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The Eve of the Apocalypse Chapter 1: Back to the Past

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    In the end of the world, something like this that only existed in novels happened, and it happened next to Yang Fan.  A month ago, one night, Yang Fan still remembered that while he was enjoying Hatano Yuino's film, a strange voice suddenly appeared in his heart.  "Congratulations on opening the apocalyptic system. You are the 8888888th person in China to open the apocalyptic system, and you are also the last one to open the apocalyptic system. Therefore, we will give you a super talent and archive skills. Please take advantage of this opportunity."  After this sound, Yang Fan was dumbfounded for half an hour, and then ran over to ask a few friends in the dormitory if they heard any sound. The reply he got was a lot of curses. Then Yang Fan thought about it for a long time and finally activated the system.  After calling the attributes, a set of information popped up.  Era: Peaceful Era Planet: MZ1001 Solar System Earth.  Region: Southern China.  Character: Yang Fan.  Occupational class: None Physique: 5 (mainly related to resistance and recovery ability, equivalent to 50% of ordinary people) Strength: 6 (mainly related to offensive ability and load-bearing ability, equivalent to 60% of ordinary people) Agility: 4 (mainly related to  Relating to reaction ability, movement speed, equivalent to 40% of ordinary people) Wisdom: 3 (mainly related to special realms, calculation speed, equivalent to 30% of ordinary people) Skills: None.  Equipment: None.  Combat rating: F grade.  (Divided into SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F) Doomsday Coin: 0.  Talent: Archive, super god-level talent, description: You can archive at a certain time period at will, just like any stand-alone game. It needs to be cooled down for seven days after archiving. The time will start counting after seven days, and the system will randomly return it to 1-30 days.  forward.  (Since this is the first time for the player to use the archive skill, there will be no limit to returning to that time period) In this way, Yang Fan was shocked for the whole day, but he also cursed several times in the middle. How could his wisdom be only 30% of ordinary people?  Isn't this mentally retarded?  However, the mystery of this system shocked and worried Yang Fan for a whole day.  And at noon the next day, the apocalypse really broke out.  A powerful spiritual storm will destroy all the sophisticated instruments in the world. Any nuclear weapons, powerful missiles, etc., as long as they are emitted by electrons, will be paralyzed. They are no different from scrap metal. Any means of communication will be useless. Humanity  Civilization suffered the strongest blow in an instant.  This is not even the most terrifying thing. The most terrifying thing is the legendary zombie. One out of ten, one zombie will appear in ten humans. This kind of zombie is exactly the same as the zombie in the movie. It has no wisdom and no emotions. See  Just bite people. The initial mother zombies don't move very slowly. Only the bitten zombies move very slowly.  At that time, there was a full-scale outbreak in the school, and many people were bitten, and then they turned into zombies in less than ten minutes. After paying a huge price, they learned that the weak point of zombies must be their heads. The only way to do this is to blow the head off or penetrate it.  will stop taking action.  At that time, Yang Fan followed some people and began to flee for life and death, almost as a dragster.  I was trapped in the school for ten days and ten nights, struggling to survive. Basically, most of the people in the school died unexpectedly. Killing zombies will not give you any experience or anything like that, but only the corresponding apocalypse coins. Overall, it is like playing  It's the same as a game, but it can't be upgraded.  Zombies can also drop equipment, skill books, gems and other things, and the body will still survive. It is equivalent to a real-life game with a high degree of freedom.  After conquering their fear, Yang Fan and a group of people left the school. There were fifteen people. After persisting for ten days, only seven people survived. Then they finally figured out how to play this game, because Yang Fan and his group met the apocalyptic businessman, Mo!  I learned a lot from the apocalyptic merchants because they asked Yang Fan to spend fifty apocalyptic coins to buy an apocalyptic survival manual. You must know that a zombie can only be given two or three apocalyptic coins. Fifty coins are almost enough for these ten days.  Come, Yang Fan has all his savings, but under the threat of these people, Yang Fan can only give in.  It turns out that if you want to improve your strength, apart from constantly training yourself, you have to rely on natural resources, medicines and elixirs, and there is no other way.  For example, a first-level agility potion can permanently and randomly increase agility by 1-100 points after drinking it. It depends on personal physique and luck. You must change jobs to use it, and then you can learn skills.  