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Starting From Zero: The Elf Latest chapter update list

author£ºVery Cute and Delicious

VOLUME 1 Chapter 1 The Elven World Thousand Years AgoVOLUME 2 Chapter 2 Breeder AiwenVolume 3 Chapter 3 Preparation of MedicinesVOLUME 1 Chapter 4 It's Time to Show Real Skills
VOLUME 1 Chapter 5 The Farm ElfVOLUME 1 Chapter 6 Elves Are the Primary ProductivityVOLUME 1 Chapter 7 The Experience of HistoryVOLUME 8 Chapter 8 Selling Potions
VOLUME 1 Chapter 9 Making FertilizerVOLUME 1 Chapter 10 Successfully SubduedVOLUME 1 Chapter 11 Poisonous MovesVOLUME 1 Chapter 12 Warcraft Invasion
VOLUME 1 Chapter 13 Rural CooperativesVOLUME 1 Chapter 14 Poisonous PotionVOLUME 1 Chapter 15 Three Powder TacticsVOLUME 1 Chapter 16 Signs of Evolution
VOLUME 1 Chapter 17 Mastering PoisonVOLUME 1 Chapter 18 Attack of the NightVOLUME 1 Chapter 19 Aiwen's Commandvol.2 Chapter 20 Ineffective Antidote
VOLUME 2 Chapter 21 What kind of monster's venom is this?vol.2 Chapter 22 Nobody Can UnderstandVOLUME 2 Chapter 23 Why HimVOLUME 2 Chapter 24 Conditions are up to you
VOLUME 2 Chapter 25 Aiwen's ConditionVOLUME 2 Chapter 26 Fighting Poison with PoisonVOLUME 2 Chapter 27 Easy Detoxificationvol.2 Chapter 28 The Burning Carriage
VOLUME 2 Chapter 29 The Hardworking Armored RhinoVOLUME 30 Chapter 30 Farming ArtifactVOLUME VOLUME 31 Chapter 31 Subduing the Walking WeedVOLUME 2 Chapter 32 The First Generation Trainer
33 Sakura Treasure EvolutionVOLUME 34 Chapter 34 Entering the Black ForestVOLUME 2 Chapter 35 Materials for Making Pok¨¦ BallsVOLUME 36 VS Tank Skunk
VOLUME 2 Chapter 37 A Large Swarm of Walking WeedsVOLUME 2 Chapter 38 Method of Making Tree Fruit BallsVOLUME 39 Chapter 39 Training Hypnotic Powder Movesvol.2 Chapter 40 Walking Grass Squad
VOLUME 2 Chapter 41 Preliminary Preparations for Making Tree Fruit Ballsvol.2 Chapter 42 Field Trainingvol.2 Chapter 43 Stinky Flower's Complicated Moodsvol.2 Chapter 44 Villagers' Response
vol.2 Chapter 45 Harvest SeasonVOLUME 2 Chapter 46 Nutritious Juicevol.2 Chapter 47 The Happy Fruit FarmerText volume Let me sort out the plot, I will make it up tomorrow
Main Text Chapter 48 Next Steps for Rural CooperativesText Chapter 49 Why?Main Text Chapter 50 This is an AccidentMain Text Chapter 51 Unprecedented Threat
Main Text Chapter 52 Winter ComesMain Text Chapter 53 Cracks in the Spirit WorldText Chapter 54 He LiedMain Text Chapter 55 Cherry Blossom Treasure Evolution
Main Text Chapter 37 A Large Number of Walking WeedsMain Text Chapter 52 Winter Comes (Fifth Change)Main Text Chapter 53 Ranger Defense LineText Chapter 54 Coastal City
Text Chapter 55 Protecting the VillageMain Text Chapter 56 Trainer ProjectMain Text Chapter 57 The Seriously Wounded KnightMain Text Chapter 58 The Threat of the Big Wolfhound
Main Text Chapter 59 Attack BeginsMain Text Chapter 60 Changes in VillagersMain Text Chapter 61 Warcraft EquipmentMain Text Chapter 62 Challenging the Great Wolfhound
Main Text Chapter 63 History of Warcraft StruggleMain Text Chapter 64 Sweet AromaMain Text Chapter 65 Decision of Zhizhi CityMain Text Chapter 66 The Elf Breeding House
Main Text Chapter 67 Timely RescueMain Text Chapter 68 Elven FoodMain Text Chapter 69 Promoting the Development of the TimesMain Text Chapter 70 Nurturing House Service
