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Eternal Prosperity of the Great Qian Latest chapter update list

author£ºXiao Shu

Big Snow Mountain Chapter 1 FakongDaxueshan Chapter 2 PagodaBig Snow Mountain Chapter 3 DoublingBig Snow Mountain Chapter 4 Buddha Mantra
Big Snow Mountain Chapter 5: Treasure TreeBig Snow Mountain Chapter 6 Lunar YinBig Snow Mountain Chapter 7 The Third FloorBig Snow Mountain Chapter 8 Consummation
Big Snow Mountain Chapter 9 BrightnessBig Snow Mountain Chapter 10 Fragrance disappearsBig Snow Mountain Chapter 11: Heavenly PunishmentBig Snow Mountain Chapter 12 Excalibur
Big Snow Mountain Chapter 13 CrackBig Snow Mountain Chapter 14 Supernatural PowersBig Snow Mountain Chapter 15 Lei YinBig Snow Mountain Chapter 16 Fifth Floor
Big Snow Mountain Chapter 17 HandprintsBig Snow Mountain Chapter 18 Fallen LeavesBig Snow Mountain Chapter 19 MadmanBig Snow Mountain Chapter 20 Fifth Floor
Big Snow Mountain Chapter 21 ChangchunBig Snow Mountain Chapter 22 PretendingBig Snow Mountain Chapter 23 RuyiBig Snow Mountain Chapter 24 Contact
Big Snow Mountain Chapter 25 Fixed BodyBig Snow Mountain Chapter 26 ConfrontationBig Snow Mountain Chapter 27 ConditionsBig Snow Mountain Chapter 28 Eighth Floor
Big Snow Mountain Chapter 29 Getting StartedBig Snow Mountain Chapter 30 ThanksBig Snow Mountain Chapter 31 Returning to the ValleyText Chapter 32 Meeting
Text Chapter 33 LoveMain Text Chapter 34 Searching for the EnemyText Chapter 35 Five ElementsMain Text Chapter 36 Divine Movement
Main Text Chapter 37 Ben LeiText Chapter 38 EscapeText Chapter 39 IntimacyText Chapter 40 Hunting
Main Text Chapter 41 Unleashing the SwordMain Text Chapter 42 Obtaining the SwordText Chapter 43 PhoenixText Chapter 44 Persuasion
Text Chapter 45 JudgmentMain Text Chapter 46 Remnant SkyMain Text Chapter 47 ShotMain Text Chapter 48 Entering the City
Text Chapter 49 RescueMain Text Chapter 50 First SightText Chapter 51 ApprovalText Chapter 52 Blessing
Main Text Chapter 53 AssassinMain Text Chapter 54 ShockingText Chapter 55? No wordsText Chapter 56 Subduing
Text Chapter 57 ProphecyMain Text Chapter 58 AttackMain Text Chapter 59Main Text Chapter 60 Secret Art
Main Text Chapter 61 Third GradeText Chapter 62 KillingText TestimonialsMain Text Chapter 63 Siege
Main Text Chapter 64Text Chapter 65 SecretsMain Text Chapter 66 Come to AidMain Text Chapter 67 Knife Wound
Main Text Chapter 68 LiangyiText Chapter 69 BrightnessText Chapter 70 Different (one more)Main Text Chapter 71 Waist Card (Part 2)
Text Chapter 72 Exploration (3rd)Main Text Chapter 73 Supervision (fourth update)Text Chapter 74 Fetal Breath (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 75: Yuan De (Part 2)
Text Chapter 76 Friendship (3rd watch)Main Text Chapter 77 Encounter (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 78Main Text Chapter 79 Setting the blame (Part 2)
Text Chapter 80 Ridiculous (3rd watch)Main Text Chapter 81Main Text Chapter 82 Promotion (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 83 Seeking Seeing (Second Update)
Main Text Chapter 84 ThanksMain Text Chapter 85 Approval CalculationsMain Text Chapter 86 Provocation (Part 1)Text Chapter 87 Inspiration (Part 2)
Main Text Chapter 88 Young Master (Third Watch)Main Text Chapter 89Main Text Chapter 90 Divine Martial Arts (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 91 Secret Order (Second Update)
Main Text Chapter 92 Mind's EyesMain Text Chapter 93 Means (four more)Text Chapter 94 Remote (one more)Text Chapter 95 Confrontation (Part 2)
Main Text Chapter 96 Exploration (3rd)Text Chapter 97 Tenth Floor (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 98 Rejection (one update)Text Chapter 99 First Grade (Second Update)
Main Text Chapter 100 Third Floor (Third Watch)Main Text Chapter 101 Merit (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 103 Exhale (Part 2)Main Text Chapter 104 Horse Bandit (Third Watch)
Main Text Chapter 105 All Destroyed (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 106 Arrangement (1st update)Text Chapter 107 Means (Part 2)Text Chapter 108 Purpose (3rd)
Main Text Chapter 109 Entanglement (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 110 Reaching for the Stars (Part 1)Text Chapter 111 Destruction (Part 2)Text Chapter 112 Transformation (3rd)
Main Text Chapter 113 Other Hospital (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 114 Post-War (1st Update)Text Chapter 115 Get Again (Second Update)Text Chapter 116 Cassock (Third Watch)
Main Text Chapter 117: Mending the Sky (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 118 Teaching the Fa (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 119 Seizing the Inheritance (Second Update)Main Text Chapter 120 Casting a Curse (Third Watch)
Text Chapter 121 Doctor (fourth update)Text Chapter 122 Reappearance (one more)Text Chapter 123 Flying Apsaras (Part 2)Text Chapter 124 Conflict (3rd)
