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    Sorry everyone, I finished writing the second chapter yesterday, rested for a while at home, and slept until after twelve o'clock. When I woke up, I found a lot of people's support. Guazi was very touched, but really tired, and then I fell asleep because I couldn't do it anymore.  . ? Here I thank these people.  There is a myth in the crotch: This is a very early book friend. I have followed Guazi for more than a year and have been supporting Guazi. Thank you for your company. If you are a girl, Guazi will chase you~~~ LCY reincarnation:  Samsara girl, can you introduce Bai Fumei?  Just like upstairs, I have always been accompanied by new books from Guazi. Thank you.  There are also stars!  !  !  But he didn't show up.  .  .  And thanks to the new friends.  8-11: Thank you for your long-term recommendation and support, Guazi will keep it in mind!  Reading in bed - Cool, Across Different Dimensions, Dragon Eats the Stars, Sample, Don't Run OT, Hui Huihui, Fantasy Love in the Wind, Hot Image, Jueying Flying Rabbit, Ronger Guaiguai, Ronger Guaiguai, Book Friends 130828, Upside Down  Time shirong, eternal reincarnation, I can be evil if I want to be evil, little bad guy, I can be evil if I want to be evil, doomsday red cloud, 548476, winter wind, call me Jiuye, the king of flying over, awfag, crazy 27, reward is  Secondly, Xinyi Guazi thanks you for your support. I hope you can continue to support Guazi. Thank you very much. There is no ranking!  All the friends who support me and have read this book!  The code words are gone!  !  ! ? 301258159 Announce the official QQ group!  There will definitely be more and more people. Brothers, if you are willing to support Guazi and make friends, please join!  !  !  We are waiting for you!
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