Text Chapter 71 Bloody NightMain Text Chapter 72 Lily Root Doll's Self-motivationMain Text Chapter 73 Healing the Kitten MonsterText Chapter 74 Life Energy
Main Text Chapter 75 Detective KnightMain Text Chapter 76 The Hunting WolfhoundMain Text Chapter 77 Possible Misunderstanding (Read More)Main Text Chapter 78 Confrontation (Fourth, please follow up)
Main Text Chapter 79 Villagers' ResistanceMain Text Chapter 80 The Charging KnightMain Text Chapter 81 The Secret of the Gray FogMain Text Chapter 82 Aiwen's Test
Chapter 83 Envy of the Knights of LeonMain Text Chapter 84 Trainer MiaoziMain Text Chapter 85 Member DiscountText Chapter 86 The First Service Contract
Main Text Chapter 87 Lords MeetingMain Text Chapter 88 The Lord's DecisionMain Text Chapter 89: Time for Exhalation (for further reading)Main Text Chapter 90 The Transformation of Leon Knight (for further reading)
Main Text Chapter 90 The Choice of Smelly FlowersMain Text Chapter 91 Elf Training in Chengguo VillageText Chapter 93 Seeking CooperationMain Text Chapter 94 Requirements for Becoming Noble
Main Text Chapter 95 Completing the First OrderMain Text Chapter 96 Advertisement EffectiveText Chapter 97 SnowMain Text Chapter 98 Returning Ruins of Warcraft
Text Chapter 99 Orchard Care in WinterMain Text Chapter 100 Rockfall Auxiliary PotionText Chapter 101 Free is the Most ExpensiveMain Text Chapter 102 The Collapsed Homeland
Main Text Chapter 103 Evolution StoneText Chapter 104 Careful Thoughts (available this Friday)Text Chapter 105 Territory Planning (available tomorrow at 11:00 noon)Main Text Chapter 106 Returning to the Market Beast Tide (available tomorrow at 12:00 noon)
Text Chapter 107 TestimonialsMain Text Chapter 107 Supporting the Frontline (First order required)Main Text Chapter 108: The Conspiracy on Tianguan Mountain (First Order, Chapter 2)Main Text Chapter 109 This Is a Real Warcraft (First Order, Chapter 3)
Main Text Chapter 110 Group Falling Rocks (First Order, Chapter 4)Main Text Chapter 111 Chaotic State (First Order, Chapter 5)Text Chapter 112 Another Road (First Order, Chapter 6)Main Text Chapter 113 The Essence of the Fog (First Order, Chapter 7)
Main Text Chapter 114 Learning Sweet Aroma (First Order, Chapter 8)Main Text Chapter 115 Change of Mentality (First Order, Chapter 9)Main Text Chapter 116 The Flame That Burns Everything (First Order, Chapter 10)Text Chapter 117 New Developments (First Order, Chapter 11)
Text Chapter 118 The Call of Aknom (First Order, Chapter 12)Text Chapter 119 Aromatherapy (first order, Chapter 13)Main Text Chapter 120 Lily Root Doll is a Genius (First Order, Chapter 14)Text Chapter 121 Snow Boy (first order, Chapter 15)
Main Text Chapter 122 Evolution, Snow Fairy! (Seeking the first order, Chapter 16)Main Text Chapter 123 Absorbing Fog (First Order, Chapter 17)Main Text Chapter 124 The Storm Is Coming (First Order, Chapter 18)Text Chapter 125 Relieving the Fog (First Order, Chapter 19)
Text Chapter 126 Last Stand (First Order, Chapter 20)Main Text Chapter 127 Knight's Hope (first order)Main Text Chapter 128 Tacit CooperationText Chapter 129 Turtle
