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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 42: Negotiation

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    The reason why Yang Fan went out was not because he could not face Liu Xue, but because he wanted to find Chen Hu. As soon as he came out, there were two people in military uniforms standing at the door. As soon as they saw him, they came over immediately  , said: "Hello, what do you need?" The two people were obviously members of the gang, but they looked like they were wearing military uniforms. Yang Fan went straight to the point and said: "Let your boss come to see me and discuss some things."  After saying that, Yang Fan ignored the two people and stood there. The two of them looked at me and I looked at you, and then the one on the left left first. The other one took Yang Fan to another place and said, "Then I will take you first."  You go to the living room." There were instructions above that you must treat this person with respect, so they didn't dare to breathe loudly when they spoke.  When we arrived at the conference hall, before we could sit down, Chen Hu arrived. Behind him were still two bodyguards in black. Two men also came at the same time. One had a square hair and a skull engraved on his left arm.  He has a strong body and a proud face.  The other person, wearing white casual clothes with a smile on his face, stretched out his hand as soon as he arrived and said his name very familiarly: "Chen Yu, this is my eldest brother, that is my second brother, Chen Bao  " "Yang Fan." After shaking hands with them, Yang Fan discovered that Chen Yu and Chen Bao were the successors of the apocalyptic system, but this Chen Hu was not. The level of the two people could be detected by the eyes of the zombies.  They are Level 4 and Level 5 respectively, which can be considered as upper-middle class.  After everyone sat down, Yang Fan spoke directly.  "Since both of you are the successors of the apocalyptic system, I won't talk nonsense to you. I got the future manual and can understand some things in the future. Of course, this future manual is only for my own danger. On the tenth day, we  This place will be attacked by three kinds of alienated beasts, each of which is very powerful. With the building of Parkson Supermarket, it will only take a day or two to be conquered. If you want to survive, listen to me, we will cooperate with each other.  Cooperate, if you are not willing to cooperate, then I will leave with my subordinates now." Yang Fan spoke very decisively, and there was no room for negotiation in his tone. Except for the two bodyguards, Chen Hu, Chen Bao, and Chen Yu.  The expressions of the three people changed slightly, especially Chen Bao, who stood up directly and looked at Yang Fan with disdain in his eyes: "Forget about anything else, I heard that you knocked Long Zai down? Long Zai is born with supernatural powers.  And he is also a successor of the apocalyptic system. His current strength is nine times that of ordinary people. I want to practice with you. " Chen Bao wanted to have a fight with him and talk about something else. Yang Fan sighed, and then opened the god's power.  The cloak skill, invisibility, suddenly disappeared in front of the five people, which made the arrogant Chen Bao speechless.  Then he immediately felt someone pinching his neck, almost unable to breathe, unable to breathe, and then Yang Fan's figure appeared "My strength can kill all of you silently,  Is nine times the fighting power of ordinary people very powerful? I don¡¯t know if there are mountains outside the mountains, are there people outside the mountains?" Yang Fan said in a cold tone, he thought to himself, let him do it?  Then let me move it for you to see.  Sure enough, this move made everyone's expressions change drastically, especially Chen Yu who stood up directly and said to Yang Fan anxiously: "Brother, brother, we believe in you, believe in you, put my brother down first, he talks too much.  "I'm sorry, please bear with me." "When they met a fierce person like Yang Fan, they naturally didn't dare to say anything. They only kept apologizing. Yang Fan didn't go too far. After all, Zhu Liang and the others were still with them.  Under surveillance, Yang Fan left Chen Bao aside, and walked to his seat, looking at Chen Hu who looked calm, and Chen Yu who walked over to support his brother.  Chen Bao, who was thrown aside by Yang Fan, had a fierce look in his eyes. Chen Yu supported him and pressed him hard with his hand. There was no other expression on his face, just that kind of anxious concern, but that expression  The meaning that comes out is very profound.  This time, Chen Bao said nothing and sat in his original position with his head lowered.  "We believe you, but I don't know what your plan is, brother?" Chen Hu, who had been silent, began to speak.  "That's good, I want to ask now, how many troops do you have, and how many of them are equipped with guns? How many refugees are there, and how much food is there." After Yang Fan heard that Chen Hu agreed to cooperate with him, he immediately asked from the table  Unwrap a packet of china and happily light it for yourself.  But Yang Fan sneered in his heart, the Tiger Gang, as a gang, naturally has unclean hands and feet. I don¡¯t know if these three people have done any serious evil, but they are definitely not a fuel-efficient lamp. The reason why they want to accept him is  It's nothing more than wanting to surrender to them and be their dog.  ¡°And I have just repaired Chen Bao, so this idea will naturally be given up, and then the next step is to use each other, etc.After almost enough use, it was time for his death, because Yang Fan knew that in their eyes, he was an extremely dangerous person and a thorn in their side, and they couldn't get rid of him.  And Yang Fan needs their gang leader for the time being, so the two gangs sit here in a cowardly manner, discussing important matters together.  "There are two hundred and seventy people in total. Each one has two pieces of equipment, excellent armor, and a certain amount of food. The food in Parkson Supermarket is enough for us to last for half a year. As for the refugees, there are more than three thousand." "Three.  "More than a thousand refugees?" Yang Fan frowned. Eight days have passed and there are only such a few refugees. This is obviously not true. According to the building of Parkson Supermarket, it can accommodate at least tens of thousands of people. Obviously these people have expelled many refugees.  Most of the refugees are women, few are men.  Thinking about it like this, Yang Fan's heart froze slightly, because he guessed something. If it was really that thing, it would be really troublesome.  "Okay, let's get everyone together. I'm going to select a few people to conduct a test. Maybe it can help us a little. You go and do it. I'll go back and take a rest first." Yang Fan treated the three people as if they were subordinates.  He said, and then left alone. The three people had complicated emotions in their hearts, but their faces were calm and indifferent.  As soon as Yang Fan left, Chen Bao took the lead and smashed the table, gritting his teeth and said: "You are too arrogant. If this were the end of the world, I would lead dozens of brothers to hack him to death." Chen Bao's heart was full of anger.  One of the third leaders of the Tiger Gang had been chopped down before, but he had never been humiliated like this before. This made the always arrogant man so angry that his lungs almost exploded and he wanted to cut Yang Fan into pieces.  Chen Hu ignored his younger brother's words and looked at Chen Yu.  "What do you think of him?" Chen Hu continued: "And what he just said, is it credible?" Chen Yu, who was dressed in white, seemed to be a think tank. He touched his forehead and remained silent.  After a while, he said: "It is the eighth day of the end of the world. He said that a large number of alienated beasts will appear on the tenth day. No matter what, we believe it for the time being. After all, it has only been two days and he cannot make any big waves. This kind of  Man is a double-edged sword, it is extremely easy to hurt yourself. When the disaster is over, we are discussing how to deal with him. Also, the five people in the secret cabinet need five beautiful women. From two days,  These five guys need a batch almost every day, and we have already sent ten beauties. If we keep going like this, within three or four days, there will be no more beauties to contribute." Chen Yu said.  "Don't be anxious about this. There will always be refugees coming. Those five people just need to pay us the violent pills on time. Women hmph, there is nothing missing at all!" Chen Hu showed a gloomy look  At the same time, in a dark small room of Parkson Supermarket, several shrill screams came from a woman's voice and then mixed with cruel laughter!  (Sorry for the late update!)
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