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Sparrow Pavilion 1 Latest chapter update list

author£ºTaibo's Merit

Volume CitationVolume 1 Gao ShengVolume 2 Bird PavilionVolume 3 Soul Return
Volume 4 Crimes and PunishmentsVolume 5 Breaking DawnVolume 7 Dark TideVolume 8 Fengyue
Volume 9 TaoismVolume 10 AcaciaVolume 11 LatentVolume 12 Blurred
Volume 13 Encirclement and SuppressionVolume 14 ReunionVolume 15 FrolickingVolume 16 It's too late
Volume 17 BloodlineVolume 18 WeirdVolume 19 BeautyVolume 20 Mysteries
Text Volume 21 Cutting GrassMain text volume 22 Past events (Northwest chapter)Volume 23: The Land of Tigers and Wolves (Northwest Chapter)Volume 24: A Glimpse (Northwest Chapter)
Volume 25 Return of the Prince (Northwest Chapter)Volume 26: Uncontrollable Emotions (Northwest Chapter)Volume 27: Killing the Mother and Keeping the Son (Northwest Chapter)Volume 28: No Discrimination (Northwest Chapter)
Volume 29: Escape from the Hou Mansion (Northwest Chapter)Volume 30 Take officeText Volume Trinity Love EnthusiasmVolume 32 Return
Volume Three Three SurgingVolume Three and Four NightmareVolume 35 LoveVolume 36 City Hall
Volume Three Seven ToursVolume 38 ConspiracyVolume 39 HuifuVolume 40 Death
Text Volume 41 Secret OrderVolume 42 Change of ownerVolume 43 New DynastyVolume Four Fourth Great War
Volume four and five true appearanceVolume 48: A SlaveVolume 49: A Slave 2Volume 50: A Slave 3
Text Volume May Day as a Slave 4Volume 52: Being a Slave 5Text Volume May Fourth: A Slave 7Volume 55: Being a Slave 8
Volume Five and Six: Being a Slave 9Volume 57: Being a Slave 10Volume 58 HeartbreakVolume 59 Missing
Volume 60 FateText Volume June 1 Family BanquetVolume 62 Mrs.Volume 63 Cold War
Text Volume June 4th Appointmenttext six five oathtext six six jealousText Six Seven Leisure Fu
Text sixty-eight ruthlessText Six Nine SceneryText seventy beggarsText July 1 Watching a play
Text Seventy-two Yoshimuratext seven three hit the arrowMain text July Fourthtext seven five acquaintances
text seven six hallucinationstext seven seven dreamsText seven or eight freedomBody Seven Nine Layout
Text Eighty Evil FruitsText August 1 ComplaintText eighty-two hateText Eighty-Three Mysteries
Text Eighty-four camouflageText eighty-six bastardText Eighty-seven Prickly Plumtext ninety affectionate
Text nine one capturedText Ninety Two FearText ninety-three enclosureText September 4th see off
Text Ninth Five-Year Old SkillsText ninety-six meetText ninety-seven fetishesText ninety-eight loyalty
Text Nine Nine CharmText 100 CalculationsText 101 PlanText 102 Revenge
Text 103 Life-threateningBody 104 BathingText 105 InfiltratingText 106 Indifference
Text 107 Killing the LordText 108 InfirmityText 109 CondolencesText 110 Funeral Banquet
Text one by one infatuationtext one one two ruinedText 113 CalamityText 114 Melancholy
Text 115 ChildrenText 116 EdgeText 117 BelovedText 118 Explanation
Text 119 Concubine SelectionText 120 Entering the Palacetext one two one obsessionText 122 Life experience
text one two three rely onText one two four gossipText 125 private meetingtext one two six wandering
Text One Twenty Seven False WaysText one twenty eight temptresstext 129 out of the houseText 130 To dream
Text Chapter 125 CurseText One Three Two Doubtstext one three three hold your breathText one three four reverse scale
Body 135 PossessionText 136 WeaknessesText One Thirty Seven Concubine Fengtext one thirty nine litchi
Text 140 Qin Setext one four one pulseText 142 ShoppingText one four three complete
text one four four molestingtext one four five acaciaText one forty-seven catch upText 148 stingy
Text 149 Young MasterText 150 EncountersText 151 AnxietyText 152 Explanation
Text 153 Pregnant   
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