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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 109: A Rule (Please collect)

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    In this way, another two and a half days have passed. It is now around three o'clock in the afternoon on the 25th day of the end of the world. At this time, there are almost not many alienated beasts left.  After the last alienated beast died, everyone was finally able to come out. In the past two or three days, several guys who tried to riot were killed in each carriage, so overall it was pretty good, but  The only thing is that there may not be enough food. The current food is only enough for everyone to eat.  Fortunately, the blood of the alienated beast was gone, but the flesh on its body was still on the ground. Yang Fan immediately ran over with Fu Gaobin and Wang Cheng in mind. Li Qiang also brought dozens of people over.  , and the rest were suppressed in separate compartments.  Walking to the stone, everyone discovered that the runes on the stone were getting more and more strange. They were originally incomplete, but now they seemed to have been filled in a little bit. Therefore, Fu Gaobin couldn't help but said: "Could this be some kind of seal?"  There is a big devil inside, drifting in the universe and the stars, and then descending on the earth. Now he needs a lot of blood to recover? " Fu Gaobin continued his fantasy, but his words are now very powerful.  It's convincing, because everything seems very strange, it's so similar to TV, TV series, and some science fiction stories.  Yang Fan, who had the file loaded, still chose to wait and see what would happen. Li Qiang, who was calm, did not talk nonsense. Naturally, he listened to Yang Fan. He did not dare to take too many risks, so everyone worked together to collect the corpses of the alienated beasts that had been dead for a long time.  Move it.  Because they are not killed by humans, they will not explode equipment and the like. These are all second-level alienated beasts, such as the Crazy Demon Bull, the Armored Dinosaur, the Icefield Explosive Bear, and the Nightmare Jackal. These four alienated beasts are  If all the beasts were killed by me, their level might be upgraded to the second level.  Yang Fan asked people to eat these alienated beasts as food just like cooking Zerg meat before. Yang Fan's [True Eagle Eye] was always paying attention to the surroundings, and the range had already reached 800 meters, so the first step now is  Place the dead alienated beast into the backpack space.  The second is that Yang Fan wants to prove something The alienated beast that has lost its blood has shriveled up a lot, but this is greatly beneficial to humans. After putting the corpses into the backpack, there are nearly two thousand corpses here.  Because of the addition of the corpse of the previous ice wolf, Yang Fan basically took advantage of everyone's inattention and began to absorb it crazily. Anyway, the picture of the lady can be stored infinitely, but if it goes too far, it won't work.  So Yang Fan asked Li Qiang to once again draw out a large number of people. Those who wanted to mix things up started to store them together. Those who didn't have backpacks were quickly moved to the side of the carriage. After fifteen minutes, the change began.  , another batch of alienated beasts came, all different, because the range of [True Eagle Eye] reached 800 meters, and it was forcibly strengthened to level three by Yang Fan.  So just like a satellite telescope, Yang Fan can obtain part of the field of view of [True Eagle Eye], which can be converted. Although it is only for five minutes, Yang Fan relies on this and can clearly see that there are some alienated beasts with some blood smeared in their mouths.  Suddenly, Yang Fan understood something. He remained silent and let the people continue to carry it. This time, only a third of the corpses were carried, but it was enough food for several days.  When the alienated beast reached 300 meters, Yang Fan shouted to evacuate. Suddenly, people were running like locusts, like ants in a frying pan. There was no order. They hurriedly ran away and hid in the workshop to prevent being killed.  .  After hiding in the carriage, Yang Fan came to the carriage with some people. What happened next was as weird as before. The alien beast began to commit suicide continuously and dedicated his blood to this dark stone. The weirdness was still there.  continue.  Yang Fan and others took a deep breath, and the confusion in their hearts became even more intense. The depressing atmosphere made everyone feel uneasy, but the temptation of food made people understand that this is still life, and whether it is the end of the world or not, they still have to survive.  Since Yang Fan came, the overall quality has improved a lot. In the carriage, there is basically no military bullying of refugees, and there are no evil things. Basically, the men are divided into men and women, and they do not live together.  Of course, if you are a couple or a lover, you can apply. Yang Fan asked Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin to supervise it, because he was afraid that some people would do things with evil intentions.  Stabilizing people's hearts is the only way to put an end to riots. If this is done, there will be peace in two or three days. Of course, it is related to the desires of Army G and the desires of some soldiers. Yang Fan also agreed. If others are willing, that's fine. If they have the strength,  , Yang Fan will reward those who have done their best with food.  So invisibly, Yang Fan seemed to be the commander-in-chief, and Li Qiang was the foil. As the person involved, Li Qiang was absent.Unexpectedly, there was no reaction at all. Instead, he happily agreed to Yang Fan's every condition.  The next day, just after the last bit of food was eaten, Yang Fan asked everyone to get busy. The number of deaths of alienated beasts was increasing. Yang Fan asked people to cook meat. Fortunately, some seasonings were stored, otherwise, I'm afraid,  We really can only eat raw food, salt and MSG, basically a few packets, and the meat is delicious and tender, basically there is nothing to worry about. The first ones to eat are naturally the soldiers, followed by the attached soldiers.  Some women, or others, and then refugees, the hierarchy is strict.  This must be done, otherwise, treating everyone equally will lead to dissent. This is the art of war. During war, refugees themselves are protected and can only eat the worst food. If they eat like generals or soldiers who go through life and death,  Same, then who will do the work?  Who still wants to be a soldier, it is better to be a refugee, where you can eat and drink well without doing anything.  Yang Fan¡¯s skills in stewing meat soup are getting better and better, and he is becoming more and more proficient. Basically, one alien beast can feed more than twenty people.  And the most important thing is that the meat of alienated beasts can enhance nutrition and strength. Basically, if you eat one meal, you will not be hungry for a day. Therefore, in order to save food, soldiers can eat three meals, subordinates can eat two meals, and refugees can only eat  Can have a meal.  In this way, the rules were promulgated. Although there were many complaints among the refugees, no one dared to resist. Otherwise, it would be a bullet. In extraordinary times, extraordinary means must be used, otherwise the consequences will be  is unusual.  In this way, on the third day in a row, which is the twenty-eighth day of the end of the world, Yang Fan and others have been trapped here for eight days. The strange stones have absorbed a lot of blood. Yang Fan guessed that a small river must have gathered together.  .  How terrifying this is!  Finally, at the same time as the last time, the alienated beast died. It was almost the same time as the previous batch. Then it was time for the big carnival. The lack of food made people uncomfortable. Now we can finally take the opportunity to eat the corpse!
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