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On the Eve of the End of the World Chapter 9: Unbelievable Luck in the Lottery

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    After Liu Qiaoqiao purchased something, he suddenly exclaimed, and then said with joy on his face: "Yang Fan, Yang Fan, the system prompts that I am the first person to trade more than 1,000 points. I have been gratified by the Lord of my life, so I will give you an extra gift."  A random weapon, a random pet egg, a random skill book, a random set of props, and my talent advance has been strengthened. ""What the talent has been strengthened, what has been strengthened?" Yang Fan was surprised.  , can talent be enhanced?  At the same time, he also felt envious of Liu Qiaoqiao's luck, but he didn't understand what it meant to be gratified by his natal god, but now was not the time to think about it.  He asked Liu Qiaoqiao to share his talent.  "Advance payment (enhanced): Purchase any system store item with a 20% discount, with a minimum discount of 50%, but it cannot be traded. It's only 20% off, and the 50% discount cannot be traded, and the purchase is limited to ten items per day. This is nothing.  "Liu Qiaoqiao was very happy at first, but then after learning about the enhanced talent, she couldn't help but despise it, and said a little greedily: "It should be at least 30% off, stingy." "Twenty percent off" Liu Qiaoqiao's words were very casual.  This talent may seem accumulated to others, but only Yang Fan, who has truly experienced the apocalypse, knows how important it is. At this time, Yang Fan's head was pounding, 20% off, 20% off, he just looked at Liu Qiaoqiao now.  A chicken that lays golden eggs.  What is the concept of 20% off? When buying something in the future, the mall requires 100 points. Liu Qiaoqiao will keep 80% in the account and sell 90% to others, making a net profit of 10%. What a huge profit is this?  Although there are only 10 pieces, it is enough to make him rich in the early stage. Yang Fan has already imagined in his mind the scene of following Liu Qiaoqiao to eat and drink.  ??Especially the future.     What?  S-class weapons?  No, no, rubbish.     What?  S-level pet?  No, no, rubbish.     What?  S-class bloodline?  No, no, rubbish Yang Fan has some inner arrogance, and he met a guy with incredible luck.  "Sister Qiao, I will hang out with you from now on." Yang Fan howled, but he was excited. Of course, this was purely an entertainment joke.  Liu Qiaoqiao still didn't know what happened, but a free boy was sent to her. She was more lively and like a big sister, patted Yang Fan on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry, I will follow my sister to enjoy the hot and spicy food." "  "Yeah, thank you, Sister Qiao." Yang Fan smiled awkwardly. After joking for a while, Yang Fan stopped talking and asked Liu Qiaoqiao to start the lottery.  "The physical one - Desert Eagle (Bronze Level), has strong armor-piercing power. It is very powerful. It does not require bullets and only requires physical attack. It can currently fire one shot and comes with automatic aiming." This is Liu Qiaoqiao's draw.  She threw the weapon directly to Yang Fan and said, "I am a girl, I am not used to using guns, Xiaofan, take it." "Hey, hey, thank you, Sister Qiao, thank you, Sister Qiao." Yang Fan was pooped.  I took over the Desert Eagle, and my face was full of excitement. The hot weapons in the equipment are more expensive than the cold weapons. The cheapest Type 68 pistol costs 300 Doomsday Coins. Generally speaking, few people can afford it.  As for this Desert Eagle, an ordinary one costs 700 Doomsday Coins, let alone a Bronze-level one. It is worth at least 1,000 Doomsday Coins. You must know that this Desert Eagle does not require bullets. It depends on your personal strength and you can take it yourself.  After holding the gun, it shows that it can fire 16 rounds, which is converted according to the strength.  Yang Fan knows this weapon. It comes with automatic aiming. If you want to hit the head or the middle finger of your left hand, it will never miss. It is a good thing.  "The pet egg came out, ah a snake." Liu Qiaoqiao was frightened and immediately hid behind Yang Fan, trembling all over.  "Snakewhat kind of snake?" Liu Qiaoqiao didn't say anything, obviously frightened, and just turned on sharing.  "The baby eggs of the giant swallowing python, when they are young, will have a very powerful physical body when they grow up. Their hunting ability is extremely fierce, and they need a lot of meat energy to grow."  