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The Eve of the Doomsday Chapter 96: The Killing of the Zerg

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    ¡¾Blade Mantis¡¿ Race: Zerg.  Class:?  ?  ?  .     life:?  ?  ?  ?  /?  ?  ?  ?  Attack damage:?  ?  ?  ¡ª?  ?  ?  ?Defense:?  ?  ?  .  Strength: Ordinary?  ?  -?  ?  times.  ??Innate skills: The blade grabs randomly, and the tentacles turn into steel blades, which are indestructible and extremely lethal.  Skills: Roar and scream, light and shadow interference, fear.  Explanation: The insects from the sky are very cruel. Although they do not live in groups, one such insect can give a second-level warrior a headache.  ¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª This is the attribute of the Blade Mantis. According to Yang Fan¡¯s speculation, the Blade Mantis is generally between the second level, third level and fifth level, and its strength is at least thirty times that of ordinary people.  Above, at the same time, the health value is at least about 5,000, and the attack damage should be at least between 500 and 800.  The defense power should be twice that of his own, but the recovery ability is simply useless, so if it can break through the armor defense of this Zerg, the damage caused will be excellent. Now Yang Fan slashed down and took away six  One hundred and seventy injuries left a deep wound directly behind the blade mantis.  Green blood flowed down the Lei Yuan Blade, drop by drop, and the blade mantis screamed suddenly. The sharp sound made many people's eardrums hurt. This is their skill, roaring and screaming, Yang Fan said to the blade  There is some understanding of mantis bugs.  Once this skill is released, it will trigger all the Zerg species within one kilometer of the surrounding area.  "Hurry up, you idiot!" Yang Fan yelled. He was just taking the lead, not a god. How could he deal with the Blade Mantis at the same time, whose attributes were even better than his own?  The moment the attack fell, Yang Fan ran away and backed up dozens of meters. The injured blade mantis sustained [-30], [-20], [-50] damage on its head and continued to lose blood. This is  The Zerg are not enough.  "Qiang!" The Blade Mantis arrived in front of him very quickly. Yang Fan subconsciously blocked it. The Lei Yuan Blade and the Blade's arm directly hit each other, making a very loud sound of iron, and then the Blade Mantis  The blade insect arms cut like crazy.  Yang Fan blocked a large number of attacks with the Lei Yuan Blade, but his body was still incised by the Blade Qi. The Blade Mantis is so powerful. Generally speaking, there are only two or three in a group, and four is considered too many, so Yang Fan  Don't worry about anything else.  "Do it, do it!" "Damn it, kill these beasts, earn apocalypse coins, explode equipment, fuck, do it!" "Brothers, rush!" Suddenly, hundreds of people emerged from the snow  Get up, and at this moment, several crossbows rushed out with a 'whoosh', very fast, directly piercing the back of a blade mantis, nailing it to the snow, creating  The damage reached [-1070], a red critical hit, and then continued blood loss [-100].  This is the power of large-scale arrows and crossbows. When dealing with flying Zerg, it is absolutely beneficial without any harm.  [Gang Qi Crash] Without wasting any chance, Yang Fan directly used the Gang Qi Crash. The fiery red Gang Qi covered his body, and then he rushed over and directly knocked away the blade mantis.  A few meters away.  Then he took the Lei Yuan Blade and hid, then activated the stealth skill, and walked carefully to the Blade Mantis. He wanted to use the previous method to attack again, but unexpectedly, the Blade Mantis suddenly blocked the insect arm, and only heard  With a sound of 'dang', Yang Fan's arms were numbed by the shock.  ¡¾Tai Chi.  ¡¿Yang Fan immediately used Tai Chi's method to resolve the force, and then wrapped it around and slapped it. He held the Lei Yuan Blade in his hand and fought with the Blade Mantis.  Look again, hundreds of people rushed towards the three-headed blade mantis, unleashing all kinds of dazzling skills. One blade mantis was directly beaten to a pulp, without even the ability to backhand, and then exploded.  There were several pieces of equipment, and many people got a lot of experience.  This made Yang Fan look hot, and he couldn't help cursing in his heart: "It's better to form a group." But maybe people took it too lightly. After the other two blade mantises were injured for a while, one of them suddenly took advantage of people's carelessness.  , suddenly killed into the crowd, the blade flashed, and their fragile bodies were cut open. In an instant, seven or eight people lay dead on the ground, with bright red blood flowing all over the ground.  Suddenly the crowd became excited and no longer dared to take it lightly. Some timid people were so frightened that they turned around and ran away. They didn¡¯t know what they were saying. The blade mantis swished.He came to the guy, cut his head off with the sharp insect arm, and then swallowed the body in one gulp. The small mouth full of teeth opened wide.  Just like a snake, it had no jaws. It immediately began to bite the man to pieces, and then looked at everyone coldly with its compound eyes. Those who were seen trembled all over, as if they were being stared at by a poisonous snake. Those holding weapons,  They didn't dare to take action.  "Don't be scared. The Zerg devours people. When they are full, their health will be restored. If we don't kill them now, there will be endless troubles." Yang Fan roared, and then began to fight wholeheartedly against a blade mantis in front of him.  A variety of skills, all kinds of techniques are endless, and the invisibility has been used several times. Except for the initial success, it has only consumed more than 300 health points so far.  Most of the damage is due to this guy's self-loss. Now it's all a trade-off. The Blade Mantis is getting weaker and weaker, and he is getting stronger. But if two more Blade Mantis are added to the mix, he will definitely die.  No doubt, just run away.  So when he saw people who were stupid, Yang Fan shouted.  As Yang Fan shouted, several arrows and crossbows suddenly shot over, but this time they were avoided a lot by the two bladed mantises, only some were injured. Then someone woke up, but it felt like  My neck hurt, and then I saw a headless body standing there.  Very familiar, very familiar The killing has begun!  (Thanks to Xingfeng Xiaoye and book friend 130829140631185 for the reward The recommendation vote is still a little short of breaking through 413. Brothers, if you want to see the third update of Guazi, please vote in the last two hours.  . . . Guazi is ready, please do your best~)
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