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The Eve of the Apocalypse Chapter 51: System Evolution

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    (Thank you to Emperor Zhan and Brother Feitu for giving rewards on National Day. I sincerely thank Guazi. On this National Day alone, cheer for yourself, cheer me up, ask for recommendation votes, favorites, and member clicks.) ?¡­ ?Easy mode  Various tests of proficiency, as well as the medium proficiency of cold weapons, made Yang Fan suffer for twenty days. However, within these twenty days, Yang Fan went from being vague and unaware of everything to now being able to fight at least five beings of the same level.  .  Twenty days is equivalent to half a year in the outside world, because the illusory world is very mysterious. It is not just exercise, but also a kind of understanding in the heart.  ¡ª¡ª After opening his eyes, his body and mind were unprecedentedly sublimated. Then what he saw in front of him were Zhu Liang, Chen Ming, Zach, Liu Xue who was dressed, and several people who had been rescued before.  "Boss, you're awake?" "Boss, you're finally awake. What he said is true. He said you fainted for one day, just one day, not even a minute." The speakers were Chen Ming, Zhu Liang, and Yang Fan respectively.  Zach rubbed his eyes and crossed his legs and said excitedly: "I didn't expect you to actually pass the test, but I just don't know what difficulty you chose, easy? Or medium? Anyway, I definitely don't believe it.  You can overcome difficulties or extremes." What Zach said left them confused.  What he said was true, and his life was average. Yang Fan sighed, and then said to Zhu Liang: "Go and see if the things I told you yesterday have been completed. If not, take back all the completed things first.  And you, you'd better be prepared, because there may be a huge crisis later. " Yang Fan said very seriously. Zhu Liang left immediately. The expressions of the others changed. They already regarded Yang Fan as the centerpiece of the crowd.  , they absolutely believed what Yang Fan said, and it was definitely not a lie to say that there was immediate danger, so their hearts became heavy one by one.  And Yang Fan learned from the words of Zhu Liang and Chen Ming that he had been sleeping for a day. The time was the same as what Zach said. It should be the tenth day of the end of the world. The sound of the system should be coming soon, so Yang Fan waited patiently.  Twelve o'clock.  Ten minutes later, Zhu Liang came over.  "Boss, a total of one thousand and six copies were printed, but a small part of them were scrapped." Zhu Liang said with a somewhat unsightly expression.  "Don't worry about it." Yang Fan naturally knew this. The Encyclopedia of Warcraft that Zach helped him buy would naturally attract the attention of those people, and it was natural for it to be taken away. So after comforting Zhu Liang's mood, Yang Fan  Ask Zhu Liang to bring the things.  Then with Zhu Liang's shout, the door was opened, and several people in military uniforms walked in, holding white printed manuals in their hands. After waiting for about ten minutes, more than a thousand cents were piled up.  In the corner, everyone wonders what Yang Fan is going to use it for?  ?Business or sale?  Who are you buying and selling to?  But then, an incredible scene happened. Yang Fan walked up to the information, then waved his hand, and everything disappeared.  The astonishing scene left many people speechless. Is this a magic trick?  Fortunately, this is the end of the world, so everyone can barely accept it. After all, zombies have appeared, so this thing can still be accepted One thousand and six copies, not one is missing, Yang Fan immediately placed the thousand copies  On the virtual trading platform, he left six copies for himself. This time he didn't say much nonsense. These things will definitely be swept away. As soon as he put them up, several copies were bought and sold. In the entire NC City, there were  Five million people, at least three to four hundred thousand successors to the system.  "In front of you, more than half of them died within ten days, and there were still hundreds of thousands, to more than 200,000 left, so having more than a thousand copies of such important information is really nothing."  The price is fifty apocalyptic coins, which is very fair. Yang Fan mainly wants to make money, and secondly, he wants to let more successors of the apocalyptic system survive. In this case, mankind will have hope to survive, otherwise But let  To Yang Fan's surprise, it was all sold out in just a short moment.  