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Volume 2: The Four Immortal Sects Chapter 1073: Wanting to Go to the Kingdom of God

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    The killing array gradually calmed down, and the terrifying killing intent that filled the surroundings also dissipated.  "Boy, let's go." The horned ape said.  Although the nine Daozong people have left, they are still stationed here. It naturally knows this.  But so what, it knew even more that those nine people would not stop them anymore, or in other words, they couldn't stop them even if they wanted to.  ¡°There¡¯s no rush.¡± Jiang Xiaofan shook his head.  Because of the spirit of the killing formation, the killing formation at the junction of the starry sky fell silent, without any fluctuations.  "Stay here for a while." He said softly.  Although the horned ape was a little puzzled, he didn't say much and said, "Okay." It had nothing to do and was not in a hurry at all.  Cang Ya has been very silent.  Jiang Xiaofan glanced around, walked to a place with his legs raised, and said to Cangya and Oxhorn Ape: "I want to retreat here for a while, and you can go for a walk around." The formation spirit has already made it clear to him that there is no place here.  What danger will there be again?  "I don't care, my king." The horned ape shrugged.  Cang Ya didn¡¯t say anything, but it was obvious that he couldn¡¯t have any opinions.  "Hoo!" At the junction of the two starry skies, the cold star wind blew, which was very biting.  Jiang Xiaofan was sitting cross-legged on a big stone, his eyes slightly closed, a faint divine glow lingering outside his body.  Gold, silver, purple, black, white, gray, and red, seven different rays of light flowed on his body, making him look like the reincarnation of the emperor.  When he was in the chaotic world, he first absorbed and refined the Chaos Green Lotus, and then fused the seventh piece of sacred copper to temper his body with the chaotic light. It can be said that he accumulated a lot of power in his body.  When he was in the chaotic world, he didn't spend time consolidating these powers. Now he has returned to this starry sky and is in this killing array. It can be said to be extremely safe. There are array spirits comparable to the ninth level of the Holy Sky. Here  It is simply a natural retreat.  "Buzz!" Little bits of divine light circulated on his body, and the aura on his body gradually became stronger.  He was sorting out the divine power in his body over and over again, and many ancient methods such as Taoist Scriptures, Buddhist scriptures, and Thunder God Techniques were running at the same time, making the starry sky in this place filled with countless strange lights.  "You have too many techniques." Suddenly, a voice sounded in my heart.  Jiang Xiaofan naturally knew who the voice was, and seemed very calm: "I know." It's not about having many skills, but about being fine. The fine here doesn't mean proficiency, but intensive research, which refers to cultivating a certain way to the extreme.  Jiang Xiaofan naturally knows this truth very well, and this is not the first time he has heard these words.  "Why don't you give up other techniques and only take one path to the extreme?" The voice sounded again.  ??Throughout the ages, all those who have achieved the realm of emperors have taken one path to the extreme, such as Old Man Tianxu's Avenue of Nothingness, Medicine Emperor's Nature Avenue, Demon Emperor's Yin-Yang Avenue, and Ghost Lord's Avenue of Death.  These great figures who are famous in ancient times all followed a single path, and they reached the pinnacle and the end.  A light spirit that is as tall as a normal person condenses out next to it, it is the spirit of the killing formation.  Jiang Xiaofan was not surprised by the appearance of the formation spirit.  He stopped practicing, looked at the formation spirit, and said, "What kind of Tao do you think I should give up, and what kind of Tao should I study intensively?" The formation spirit looked at him, speechless.  "I can tell that the techniques you practice are extraordinary, and it's really hard to make a choice." After a moment, it shook its head.  Jiang Xiaofan has practiced Taoist scriptures, Buddhist scriptures, Thunder God Technique, and Sky-Splitting Sword Technique. Which of these ancient scriptures and magical arts is ordinary?  Which one is not earth-shattering?  It is really difficult for him to make a choice in such a situation.  It looked at Jiang Xiaofan and said after a while: "Perhaps, you can try to fuse them." It was created by the joint efforts of Dao Zun, Demon Emperor and other emperors.  It has the power of Dao Zun and others' understanding of Tao. It is not an exaggeration to call it a Taoist treasure.  "Fusion?" A glint flashed in Jiang Xiaofan's eyes.  Then, he shook his head and said: "How can it be so simple to fuse several ancient scriptures?" There are many ancient scriptures in the world, but they are not close. They can run at the same time in Jiang Xiaofan's body and live in peace with each other.  thing, but if you want to integrate them, it is almost impossible to do it.  Moreover, doing so is accompanied by a huge crisis. If you are not careful, you will be destroyed physically and mentally.?.  "It all depends on human effort." Zhenling said calmly.  Jiang Xiaofan frowned, his eyes looking a little deep.  There is a faint colorful glow flowing on his body, which is sacred, fierce and domineering.  "You should have thought about fusing them." Zhenling suddenly said.  A strange light flashed across Jiang Xiaofan's eyes, and he was noncommittal.  He did think about merging several ancient scriptures in his body. This idea had already occurred to him when he entered the realm of the Three Pure Ones.  Taoist scriptures, Buddhist scriptures, the Heaven-Splitting Sword Technique, and the Thunder God Technique. These are the paths of predecessors, and they are all paths that others have walked. If he wants to reach the top of his cultivation path, he must not follow the path of others.  The path left by the predecessors is very simple, or it can be regarded as a shortcut.  "However, we can never surpass ourselves by following the path of our predecessors.  He knows this very well, so he cannot always practice the techniques in his body. He must either fuse them or abandon them.  However, both of these, whether it is the former or the latter, are extremely difficult.  "The matter of magic is not urgent at the moment." He said calmly.  He stared at the formation spirit, his eyes getting deeper and deeper. After a moment of silence, he said, "I have something to ask." "Tell me." The formation spirit nodded.  Jiang Xiaofan closed his eyes slightly, then opened them again, with a faint light flickering in them.  "How much do you know about the God Clan?" He looked at the formation spirit road.  The formation spirit was made by the joint efforts of Dao Zun, Demon Emperor and others, and it had some memories of those five people. He believed that the formation spirit in front of him could help him analyze some things about the gods.  The formation was slightly silent, its eyes flickering.  After a while, it finally spoke and said: "The Gods originated from Ziwei. In ancient times, they evacuated and traveled far away into the stars. This bloodline is powerful, and its members are born warriors with unparalleled monastic talents. In ancient times,  This clan is led by a god, and there are seven saint-level monks in the clan" The formation spirit said a lot, and Jiang Xiaofan also listened to a lot.  His eyes are even deeper The intersection of the starry sky seems a bit dark, but the stars in the distance can still be seen, varying in size and colorful, like huge gems.  "Why ask the Gods? Normally, shouldn't you ask Jiuchongtian and the Chaos Clan first? Or, do you already know enough about Jiuchongtian and the Chaos Clan? Are you confident?" Zhen Ling said.  It was made by sacrifices from Dao Zun, Demon Emperor and others, and it has some memories of those five people.  From ancient times to the present, the God Clan has always been in the middle position, while the Nine Heavens Clan and the Chaos Clan are the enemies of this starry sky. Perhaps many monks have doubts about these three major clans, but as it says, you should ask first if you want to ask.  The Nine Heavens and the Chaos Clan.  This is an inherent thought.  Jiang Xiaofan did not answer. His eyes were very deep, with soft light and cold light in them.  "It's been too long, it's time for me to go to the Kingdom of God" He said calmly.
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