Text Chapter 126 Breakthrough (one update)Text Chapter 127 Behind the Scenes (Part 2)Text Chapter 128 Rescue (third shift)Main Text Chapter 129 Huiling (fourth update)
Main Text Chapter 130 Credit Enhancement (One Update)Main Text Chapter 132 Prayer (Third Watch)Main Text Chapter 133 Attraction (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 134 Big Fish (Part 1)
Main Text Chapter 135 Rescue (Second Update)Text Chapter 136: Magic Needle (3rd watch)Main Text Chapter 137 Fourth Floor (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 138 Forced Please (One Update)
Main Text Chapter 139 Watching a Theater (Part 2)Text Chapter 140 Arrival (3rd watch)Main Text Chapter 141 Extinguishing the Gate (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 142 Plague (Part 1)
Main Text Chapter 143: Governance (Part 2)Text Chapter 144 Exhausted (Third Watch)Main Text Chapter 145 Invitation (fourth update)Text Chapter 146 Rejection (one update)
Text Chapter 147 Investigating (Second Update)Main Text Chapter 148 Underworld (Third Watch)Text Chapter 149 Plaque Grant (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 150: Lord of Law (1st update)
Main Text Chapter 151 Covering the Sky (Part 2)Text Chapter 152 Tianhai (3rd watch)Text Chapter 153 Traps (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 154 Gift of Beads (Part 1)
Main Text Chapter 155 Desperate Situation (Part 2)Main Text Chapter 156 Kicking the Door (Third Watch)Main Text Chapter 157 Trick (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 158 Yulong (one more)
Text Chapter 159 Visiting (Part 2)Main Text Chapter 160 Joining (3rd watch)Main Text Chapter 161 Back Calculation (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 162 Calling (one more)
Main text Chapter 163 Breaking formula (second update)Main Text Chapter 164 Asking for Love (Third Watch)Text Chapter 165 Fame (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 166 Admit (one more)
Text Chapter 167 Exposure (Part 2)Text Chapter 168 Persecution (3rd watch)Text Chapter 169 Response (fourth update)Main text Chapter 170 Confirmation (one update)
Main Text Chapter 171 Propagation (Part 2)Main Text Chapter 172 Home Search (Third Watch)Main Text Chapter 173 Choice (fourth update)Text Chapter 174 Injured (one more)
Text Chapter 175 Recourse (Part 2)Main Text Chapter 176 Killing (3rd watch)Text Chapter 177 Taking refuge (fourth update)Main text Chapter 178: Start (a change)
Main Text Chapter 180 Practicing the Curse (Third Watch)Main Text Chapter 181 Qin Tian (fourth more)Text Chapter 182 Harvest (1 more)Chapter 183 Provocation (Part 2)
Text Chapter 184 Encounter (3rd watch)Text Chapter 185 Pursuit (four more)Main Text Chapter 186 Calling for Help (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 187 Breath Absolute (Part 2)
Main Text Chapter 189 Attacked (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 191 Murderer (Part 2)Text Chapter 192 Seeking Help (3rd)Text Chapter 193 Rejection (fourth update)
Text Chapter 194: Counterattack (one more)Main Text Chapter 195 Assassination (Part 2)Text Chapter 196 Obtained (3rd)Text Chapter 197 Price (fourth update)
Text Chapter 198: The Chief Envoy (1st update)Main Text Chapter 199 Holy Cult (Part 2)Text Chapter 200 Dying (3rd watch)Text Chapter 201 Conditions (fourth update)
Text Chapter 202 Derived from the Scriptures (one more)Main Text Chapter 203 Collusion (Part 2)Text Chapter 204 Volume 2 (Third)Main Text Chapter 205 Strange Disease (Fourth Update)
Main Text Chapter 207 Enshrinement (Part 2)Main Text Chapter 208 Revealing (3rd)Text Chapter 209 Ningyu (fourth more)Text Chapter 212 Ask Again (Third)
Main Text Chapter 213 Clearing Up (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 215 Influence (Second Update)Text Chapter 216 Discovery (3rd)Text Chapter 217 Control (fourth update)
Text Chapter 218: Empty Prison (Part 1)Text Chapter 219: Ice Skate (Part 2)Text I have something to do today, so I'm delayed, so it's 8 o'clockText Chapter 220 Help Again (Third)
Text Chapter 221 Secret (fourth update)Chapter 222: The Horse (Part 1)Chapter 223: Assassination (Part 2)Text Chapter 225 Identity (fourth update)
Text Chapter 226 Exchange (one more)Text Chapter 227 Tian Que (Part 2)Text Chapter 228 Capture (Third Watch)Main Text Chapter 229 Stabbing Again (Fourth Update)
Main Text Chapter 230 Chasing the Murderer (Part 1)Chapter 231 Stone Wall (Part 2)Text Chapter 232 First Floor (Third Watch)Chapter 233 Harvest (fourth update)
Chapter 234 Excavation (one more)Chapter 235: Reincarnation (Part 2)Text Chapter 236: Cooperation (3rd)Text Chapter 237 Light and Darkness (fourth update)
Text Chapter 238: Action (one more)Main Text Chapter 239 Succeeded (Second Update)Main Text Chapter 240 Wedding Dress (Third Watch)Text Chapter 241 Discovery (fourth update)