Fifty thousand Doomsday Coins were recorded. Within a few minutes, this was slightly beyond his expectation. Yang Fan first returned Zach's 500 Doomsday Coins to him. Secondly, Yang Fan first purchased a product called [True¡¤  [Eagle Eye] is something that strengthens the eagle eye pet obtained previously. It can detect all dangerous creatures within a range of three hundred meters.  The price was two thousand Doomsday Coins, and now that he had money, Yang Fan bought it without hesitation.  The second thing is to buy some simple equipment, a hot weapon with two to three hundred apocalyptic coins, and a 69-mm ordinary pistol, which are regarded as benefits for them. Yang Fan gave the Glory Gauntlet to Chen Ming. This guy is a summoner.  , what is lacking is defense, and Zhu Liang is the weapon?, thick skin doesn't matter, but Yang Fan helped Zhu Liang buy various potions from level three to level five.  Then after simply arming everyone, Yang Fan added a set of first-level bursting symbols, one ninety-nine apocalyptic coins, and bought a hundred of them, which is ten thousand apocalyptic coins. Of course, using Liu Qiaoqiao's discount method, the total  In total, it's less than eight or nine thousand, saving three to four thousand apocalyptic coins.  At this time, the voice of the system resounded in the minds of many people "Humble humans can no longer bear this world. I will further transform you, accept the transformation." Following this voice  After falling, everyone fell asleep ¡ª¡ª "The system update has been improved to a certain extent. Currently, the health value, magic value, attack power, defense power, and various skill levels have been updated, as well as regional forums such as the same city and the same country. At the same time,  Update the attributes of the equipment rationally. " This was a message from the system. Yang Fan immediately opened his own attributes. He didn't even think about how long he had been asleep, and the others gradually woke up.  Era: Doomsday Era Planet: MZ1001 Solar System Earth.  Region: Southern China.  Character: Yang Fan.  ?Professional level: Level 1 and Level 5.  Health value: 1150/1150 (Defined based on attributes and some passive skills, no detailed explanation.) Magic value: 450/450 (Defined based on attributes and some passive skills, no detailed explanation.) Attack power: 450-600  (Drafted based on attributes and some passive skills, no detailed explanation.) Defense power: 115. (Drafted based on attributes and some passive skills, no detailed explanation.) Physique: 260 (Mainly related to resistance and recovery ability  , equivalent to 2600% of ordinary people) Strength: 260 (mainly related to offensive ability and load-bearing capacity, equivalent to 2600% of ordinary people) Agility: 260 (mainly related to reaction ability and movement speed, equivalent to 2600% of ordinary people) Wisdom:  260 (mainly related to the special realm, the calculation speed is equivalent to 2600% of ordinary people) Skills: Power of the Gods LV1, Halo of the Gods LV1, Shield of the Gods LV1, Tai Chi LV1, Gangqi Collision LV1, Fighting Mastery LV2, Cold  Weapon Mastery LV2, Thermal Weapon Mastery LV4, Investigation Mastery LV1, Combat Mastery LV2, Intelligence Mastery LV2, and Qi Mastery LV3.  Invisibility (Equipment Skill, No Level) Equipment: God's Cloak, God's Crown, Thunder Blade, Azir's Great Sword, Lady Picture.  Props: Explosive Talisman, [True Eagle Eye], some groceries.  Combat rating: B level.  (Divided into SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F) Bloodline: Yanhuang bloodline.  Doomsday coin: 41247.  Talent: Archive, super god-level talent, description: You can archive at a certain time period at will, just like any stand-alone game. It needs to be cooled down for seven days after archiving. The time will start counting after seven days, and the system will randomly return it to 1-30 days.  Previously, it has been archived for 3 days.  Current experience value: 3740 Required level 6 upgrade experience value: 5000 ¡ª¡ª This is the current attribute (I discovered something, Guazi has been banned I don¡¯t know the specific issue yet, so I¡¯m leaving it in the book review area  So if I don¡¯t reply, it¡¯s not that Guazi ignores you, but I can¡¯t reply. I will find an editor to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for your support. It¡¯s really not popular during the National Day.  It¡¯s soaring, the melon seeds are bursting with tears, there¡¯s another one at night!)
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