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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 53: Forum (please ask for recommendation votes)

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    (Thanks to Piaoyi Xiaotaotao and Mark Hoffman for their reward support.)  In the apocalypse of riots, Yang Fan does not try to save all humans, but he does not want his friends to die. He  He asked Zhu Liang, Chen Ming, and Liu Xue to follow him closely. At the same time, he asked Bai Chen and Fang Na to be on guard. After closing all the curtains, the lights went out and the place became very dark.  Everything was silent, but some choking sounds could still be heard vaguely. Everyone did not dare to breathe loudly. They spent half an hour in fear and fear. During this half hour, everyone felt worse than death.  He was afraid that a monster would suddenly rush out and kill him.  Yang Fan also detected that there were a lot less flame birds in the sky through [True Eagle Eye], but there were still some, so Yang Fan did not dare to act rashly. Fortunately, it was not the flame birds here, and the center range of the fire geese was mainly violent.  Demonic rats and brutal wild dogs. This is the city center and there are many stray dogs. They have been biochemically invaded and began to undergo crazy transformations and genetic enhancements.  Moreover, every innate violent demon rat and brutal wild dog will give birth to eight to fifty offspring, whether female or male, and then lead their offspring to hunt zombies and humans, and the zombies will also be affected.  Strengthened, so the ones fighting the raging demon rats and brutal wild dogs outside are zombies.  The whole world seems to have become a game field, and you can improve by hunting each other.  Yang Fan gave Azir's sword to Chen Ming, so that he could barely protect himself, and then he was still observing the flame birds and fire geese in the sky. After almost twenty minutes, everyone was worried.  They all raised their voices in their throats, and they looked at Yang Fan. Now Yang Fan was like a god. If he said he could live, then everyone could survive.  He said death, people will collapse.  At this time, the last flame birds and fire geese left, and they left to the north. However, Yang Fan still did not dare to act rashly, for fear that these beasts would fight back. At this time, Yang Fan opened the forum in the same city, and there were points in the forum.  [Group Forum] - [Regional Forum] - [City Forum].  What is more extensive is that we need to wait for the evolution of the system. Anyway, at least one month after the previous life, the system has not updated anything.  A group forum is a forum for an organization. To establish a group, you need a certain amount of prestige and wealth, which of course you don¡¯t have now. However, a regional forum is a forum for a county or a town. It mainly depends on where you are.  Then through systematic judgment, it can be seen in a certain area.  Every time you publish a post, you will get 1 Doomsday Coin per word.  As for the local forum, first of all, you must have a certain reputation to post a message. Secondly, one word costs 10 Doomsday Coins, which can also be placed on top, but the cost is too expensive. In the voice mode, one word costs 50 Doomsday Coins.  Of course, the post can also set a charging mode, 37%, system 3, 70% for the heir of the end of the world. If the post is very popular, the system will add the essence and also give some rewards.  Yang Fan opened the regional forum. There were three posts. Compared with the fiery scene a month later in the previous life, it was now deserted. Let alone those in the same city, there were not even a single post. The three posts in the region were also charged.  of.  [Collection of Monster Information] - [Apocalyptic Guide] - [Professional Guessing] Three posts, all belong to the kind of information that has been mastered to a certain extent, and then posted. The price is 5 apocalyptic coins to read, and now there are thousands of people reading it  Reading, Yang Fan read three information posts without hesitation. Among them, the monster information encyclopedia is the basic ten kinds of Warcraft. He should have read his own original World of Warcraft encyclopedia.  As for the end of the world strategy, it has less than 300 words, but it expresses some conjectures and simple plans very succinctly. It may be that the wealth is limited, so it is impossible to write more. As for the career conjecture, Yang Fan looked at it and came to a conclusion.  This guy is definitely a hidden profession.  The ID is Hualian, and Yang Fan remembers him.  Then Yang Fan didn't waste any time and boldly registered his ID as [God], and then wrote down twenty kinds of first-order Warcraft in the Encyclopedia of Warcraft. At the same time, he wrote down some of his own experiences, as well as apocalyptic merchants and  The usage of certain props, and finally Yang Fan signed: Human beings were born countless years ago. No matter how many difficulties there are, we will eventually win. What we have to do is not only overcome bravery, fear, strengthen strength, and most importantly, don¡¯t get lost Price  Zero, released in the same city Yang Fan is not a saint, but the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. He deeply knows that people who die in the hands of the same kind are far more likely to die in the hands of zombies and Zerg. This is what Yang Fan has experienced in his previous life.  The conclusion reached is that when the end of the world comes, there will be no king's law at all.  "Things that I didn't dare to do before, now I can do whatever I want, just like a woman.The soldiers in Sheng Supermarket can play at least a few every day and trample on human dignity at will, because this is the end of the world.  ¡°Someone left a message on your post.¡± ¡°Someone left a message on your post.¡± ¡°Someone left a message on your post.¡± ¡°Someone left a message on your post.¡± ¡­ In an instant, a large amount of information flooded over.  , Yang Fan briefly read the messages. Most of them were thanking themselves. Only a few people raised questions. Yang Fan ignored them all, and then turned off the system to improve the post reply sound, because at this moment there were several people.  Ten people reply, and every ten words they reply is worth one Doomsday Coin.  ¡°Obviously, most people still really appreciate themselves.  In some places "The apocalyptic merchant, we only need to find the apocalyptic merchant now and buy strengthening potions. According to the appearance and symptoms above, wasn't the apocalyptic merchant we met before? Haha, let's go, let's go  "This voice came from a group, and the tone was full of excitement. There were four or five people in this group, and another person in the group said happily: "This person is so good, so selfless, and he also described the appearance of a businessman in the end of the world.  Posting these posts in the same city forum costs at least more than 4,000 Doomsday Coins. "Maybe, he is really a god." The others shouted, and then they carefully dodged some zombies and brutal demon rats.  Go find the Doomsday Merchant.  ¡ª¡ª "So this is a strengthening potion. I thought it was something, but it looks like it's level two. Let's go find the apocalyptic merchant and buy some level one potions." "Good guy" In NC  , many people understood the current situation, and there were many apocalyptic successors among them, so they began to frantically search for apocalyptic merchants, and then improve their own strength. Yang Fan's actions saved many people.  ¡ª¡ª¡°Finally left.¡± Nearly half an hour after the Flame Bird and Fire Goose left, Yang Fan never found another Flame Bird or Fire Goose.  "All the food has been hidden, what should I do? Boss!" Suddenly, Chen Ming said in a low voice. He had just gone to check the food with Zach, but found that all the food was gone. It stands to reason that Parkson Supermarket  Within, even if it was looted, and the number of people eating for two thousand people would not be gone so quickly.  There is obviously a lot of food hidden by these bastards.  "Don't worry about it for now, Zhu Liang, Chen Ming, Bai Chen, Fang Na, you take everyone to continue printing things, pay attention to safety, I will deal with the rest." Yang Fan gave orders like a king.  (Thank you for your support such as Demo, Legend of Heaven, 8-11, Flame Dragon, Myth in the Crotch, Reincarnation, etc. Unexpectedly, I have been silently supporting me in the crotch~~~ I wish you all a National Day haipi, and at the same time, the prohibition of melon seeds  Yan doesn¡¯t know why, but I will tell the editor anyway~~~ I hope you will remember to read this book and vote for recommendation after the National Day. Thank you very much)
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