Text Chapter 242 Visiting the door (one more)Main Text Chapter 243 Favor (Part 2)Main Text Chapter 244 Tracking (3rd)Main Text Chapter 245 Fu Zhu (Fourth)
Chapter 247 Prince Consort (Part 2)Text Chapter 248 Death Tribulation (Third Watch)Main Text Chapter 249 Princess (fourth update)Text Chapter 250 Reminder (one update)
Text Chapter 251 Selling Water (Part 2)Text Chapter 252 Method (3rd)Main Text Chapter 253 Getting the Bowl (Fourth)Text Chapter 254 Death (Part 1)
Main Text Chapter 255 Miao Yun (Part 2)Main text Chapter 256 Validity (third shift)Text Chapter 257 The Savior (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 258: Exorcising Evil (Part 1)
Main Text Chapter 259 Begging (Second Update)Text Chapter 260 Fake (3rd)Text Chapter 261: Ichthyosaur (fourth update)Text Chapter 262: Scam (Part 1)
Text Chapter 263 Tyrannical (Part 2)Main Text Chapter 264 Vibration (third shift)Main Text Chapter 265 Secret Assistance (Fourth Watch Happy Mid-Autumn Festival)Main text Chapter 266 Salary draw (one more)
Text Chapter 267 Initial (Second Update)Text Chapter 268 Clearing (third shift)Chapter 269 Golden Juice (fourth update)Text Chapter 270 Golden Eyes (one more)
Chapter 273 Visiting (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 274 Killing Tribulation (Part 1)Text Chapter 275 Cracking (Part 2)Chapter 276 Luck (Third)
Chapter 278 Suicide (Part 1)Chapter 279 Detoxification (Part 2)Text Chapter 280 Light and Darkness (3rd watch)Text Chapter 281 Affected (Fourth)
Text Chapter 282 Veto (one update)Chapter 283 Queen Mother (Second Update)Text Chapter 284 Supplementary collection (third shift)Text Chapter 287 Desire to Come (Second Update)
Text Chapter 288 Letting go (third shift)Text Chapter 289 Shot (fourth update)Chapter 291 Missing (Second Update)Text Chapter 292: Returning to the Temple (Third Watch)
Chapter 293 Advice (fourth update)Text Chapter 294 Proof (one more)Chapter 295 Unbelief (Part 2)Text Chapter 296 Wen Zhan (3rd watch)
Main Text Chapter 297 Mutual Cannibalism (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 298: Making a Strategy (One Update)Main Text Chapter 299 Help Again (Second Update)Text Chapter 300 Ruyi (Third Watch)
Main Text Chapter 301 Breathing (Fourth)Text Chapter 304 Magical Effect (Third Watch)Chapter 305 Conspiracy (fourth update)Text Chapter 306 Disguise (one more)
Chapter 307 Qianlong (Part 2)Text Chapter 308 Doubt (3rd)Main Text Chapter 309 Lord Guardian (fourth update)Text Chapter 310: Bestowing a Curse (One Update)
Text Chapter 311 Shortcut (2 more)Text Chapter 312 Casting (Third Watch)Chapter 313 Elder (fourth update)Text Chapter 314 Detected (one more)
Text Chapter 316: Getting the Jue (Third Watch)Text Chapter 317: Jing Fan (fourth more)Chapter 318 Adventure (Part 1)Text Chapter 319 Seizing (Part 2)
Text Chapter 320 Travel Notes (3rd)Chapter 321 Chilian (fourth update)Text Chapter 322 All in (one more)Text Chapter 323 Gathering (Part 2)
Text Chapter 325 Helping (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 326 Disposal (one more)Chapter 327 Flying Eagle (Part 2)Main Text Chapter 328
Chapter 329 Recommendation (fourth update)Text Chapter 330 Dragon Pei (one more)Text Chapter 331 Charging (Part 2)Chapter 332 Extermination of the Temple (third shift)
Text Chapter 333 Sneaking (one more)Chapter 334 Iron Sword (Part 2)Text Chapter 336 Love and Resentment (Third Watch)Chapter 337 Difficulty (fourth update)
Text Chapter 338 Siege (fifth watch)Main Text Chapter 339: War (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 341: A Helping Hand (Third Watch)Chapter 342 Absolute Sword (fourth update)
Text Chapter 343 Supplement (one more)Text Chapter 345 Weikuai (3rd)Chapter 347: Healing (Part 1)Text Chapter 349 Realm (3rd)
Text Chapter 350 Change (Fourth Update)Chapter 351 The Holy Maiden (1 more)Chapter 352 Asking for Advice (Second Update)Text Chapter 353 Pretending (3rd)
Chapter 354 Persistence (fourth update)Text Chapter 353 Obtaining the Fa (a new update)Chapter 356 Destruction (Part 2)Chapter 357 Aspects of the Sky (fourth update)
Text Chapter 358 First move (one more)Chapter 359 Face Slap (Part 2)Text Chapter 361 Robbery (fourth update)Text Chapter 363 Holding Qi (one more)
Text Chapter 363 Head-to-head (two more)Chapter 364: Jade Butterfly (3rd watch)Text Chapter 365 Strategies (fourth update)Chapter 366 Re-doctor (one more)
Chapter 367 Rhythm (Part 2)Text Chapter 369: Encouragement (third shift)Chapter 369 Income (fourth update)Text Chapter 370 Crushed (one more)
Chapter 372: Human Life (Part 2)Text Chapter 373 Clean bottle (third shift)Text Chapter 373: Dark Rejection (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 374 Leaving (one more)
Text Chapter 375 Merger (second update)Text Chapter 376 Cold Stove (Third Watch)Chapter 378 Visiting Friends (Fourth Update)Chapter 379 Encounter (one more)