The Apocalypse Survival Manual has broadened everyone's horizons, and based on the above description, everyone has successfully changed their professions. The only professions are pure physical warriors and mages. However, mages are difficult to change and require a wisdom of 7  But at this time, in addition to zombies, humans have another enemy, which is alienated beasts, some mice in the ditch, or mosquitoes flying in the sky, which are hundreds of times bigger, some are as big as humans, and some are as big as humans.  It can even be as big as a hill, but of course this kind is very rare.  They feed on humans, but they also eat zombies. At that time, a person in Yang Fan's team was sucked dry by a huge mosquito and died. However, the mosquito also died in the hands of his companions in the end, and gave him a lot of experience.  , several pieces of equipment exploded.  So the problem lies here. There were five people at that time, two pieces of equipment exploded, and one piece of armor. The strongest one took the armor, and only one of the remaining people had no equipment. Yang Fan naturally  I think one of the two pieces of equipment belongs to me, so I let the other person choose.  But the other person took away two pieces of equipment, leaving him alone.  Yang Fan was not convinced at this time, and said a few words unhappily, but what he got was a beating, especially when one of them stepped on his stomach and said in a vicious tone: "Without us, you would have died a long time ago.  You coward, you still want equipment?" Just like that, Yang Fan finally understood his position, he was worthless.  And they also thoroughly said everything they wanted to say. The reason why they brought up Yan Zi was because they planned to use themselves as a shield at the critical moment.  Next, Yang Fan lived a life worse than death. He was trapped by them, used as bait, and suffered a lot of harm. However, they were worse than animals and did all kinds of bad things. Just ten days later, that is, today, a race more terrifying than the alienated beasts appeared.  Appeared.  That is the ferocious Zerg, they can fly freely, not only like to eat people, but also like to eat alienated beasts.  All zombies, alienated beasts, and bugs can be divided into levels just like humans. There are ten classes and ten small levels. To put it simply, they can be divided into one hundred levels, but after every ten levels there is a watershed. This is the end of the world manual.  written above.  Generally, zombies do not exceed level 10, usually between levels 2-5. Only the mother body can evolve. Only two or three of the remaining ten zombies can break through level 10, while any alienated beast can break through level 10, usually between levels 7-10.  , and the worst one among the Zerg is also a level 10 existence.  Human beings are undoubtedly adding insult to injury.  The blows came one after another.  Just like now, Yang Fan was bound by a thick rope. Seeing a large wave of flying red flame beetles, Yang Fan was afraid. These insects were almost as tall as an adult, and the teeth in their mouths were like sawtooths, which could easily bite people into pieces.  .  There is even a golden being among them.  "Yang Fan, sacrifice yourself for us. What these Zerg like most is fresh flesh and blood like yours." A handsome boy smiled sinisterly. This is his dormitory chief, Qin Ziwen. His family is quite rich.  He used to take good care of himself, but now he offered himself up as a sacrifice. Yang Fan hated this guy for a moment and wanted to cut him into pieces.  "Let's go." Qin Ziwen patted his face and smiled: "Do you know why I'm so nice to you? That's the woman I want to get close to you. Do you know why she broke up with you?  ? I don¡¯t know, right? Let me tell you, do you still remember Su Tao? I asked her to get close to you, and then I asked people to take pictures. You thought she was your beauty, but in fact, any photos of you and her?  I showed everything to Bai Su, so she broke up with you. But I never expected that after she broke up with you, she would not come to me. Later, when the apocalypse broke out, I saw her and locked her up.  There is a zombie in the dormitory, hahahaha." The handsome Qin Ziwen smiled sinisterly.  Yang Fan¡¯s heart was as cold as ice, and he looked at Qin Ziwen in disbelief.  Finally, he roared with a red face: "Qin Ziwen, I will fuck your whole family." "Hahahaha, enjoy it." Qin Ziwen patted his face again, and Yang Fan suddenly understood everything. He struggled, but  But it was of no use. He was tied to the stool by these bastards and couldn't move at all.  "I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you! Qin Ziwen." Yang Fan shouted tremblingly, and then the group of Zerg came to Yang Fan, exuding blazing heat waves. These are 10  The level of red flame beetle has a body temperature close to 100.  They have a golden insect beast standing on their head.  The golden beetle rushed over directly, opened its fangs and bit Yang Fan.  "I will kill you, I will kill you, I will kill you, Qin Ziwen, you all will die a good death, read the file for me." At the critical moment of life and death, Yang Fan's face was full of joy.With a look of anger, he looked up to the sky and roared. As soon as he said the word "read file", an extreme light spread out from his body, destroying everything.  ¡­¡­
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