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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 62: The Darkness in the Heart (Part 1)

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    "Poof." "Roar!" The iron gun was inserted into the demon rat's body, and with all its strength, the violent demon rat only penetrated three-thirds of the flesh, and did not cause serious damage, but the pain made it scream in agony.  Gao Bin screamed at the violent demon rat and sat down on the ground in fright. The courage he had mustered before was gone.  "Hurry up and do it." Once the violent demon rat becomes violent, it will activate its talent, and it will really rush out at that time, so Yang Fan yelled to avoid Fu Gaobin being hurt.  "Your sister, come if you can." Fu Gaobin scolded Yang Fan, then plucked up the courage again, closed his eyes, and inserted the iron gun into the demon rat again. When he pulled it out, it brought a long stream of blood.  The flow suddenly splashed all over him, and he felt the warm rat blood. Fu Gaobin shuddered, then took a spear and stabbed crazily.  "Roar!!! Roar!!! Roar!!!" The violent demon rat screamed, but it couldn't come out. It had red eyes and a foul breath. Fu Gaobin finally penetrated it forty or fifty times.  When it fell, the violent demonic rat choked miserably He lost too much blood, his physical strength dropped to the extreme, and he was not far from death.  Seeing this step, Fu Gaobin jumped up suddenly, and with a cruel heart, he held a spear in his hand, and then aimed it hard at the head of the violent demon rat. The spear immediately broke the skull of the violent demon rat, and the latter was miserable.  He shouted, struggled, and then died.  "Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!" After killing the violent demon rat, Fu Gaobin trembled and calmed down for a while before waking up.  "Let's leave quickly. This beast's roar may have attracted the attention of other monsters." Fu Gaobin shouted, and at the same time he collected the body of the violent demon rat. He learned this from Yang Fan, and it might be useful in the future.  .  The others watched in astonishment as such a behemoth suddenly disappeared. For a moment, the four people looked at Fu Gaobin in disbelief.  Fu Gaobin knew that the situation might be dangerous now, so he didn't intend to explain anything. He just led everyone to escape blindly. Of course, with Yang Fan, he would not encounter a large number of alienated beasts. The six of them went to Chengbi Lake, but the previous  There might be violent demon rats on the road, so Fu Gaobin decided to take another road.  This way the time will be extended a lot, but in the end of the world, it is good if you can survive, and it doesn't matter if you walk a little.  So a group of people walked cautiously, and finally night came. After the sun was lost, the cold wind blew, and everyone felt a kind of terror. With the sun, at least there would be less panic in the heart, but without the sun,  Many people will daydream, what if the sun disappears?  At this moment, everyone except Yang Fan was thinking about this problem. Finally, Fu Gaobin decided to find a place to hide from the cold. It happened that everyone also came to a Guomao City community. This is NC comparison.  The famous site costs 20,000 to 30,000 per square meter, and all the rich people live there.  But at this moment, the luxurious door was covered with corpses and blood, and the buildings were dim and dull. However, Yang Fan keenly felt that there were many people hiding there, watching him, on the tenth night of the apocalypse  , the defense system in this kind of luxury community is pretty good.  So some people can survive, but there are still a lot of zombies inside.  In the dark night, the street lights are still on. When all electronic equipment is paralyzed, street lights like this are powered underground and have special generators, so there is no need to worry about running out of power for a short period of time. The six people walked carefully.  Fu Gaobin was on alert, holding a long gun in his hand. Yang Fan simply pointed out a few roads with few zombies, and then walked there. Several zombies attacked on the road. Fu Gaobin reluctantly killed these zombies.  Quickly and accurately, I have reluctantly accepted the rules of this world.  Then everyone came to Building A, but they needed to open the password, so Yang Fan chose to give up. The sound made by breaking the door would attract the attention of many zombies, so they went to look for the residential building where the door was opened directly, and finally found Area C15.  The door was stained with blood, and several bodies lay on the ground.  He suffered injuries from an axe, and was obviously killed by some brave people. Through [True Eagle Eye], Yang Fan noticed that there were three or four people in this twenty-eight-story building, but Yang Fan didn't want to  To provoke, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. ?? Everyone walked up the stairs. Fu Gaobin was at the front, carefully guarding his spear with blood, and Yang Fan was at the end, also watching out for the sudden zombies.  The corridor was very quiet. Except for Yang Fan, everyone else was nervous and scared, fearing that some zombies or monsters would kill them.  Fortunately, the journey was uneventful, and we finally arrived at the eighth floor. A door opened, but it was no longer locked tightly. There was red blood on the door., the lights at the stairway were dim.  "Be careful." Fu Gaobin said, then he bowed his body and stretched the spear in. There was nothing strange. He took a deep breath and walked into the room. The others stood outside and did not dare to go in.  The room was dim and dim, and Yang Fan could not check whether there were zombies, because [True Eagle Eye] only checked a range, and it was impossible to check inside the room. Fortunately, there was a zombie eye. Through this equipment, Yang Fan discovered that there were no zombies in it.  There are no zombies.  Of course, Yang Fan can also guess whether there are zombies inside without using the eyes of zombies. After all, zombies are very bloodthirsty and can survive without relying on human blood and flesh. But he just can't stand it. There are not many living people in this community anymore.  , so a large number of zombies have left. In a room like this, unless there are zombies wandering around, basically there will be no zombies.  Sure enough, after Fu Gaobin's simple inquiry, he found that there were no zombies. He breathed a sigh of relief, then slowly closed the door, trying not to make any noise, and then turned on the light in the room. Of course, when turning on the light  , he had closed the curtains so that he would not be discovered as much as possible.  After turning on the dimmer lights, everyone can see the environment here clearly.  There are several sofas in the 100-square-meter living room, and the surrounding area is relatively tidy, but the coffee table is quite messy. Some candies are scattered on the floor, which are obviously traces left by the owner of this room during the apocalypse. And next to it are  It is a kitchen and dining room of more than fifty square meters.  There are four houses in the middle and a study room, which is more than 300 square meters in size. According to the price of 20,000 to 30,000 per square meter, this kind of house costs at least 5 to 6 million, and I heard that this kind of thing is  Buying them one floor at a time, and buying the rooms opposite with consecutive numbers together, the total would be over ten million, and there is no decoration. Yang Fan made a bad estimate, and buying furniture on one floor with decoration would probably cost no less than one thousand.  Eight million, these eighteen million, it is estimated that any celebrity can play.  The most important thing is that this is just a third-tier city in NC, such as BJ and SH I can't believe what kind of life rich people live in this world. That is something I may never be able to touch in my lifetime, but now  It¡¯s different (Recommendation votes are so badhave you not asked for them recently? Dear brothers and friends, please recommend votes! We have reached the top ten of new books and the top fifteen of category clicks! Thank you  Everyone, but Guazi feels that we should not just stand at this step, we can also be higher, stronger, and surpass everyone. We are number one!)
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