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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 81: Transaction

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    Wang Cheng is now the embodiment of arrogance, directly suppressing these people without saying a word, while Fu Gaobin's methods are cruel and he beats the four people into a dishonorable, very cruel way.  As for Yang Fan, he stood there without saying a word. After Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin vented their anger, he found a bed at random, and then closed his eyes to rest. No one dared to provoke Yang Fan for fear of  Suddenly there was a bullet hole in his forehead.  Four beaten-up guys were lying on the ground, and the others dispersed. Fu Gaobin took the two women to find two fairly neat beds, and said, "Whose bed is this?"  Two men came out and said timidly: "This is mine, brother. If you want it, I'll give it to you." He no longer had any shame, and his face was nothing.  Fu Gaobin enjoyed this treatment very much and let the two girls sleep to rest. He asked Wang Cheng for a cigarette and started puffing away. After a while, Fu Gaobin asked Wang Cheng to sleep first and then take a look.  Wang Cheng stopped being polite to Fu Gaobin, rubbed his sore arms, and then lay on the bed to sleep.  With Yang Fan here, they don¡¯t worry about any problems at all.  The workshop immediately became very peaceful. Everyone went back to their seats. Fu Gaobin sat on the lower bunk. People around him greeted him respectfully. They regarded Fu Gaobin as a master. This time, Fu Gaobin's vanity was greatly improved.  of satisfaction.  After waiting for a while, it was already dawn and the heavy snow had weakened a little. Fu Gaobin couldn't hold on anymore and fell asleep under the praise of everyone. The workshop finally returned to peace.  Everyone, you look at me and I look at you, but I don¡¯t know what I¡¯m thinking.  But no one dares to be presumptuous.  After waiting for a long time, Yang Fan woke up. He entered a deep sleep. One hour was equivalent to five hours of sleep for other people, and the physical and mental cultivation he gained was ten times that of others. Now that he has slept for four or five hours, he has already  Very full of recovery!  He rubbed his eyes, and the people around him woke up immediately. Then a few guys placed toothbrushes, towels, cups, and small buckets in front of Yang Fan and said, "Boss, these things are new and no one has used them."  " In the apocalypse, it is a great happiness and honor to be able to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, and wash your face in the morning. Yang Fan looked at the fawning faces of these people and did not find it strange, because in the apocalypse, he was looking for a strong man.  Shelter is happiness. It is better to be squeezed by one person than to be squeezed by a group of people.  After washing up, Li Qiang, who received the news, also came. This time he came alone without calling any of his subordinates. The purpose of his coming was naturally to ask for five bottles of health potions. Yang Fan handed them over without any nonsense.  He, Li Qiang suddenly smiled.  And then collect the things like treasures.  "Get up and take a walk." Li Qiang said to Yang Fan. Yang Fan also had something to tell Li Qiang, so he agreed to his request and the two of them walked outside, leaving Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin who were still snoring.  But this time Yang Fan was not worried at all about how his two brothers would be harmed.  "How much do you want something like this?" Yang Fan was not surprised at all when he heard Li Qiang ask this as soon as he came out. He knew that Li Qiang would definitely talk about this when he called him out, so he was not very surprised and said: "  I don¡¯t have much. You can buy this thing from the apocalyptic merchants, but it¡¯s expensive, but I have a way to refine it, but¡± Yang Fan is not a bad person. His current personal principle is not to do anything without profit.  Everything has to be conditional. He has no so-called good heart, because he had abandoned this kind of good heart a month ago. The world is unpredictable and people's hearts are sinister. He has clearly seen it.  "It's just what?" Li Qiang attaches great importance to the blood potion, so even if he knows Yang Fan's way, he still has to jump down.  "It's just that it requires a lot of blood from alienated beasts. A violent demonic rat can condense about 2-3 bottles, while a brutal demonic dog can condense about 1-2 bottles, and it takes a whole day." Yang Fan  The purpose of lowering the level of condensing potions is naturally to ask Li Qiang to provide him with these things, and then extract his own benefits from them. Blood potions, this thing will not have a great effect on him, unless it is top-notch, and now  The potions are all low-grade potions, and they can be regarded as holy medicines to restore the injuries of some ordinary people.  But for a being like myself, whose abilities are thirty times that of ordinary people, it has almost no effect.  "A violent demon rat can only condense 2-3 bottles, and a brutal demon dog can only condense 1-2 bottles. It's too low, too low." Li Qiang shook his head and then looked at Yang Fan and said, "Can't we improve it?"  Do you want to order? "A violent demonic rat requires a large number of people to hunt and is extremely dangerous.In the end, he could only exchange for two or three bottles of medicine, which was not cost-effective at all. Moreover, Li Qiang was not a fool, so he naturally knew that he had underpaid.  "There is no way, that's it, and every time I condense, I have to lose a certain amount of Doomsday Coins. If I hadn't found the corpses of a few violent demon rats on the way, I wouldn't have dared to squander it so casually." Yang Fan obviously  He was telling lies with his eyes open. Li Qiang didn't believe what Yang Fan said at all. If he cherished it very much, would Yang Fan throw it to his two friends so casually, and would he give himself five bottles so casually?  So Li Qiang guessed that Yang Fan concealed at least half of the profits, but he didn't know that Yang Fan didn't need the Doomsday Coin at all, otherwise, he would be really angry.  "How many apocalyptic coins are needed!" "Two hundred at a time!" Yang Fan didn't dare to open his mouth, because among the apocalyptic merchants, a bottle of low-grade medicine only cost 250 apocalyptic coins. If the lion opened his mouth, he would be in trouble.  "But I can pay the value of the Doomsday Coin, but you must agree to one condition!" Yang Fan hesitated and gave Li Qiang a chance to discuss.  "What conditions!" Being able to save Doomsday Coins is a good thing for Li Qiang, because he doesn't have much of Doomsday Coins himself.  "I like women, especially beauties. I'm afraid there are a lot of beauties in your eight cars, so" After Yang Fan said this, Li Qiang suddenly showed a knowing smile. Originally,  Yang Fan's heart, which was ready to open his mouth, was relieved.     woman?  Beauty?  In the previous life, as long as you had money, you would have a lot of money. In the end of the world, as long as you have strength, hum, hum!  (Thanks to the Marshal of the Astral Army for the reward and the support of the evaluation vote, thank you~~~please vote~~)
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