Text Chapter 380: True or False (Part 2)The text is updated a little later, around nine o'clockText Chapter 380 Fame (3rd watch)Main Text Chapter 383 Communication (Second Update)
Text Chapter 384 Persuading Surrender (Third Watch)Chapter 385: Rescue (fourth update)Text Chapter 386 Breakthrough (one update)Text Chapter 388 Lifespan (Part 2)
Text Chapter 388 Interception (third shift)Chapter 390 Help Again (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 390 Invitation (one more)Text Chapter 392 Living Alone (Third Watch)
Chapter 393 Punishment (fourth update)Chapter 394: Xiong Ruo (1st update)Text Chapter 395: All Bets (Second Update)Chapter 397: Borrowing a Knife (Third Shift)
Text Chapter 398: All Sealed (One Update)Text Chapter 399: All Destroyed (Second Update)Text Chapter 399 Assistance (third shift)Chapter 401 Leaving (fourth update)
Text Chapter 402 Relief (one more)Chapter 403 Seeking All (Second Update)Main Text Chapter 404 Demonstration (3rd watch)Text Chapter 404 Roster (fourth update)
Text Chapter 406 Target (2 more)Chapter 407: Sword Dance (3rd watch)Chapter 409 Flying Apsaras (fourth update)Text Chapter 410 Quite (Second Update)
Main text Chapter 412 Prevention (third shift)Chapter 413: Beginning (fourth update)Chapter 413 Chance (one more)Text Chapter 415 Collection (Second Update)
Chapter 415 Assistance (third shift)Text Chapter 417 Snowing (one more)Chapter 419 Dissatisfaction (fourth update)Text Chapter 420 Sound Killing (1 more)
Text Chapter 422 Promotion (Second Update)Text Chapter 422 Qin Tian (3rd watch)Chapter 424 Success (fourth update)Chapter 424 Chasing and Escaping (Part 1)
Text Chapter 427 Pulling away (third shift)Text Chapter 428 Escape (four more)Text Chapter 428: Love (Part 1)Chapter 430 Netherworld (Part 2)
Chapter 430 Foundation Establishment (Third Watch)Chapter 431 Clues (fourth update)Text Chapter 432 Locked (one more)Chapter 433: Writing a Letter (Second Update)
Text Chapter 435: Sending a letter (third shift)Chapter 436 Royal Driver (fourth update)Chapter 436 Hostage (1 more)Chapter 437 Dying (Part 2)
Chapter 440: Myriad Demons (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 440: Get the Pearl (1 more)Chapter 442 Excalibur (Part 2)Text Chapter 55 No words
Text Chapter 293 Returning to the Temple (Third Watch)Chapter 443 Stealing the Sword (Third Watch)Text Chapter 443 Progress (fourth update)Chapter 444 Arriving (one more)
Text Chapter 445 Gap (2 more)Text Chapter 448 Visiting (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 449 First Rites (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 450 Winning (Part 2)
Text Chapter 450 Unopened (third shift)Chapter 452 Secretary Secretary (Second Update)Text Chapter 453 Give up (three more)Chapter 454 Change (fourth update)
Text Chapter 455 IntimidationText Chapter 456 Plan (Part 2)Text Chapter 457 Manipulation (third shift)Text Chapter 458 Difficult to Violate (Fourth Update)
Chapter 459 Spirit Fist (1 more)Text Chapter 460 Number Two (Second Update)Text Chapter 461 Pushing forward (third shift)Chapter 462 Blocking (fourth update)
Chapter 463 Second Coming (1st Update)Chapter 464: Nobody (Part 2)Chapter 465 Dharma Venerable (Third Watch)Chapter 466: Teaching (fourth update)
Chapter 467 Zhankong (one more)Chapter 468 Bloodsucking (Part 2)Text Chapter 470 Stalking (1 more)Text Chapter 471 Wasted work (second update)
Text Chapter 472 Empty (third shift)Main text Chapter 474 Turning against each other (one more)Chapter 475 Stabbing Heart (Part 2)Chapter 477 Going North (Fourth)
Main text Chapter 478 All over worship (one more)Text Chapter 480: Great drink (two more)Chapter 481 Cutting Love (Third Watch)Text Chapter 482 Details (Fourth)
Text Chapter 482 Challenge (one more)Chapter 483 Attendant (2 more)Text Chapter 484: Intention (third shift)Chapter 485 Capture (fourth update)
Chapter 486 Wrath (one more)Main Text Chapter 487 Pleading (Part 2)Text Chapter 489 Shrinking (Third Watch)Chapter 492: Solution (fourth update)
Text Chapter 493 Refusal to see (one more)Text Chapter 494 Release (2 more)Main Text Chapter 496 Forced Killing (Part 1)Text Chapter 497 Dust (Part 2)
Chapter 499: Arrival (fourth update)Chapter 501 Deadlock (Part 2)Text Chapter 503 Negotiation (3rd)Chapter 503 Tortoise shell (one more)
Text Chapter 504 Whiteheads (Part 2)Text Chapter 506 Winning (3rd watch)Chapter 506 Candidates (fourth update)Chapter 507 Raising eyebrows (one more)
Chapter 510 Guards (1 more)Chapter 511 Fire Escape (Part 2)Chapter 513 Killing (fourth update)Main Text Chapter 514: Slaying Demons (Part 1)
Text Chapter 516 Giving up (three more)Chapter 517 Qi Sword (fourth update)Chapter 518 Wooden Sword (1 more)Main Text Chapter 519 Killing (Second Update)
Chapter 520 Spring Breeze (3rd watch)Main Text Chapter 521 Frustrating Front (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 522 Demystification (one more)Chapter 523 Killing (Part 2)