Main Text Chapter 130 Evolution, Ironclad TyrannosaurusText Chapter 131 The Hidden Fourth LakeMain Text Chapter 132 The Battle of the Snow Fairy (Chapter 1)Main Text Chapter 133 King Level Warcraft (Chapter 2)
Main Text Chapter 134 Snow Fairy's Complicated Moods (Chapter Three)Main Text Chapter 135 Nothing to be Scared of (Chapter 4)Text Chapter 136 New Threat (Chapter Five)Main Text Chapter 137 The Docile Arbor
Main Text Chapter 138: The Beast Left BehindMain Text Chapter 139 Kitty Monster, Long Time No SeeMain Text Chapter 140 The Earl of the Frontier (Chapter 4)Text Chapter 141 The Power to Distinguish Good from Evil (Chapter 5)
Main Text Chapter 142 Nobles of Labor ReformMain Text Chapter 143 Belling's First Part-Time JobMain Text Chapter 144 Hardship at the bottom of societyText Chapter 145 Danger Arrives
Text Chapter 146 Save him, pleaseText Chapter 147 Counting the HarvestMain Text Chapter 148 Arrangement of elvesMain Text Chapter 149 Phobia of Kitten Monster
Main Text Chapter 150 Subduing the Kitten MonsterMain Text Chapter 151 The Way to Get Rich Outside the VillageText Chapter 152 Comprehensive Trainer Program (8000 words)Main Text Chapter 153 Fighting and Fighting (6000 words)
Main Text Chapter 154 Setting off a Wave of Trainers (6000 words)Text Chapter 155 Father and Son (6000 words)Main Text Chapter 156 Site Selection for the Nurturing HouseText Chapter 157 Is this kind of gemstone still available?
Main Text Chapter 158 Smelly flower, evolution! (6000 words)Text Chapter 159 The Art of Conducting (6000 words)Text Chapter 160: Knight Ceremony (6000 words)Text Chapter 161 Candidate for King
Text Chapter 162 Warcraft Merchant (6000 words)Text Chapter 163 Cruel Taming of Warcraft (6000 words)Text Chapter 164 Layout (6000 words)Text Chapter 165 Aiwen's Followers (6000 words)
Text Chapter 166 Orb of Life (6000 words)Text Chapter 167: Lily Root Doll¡¯s Great Improvement (6000 words)Text Chapter 168 Returning to Chengguo Village (6000 words)Text Chapter 169: The Ceremony Hosted by Overlord Flower (6000 words)
Text Chapter 170 Another Farming Artifact (6000 words)Chapter 171 Unexpected Fertilizer, Fruit Mutation (6000 words)Chapter 172 Knight Selection Rules (6000 words)Text Chapter 173 The Booming Business of the Nurturing House (6000 words)
Text Chapter 174 The Economic Troika (6000 words)Chapter 175 Lily Root Doll Learns New Moves (6000 words)Text Chapter 176 The Special Ability of the Kitten Monster (6000 words)Text Chapter 177 Re-entering the Black Forest (6000 words)
Text Chapter 178 The Plan of Binhai City (6000 words)Text Chapter 179 Three Different Colored Bees (6000 words)Text Chapter 180: Successfully Conquered (6000 words)Text Chapter 181 Beekeeping Project (6000)
Text Chapter 182: Preparations (6000 words)Text Chapter 183 The World's First Fairy Contest (8000)Main Text Chapter 184 Special Raising Method of Kitten Monster (Fifth Watch)Main Text Chapter 185 Sudden Assembly Number (Ten Update)
Chapter 186: Chengguo Village Defense BattleChapter 187: Lily Root Doll's BreakthroughChapter 188 The clearChapter 189: The Betrayed Big-tailed Beaver
Main Text Chapter 190 The Plan to Cultivate HomeText Chapter 191 No More KindnessMain Text Chapter 192 The CurtainMain Text Chapter 193: Shocking All Sides!
