find a way to fight back!" Li Tong resisted bitterly, constantly thinking of ways in his heart.

    While Li Tong was fighting the sickle demon, Huang Meng, Qin Yao, and Li Wei also fought with several little demons. They had seen how difficult the little demons were just now, so they did not dare to neglect and led their soldiers to launch a siege.  .

    Boom!  The fireball exploded, and a little demon was hit by the strong explosion force and took several steps back.

    "Good opportunity! Everyone, take action!" Huang Meng shouted, and the big black ax in his hand struck down in a circular motion. The evil wind roared, and with a click, he cut off the little devil's right hand holding the steel fork. The other soldiers saw this.  , hurriedly thrust out the spear, and with a bang, several fine steel spears sank into the little devil's body.

    Roar!  The little devil was seriously injured but was still alive. He swiped his left hand backwards, and the two soldiers were unable to dodge. They were immediately hit in the chest and flew backwards several meters while screaming.

    "Monster, go to hell!" Huang Meng once again burst out with all his strength and chopped off the little devil's head with an axe.

    After the little devil was killed, Huang Meng had no time to be happy and quickly went to the side to help. There were still three little devils wreaking havoc. One little devil was dragged by the water element giant, and two little devils rushed among the attacking soldiers.  , the steel fork stabbed randomly, and every time a soldier fell down, the soldiers of the ** battalion couldn't stop the black iron level 5 little devil at all.

    Qin Yao just cast several small fireballs in succession, which consumed a lot of mental energy. Now she is seizing the time to recover. She can't help at the moment, so she can only organize the soldiers to fight to the death, and the casualties are gradually increasing.

    When Huang Meng killed the little devil, more than thirty soldiers from the ** camp had fallen. The remaining soldiers were frightened by the little devil's strength, and their hands and feet were trembling. Several soldiers saw the little devil.  The devil looked at him and was so frightened that he turned and ran away.  This made the team leader who organized the battle roar in anger.


    A squad leader named Zhao Che came directly to a fleeing soldier, slashed with his knife, and blood spattered, killing the fleeing soldier on the spot. "Whoever dares to run away again, don't blame me, the captain, for being ruthless!"

    Zhao Che was also a junior officer in the army before. He also went to the battlefield and performed well in the jungle battles in the south. It is said that he killed dozens of enemies with his own hands. Later, he was forced to avenge his comrades and killed several surrendered prisoners.  Retirement.

    After Li Tong heard about Zhao Che¡¯s experience, he immediately appointed him as the squad leader of the First Battalion of the ** Battalion and the training instructor of the ** Battalion. Zhao Che was usually silent and cold, but when the crisis came, he finally stood up.

    With Zhao Che's efforts, Huang Meng and the others finally surrounded a few little devils. Qin Yao absorbed a life crystal and recovered a lot of mental power. With a little help, a dozen vines trapped a little devil.  , then Huang Meng and Zhao Che took this opportunity to kill the little devil.

    "Cross the sea and slay the dragon!"

    Li Tong's steps were continuous, and his figure was agile and ethereal. With a flick of the long sword, a sword light condensed on the tip of the long sword. As Li Tong shouted, the sword light flicked, like a long rolling dragon, and the whistling wind was like  The wind and thunder stirred.

      Poof!  The sickle demon was hit by the dragon-shaped sword light, and a long scar was plowed on his body. The sickle demon looked up to the sky and roared, and his eyes turned blood red. After it came to this world, it has killed hundreds of humans, and now it actually  To be hurt by a weak human being is simply a shame for a devil.

    In anger, the speed of the sickle demon increased again, and the sickle in his hand cut like a strong wind. Li Tong used Soaring Cloud Step and kept dodging. However, because the speed of the sickle demon was much different from that of the sickle demon, he was accidentally cut by the blade of the sickle.

    There is a trace of black energy wrapped around the blade of the sickle. As soon as it comes into contact with flesh and blood, this black energy will swim over and make a sizzling sound, corroding the flesh and blood into a bloody hole. The black energy will quickly start to spread. If it is not  If ignored, this black energy will continue to absorb the essence of flesh and blood and become stronger, eventually corroding the human body into withered bones.