Text Chapter 524 Secret Mansion (3rd)Chapter 525: Sword Immortal (Part 1)Chapter 528 Mystery (one more)Main Text Chapter 530 Large Formation (Part 2)
Text Chapter 530 Get away (three more)Chapter 532 Arrival of the Ship (Second Update)Chapter 534 Seeing (Fourth)Text Chapter 535 Controlling the Sword (Part 1)
Chapter 536: Sixth Floor (Second Update)Chapter 539 Four Elephants (one more)Text Chapter 541 Public (3rd)Chapter 543 Recall (fourth update)
Text Chapter 544 First Arrival (1st update)Main Text Chapter 545: Smell of Disease (Second Update)Text Chapter 545 Fayan (third shift)Chapter 546 Purifying the Heart (Fourth Update)
Chapter 547 Participation (one more)Chapter 549 Ten Thousand Poisons (Three Shifts)Chapter 550 Interception (one more)Text Chapter 551: Scattered (Part 2)
Chapter 553 Sovereign (one more)Text Chapter 554 Communication (2 more)Text Chapter 555: Playing tricks (three more)Text Chapter 556 Help (one more)
Main text Chapter 557: Said surrender (second update)Chapter 559 Princess (1 more)Main text Chapter 561: Fighting (third shift)Chapter 562: First Sight (Fourth Update)
Text Chapter 564 Resolving (Second Update)Text Chapter 565 Destroyed (third shift)Chapter 567 Asylum (fourth update)Text Chapter 567 Temptation (one more)
Text Chapter 569 Calm down (two more)Text Chapter 569: Winning a card (third shift)Chapter 570 Meteorite (1 more)Chapter 571 Get the Bottle (Part 2)
Chapter 573: Two Riders (Third)Chapter 573 Resurrection (fourth update)Chapter 574 Condor (1 more)Text Chapter 575: Launch (2 more)
Chapter 576 Decision (3rd)Text Chapter 577 Adjustment (one more)Text Chapter 578 Fengtian (second update)Text Chapter 581 Revenge (one more)
Chapter 581: Beads (Part 2)Text Chapter 582 Hands-on (three more)Chapter 583 Tiangang (one more)Chapter 584 Controlling the Enemy (Part 2)
Text Chapter 585 Secret Assistance (Third Watch)Text Chapter 586 Results (one more)Text Chapter 588: Breakthrough (third shift)Text Chapter 589 All broken (one more)
Text Chapter 590 Isolation (2 more)Text Chapter 594 See Through (Second Update)Chapter 595 Forced push (one update)Chapter 596 Night Moon (Part 2)
Text Chapter 597 Treatment (third shift)Chapter 598: Poison Shot (Part 1)Chapter 599 Credit (Second Update)Text Chapter 600 Betrayal (third shift)
Chapter 601 Asking the sky (one more)Text Chapter 602 Emotional (Second Update)Chapter 603 Spirit Seed (3rd watch)Chapter 605 Killing Heart (fourth update)
Text Chapter 605 Reversal (one more)Chapter 608 Fate (1 more)Text Chapter 609 Plotting (Part 2)Chapter 612 Luna God (3rd watch)
Chapter 613 First collision (one more)Chapter 614 Bait (2 more)Chapter 616 ExpulsionChapter 617 Initiative (Second Update)
Text Chapter 620 Enhancement (Second Update)Text Chapter 621 Soul Rescue (Third Watch)Text Chapter 623 Escort (2 more)Text Chapter 625 Entering Beijing (one more)
Text Chapter 626 Yuanchun (second update)Text Chapter 627 Protection (third shift)Text Chapter 628: Heavy Injury (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 629 Confirmation (one more)
Text Chapter 631 Aspect of the sky (one more)Chapter 632 Dissuasion (Second Update)Chapter 633 Assassinated (one more)Text Chapter 635 Universe (Third Watch)
Chapter 636 Good and evil (one more)Chapter 637 Incarnation (Part 2)Text Chapter 638 Stabbing Again (Third Watch)Text Chapter 639 Specifying (one more)
Chapter 640 Execution (second update)Text Chapter 641 Seeing Wonderful (Third Watch)Chapter 643 Mystery (Part 2)Text Chapter 644 Concentration (third shift)
Text Chapter 645 Foresight (one more)Text Chapter 646 Love (Part 2)Chapter 647 Marriage Proposal (Third Watch)Text Chapter 649 Impermanence (Second Update)
Text Chapter 650: Fear (third shift)Chapter 651 Frontier Town (1 more)Chapter 653 Opening the Altar (Second Update)Text Chapter 654 Promise (one more)
Chapter 658 Thoughts (Part 2)Text Chapter 658 Famous (one more)Text Chapter 659: An Edict (Second Update)Text Chapter 661 Warning (Second Update)
Chapter 662 God's Palm (1 more)Chapter 663 Fishing (Part 2)Text Chapter 664 Taking the bait (one more)Chapter 666 Phantom (Part 2)
Main Text Chapter 666 Boundary Formation (Second Update)Chapter 668 Making up for losses (second update)Text Chapter 669: Captured (one more)Chapter 670: Finding the Murder (Part 2)
Text Chapter 671 Weakness (one more)Text Chapter 672 Sincerity (Part 2)Chapter 673: Giving Temple (one more)Chapter 674 Ambition (Part 2)
Text Chapter 676 Conversion (Part 2)Text Chapter 677 Advice (one more)Text Chapter 678 Name (Second Update)Text Chapter 679 Receiving the Temple (one more)
Text Chapter 680 Negative (2 more)Chapter 681 Derivation (one more)Chapter 682 At the same time (second update)Text Chapter 683 Exit (one update)
Chapter 684 Entering the palace (second update)Text Chapter 685 Involvement (one more)Text Chapter 686 Rebuild (Second Update)Text Chapter 687 Show power (one more)