Text It's miserable, please take a day offMain Text Chapter 194 Vine Monster, Evolve!Chapter 195: Blacksmith, Armored Tyrannosaurus! (Million words)Text Chapter 196 Funeral, the great value of the big-tailed raccoon
Text Chapter 197: Warcraft HunterMain Text Chapter 198 Kitty Monster, Evolve!Main Text Chapter 199 Elf Hunting Area, Completed! (Million words)Chapter 200 Iron Blood Fortress
Main Text Chapter 201 Meet, Lalulas! (Million words)Main Text Chapter 202: Telepathy, a Farming Tool! (Million words)Chapter 203 Allegiance, the first forest ranger! (Million words)Main Text Chapter 204 Territory Planning, Warcraft Distribution Map! (Million words)
Main Text Chapter 205 Public Execution (40,000 words)Main Text Chapter 206 Invasion, quasi-king class! (Million words)Main Text Chapter 207 Extreme Explosion Earth TurtleText Chapter 208 Grass Seeds
Text Chapter 209 Heart of a doctorText Chapter 210 SettlementMain Text Chapter 211 Active Invasion!Chapter 212 The Battle of Keith Town (Part 1)
Chapter 213: The Battle of Keith Town (Part 2)Chapter 214: The Battle of Keith Town (Part 2)Text Chapter 215 A Different Alvin (8000 words)Main Text Chapter 216 Reaction from all sides, Shocking! (8000 words)
Text Chapter 217 TrophyText Chapter 219 Farming and Farming (8000 words)Text Chapter 220: Lunar Dance under the Moon (8000 words)Main Text Chapter 221 Make Tree Fruit Balls, Subdue them! (8000 words)
Main Text Chapter 222 The World's First Pok¨¦ Ball! (Million words)Text Chapter 223 Serfs and Elves (8400 words)Main Text Chapter 224 Trade War, Start! (Million words)The text is stuck, adjust it
Chapter 224 Farming, three bees evolve! (Million words)Main Text Chapter 225 Abnormal Evolution! (8000 words)Main Text Chapter 226 Big Development Plan (4000 words)Text Chapter 227 The Fallen King (8600 words)
Main Text Chapter 228 Aiwen's Real Goal! (Million words)Text Chapter 229 Who is carrying the burden (9000 words)Main Text Chapter 230: Shorting the Market (4,000 words)Main Text Chapter 231 Collapse, on the brink of bankruptcy! (Million words)
Main Text Chapter 232 Mutation Success, Evolution! (Million words)Chapter 233 Solar Energy, Special Evolution! (Million words)Chapter 234 Emotional energy, resonance! (seeking a monthly ticket)Chapter 235 Sludge Monster, Subdue it! (8000 words)
Text Chapter 236 Municipal Construction (8000 words)Chapter 237 Cooperation, the prototype of the alliance! (8000 words)Text Chapter 238 The Commoner¡¯s Road to Knighthood (8000 words)Text The tired and paralyzed Mengmeng asks for a leave
Main Text Chapter 239 Elf Egg and Elf CenterText Chapter 240 Hidden AssassinChapter 241 Bond Evolution! (Million words)Chapter 242 King Nido's Careful Thoughts
Chapter 243 I want to be subdued tooChapter 244 Required Course for TrainersChapter 245: Warcraft Breed by Wronged SoulsText Chapter 246 Assassination and anti-assassination
Main Text Chapter 247: Battle of the Quasi-Heavenly Kings! (Million words)Main text Big seal push, explosive update ask for monthly ticketChapter 248 The Counterattack of Chengguo VillageChapter 249 Disappear, Warcraft Chamber of Commerce! (Million words)
Main text End of volume summaryChapter 250: Pure White Town and Elven CollarMain Text Chapter 251 Elf Egg Hatching!Text Chapter 223 Transformation of Serfs
Chapter 253 Lucky Egg Wearing a Nurse UniformText Chapter 254 Subdue!Text Chapter 255 The Legendary Big BirdChapter 256 Changes in Coastal City
Main Text Chapter 257 Subdue, Emperor Nabo!Chapter 258 Knowing the Secret of the LegendText Chapter 259 Planted SeedsMain Text Chapter 260 Awakening, Superman!
