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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 102: Arrangement (please click for members)

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    Era: Doomsday Era Planet: MZ1001 Solar System Earth.  Region: Southern China.  Character: Yang Fan.  ?Professional class: Level 1 and 8.  Health value: 1600/1600.  (Defined based on attributes and certain passive skills, no detailed explanation.) Magic value: 700/700.  (Defined based on attributes and certain passive skills, no detailed explanation.) Attack power: 715-925.  (Defined based on attributes and some passive skills, no detailed explanation.) Defense power: 135.  (Defined based on attributes and some passive skills, no detailed explanation.) Physique: 400 (mainly related to resistance and recovery ability, equivalent to 4000% of ordinary people) Strength: 400 (mainly related to offensive ability, and weight-bearing ability,  Equivalent to 4000% of ordinary people) Agility: 400 (mainly related to reaction ability, movement speed, equivalent to 4000% of ordinary people) Wisdom: 400 (mainly related to special realms, calculation speed, equivalent to 4000% of ordinary people) Skills: various  Might of God LV1, Halo of Gods LV1, Shield of God LV1, Tai Chi LV1, Qi Collision LV1, Fighting Mastery LV2, Cold Weapon Mastery LV2, Hot Weapon Mastery LV4, Investigation Mastery LV1, Combat Mastery LV2, Intelligence Mastery LV2,  Gang Qi is proficient in LV3.  Invisibility (Equipment Skill, No Level) Equipment: God's Cloak, God's Crown, Thunder Blade, Lady Picture.  Props: Explosive Talisman, [True Eagle Eye], some groceries.  Combat rating: B+ grade.  (Divided into SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F) Bloodline: Yanhuang bloodline.  Doomsday Coin: 10,500.  Talent: Archive, super god-level talent, description: You can archive at a certain time period at will, just like any stand-alone game. It needs to be cooled down for seven days after archiving. The time will start counting after seven days, and the system will randomly return it to 1-30 days.  Previously, it has been archived for 3 days.  Current experience value: 25000 Required level 9 upgrade experience value: 5000 ¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª ¡°One hundred and five hundred apocalyptic coins, my God, why are there so many apocalyptic coins? Is this a national-level post?¡±  When eating meat, Yang Fan looked at his current attributes. Generally speaking, they were very good. However, the Yanhuang bloodline looked very useless. Because it had been compounded once by the compound potion, which was equivalent to a major washing point, the Yanhuang bloodline had been dissolved.  Going in, I can't see how many abilities have been added. I don't think I know what this bloodline ability is yet.  But when it came to the apocalyptic coins, Yang Fan was severely shocked, but soon returned to normal. One hundred thousand apocalyptic coins was a lot, but it was not enough to make Yang Fan lose his temper. After calming down for a while, Yang Fan's mood returned to normal, and then  My heart murmured.  "My strength is generally pretty good. I should at least be ranked among the top ten in the country and the top one hundred in the world." Thinking of this, as well as the skyrocketing price of Doomsday Coin, made him very happy, so he put the contents in the pot into the pot.  A large amount of food was transported outside, and I personally took out a few bowls. I was very happy.  The soldiers also drank the broth harmoniously together. After all, the danger was eliminated. Who would be unhappy?  The meat of one steel beetle can feed ten adults for a day. These more than one hundred can completely feed more than a thousand people. The most important thing is that the broth is very delicious, and Yang Fan can't treat it badly.  Refugees are, after all, human beings.  First, he gave Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin a bowl, and then Li Qiang asked people to come in, and then he started to get busy. People came and went, and the cave was full of calories. He rarely ran out, and even if he did, he would be arrested.  The wind and snow have blown away, so there is nothing to worry about. Yang Fan has planned everything, and there will be no oversights or loopholes.  As for Fu Gaobin and Wang Cheng, after happily drinking several bowls of broth in the cave, they felt comfortable all over. People were coming and going at the entrance of the cave, and the time for cooking the broth was very short.  Therefore, most people can eat warm soup in a short time. In cold weather, it is very good to have such a bowl of broth.  After satisfying his appetite, Yang Fan asked Fu Gaobin and Wang Cheng to bring over 20,000 yuan of broth and asked them to give it to Xiaoyou's brother. The guy was still very weak and needed to be replenished.  Zerg broth is just right.  There are four pots in the cave. Originally, Li Qiang meant to put six or eight pots, but Yang Fan calculated it and found that there was not enough time to dig a cave with six or eight pots, so he dug such a cave.  . ???????????????????????? Four pots are barely enough, three pots are given to them, and one pot is divided equally and given to the refugees in the car to keep them warm.  Everything went according to plan. Yang Fan found a place, a place that looked far away, and thenStart doing other things. Two of these insect beetles can create a pair of bronze-level armor, which increases defense by 30 points. These 30 points of defense mean that it can withstand 30% of damage.  It was very important. Yang Fan didn't waste any time. He immediately gave it to Liu Qiaoqiao and asked her to forge it in the mall she brought with her. With the forging ability of fifty apocalypse coins each, fifty-five pairs of defensive armors appeared. Yang Fan buttoned it up  I bought twenty pairs, and then took out the remaining thirty pairs.  At the same time, Yang Fan gave the corpse of the Corrupted Beetle to Liu Qiaoqiao. This Corrupted Beetle has a very good ability, that is, its corpse can condense corrupt liquid and contaminate weapons. It can deal with humans and Zerg, and can increase  Very powerful.  A corrupted beetle can produce three to five bottles, so Yang Fan naturally did not dare to waste such precious things.  After everything was done, Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin came to him. Because the three of them had armor and did not do such evil things, Yang Fan asked Wang Cheng to call Li Qiang, who suddenly gave up.  He ran over in a hurry, carrying a bowl of broth, and drank it while running. He was very hopeless. Fu Gaobin couldn't help but despise him and said, "Return it to the commander-in-chief."  Li Qiang seemed to have noticed his gaffe, but he just straightened his face seriously without any embarrassment. He looked at the twenty pairs of armors on the ground, his eyes lit up, and he didn't care about the broth in his hand.  He jumped down and took out a piece of silver armor and looked at it.  "It's only been less than ten minutes, and you actually made it so quickly, thank God, thank God." Li Qiang said excitedly.  "Each of these things cost one hundred Doomsday Coins. If you deduct it from it, you still owe me one thousand Doomsday Coins. But seeing as everyone is like this, forget it, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. My Doomsday Coins  It¡¯s not enough, so if there is more next time, you must give me a reward.¡± Yang Fan said half-jokingly, half-seriously.  You know, this is the end of the world, and you have to pay attention to every detail. If you are too generous, you may cause yourself unnecessary trouble, or Li Qiang will regard yourself as a cash cow, and then it will not be good.  (In the case of the original three updates, members click, and after more than 2,000, additional updates will be added. If the recommendation votes exceed 1,000, additional updates will be added. Brothers, I rely on you for melon seeds!!!!)
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