Text Chapter 688 Return (Part 2)Chapter 689 Three Realms (One more)Chapter 690: Secret Guard (Second Update)Text Chapter 691: Passing the array (one more)
Chapter 692 Difficult to enter (second update)Main text Chapter 694 Xiangke (second update)Text Chapter 695: Mansion Call (one more)Text Chapter 696 Anti-encirclement (two more)
Text Chapter 699 Sky Prison (Part 1)Chapter 700: TreasureText Chapter 701 Secret release (one more)Text Chapter 702 Admiration (second update)
Text Chapter 702 Finding Treasures (One Update)Text Chapter 704 Depot (second update)Text Chapter 705 Yu Yu (one more)Chapter 706 Sky Cloud (Part 2)
Text Chapter 707 Two (one more)Text Chapter 708 Threat (2 more)Text Chapter 709: Creation (one more)Text Chapter 710: Escaping the Sky (Part 2)
Chapter 711 Fierce battle (one more)Text Chapter 712 Forced to stay (second update)Text Chapter 713 Dongche (one more)Chapter 714: Star Iron (Part 2)
Text Chapter 715: Divine Words (one more)Text Chapter 716 Origin (Second Update)Text Chapter 717 Learning from others (one more)Text Chapter 719 Master (one more)
Text Chapter 720 Explanation (2 more)Text Chapter 721 Farewell (one more)Main Text Chapter 722 Guest Qing (Second Update)Chapter 724 Trial (Part 2)
Text Chapter 725 Practice (one more)Chapter 727 Conspiracy (one more)Text Chapter 728: Beginning (Second Update)Text Chapter 729 Evacuation (one more)
Text Chapter 731: Jade Pendant (1 more)Chapter 732: Visitors (Second Update)Chapter 733: Double Thorns (one more)Text Chapter 734: Double Promotion (Second Update)
Text Chapter 735 Demonstration (one more)Text Chapter 736 Returning Yang (Second Update)Text Chapter 737 Compassion (one more)Text Chapter 739 Change (one more)
Chapter 740 Ventilation (2 more)Chapter 741 Enlightenment (one more)Text Chapter 743 Shadowless (one more)Text Chapter 744 Thousand Hands (Second Update)
Text Chapter 745: Karma Knife (1 more)Text Chapter 746 Suppression (second update)Text Chapter 747: Seeking Evil (Part 1)Text Chapter 748 Begging (Part 2)
Text Chapter 751 Flowering (one more)Text Chapter 752 Lesson (2 more)Chapter 753 Zhenlong (one more)Text Chapter 754 Heartbeat (second update)
Text Chapter 755 Joining the Army (one more)Chapter 756 Flood Dragon (Part 2)Text Chapter 758: Blessing (Part 2)Text Chapter 759: Inspecting the Mansion (Third Watch)
Text Chapter 760 Surge (fourth update)Text Chapter 761: Building a Temple (one more)Text Chapter 764 Ambush (four more)Text Chapter 765 Master (one more)
Text Chapter 766 Intention (second update)Text Chapter 767 Restraint (three more)Chapter 768 Contrast (fourth update)Chapter 769 Donation (one update)
Chapter 770: Friend and Enemy (Part 2)Text Chapter 771 Long Yin (3rd watch)Chapter 772 Exposure (fourth update)Text The Son of Heaven's New Book "The Number One Scholar in Brocade"
Text Chapter 773 Nine Yins (one more)Chapter 774: Opening the Temple (Second Update)Chapter 775: Miracles (Part 1)Chapter 776 Seeing Through (Second Update)
Text Chapter 778: Beginning to practice (one more)Chapter 781 Cautious (fourth update)Text Chapter 782 Split (one more)Text Chapter 783: Sword Achievement (Second Update)
Text Chapter 784: Nine Yuan (3rd)Text Chapter 786 Alive (second update)Text Chapter 787 Calculation (third shift)Text Chapter 788: Exchange (fourth update)
Text Chapter 790 Inviting You (Second Update)Text Chapter 789 Vigilance (one more)Text Chapter 791 Let go (three more)Text Chapter 792 Seize the house (four more)
Text Chapter 793 Intention (one more)Chapter 794 Pretending Again (Second Update)Text Chapter 797 Charm (one more)Text Chapter 799 Reward (3rd)
Chapter 800: Seven Stars (1 more)Text Chapter 802 Coming soon (one more)Text Chapter 803: Washing the Pulse (Second Update)Text Chapter 804 Ambush (3rd watch)
Chapter 805 Disappearance (one more)Text Chapter 806 Tricks (2 more)Text Chapter 808 Empowerment (one more)Text Chapter 810 Finding the Murderer (Third Watch)
Text Chapter 812 Transfer (2 more)Text Chapter 814 Pushing back (one more)Chapter 815 Routine (two more)Text Chapter 817 Fusion (one more)
Chapter 818: Lotus Pond (Second Update)Chapter 821 Investigation (one more)Chapter 822 Traps (Part 2)Text Chapter 823 Octopus (three more)
Text Chapter 824 Leave a word (one more)Chapter 825 Divine Orb (Part 2)Chapter 826 Ten directions (three more)Chapter 827: Dragon Realm (fourth update)
Text Chapter 828: Teaching (one more)Chapter 829: Killing General (Second Update)Text Chapter 830 Showing off power (third shift)Text Chapter 831: Getting the Pearl (fourth update)
Text Chapter 832 Jade liquid (one more)Chapter 833 Return (2 more)Chapter 835 Ritual (fourth update)Text Chapter 836: Bestowing a ring (one more)
Text Chapter 838 Anger (third shift)Text Chapter 839 Prestige (one more)Chapter 840 Persuading peace (second update)Chapter 841: Response (one more)