The ninth generation of good people." Yang Fan swore directly and looked at Liu Qiaoqiao in surprise. The others were sent to copy things by Yang Fan, but when they heard Yang Fan speak like this, they were all curious.  The Great Swallowing Python is a kind of powerful python that has undergone apocalyptic mutation. Maybe others don't know how strong it is, but Yang Fan has seen a person have such a pet in his previous life. It is only in the growth stage and has not yet reached the prime of life.  , already has a body of more than thirty meters, and can fight ordinary Zerg.  At that time, my team only saw a figure from behind, and were so frightened that they hid for several hours before daring to show up.  Now that he can have such a pet, how can Yang Fan not be excited? Think about it, if he screams, a giant python will rush out of the pet space. Who dares to scream?  He opened his mouth and swallowed it directly.    "You can give it to me if you don't want it" So Yang Fan said urgently to Liu Qiaoqiao that he really wanted this.  "Take it, take it, I don't want a snake." Liu Qiaoqiao spoke in a lolita-like manner.  Yang Fan was excited to make a deal with her, and then asked Liu Qiaoqiao to continue drawing. The next step was skills. Liu Qiaoqiao was lucky enough to draw a good skill book, which was the rarest type of summoning.  Yang Fan was shocked and speechless.  [Frost Water Giant]: Summons a frost water giant, which can survive for 24 hours, equivalent to 50% of its own strength, consumes 30% of mental power, cools down for 1 day, and requires a level 1 ice mage to learn.  This skill is very good, really very good. The professions are divided into warrior and mage. Mage must have a wisdom of 7 to change professions, so four-fifths of people choose warrior, and only one-fifth of people can change to mage.  Of course, hiding a profession does not count.  Every time any profession reaches a level, there will be 1-3 professional skills to choose from, mainly depending on the situation at that time, and there are only three skill slots. Generally speaking, they are an attack, an auxiliary, and a footwork skill.  However, this skill cannot be learned temporarily without changing jobs.  As for the last set of props, Yang Fan is looking forward to it.  "A set of first-order explosive symbols" Liu Qiaoqiao said after a while.  "What explosion talisman? It's actually an explosion talismanhow many are there?" Yang Fan asked eagerly.  "99 pictures" Liu Qiaoqiao was relatively happy. She knew by looking at Yang Fan's face that she had drawn something good again.  "Sister Qiao I've completely fooled you." Yang Fan was excited on the spot. The explosion generated by the Explosion Talisman is equivalent to a grenade, which is equivalent to a level 10 professional who can strike with all his strength.  The most important thing is that this thing can be stacked. If you can't kill it with one, five, ten, twenty, fifty, wow Yang Fan accidentally lost his composure After a little while, Liu waited for things to stabilize.  Qiaoqiao traded the eggs of the giant python to Yang Fan, as well as the explosion charm. She originally planned to give them all to Yang Fan, but Yang Fan asked her to keep ten of them for herself and keep them with her. Ten pieces were just enough.  "Don't worry, I will protect you." Liu Qiaoqiao traded almost all the things to himself. Although there was no way around it, Yang Fan was still very grateful to Liu Qiaoqiao, so Yang Fan said to Liu Qiaoqiao seriously  .  "It's okay." Liu Qiaoqiao blushed slightly, and then said with a smile on her face.  And Bai Su, who was binding with Wu Yinmei and Liu Xin, heard Yang Fan's words, and his thoughts suddenly drifted to a long time ago.  She vaguely remembered that one winter, two people were walking in the snow. Yang Fan told her some jokes, but she didn't find it funny. The relationship between the two was pretty good at that time. Suddenly, a truck suddenly skidded.  Yang Fan protected himself, and a bloody wound was scraped on his left leg.  At that time, he also said to himself seriously.  "Don't worry, I will protect you." A year later, the same words were not said to the same person. At this moment, Bai Su felt a trace of regret in her heart, and there was a trace of pain in her heart.  There was a feeling of discomfort, as if something she loved had been taken away by someone else, but she did not act strangely, and bound the copied things seriously.
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