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Peerless Grand Immortal Sovereign Latest chapter update list

author£ºXiao Shengyue

Text Volume Preface: Boundary Soul MonumentVolume 1 Chapter 1: The Mountain BoyVolume 2 Chapter 2 The Road to Immortal CultivationVolume 3 Chapter 3 Can't help it
Volume 4 Chapter 4 Body Cold DiseaseVolume 5 Chapter 5 Pteris on FireVolume 6 Chapter 6 Finally OpenedVolume 7 Chapter 7 Uninvited Guest
Volume 8 Chapter 8 First SightVolume 9 Chapter Nine Saving the Dying and Healing the WoundedVolume 10 Chapter 10 Xuanyue Immortal PalaceVolume 11 Chapter 11 Born to be enlightened
Volume 12 Chapter Twelve: The Red LanternVOLUME 13 Chapter Thirteen: Fengling is Getting Married!Volume 14: The Real PurposeVolume 15 Chapter 15: Jade Pool in Bishui
Volume 16 Chapter 16 The One Who Should Come Still ComesVolume 17 Chapter 17 The Great EnemyVOLUME 18 Chapter 18 Since we want to fight, let's fightVolume 19 Chapter Nineteen Small Trial
Volume 2 Chapter 20: The Sword Has Been UnsheathedVolume 21 Chapter Twenty-OneVolume 2 Chapter 22 Let Him GoVolume 23 Chapter 23 It's Good to Be Covered
Volume 24 Chapter 24: Before the StormMain Text Volume Chapter 25 Dad, I'm Really Good at MathematicsVolume 26 Chapter 26: Rouge and GouacheVolume 27 Chapter 27: Ghost Step
Volume 28 Chapter 28 You Go QuicklyVolume 29 Chapter 29 UnidentifiedVolume 30 Chapter Thirty Angry SabiroVolume Four
Text Chapter 32: The Mysterious Jade JueMain Text Chapter Thirty-Three: MassacreText Chapter 33: Qiuyang CityText Chapter Thirty-Five What I See and Hear
Text Chapter Thirty-six: Black Martial Chamber of CommerceText Chapter Thirty-fifth AlchemyMain Text Chapter 39 Uneven Road 
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