    With a flash of sword light, Li Tong quickly cut off the blackened flesh and blood at the wound. Then the pure Yang energy in his Dantian seemed to be stimulated and quickly came to the wound, driving away the remaining corrosive power of the curse.

    The sickle demon's attack failed, and he became even more angry. He yelled crazily, and rushed forward with a ferocious face. He did not dodge the frost sword in Li Tong's hand, as if he wanted to die with Li Tong, but with the sickle  The devil's body has a strong recovery power. Even if it is pierced by Li Tong's sword, it will not recover for a long time. If Li Tong is hit by it, the corrosive magic power of the curse will seep into the internal organs, and it will corrode Li Tong in just a moment.  clean.

    "Summon the Minotaur Warrior!" Li Tong gritted his teeth and sprinted towards the Sickle Demon. With a flick of his left hand, he took out the black iron-level Minotaur Warrior summoning card. The card flashed in the air and then rippled out a space.  Ripple, a tauren warrior holding an ax appeared out of thin air, standing in front of the scythe demon.

    Phew!  The scythe demon was startled, and he waved the scythe involuntarily. The sharp blade cut the tauren warrior in half like cutting butter.  The tauren warrior with level 5 black iron is vulnerable to the hands of the scythe demon!

    " Taking advantage of the moment when the tauren warrior was killed, Li Tong stamped his right foot, and his body was like a floating cloud. He seemed to be moving slowly and quickly over the sickle demon, and with another move across the sea, he slashed the dragon through the air.  The move of "Qi Penetrating Changhong" is indestructible, and the move of "Slaying the Dragon across the Sea" has powerful explosive power, and its instantaneous lethality is astonishing.

    The sword light flashed, and the sickle demon's forward body froze. A stream of smelly black-red blood spurted out from the sickle demon's neck, and the ferocious sheep's head flew high.

    After the death of the sickle demon, the remaining two little demons screamed and ran away. Qin Yao used the vine technique again to block them. The water element giant summoned by Huang Meng and Li Wei took the opportunity to kill them and kill them.  Killed two black iron level 5 little demons.

    Huang Meng's strength increased a lot, and Li Wei was directly promoted to the third level of black iron.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Seven or eight black lights fell from the sky in a row. After the sickle demon was killed by Li Tong, the consciousness of the dark abyss actually rewarded so many things. However, Li Tong did not show any excitement, but focused all his attention on his body.

    After absorbing the life force left by the sickle demon, the pure Yang energy in Li Tong's body seemed to be strongly stimulated and began to boil. The pure Yang energy began to shrink and condense rapidly. After two minutes, all the pure Yang energy  All the energy condensed into a bright light.

    "Pure Yang Qi!"

    Li Tong was overjoyed. He did not expect that at this time he would break through the second level of the True Existence Realm of the Innate Pure Yang Technique, and condense the pure Yang energy contained in the entire body into pure Yang true energy. After condensing this trace of pure Yang true energy,  Li Tong's body began to change drastically.

    Li Tong has not become a seventh-level black iron warrior, but he can feel that his body's strength has increased rapidly at this time, which is more than 40% stronger than before.

    Chi la

    Li Tongtong stabbed out a sword with his hand, and a trace of pure Yang Qi circulated, attached to the rapidly trembling Frost Sword. The sword light flashed, turning into red color, and plowed a black crack on the ground. The Frost Sword was cold.  The sword edge seemed to possess the power of fire at this moment.

    "It's time to change weapons again!"

    Li Tong put the Frost Sword into its scabbard and collected the trophies, including two skill books, one prop, and five or six life crystals.

    "Basic Dou Qi and Hundred Battle Sword Techniques are all black iron-level skills! These two techniques are simple and easy to practice. Let the seven team captains practice them. If someone performs well, they can also be used to win people's hearts!"

    Basic Dou Qi and Hundred Battles Sword Techniques are different from magic skills. Magic practice is very difficult to get started without a skill book, but basic Dou Qi and Hundred Battles Sword Techniques are very easy to learn as long as you practice hard. Li Tong saw that these two  The moment I learned the skills, I decided to treat them as unique benefits to the camp.?As long as the soldiers in the ** camp show outstanding loyalty to him, they can practice the exercises.

    The remaining item is a magic necklace inlaid with black gems. The necklace comes with a primary magic shield, a black iron advanced magic, and its defense is very powerful.


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