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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 94: Crazy Zerg

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    The snow has not fallen, but the howling cold wind makes people tremble all over. With less than a few hours left before the twentieth day, Yang Fan is already frantically buying things. First of all, more than a thousand  A fire bead, and then everyone has a bottle of health potion.  In the end, I bought five large wooden crossbows, one with 20,000 Doomsday Coins, which adds up to 100,000, so I used all the Doomsday Coins. Each large wooden crossbow has very strong penetrating power and can directly penetrate a Zerg. Yang Fan  I purchased several sets of these wooden crossbows and fixed them in certain places for the best shooters in the army to control them.  In this way, a lot of time passed unknowingly. At the last hour, Yang Fan found that there were some people passing by, but Chen Ming and the others still didn't meet them. In the end, Yang Fan let everyone come to the snow. He looked at these people.  , there may be tension, fear, or longing for the future on the face.  "I'll say it again now, if you encounter real danger, sometimes it's better to stand still than to run around. If you encounter real danger and there are many Zerg, you can choose to run away, don't care about worldly opinions.  In the apocalypse, life is the first priority, but it is shameful to run away without courage. Now everyone takes their positions, start ambush, and wait!" After saying that, Yang Fan asked them to ambush. With the fire beads, they will not be cold.  The weather has affected it. At this moment, the sky is very bright. Looking at the blue sky again, no one knows whether it will be seen tomorrow.  "Follow me, be careful." Yang Fan said to Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin. He was more worried about these two animals. The latter gave Yang Fan a no problem look, and then everyone hid in a stronghold and began to hide.  !!!! The sky is blue, riding on Zach¨s wooden horse, Chen Ming said a little tiredly: ^Can you increase your speed a little bit? It¨s almost twelve o¨clock, and then a terrifying thing will break out.  We are all going to die." Chen Ming said to Zac angrily, and the latter immediately scolded: "You gave me such a small appearance fee, and my mount doesn't have enough to eat, how is that possible?  Run faster? Unless you give me money. "The wooden horse is almost three meters high and can carry four or five people. Think about how big it is. Bai Chen, Fang Na, Chen Ming, and Zhu Liang are sitting on the wooden horse, and Zha is sitting on it.  Ke was walking underneath and running as fast as a motorcycle.  However, at this speed, it still takes a long distance to reach the military base in the south, which is the coordinates given by Yang Fan. But Zach, the bastard, regards the Trojan as a treasure. Obviously the speed can be increased by at least two or three times, but this  The guy just couldn't bear to waste more energy on the Trojan horse. ????????????????????????????????????????????? This girl is too stingy.  Just as everyone was walking aimlessly, Chen Ming suddenly pointed behind him and said hurriedly: "Look, what is that?" Everyone's attention immediately turned to the distance, and then the faces of the five people changed drastically, including  Bai Chen, because layers of fiery red things were coming towards them in the distance, no more than four or five hundred meters away. After systematic strengthening, their vision had been greatly enhanced.  Then see clearly what it is.  The huge golden tortoise shell reflects light in the sun, and its tentacles are like blades. The serrations on it emit a cold light. At the same time, it has an ugly face, just like the face of a monster in Alien. There is sticky saliva flowing from its mouth, and it moves very fast.  Run towards here.  They were all red in color, and at a glance, there were at least hundreds, or even thousands, of them. They were almost as big as a person, but there were a few that were different, two or three times larger than similar ones.  "These things" "Oh no, I can deal with so many flame beetles by myself. As for you run away!" Zack got on the wooden horse without any nonsense, and then galloped away.  "Bai Chen, take a look at the properties of the flame beetle, and then share them." Zhu Liang, who was the first to come back to his senses, immediately asked Bai Chen to take a look at the properties of the flame beetle. He has the talent of insight and can see everything.  ‐Flame Beetle/ Race: Zerg.  Level: Full level one.  Life: 500/500 Attack damage: 75-145 Defense: 35.  Strength: 10-20 times that of ordinary people.  Talent skill: Flame Blade, the tentacles turn into flame attributes, the temperature reaches 300 degrees, and can melt molten iron.  Explanation: This is the most common beetle with the fire element. It is very difficult to deal with. If you encounter it, please flee quickly if you do not have the ability of level two or above.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!10-20 times that of ordinary people. When everyone shared the news, their faces became extremely ugly. You must know that the ordinary violent demon rat is only 3-10 times that of ordinary people. This kind of beetle actually has the power of ordinary people.  10-20 times.  Does humanity still have a future?  But now is not the time to think about such things. Zach led everyone to escape quickly. The Trojan under his crotch let out a long roar. Its original speed was not as fast as those of the flame beetles. It suddenly overtook it by two or three times and fled to other places.  .  "Flame beetles, you humans are in danger." Zach's expression changed slightly after seeing this beetle. To be honest, he could survive thousands of flame beetles, but if he did that,  What's the point?  As a Summoning Knight, your purpose is to protect your Summoner friends.  So with Zack escaping, he was a lot safer for the time being.  !!!!!!!! Elsewhere, on a dim street, a group of thugs were laughing crazily. They ate a violent demon rat that they had just killed alive, not caring about worldly opinions at all.  There were dozens of people in this group.  Suddenly, a black crack appeared on the bright earth, and it was unfathomable inside. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? One after another, huge flame beetles rushed out from the cracks, and the madmen who were still tyrannizing others looked at all this in horror, and there was no way to stop it.  "Roar." The flame beetle rushed out, very fast, almost in the blink of an eye, it came to a person, and then the saw-like insect claws directly grabbed a person, and the insect claws were like a blade, directly crushing him  Blood was flowing on the ground from his back, and the man didn't have time to scream.  The insect's mouth was as big as a small bowl, and it bit the body.  "Ah!" The screams suddenly echoed throughout the city.  Cracks have appeared all over the world. According to preliminary calculations, there are about a billion Zerg coming Not only do they hunt humans, they also devour alienated beasts!  Zerg, crazy
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