Chapter 842 Advice (2 more)Text Chapter 843 Disclosure (one more)Text Chapter 845 Rejuvenation (third shift)Text Chapter 846 reprimand (one more)
Chapter 847: Haoyang (second update)Chapter 850 Broken Sword (Part 2)Text Chapter 851 Returning to the virtual (one more)Chapter 852: Price (2 more)
Text Chapter 853 Examining the Sword (One More)Chapter 854: Resurrection (Part 2)Chapter 855: Double (Third)Text Chapter 856 Third Generation (Fourth)
Chapter 859 Karma (3rd)Main text Chapter 861 Tianxiang (two more)Chapter 862: Sword Art (3rd watch)Text Chapter 864: With help (two more)
Text Chapter 865 Absurd (3rd)Text Chapter 866 Foresight (one more)Chapter 868: Sword Formation (3rd watch)Chapter 870: Imitation (2 more)
Main text Chapter 871Text Chapter 872 Siege (one more)Text Chapter 873 Wei Yuan (second update)Text Chapter 877 Butterfly Transformation (1 more)
Chapter 878 Give way (second update)Chapter 879 Playing (one more)Chapter 880 Forced Concession (Second Update)Text Chapter 881 Secretary Zheng (one more)
Text Chapter 889 All Waste (one more)Chapter 891 Fortune and Disaster (one more)Chapter 892 Pregnancy again (second update)Chapter 894: Moving Mountains (Second Update)
Text Chapter 895 Research Method (1st update)Text Chapter 897 Sitting in town (one more)Chapter 903: First Encounter (One Update)Chapter 904: Acceptance (Second Update)
Text Chapter 906 Injustice (2 more)Text Chapter 909 Questioning (one update)Text Chapter 916: Experience (Second Update)Chapter 917 Suicide (one more)
Text Chapter 918 Killing all (two more)Chapter 919 Demon God (Part 1)Chapter 921 Borrowing Again (One Update)Text Chapter 922 Planting (Second Update)
Text Chapter 923 Accumulation (one more)Text Chapter 925 Collision (one more)Text Chapter 926 Broken Heart (Second Update)Text Chapter 927 Chasing after (one more)
Chapter 930 Desire to seize (two more)Text Chapter 931 Extraordinary (one more)Text Chapter 933 Attracting God (one more)Text Chapter 934 Sword Achievement (Second Update)
Text Chapter 935 Move (one more)Text Chapter 936 Falling Out (Part 2)Chapter 937: Sword Killing (Part 1)Chapter 938 Taking the Sword (Part 2)
Chapter 939 Mysterious (one more)Chapter 941 God's Chosen (One more)Chapter 942 Destruction (Part 2)Text Chapter 944 Sawing (two more)
Text Chapter 945 See you at last (one more)Text Chapter 946 Message (Second Update)Chapter 947 Opportunity (one more)Text Chapter 949 Teaching (one more)
Text Chapter 945 Purity (Part 2)Chapter 946 King Lu (1st update)Text Chapter 949 General Outline (Second Update)Text Chapter 953 No results (second update)
Text Chapter 954 Asking for advice (one more)Chapter 957 Worries (second update)Text Chapter 959 Demonstration (second update)Text Chapter 960: Demon Control (1 more)
Text Chapter 961 Robbery (Part 2)Text Chapter 962 Interference (one more)Chapter 964 Xuan Kong (one more)Chapter 965 Observation (2 more)
Text Chapter 966 Hidden (one more)Text Chapter 967 Dongxuan (second update)Chapter 972 Lion's Roar (1 more)Chapter 973 Chilling (Second Update)
Text Chapter 974 Letter (one update)Text Chapter 976: Nine Turns (one more)Chapter 972 Lion's Roar (1 more)Chapter 973 Chilling (Second Update)
Text Chapter 974 Letter (one update)Text Chapter 980 Blank line (one more)Text Chapter 976: Nine Turns (one more)Chapter 977 Life extension (second update)
Text Chapter 978 Unexpected death (one more)Text Chapter 979 Mirror Flower (Part 2)Text Chapter 980 Blank line (one more)Text Chapter 987 Surging (second update)
Text Chapter 982 Reapply (one more)Text Chapter 983 Income (2 more)Text Chapter 984 Expert (one more)Chapter 985 Calculation (Second Update)
Text Chapter 986 Remnant Flowers (one more)Text Chapter 987 Surging (second update)Text Chapter 988 Provocation (one more)Text Chapter 989 Turmoil (second update)
Text Chapter 990 Pursuit (one more)Chapter 991: The Culprit (Second Update)Text Chapter 992 Reason (one more)Chapter 993: A Beautiful Thing (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1006 Gift (one more)Text Chapter 1007: Manifestation (2 more)Text Chapter 1008 Weakness (one more)Chapter 997: Illusion (Part 2)
Text Chapter 998 Identity (one more)Main Text Chapter 999: All Afraid (Second Update)Text Chapter 1000: Cut first (one more)Text Chapter 1001 Seventh Floor (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1017 Killing (Second Update)Chapter 1020 Three Swords (one more)Chapter 1023 Jade Pagoda (second update)Text Chapter 1005 Double Sided (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1006 Gift (one more)Text Chapter 1007: Manifestation (2 more)Text Chapter 1008 Weakness (one more)Text Chapter 1009 Catastrophe (Part 2)
Main text Chapter 1010 Branch temple (one more)Chapter 1011 Betrayal (Part 2)Chapter 1033 Choice (2 more)Text Chapter 1013 Where to go (second update)