Text Chapter 261 All the way westText Chapter 262 Pledge of AllegianceText You DabijiaChapter 263 Subdue, Roentgen cat!
Main Text Chapter 264 Open up wasteland, the territory of the Dragon King Scorpion!Chapter 265 Elven eggs in the poisonous quagmireChapter 266 Clues of Elven EggsText Chapter 267 Efforts to Hatch Eggs
Text Chapter 268 EmergencyChapter 269 Familiar plotChapter 270 Lalu Lasi's Healing TalentText Chapter 271 Illusion
Chapter 272 Powerful Dream DemonChapter 273 Lalu Lasi, evolution!Chapter 274 Power of Space!Text Chapter 275 Spirit World Passage
Text Chapter 276 Sending SpringMain Text Chapter 277: Changing Elf Egg CharacteristicsChapter 278 Entering the Guixu CaveChapter 279 Electric Eyes, Chidori!
Chapter 280 The Legend of SinnohMain Text Chapter 281 Declaring War Frontally!Main Text Chapter 283: The Will of All Beings!Text Chapter 284 Soul Phagocytosis
Chapter 285 Gift of the Flower Rock MonsterMain Text Chapter 286 Upside Down Biting Land SharkChapter 287 Relics in the Spirit WorldChapter 288 Kirulian is a Courtesan
Text Chapter 288 Natural Dumb LordText Chapter 289 Changes to the Elven CollarChapter 290 Territory Grand PlanChapter 291 Super Demon God Hoopa!
Chapter 292 The Road to KinghoodText Chapter 293 The Developing TerritoryChapter 294 Midas touch, evolution!Chapter 295 The Pok¨¦ Ball Appears on the Stage of History
Main Text Chapter 296 Opening of Sending Spring, Ghost Warcraft!Text Chapter 297 Subduing GuisiMain Text Chapter 298: Biting Land Shark Returns!Text Chapter 299 Ruins and Artificial Elves
Chapter 301 Aknom VS DarkraiText Chapter 302 Lily root doll, evolutionMain Text Chapter 303 Darkley, Subdue!Chapter 305 The Elf Alliance President!
Text Riwan Achievement SpeechMain Text Chapter 306: The prince of the sea, Manafei!Chapter 307 The Temple of the Sea, Rogia's Changes!Text Chapter 308 Sailing the Seas
Text Chapter 309 Master TrainerText Chapter 310 Elven Egg Hatching, Legendary ElfChapter 311 Pok¨¦ Ball FactoryText Chapter 312 Promotion of Pok¨¦ Balls
Text The old man in the family is hospitalized, so I ask for a day offMain Text Chapter 313: Studying the Wizard's Illustrated BookThe text will start adding changes tomorrow, asking for a monthly ticketChapter 314 Changes in Lizhi City
Chapter 315 Seaside town planChapter 316 Official Trainer Written ExaminationChapter 317 Trainer AcademyText Chapter 318 Fesen's Father Arrives
Chapter 319 Feisen snatches the title! (6000 words)Text Chapter 320 Centralization of Power (40,000 characters)Chapter 321 Cultivating Healing Spirits (8000 words)Chapter 322 Trainer Combat Rules
Chapter 323 Follower Kalei! (Million words)Chapter 324 The Pok¨¦ Ball Announced! (Million words)Chapter 325 Elven Alliance MeetingText No. 326 Spring Plowing in Binhai City
Text Chapter 327 The Legendary Elf, XidoranText Chapter 328 Evolution, leaping over the dragon's gateChapter 329 Riding a Dragon to the SeaMain Text Chapter 330 Evolution, Xanadu of Different Colors!
