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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 77: Get in the Car

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    No one would have thought that the military would trample on Wu Liang like this. Even Wu Liang himself had not thought that he seemed to be worse than a pig or a dog in front of the military, especially that sentence, ordinary civilians.  , Wu Liang was terrified for a moment.  Then the middle-aged man's razor-sharp gaze stopped at Yang Fan. He looked Yang Fan up and down, and then said with a slightly surprised expression: "You are actually a level 5 professional. You are very good. You are qualified to enter our army. We  You don¡¯t need to do anything, but you must protect everyone at critical moments. If you want, you can go to the car now.¡± He spoke decisively without hesitation, and it seemed that he should have eyes similar to zombies.  Something, Yang Fan simply speculated, then pointed to the car, spit out white mist and said: "There are two large tanks of gasoline in my car, and there are two women inside, take them away together, and the remaining two brothers  We are also the heirs of the system, let¡¯s go together.¡± Yang Fan spoke to the middle-aged man who was looking at Fu Gaobin and Wang Cheng, and he obviously held a lot of power. He thought for a while, paused in the cold wind, and then  Said: "No problem, but do you know where we are going?" He was talking with Yang Fanjian in the cold wind, while the others were shaking from the cold.  "Besides going to the military base in the south, where else can we go? You look like you should be an instructor in the army. Now the world has changed. It's hard to say everything. Anyway, let's hurry up and wait until we get to the military base.  Take root to resist external forces. " Yang Fan actually doesn't need to be so polite to this guy. He can kill these four people in a short time, but he doesn't want to cause so much trouble, and the army bus is in the middle of the road.  There are also many successors to the apocalyptic system, so robbery is not the wisest option. It is better to use each other now and take people to the military base. Where there are a large number of refugees, let yourself choose the women who enter the lady map, and then start  Resist the Zerg attack. After the first batch of ladies are trained and tempered by the Lady Map, they can build their own base in the apocalypse without any scruples.  Under the cold wind, Yang Fan put on a smile. The middle-aged man pointed at a passing bus and said: "This is a secret military armed vehicle. At least there is no need to worry if it encounters less than ten violent demon rats. Every time  Each bus is super armed and can accommodate 500 people. There are eight buses in total. There were originally ten buses, but for some reason, two buses were missing during the journey, so you'd better stay vigilant. " This middle-aged man.  The man spoke, and then looked at the buses passing by under the cold wind, also counting the number. When he finished speaking, two buses were missing unknowingly, Yang Fan's expression changed slightly, but soon he looked at the end  After a bus left, he continued: "But that happened two days ago. Now there are eight buses, one is quite a lot. You can ask your friend to go to the last bus. The first and last buses are basically  They are all of our kind, the second and third cars are filled with food, and the rest are some leaders and relatives and refugees." He explained that Yang Fan asked Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin to take the two inside.  A woman walked over, and then smiled with him all the way and said, "Hey, I didn't expect that you are still caring about the so-called leaders and dignitaries, are you waiting for promotion and fortune." Yang Fan simply smiled and spoke, but in fact, the whole  Every sentence is mocking him.  As for the latter, he has lived most of his life in vain. He naturally knew Yang Fan's sarcasm, but he was not angry or annoyed at all. He just smiled bitterly and said: "It's my responsibility. By the way, brother, my name is Li Qiang, and I am their current commander-in-chief.  What about you?" He said his name and shook his head with a wry smile, not feeling anything about Yang Fan's sarcasm.  "Brother Qiang, my name is Yang Fan." Yang Fan stood outside with him without any high profile, suffering from the wind and cold. Under the heavy snow, the two of them seemed unintentional, but in fact they were in a kind of competition. In the cold wind, both of them were  They did not deliberately protect themselves from the cold, but instead used the most direct physical means to protect themselves from the cold. They were competing with each other for their willpower.  Yang Fan felt that he was very powerful, but Li Qiang felt that Yang Fan was very powerful, so the two of them started to compare with each other. Such a competition made the other three young people feel pitiful. The three of them rubbed their noses from time to time, but did not say anything.  Even if you say half nonsense, you should put on a stiff expression, as calm as water.  Li Qiang also knew that his three loyal men did not have the physical fitness of his own, so he sent the three of them over. At first, these three guys were not happy. Although they wanted to get into the car and enjoy the heating, they could not save their face. In their eyes,  Isn't Yang Fan just a stupid boy who can persevere in the cold wind, he is probably just like himself.  Relying on the last willpower to hold on, they may be in trouble soon, so they were unwilling to leave because they wanted to see Yang Fan deflated. Li Qiang immediately understood the thoughts of his three subordinates, and immediately reprimanded them  Get lost, he himselfThis is because he knows Yang Fan's approximate strength.  With these three people, they were just like a dish. Li Qiang even felt that he might not be able to compete with Yang Fan, but any guess needed practice, so as soon as he didn't plan to go in, he slowly followed the bus, the pace seemed not fast,  But the speed is definitely not slow.  , "How long is it from here to the Southern Military Region?" While strolling, Yang Fan walked to Li Qiang's side unhurriedly and said this very calmly.  "Oh." Li Qiang's eyes clearly flashed with surprise, and then he shook the heavy snow on his dark robe and said, "According to this, if the snow doesn't stop, it will take at least five or six days. If the snow can stop, it will take at least five or six days."  "Three or four days." "Oh, three or four days, five or six days." After hearing this, Yang Fan couldn't help but start thinking about something, but at this time, he suddenly heard a few screams  The scream came from the last car, and it seemed to be Fu Gaobin's.  Yang Fan¡¯s expression suddenly became extremely gloomy!  (Well,,,, during this period, Guazi¡¯s mood is still at a low point, and he is desperately looking for things to numb himself. I¡¯m really sorry for the lack of updates. I made a comment yesterday, and today I suppressed the lower limit of IQ. Guazi compares  Happy, brothers, keep adding the first impression, and then continue to add beauties, and step on it without any lower limit of IQ. Thank you all, maybe there will be more tomorrow~)
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