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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 39: Siberian Tiger

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    (Please click for members and recommend votes) The momentum is very strong. Yang Fan keenly feels this kind of strength that ordinary people cannot possess, at least a full ability that is more than ten times higher than that of human beings. Yang Fan  I immediately found the location based on my feeling, where I cast my gaze over, and behind me, there was a big man almost two meters tall, with his upper body naked, and his whole body was covered with muscles, with a flat head, and all the lumps.  The muscles are as hard as rock, full of explosive power, and fierce. In other words, no one dares to mess with this kind of person in a nightclub, even drunk people.  From the faces of people like Zhu Liang, we can tell that this person is extremely dangerous.  "Do you dare to try it without a gun?" The big man looked at him coldly and said this. At the same time, Yang Fan felt at least several gun heads pointing at him in an instant. As for where they were, just  Have to search slowly.  The speed of the bullet was very fast, and Yang Fan was sure to dodge it, but Zhu Liang and the others had no choice, so Yang Fan put away the Desert Eagle, then came to the big man who looked like a beast, and said: "I will give you three chances to take action.  , If you let me take a step, I will lose. " Yang Fan looked contemptuous, and the latter was immediately furious. He had been born with supernatural powers since he was a child. After various trainings, his strength was almost two or three times that of ordinary people.  After getting the apocalyptic system, he moved forward bravely, and then luckily opened a silver-level treasure chest and obtained level 3 third-level strengthening potions with various attributes.  Now the strength is easy to pinch a person, but the thin boy in front of him did not take himself in front of him?  This is a great shame and humiliation.  He rushed over at that moment. He was like a running leopard. He was solid, powerful and fast. He was in front of Yang Fan in almost a blink of an eye. Yang Fan was wearing a jet black cloak and his dirty hair.  Even though her style is reduced by half, her somewhat dirty face is still so pretty.  "Crack." The big man like a leopard rushed over, wanting to tear Yang Fan apart directly, but when he was one meter closer to Yang Fan, he raised his fist, and Yang Fan also raised his fist. The two fists met together, and immediately  There was a crisp sound of fracture, and most people thought that Yang Fan's hand was broken.  Only some people think that this big man is unlucky.  On the second floor of the supermarket, a middle-aged man wearing a black Chinese tunic suit looked down through the window, and then he suddenly saw the big man lying on the ground, rolling there "Ah! It hurts me to death, it hurts me to death.  "Most people didn't expect that the person rolling on the ground and crying out in pain was actually a big man like a tiger, but this young man, who looked harmless to humans and animals, was standing there calmly, with a stormy face on his face.  Plain, without any pride or arrogance.  "There is a dragon in the north, called Canglong, and a tiger in the south. It was originally supposed to be called Southeast Tiger, but I didn't think it was domineering enough, so I named it Northeast Tiger. One of the largest underground black forces in NC City, the Tiger Gang, is you."  Yang Fan stood with his hands behind his back, glanced at these people, and then looked up at the second floor window, the man in black tunic suit who had been standing for a long time.  The latter moved and walked downstairs. At this time, the heavy snow was still falling, the cold wind was blowing, and the others were shivering with cold.  At this moment, the man in the Chinese tunic suit came out. This man looked wise, without the domineering and threatening aura. Yang Fan knew this man, and he met him during his escape in his previous life.  The leader of the Tiger Gang, nicknamed Siberian Tiger, has a group of tiger cubs under him. They are extremely ferocious and very decent. In his previous life, he met Qin Ziwen when he was on the run. They just passed by each other at that time. This guy led hundreds of brothers in  Escape, take root in his own power, and lead hundreds of brothers when the world is full of alien beasts, which is no small matter.  Seeing it now, Yang Fan didn¡¯t have too much awe, but just a little admiration.  The leader of the Tiger Gang came out. He did not talk to himself, but came to the big man, fed him a bottle of healing potion, and then asked the followers behind him to drag him away.  "Good means." Yang Fan was very impressed in his heart. This kind of person is very clever at winning people's hearts. He knew that he would not act rashly, so he definitely regarded himself as a future ally in his heart, so he did not talk to him first.  He just apologized and then laughed. Instead, he straightened up his brother first and then talked to himself.  