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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 91: Plan

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    When Li Qiang said this, Yang Fan felt that he was right. He seemed to be like this. When he encountered a problem, he would run away instead of facing it bravely. If this continues, maybe one day, he would encounter a problem.  In truly severe times, the pain you suffer is several times the superposition of happiness.  In that case, he would be in agony, so thinking of this, Yang Fan was silent for a long time. He sat down on the ground. It was not that he collapsed as Li Qiang said, but that he was reflecting on everything he had done before. Fu Gaobin and Wang  Yang Fan, the guardian of life and death, was afraid that someone would attack Yang Fan because of his condition.  Fortunately, everything was fine. After Yang Fan was silent for nearly two hours, he stood up, shook the dust off his body, and then walked towards Li Qiang. Several security guards around Li Qiang immediately became nervous.  , got a lot closer to Li Qiang, obviously a die-hard loyalist.  "It's okay!" Li Qiang is not a commoner. He has eaten more salt than these people have eaten, so he looked at Yang Fan with his head held high, without any fear at all. He knew Yang Fan's strength and might want to kill him.  It is very easy for him, so if Yang Fan really wants to kill himself, no matter what he does, it will be in vain.  So instead of saying that, it¡¯s better to be calm now. When Yang Fan walked up to Li Qiang, he really didn¡¯t do anything. He just stretched out his hand, which made everyone¡¯s hearts almost burst with nervousness.  "You work together for the people, and I work together for the people I need to protect." Yang Fan showed a rare smile, and the tense scene immediately became relieved. Many people naturally showed joy, and Li Qiang also  He breathed a sigh of relief, then shook hands with Yang Fan and said, "I hope we can work together well!" "Well, okay!" Yang Fan nodded, with a smile on his face, then looked at the other people, raised his hands and said  : "For the future, for ourselves, and for hope, what we need is to be brave and abandon cowardice. I am now discussing with Commander Li Qiang how to deal with monsters more powerful than the alien beasts. Please wait and see what happens. I hope your blood will boil.  ! ¡± Yang Fan¡¯s words were powerful and resonated with everyone. It could be said that they were echoed by a hundred people. The fear and fear in their hearts disappeared. Then Li Qiang and Yang Fan came to a berth and sat there facing each other.  .  "What can you do?" Yang Fan's first words were this, and then Li Qiang's next words made Yang Fan's face change slightly, "God is your ID, right?" Li Qiang looked outside, and he compared  The vicissitudes of his face were covered with traces of time, and there was a sense of wisdom. He was in his forties, but suffered from wind and cold. He was obviously a man with a story. He put his hands on his knees and looked at the falling snow.  Outside, he took a deep breath and spoke slowly.  "I'm from BJ. I've had a bad temper since I was a child. I like to cause trouble the most in the village. Although I haven't committed any major crimes, I have always done small things. My parents were worried about them. As the eldest son, when I was twenty years old, I was  After being sent to the army, there followed twenty-five years of military life. Within two years of training, I understood a lot of things. The most important thing is that my captain died during a mission. In order to block the gun  , and then I decided to stay in the army, and in the blink of an eye it was twenty-five years." Li Qiang began to state something.  I go back at most once a year, or even not once. I have two younger brothers and one younger sister at home. On the day when the zombies broke out, I still chatted with my family, but since then I have disappeared. I know that my  My family may have suffered misfortune. My mother is still waiting for me to return home after a while. I have not been home for three years. At that time, when the superiors issued a mission, I did not go to find my parents immediately. Instead, I was stationed in NC, and then  It has been more than ten days since I started fighting zombies. I have been living a torturous life every day, but I know that my duty is to protect the people. I am a soldier of the Celestial Empire, and my task is to protect everyone with my body!  " At the end of the sentence, Li Qiang's voice was full of crazy persistence. He is a respectable soldier! "So, I solemnly beg you, for the thousands of refugees in the workshop, for my soldiers, for the people, I hope  If you tell me about the races that are more powerful than the alienated beasts, I will upload them. This will greatly increase our ability to survive and the power to protect the people.  " Li Qiang knelt on the ground with a plop, his eyes were determined, and he kowtowed loudly to Yang Fan. He was really a respectable soldier. Yang Fan took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and then helped Li Qiang up. In fact, in the forum  In the post, he has clearly explained the weakness of the Zerg, but he did not name it. Now Yang Fan does not want to name it, but he wrote down a set of simple experiences he understood and handed it over.  He gave it to Li Qiang and said, "I hope it's useful to you!  ¡±  Li Qiang took over Yang Fan's manuscript with some excitement, and then solemnly said: "If mankind has a future, you will be the most contributory existence." "Maybe!" Yang Fan chuckled, where is the future of mankind?  ?  Then Li Qiang took the things to the boss and left. As soon as he went out, Li Qiang lowered his head and walked to the first carriage. There was a super-tech instrument that could convey information to the boss, but it could only be used a few times.  , Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Li Qiang looked at some information in his hand, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly, with a smile on his face. This smile was like a liar who had defrauded millions.  Then after Li Qiang left for an hour, he walked in excitedly and said: "The message was successfully conveyed. If what you said is true, you will receive supreme glory from above." "Glory? That is the second thing. We are now  Let's think about the current coping methods! "Yang Fan is not a soldier like Li Qiang. The reason why he told Li Qiang was just because he was moved by Li Qiang and to avoid the sorrow of the rabbit in the future.  "The corresponding method, I think that since we know the weaknesses and attributes of the Zerg, why not let us make some sharp weapons to deal with the Zerg first, and at the same time we practice. Assuming that our situation is not very dangerous, nor is it very ordinary, we can do this, you  Look! " Li Qiang took out a plan. He already knew what the next creature was, but he didn't ask Yang Fan why he knew so much. Everyone has their own secrets. Needless to say.  .  Next, what Li Qiang said and arranged was beyond Yang Fan's belief. He couldn't help but praise him for being a military man. From all aspects, Li Qiang's plan was flawless.  First occupy the surrounding strongholds, and then form a group of ten people. Some are responsible for containment, some are responsible for treatment, and some are responsible for attacking. They will practice in the last two days, and then hide the car somewhere, bury it with snow, and let  Refugees should try not to make a sound.  The Zerg will look for prey based on smell and heat. Open the ventilation in the workshop to let the refugees tolerate it for a while, and then let the refugees excrete in a certain place to attract the Zerg. In this way, according to the strategic method, basically  no problem.  But the most important thing is that he neglected (Thanks for the reward and support, brothers who love and hurt feelings~~~~)
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