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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 105: Strange Stone (Please click for members)

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    "Ouch~~~~Ouch." "Hoo~~~~Hoo." "Zhizhi~~~~~zhizhi." "Jiji~~~~~~jiji." Four kinds of sound propagation  These four sounds were full of energy and were obviously not produced by ordinary alienated beasts. Therefore, Yang Fan concluded that the four beast kings must be here, and Yang Fan knew it.  "What are the four beast kings doing here?" This is Yang Fan's doubt, and it is also the doubt of many people. Yang Fan paused and told Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin to stop talking or act rashly and wait here.  Dire wolves, clawed dinosaurs, ice giant bears, and frost tigers. Alien beasts of this level are all extremely terrifying and powerful. Just like dire wolves, first of all, they are much larger than ordinary wolves. Secondly, this kind of alien beasts are extremely terrifying and powerful.  The dire wolf has a very high defense ability and a very strong recovery ability. The recovery level is three to four times stronger than that of the Zerg.  This kind of alienated beast is even more troublesome than some Zerg races. Yang Fan now just wants to understand what these alienated beasts want to do!  "Boom, boom, boom!" Suddenly, the snow cracked. In an instant, the sky and the earth changed color. The sky that was originally full of stars suddenly became extremely dark, and the wind and snow were blowing.  , the blowing makes people feel cold.  Although there has been no heavy snow in the past two days, the snow is still very thick, and the weather is still very cold, making people shiver. In the carriage, many people are looking outside helplessly. In the apocalypse, one crisis after another is coming, and life is  It seemed very fragile, and most importantly, it was mentally insulted and uncomfortable.  Some people burst into tears, some covered their mouths and cried, and some looked up at the starless sky and cried, as if there was no future, and they felt uncomfortable and sad in their hearts. If it weren't for the suppression by the army and the successors of the apocalyptic system,  I'm afraid people will riot inside every car and it will be out of control.  "Once the rioters are found, kill them directly!" Li Qiang's cold voice made many people tremble involuntarily. At the most critical moment, Li Qiang didn't want anyone to interfere. Everything is still unknown now, but if someone starts a riot, I'm afraid  It will really cause a lot of unnecessary trouble, and everyone may die by then.  "Boom!" Suddenly at this moment, a beam of light shot down from the sky and landed in the center. Suddenly, Yang Fan showed a look of surprise. Wang Cheng, Fu Gaobin, and Li Qiang saw it.  The people in this beam of light were shocked, with nervous expressions on their faces.  "Could it be aliens?" "Maybe they really are aliens?" "Could all these things be caused by aliens? Are they planning to rule mankind now that they are here?"  Needless to say, people's imagination is really good. Even Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin wondered whether they were aliens, but Yang Fan still told them to stop talking and wait and see.  This beam of light seemed to be emitted from outside the star field. It was a million miles long. It was emitted from the sky with a radius of about one meter. Yang Fan, Fu Gaobin, Wang Cheng, Li Qiang and others,  Everyone was paying attention to this, not daring to make any sound. In the end, it was about half an hour. Suddenly, a huge black stone appeared in the center of the grassland.  For a moment, everyone¡¯s hearts became tense, as if they wanted to be grabbed by something. Is there an alien inside the huge black stone?  Alien life form?  Could it be the source of zombies, alienated beasts, and Zerg?  This is what many people think. In fact, even Yang Fan has speculated about the origin of zombies, alienated beasts, and Zerg. Perhaps alien civilization can really explain all this. It first releases a virus and invades the entire world silently.  Earth, if this happens, some people will get a virus and become zombies that can only eat people.  The beasts will be transformed, some will die, and some will become stronger, just like the violent demon rats. They may just be stinky rats in the underground, and then after some medicine, the genes in the body are changed into their current shape.  .  Genes are the foundation of a person, so this can be confirmed and possible. As for Zerg, Yang Fan guessed this. Didn't scientists say that the universe is infinite and the earth is equivalent to a bacteria in the sea, but it has life?  It¡¯s just a body, there are countless planets and star fields in the world.  The earth is a technological civilization that has never even left the solar system. Perhaps other high-tech civilizations are experimenting with something, so they use the earth as a testing ground, and then use the inferior things there, that is,  Zerg, brought into this world.  If this is really the case, the more Yang Fan thinks about it, the more afraid he becomes. If this is really the case, and the stronger he is, he will be included in the files of many aliens.Did you study mice or something like that?  But if you don't increase your strength, you will encounter danger. This is a dilemma.  Of course, all this must be based on one's own imagination, which is not very realistic. It is very simple, just talk about one's own innate abilities, and the system that everyone gets. Once something is related to the future, it is not a technology.  As far as it can be explained, time is the most complicated thing.  Only gods can touch it. Based on this, Yang Fan can be sure that it is not operated by aliens. Even if it is an alien, it should be a very powerful alien and a god.  Taking back his wild thoughts, Yang Fan looked at this place honestly, paying attention all the time. The dark stone stood there, about the size of a person, with runes on it. Yang Fan did not dare to act rashly, where was he hiding?  Keep watching.  But the stone stood there without any movement at all, and there was nothing strange about it. However, Yang Fan discovered something even more terrifying. The four beast kings actually rushed in front of the stone, and then crashed to death in front of the stone.  Blood immediately dripped on the stone.  The dark stone is extremely strange and gives off a deep chill. Yang Fan will never forget this sight.  With countless blood, something seems to be born (The time has come to create a climax I weakly ask for a reward~~~~)
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