Chapter 331 Silver FeatherChapter 332 The King of Almia and the Three PrincesChapter 333 Elf GymChapter 334 Return of the Mission from the Western Territory
Chapter 335 Obtaining the Sun StoneMain Text Chapter 336 Group Evolution, Beautiful Flower!Text Chapter 337: News from SidolanChapter 338 Magma Power
Chapter 339 Changes in the Northeast TerritoryChapter 340: Flame Monkey CrowdChapter 341 Subduing the flame monkeyText Chapter 342 Heading to the battlefield
Text Chapter 343 Volcanic Town StoneChapter 344 Crushing!Chapter 345 Warcraft ArmorChapter 346 Capture Meteorite City!
Chapter 347: News from Almia ContinentText Chapter 348 Opening up trade routesText Chapter 349 Abolition of SlaveryChapter 350 Three Lake Gods
Chapter 351 Gyarados Sea Guard!Text Chapter 352 Development of Binhai CityChapter 353 Dispelling the Storm!Chapter 354 Three Cloud Gods
Main Text Chapter 355: Super Evolution in the Present World (Happy New Year's Eve)Chapter 356 The Appearance of SidolanText 789, let's update together tomorrowChapter 357 Evolution, Super Iron Tyrannosaurus!
Chapter 358 Miss Qun'er, Super Evolution!Chapter 359 The King of Sinnoh!Main Text Chapter 360 Sidolan, Subdue!Chapter 361 Seasick Divine Beast
Chapter 362 Fear of NoblesChapter 363: The Memory of the Great WizardText Chapter 364 Celebration BanquetChapter 365 Reproduction of elves
Chapter 366 Overthrowing the Aristocratic SystemChapter 367: The Hatchling Object of the Lucky EggText Chapter 368 Sea tide incenseChapter 369: Lord of Wisdom City
Text Chapter 370 Progress of CivilizationText Chapter 371 ReformChapter 372 Official Selection ExaminationChapter 373 Potential to Become a King
Text Chapter 374 Fruit MutationChapter 375 Alliance Construction in Smart CityChapter 376 Cresselia Appears!Text Chapter 377 The Last Blue Crystal!
Chapter 378 Fighting Lucario!Main Text Chapter 379: Dubai goes to battle!Main Text Chapter 380 Evolution, Tetrajaw Needle Dragon!Chapter 381 Crystal of Light!
Chapter 382 Looking for Prince CanghaiText Chapter 383 Sudden ChangeChapter 384 The Battle of the Elven TerritoryChapter 385 Super Iron Tyrannosaurus Rex's Counterattack
Chapter 386 Natural Ritual!Chapter 387 Killing God!Main Text Chapter 388 Super heterochromatic Xanadu!Text Double opening notice
Chapter 389 Worse Than DeathText Chapter 390 Entering the Sending SpringChapter 391 The Pillar of the SpearMain Text Chapter 392: Creation of Double Dragons!
Chapter 393 Finally become king!Chapter 395 The Cocoon of Death!Text Chapter 396 Natural Domain!Chapter 397 Pot of Punishment
Chapter 398 Kyoka!Chapter 399 Three Dragons of the WayChapter 400: Fighting against GulardoText Chapter 401 Champion Level
Main Text Chapter 402 Earth Monster!Chapter 403: Sealing the Super Demon RingChapter 403 Defeating Gulardo!Text Chapter 405 Dark Matter
Text Chapter 406 Nothingness WorldChapter 407 Nature Guardian!Chapter 408 Xerneas ResurrectionChapter 409 There is always more light than darkness
Chapter 410 Changes in the World PatternChapter 411: World Elf AllianceText Chapter 412 The StoryText End of this speech
Text The new book "Forced to Become a Beast Lord" has been releasedText The new book "I Obviously Don't Want to Be a Lord" has been releasedText New book "Descent of the Elves: I as a Researcher Are Forced to Be a Champion"The new book "Elf World: The First Trainer" has been released
Text The new book "I Have a Nurturing House in the Ancient Elven World" has been released.Text New book "I Have a Breeding House in the Ancient Pet Beast World"Main text "I can digitize the imperial spirit"Text Chapter 300 Yellow Crystal and Crisis
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