In this way, he neither hurts his relationship with himself, nor chills his brother's heart. He does things flawlessly and is a wise man.  "Since ancient times, heroes have emerged from youth. I am Chen Hu, the leader of the Tiger Gang. Just now I have many brothers.If you are offended, I hope you will have a lot of brothers.  " He spoke loudly and willingly apologized for what had just happened. Looking at it, he could take it up and put it down. He was a man. Yang Fan let out a white breath, looked at the trembling crowd and said, "It's nothing, now.  The weather is cold, and my friends can't stand it anymore, so they go in first to change clothes, take a shower, and take a rest, so that we can sit down and talk tomorrow.  " Yang Fan is not as arrogant and domineering as others imagined. Instead, he speaks in a calm and calm tone. "Okay.  "Chen Hu looked at the people behind Yang Fan, and then said without any hesitation. To be honest, he was quite surprised by Yang Fan's attitude. Now it seems that he has begun to position Yang Fan again in his heart, and then he took it with him.  Everyone walked into the Parkson Supermarket and asked their attendants to prepare thick clothes. When they walked into the Parkson Supermarket, they were immediately hit by the heat. It was at least much more comfortable than outside. Many people groaned in comfort. "The seventh floor of the Parkson Supermarket."  This is a hotel. You guys should go upstairs to take a shower and have a rest. I will send someone to deliver some food to you.  " After Chen Hu and others came in, he just said this, and then left on his own without saying any other nonsense. Zhu Liang, Chen Ming and the others looked at Yang Fan at a loss, and Yang Fan shook the remaining snow on his cloak.  Said: "Don't worry, let's go up and rest.  ¡± Under the archive, Yang Fan was not afraid of what they would do. If it didn¡¯t work, he would go back and then take revenge. So Yang Fan calmly went upstairs with confidence, and the others naturally followed. The first floor of the supermarket is for buying and selling.  The food area was stained with blood in some places, but it was very clean. At a glance, it was full of people. The puppet soldiers with weapons were guarding here. However, with Chen Hu's instructions, they did not dare to do anything to Yang Fan.  What other thoughts were there? Along the way, there were civilians sitting in almost all the open spaces, some chatting, some playing cards. In short, they didn¡¯t have too much worry. They felt that the real crisis had passed and began to wait for the more powerful army.  They came to protect themselves. They had no idea that these people were actually puppet soldiers. There were relatively few men. Most were children, some elderly people, and a very small number were young people. Yang Fan estimated.  At a glance, there are more than a thousand people on the first floor. As for the second floor, the third floor is for buying food, the fourth and fifth floors are for buying and selling jewelry and groceries, and the sixth floor is for buying clothes.  With surprised eyes, Yang Fan and his group got into the elevator and went straight to the seventh floor. When they arrived on the seventh floor, they were greeted by two women who were very neatly dressed and led them to each room.  Yang Fan took Liu Xue to a room alone, and after the others made their choices, they began to take a bath and rest In another place, Chen Hu, wearing a Chinese tunic suit, was sitting in a room, smoking.  He smoked and said nothing, and the two men in their thirties behind him also remained silent. ¡°What do you think of this person?  " Chen Hu suddenly spoke, breaking the silence. "Very strong.  " "Very strong.  "The two people said what they were thinking respectively. Chen Hu nodded after hearing this, then blew out smoke and said: "The end of the earth is coming. The third brother asked us to capture the nearby troops. We have eight hundred brothers, and there are four left.  I don¡¯t know if I can survive with more than a hundred people, but I have a hunch that this young man may be able to help us. Datie, go and instruct the people below to take good care of these people without any loss. Do you understand?  "    "clear.  " A man behind Chen Hu replied, and then walked out (Brothers, everything is fine, our books are much better than last week Guazi took a deep breath, and put  After adjusting my mentality, I shouted thank you! However, Guazi discovered something. We were blown away. The first place in the science fiction category was taken away. I looked at this person's data. He was not even in the top 12 last week. Why today?  Can it surpass Guazi? Later someone told me that it is called a brush, um Guazi won't say whether it is a brush or not, because there is no evidence, but Guazi wants to say that the first one is mine, it is ours.  , as long as I am here, the first place in the science fiction category will be mine! Brothers, in order to take back the glory that is ours, can you vote for Guazi? The next chapter is very exciting!  ! )
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