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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 48: A simple test of intelligence

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    "The so-called mastery means strengthening your ability in a certain survival skill, just like your Gang Qi mastery and the combat enhancement that comes with Tai Chi. We will let you choose simple or medium based on the current state of the host.  , high difficulty, and extreme modes to simulate some battlefields for you to survive and give you a preliminary sense of survival. However, because the host system has not been perfected, it cannot be described with data. "This is a warrior space stone.  Yang Fan could understand what the weapon spirit said.  "Then I want to ask, what should I be proficient in in my current state?" Yang Fan wanted to ask it, although he didn't know if it would answer.  But something slightly beyond Yang Fan's expectation was that it actually answered. After a moment of silence, it still explained mechanically: "In your current state, you have a certain strength, but in various combat consciousnesses  They are all weak. Your world has been detected and the recommendation given to you is that you are proficient in cold weapons. "The voice of the system came.  "Well, let's choose cold weapon proficiency." Yang Fan answered without hesitation. There was no time to waste time now.  "Well, when you choose Cold Weapon Mastery, since it is detected that you are using the Warrior Space Stone for the first time, host, so in other aspects, we will give you a simple training for free. Do you accept the system's gift?"  What the warrior space stone spirit said made Yang Fan feel expected, and then he naturally chose to accept it, and then the system started to make noise again.  "Please choose between easy, medium, high difficulty and extreme mode." The system said.  "What should I be suitable for? And if I fail, what will be the punishment?" Yang Fan asked, because he heard what Zach said before, once he fails, he will be punished to a certain extent, if it is very serious,  Yang Fan gave it up and did not dare to challenge at will, but if the punishment was not very high, Yang Fan planned to challenge a difficult one.  "It is impossible to detect which mode the host is suitable for. Players are asked to explore by themselves. At the same time, if they fail and choose the simple mode, ten times the points of the stone will be deducted, and the level will be reduced by two levels. If they choose medium and fail, the value of the stone will be deducted.  Five times the points and one level down at the same time. If you choose high difficulty, three times the points of this stone will be deducted. If you choose extreme, you will deduct one time the points of this stone. " This is the system's answer.  Yang Fan thought about it and understood. If it is easier, the punishment will be more severe if it fails, and if it is more difficult, the punishment will be lighter.  "UmI choose the medium mode." Yang Fan replied.  "Well, the host selection is successful, and now the map will be simulated for you. You will encounter obstacles in the medium mode. You, the player, work hard. Once completed, there will be a chance to give the player a random draw." With the sound of the system  After falling, Yang Fan suddenly felt darkness around him. When he opened his eyes, he found that he was suddenly in the classroom, but it was not his own classroom. The surroundings were empty.  [Because you chose the medium mode, your strength has been suppressed to three times that of ordinary people, and all your weapons have been confiscated. The system will give it to you at the appropriate time. In this level, you have ten chances to resurrect. Once  After using it, it will be judged as a failure and you will be punished accordingly. It is currently a simple level for intelligence mastery.  ] This was a systematic sound, and then another harsh sound came.  "Warning, warning, there are five minutes left. This place will explode. Players are asked to quickly escape within 50 meters of this place. You are currently on the eleventh floor." Yang Fan was stunned for a while, and then he realized.  He rushed out of the room immediately, and was immediately greeted by four or five zombies, and all of them were zombies with a good level.  "Damn it, this is average here and there, and the limit is almost the same." Yang Fan couldn't help but swore when he saw the four or five zombies rushing towards him, but he cheered up and used Gang Qi first.  The collision knocked a zombie away and brought several zombies behind him to the ground.  Yang Fan crossed over without any nonsense at all, because in the lower left corner in front of him, there was an electronic watch beating there. Up to now, more than a minute had passed, and the time was up in more than three minutes.  I looked at it and saw that there were about two hundred seconds left.  "Run." Yang Fan ran quickly and started to escape from the stairs, but zombies came over one after another.  After dealing with a few zombies, Yang Fan looked at the time again. There were still dozens of seconds left. He had only reached the seventh floor now. The main thing was that the zombies were too annoying. Thinking of this, Yang Fan was sweating profusely, and then he held back.  He rushed to the third floor despite being injured by zombies.  ¡°Boom.¡±There was a loud sound in his ears, and Yang Fan knew that he was doomed "First time, death, you still have nine chances to be resurrected." The cold and ruthless voice of the system made Yang Fan wipe his sweat, and he finally realized  What is this? Didn¡¯t the voice before say that he would be gifted with levels from several other series?  So what I am challenging now is just a simple mode [Intelligence Mastery].  In the next twenty days, I will challenge the simple [Combat Mastery], the simple [Combat Mastery], the simple [Hot Weapon Mastery], the simple [Reconnaissance Mastery], and the medium [Cold Weapon Mastery].  " In twenty days, for a person to master so many skills, the difficulty is not only medium, but also life-threatening. Yang Fan wants to cry at this moment.  This kind of thing simply requires talented people to practice it. If he had known this, he might as well not have accepted the gift at first and just accepted a simple version. Now But Yang Fan also felt cruel in his heart. After his resurrection,  , he began to rush outside with all his strength. The scene and environment were exactly the same. It was still a classroom. There were four or five zombies outside the door. Yang Fan still used his energy to push away these zombies, and then rushed downstairs.  With fast speed and sharp hands and feet, Yang Fan transformed bit by bit under this pressure.  This time, on the first floor "Boom!" "The second time, death, you still have eight chances to be resurrected." The system's ruthless voice sounded again The third time he was resurrected, Yang Fan's mind was racing.  It takes about three minutes to run from here to downstairs. If you encounter zombies, it will be very troublesome. The current task is to leave the school fifty meters, which is about eight or nine minutes, or even more. This  It's a completely impossible task.  Yang Fan did not go out directly this time, but used these five minutes to think and straighten out the current situation.  But after thinking for several minutes, Yang Fan couldn't think of a way. He walked to the first floor and saw the scene outside. It took a minute to get from the downstairs to the school gate, and then he met some zombies fifty meters away.  If you add up to two minutes, it takes about five minutes to go from upstairs to downstairs.  The total time is seven or eight minutes, which is pretty good. If you encounter any problems, at least ten minutes, thanks to the easy mode, the next medium, high difficulty, and extreme?  Is that a human test?  Putting aside this thought, Yang Fan tried his best to calm down, and then with a bang, he died again!  "The third time, death, you still have seven chances to be resurrected." The system spoke again, Yang Fan took a long breath, sat quietly on the ground, and began to think.  ¡°Boom!¡± ¡°The fourth time, death, you still have six chances to be resurrected.¡± ¡­ ¡°Boom!¡± ¡°The fifth time, death, you still have five chances to be resurrected.¡± ¡­ ¡°Boom!¡±  ¡°The sixth time, death, you still have four chances to be resurrected.¡± ¡­ ¡°Boom!¡± ¡°The seventh time, death, you still have three chances to be resurrected.¡± ¡­ ¡°Boom!¡± ¡°The eighth time,  Death, you still have two chances to be resurrected Finally, under the voice of the system, Yang Fan suddenly understood and stood up (Thanks to Jueying Feitu for the starting point coin reward At the same time.  Ask for recommendation votes, please be a memberThank you!
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