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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 79: Shoot

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    Now the big man pinched Fu Gaobin's neck. He didn't let go until Yang Fan arrived, and then Yang Fan pinched his throat. Everyone smacked their lips, because this big man with a sinister face, but this apocalyptic system  The boss of the successor, otherwise how could he be allowed to be arrogant here.  Now being pinched by the throat by a man who looked about seventeen or eighteen years old, this made everyone doubt whether they had seen with the wrong eyes. They all looked at Yang Fan with all kinds of shock, disbelief, surprise, etc.  .  The big man's throat made a rumbling sound. Because his neck was squeezed tightly, his entire face turned crimson and his veins were exposed. Veins as big as earthworms lay across his temples. If this guy was being beaten like this  Yang Fan pinched it, and he was not far from death.  The most important thing is that he felt that he could not break free from Yang Fan's iron hand. No matter how much he struggled, he suddenly felt fear. He escaped the attack of the alien beast, he escaped the roundup of the zombies, and now he  His strength is already four or five times that of ordinary people. Coupled with his natural supernatural power, he feels that there is no crisis in the end of the world.  Instead, he gave himself a great opportunity to have the ability to divide the world in ancient times. He was like Zhao Zilong. As long as he followed the right master, he could soar into the sky. He even felt that he was like Liu Bei. As long as he recruited  With a lot of subordinates, you can set up a base, and when the time comes, you can have women and whatever you want.  But now everything is being strangled by Yang Fan, and he even feels Yang Fan's murderous intention. He may not be able to escape, so this is his fundamental fear.  "Brother Yang Fan, kill him, kill him." Fu Gaobin recovered slightly and then yelled. It seemed that he had indeed been wronged. Yang Fan was the kind of person who helped his relatives but ignored him. Moreover, this matter was originally  Fu Gaobin was right, so he didn't ask Li Qiang at all. Instead, he grabbed the guy's neck and smashed it against the toilet wall.  Think about it, although this big man's resistance to fighting and his whole body have been transformed, how can it be compared with the iron wall? Even Yang Fan himself can't resist the iron wall, so this guy's head was smashed and his blood bloomed.  Blood flowed out from his forehead, from a small hole in his forehead.  Bloody, frightening, pure brutal violence, Yang Fan hit him again and again, blood flowed all over the floor, the rest of the people were panicked, their feet were shaking in fear, they were completely frightened by Yang Fan's pure violence, "Ah  ! It hurts me to death, please let me go, please let me go." The big man was tortured by Yang Fan and cried bitterly. He was no longer as arrogant as before. He used violence to fight violence. This was Yang Fan's method. This guy was bullying Fu Gao.  Why didn't Bin have this idea of ??letting others go?  If it weren't for him, I'm afraid his brother would be dead, so Yang Fan started to attack, and he was absolutely unambiguous. The big man's head was pinched by Yang Fan, and he smashed it against the iron wall of the toilet. His head was immediately broken and blood flowed out.  On the ground, the big man's entire face was covered with blood. He let out a shrill scream. The others looked at him and did not dare to say anything. They just looked over in horror.  Yang Fan was like a humanoid tyrannosaurus, and he began to abuse him thoroughly.  Boom!  boom!  boom!  The iron wall made a knocking sound. Yang Fan's face became colder and colder. Fu Gaobin gradually recovered. He looked at all this and burst into hearty laughter. Then he pointed at the others and shouted: "You, one by one  Don¡¯t even think about running away, beating me, bullying me, I will repay you ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times.¡± He yelled, Yang Fan threw the big man aside and said to him: ¡°Take a sip of the recovery blood I extracted.  Potion." After saying that, he looked at the others. Fu Gaobin was stunned, and then he thought of the blood potion that Yang Fan had given him. He immediately took out a bottle of potion from his backpack and showed it in front of everyone.  Drink it directly.  It looked like blood. After drinking it, it tasted sweet and there was a sense of heat all over my body. Then I regained a lot of energy. The previous consumption and the external injuries seemed to have been soaked by warm water. I felt much better all of a sudden. I haven't recovered yet.  How long will it take for Fu Gaobin to get up?  When Li Qiang on the side saw this, a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes, then disappeared, and then he became silent.  After Fu Gaobin regained his energy, the first thing he did was not take revenge. Instead, he threw a bottle to Wang Cheng on the ground, showed a cruel smile, and said ferociously: "It's our turn." After he finished speaking,  The whip kicked the big man who was almost dead. The latter vomited, and then Fu Gaobin angrily picked up a bench and smashed it directly on the guy's head. Fu Gaobin was so powerful,  It was more than twice that of an ordinary person, and coupled with gravity, the head would be blown open with a snap.  "Ugh!" The smell of blood hit their faces, and some people finally couldn't stand it anymore. There were also many refugees in the last carriage. It was soSince the bus can accommodate more than 300 people, it is naturally very long. The front half is filled with bunk beds, and the back half is full of refugees and some family members, so they all vomited after seeing this.  .  After Wang Cheng recovered, the first thing he did was to grab the guy who beat him before, kick him, then grab the guy's hair and slap him several times. The latter had the ability to kill Wang Cheng, but  With Yang Fan around, he panicked for a moment, so he had to be beaten.  "What the fuck, let me see whoever dares to attack, I'll kill him with one shot." Someone finally reacted, it was also a big man, holding a pistol, pointing at Yang Fan and said: "I don't believe you can dodge bullets.  " He knew about the apocalyptic system, but he felt that it was impossible for Yang Fan to dodge bullets, but he was wrong. Not only could Yang Fan dodge bullets, he even said that he could sense dangerous attacks and escape quickly.  "Bang!" Just when everyone thought that this matter could be perfected, gunshots rang out in everyone's ears, and everyone's hearts tightened. Then someone cursed: "You really shot? This guy is pretty good.  , we can sit down and talk." "Good kill, Tiger, you are really brave." "That guy has a high heart, he is definitely the overlord. It is undoubtedly a fool's errand to negotiate terms with him. It's better to kill him now.  "It's all over." "That's right!" "Just kill him!" Most of these people thought that Yang Fan had been shot, so they all showed happy faces, while Fu Gaobin and Wang Cheng  My mood fell to the bottom.  The man named Tiger was a relatively tall and thin man. He was standing there. Someone beside him happily patted his shoulder and praised him for his greatness.  But what they never expected was that the man named Tiger actually fell straight down (Unexpectedly, there was no collection. For more than thirty hours, not only did the collection not increase, but it dropped.  There are a lot of melon seeds rolling all over the floor, please collect them~~~ There are also recommendation votes, look at the current results, 8,000 collections, only sporadic results Brothers, let the recommendation votes come more  Be more violent~)
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