Text Chapter 1014 God statue (one more)Text Chapter 1036 Use (one more)Text Chapter 1038: Giving Mountain (one more)Text Chapter 1017 Killing (Second Update)
Chapter 1020 Three Swords (one more)Chapter 1023 Jade Pagoda (second update)Text Chapter 1024 Redesign (one more)Chapter 1025: Lanxin (second update)
Text Chapter 1026 Beisi (one more)Text Chapter 1027 Future (Part 2)Text Chapter 1028 Warning (one more)Chapter 1029: Taking turns (second update)
Chapter 1030 Predicament (one more)Chapter 1033 Choice (2 more)Text Chapter 1034 Ambition (one more)Text Chapter 1035 Completion (second update)
Text Chapter 1036 Use (one more)Text Chapter 1038: Giving Mountain (one more)Chapter 1043 Response (2 more)Chapter 1044 Unification (one more)
Text Chapter 1046 Restart (one more)Text Chapter 1048: Reward (one more)Text Chapter 1050 Fighting (one more)Chapter 1051 Immortality (second update)
Text Chapter 1052 Bonds (one more)Text Chapter 1054 Tianlu (one more)Text Chapter 1055: Fruit (2 more)Text Chapter 1056 Zongzheng (one more)
Text Chapter 1057 Good intentions (second update)Text Chapter 1058 Candidates (one more)Text Chapter 1059 Direction (2 more)Text Chapter 1060 Set things right (one more)
Text Chapter 1061 Show mercy (second update)Chapter 1063 Shadow Killer (Part 2)Text Chapter 1064 Objection (one more)Text Chapter 1065 Plan (second update)
Text Chapter 1066 Thin punishment (one more)Text Chapter 1067 Start (Second Update)Text Chapter 1068 Temperament (one more)Text Chapter 1070 Ups and downs (one more)
Text Chapter 1071 Advance (2 more)Text Chapter 1073 Tong Sen (second update)Text Chapter 1094 All Waste (Second Update)Text Chapter 1075 Lingzhu (one more)
Chapter 1076 Weird (Part 2)Text Chapter 1079 Remote stabbing (second update)Text Chapter 1080 Golden Shuttle (one more)Text Chapter 1082 Emperor Pole (3rd watch)
Chapter 1084 Suggestion (second update)Text Chapter 1085 Sincerity (one more)Chapter 1086 Dangerous (Part 2)Text Chapter 1087 Rules (one more)
Text Chapter 1088 Warning (2 more)Text Chapter 1089: Dispatch (one more)Chapter 1090 Vicious (two more)Text Chapter 1091 All help (one more)
Text Chapter 1092: Arrival (2 more)Text Chapter 1093 Insult (one more)Text Chapter 1094 All Waste (Second Update)Text Chapter 1096: Must Kill (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1097 Bold (one more)Text Chapter 1099 Gathering potential (one more)Text Chapter 1101 Recovery (one more)Text Chapter 1102 Timing (2 more)
Text Chapter 1103: Defeating the Enemy (1 more)Text Chapter 1104 Stone Chamber (2 more)Text Chapter 1105: Get a picture (one more)Text Chapter 1106 Blocking (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1110 Seeds (2 more)Text Chapter 1111 Countermeasures (one more)Chapter 1116 Hope (2 more)Text Chapter 1117 Argument (one more)
Text Chapter 1118 Hijacking (Second Update)Text Chapter 1119 Civil strife (one more)Chapter 1120 Self-imprisonment (second update)Text Chapter 1123 Heavenly Maiden (1 more)
Main Text Chapter 1124 Mind Method (Part 2)Text Chapter 1125 Nine days (one more)Text Chapter 1126 Rescue (Part 2)Text Chapter 1127 Covering (one more)
Text Chapter 1128 Intuition (2 more)Text Chapter 1131 Swordsmanship (one more)Text Chapter 1133 Stay away (one more)Text Chapter 1134 Resurrection (second update)
Text Chapter 1135 Coming soon (one more)Chapter 1136 Fulong (second update)Text Chapter 1137 Good fortune (one more)Text Chapter 1138 Lost (two more)
Text Chapter 1140 Transfer (2 more)Text Chapter 1141 Forced (one more)Text Chapter 1142 All moving (second update)Text Chapter 1143 Punishment (one more)
Text Chapter 1147 Yu Jian (one more)Text Chapter 1148 Diffusion (second update)Text Chapter 1149 Missing (one more)Text Chapter 1150 Heart-warming (2 more)
Text Chapter 1151 Come (one more)Chapter 1154 Dissuasion (2 more)Text Chapter 1155 Finding out (one more)Text Chapter 1157 Breaking the Tribulation (One Update)
Text Chapter 1159 Submission (one more)Text Chapter 1159 Submission (one more)Text Chapter 1160 Headmaster (second update)Text Chapter 1161 Still here (one more)
Text Chapter 1162 Taking advantage of the fire (second update)Text Chapter 1163 Elimination (one more)Text Chapter 1164 Sacrifice (second update)Text Chapter 1165 Yuan Ling (one more)
Text Chapter 1166 Cautious (2 more)Text Chapter 1167 Healing the Heart (one more)Text Chapter 1172 Abnormal Movement (Second Update)Text Chapter 1173 Digging Deep (One More)
Text Chapter 1170: Promoting Peace (Second Update)Chapter 1176 Stronger (Part 2)Text Chapter 1172 Abnormal Movement (Second Update)Text Chapter 1173 Digging Deep (One More)
Text Chapter 1179 Connection (one more)Text Chapter 1175 Trouble (one more)Chapter 1176 Stronger (Part 2)Text Chapter 1177 Purification (one more)
Text Chapter 1178 Abandonment (second update)Text Chapter 1179 Connection (one more)Text Chapter 1180 Inspiration (second update)Text Chapter 1181 Royal Thunder (one more)
Text Chapter 1182 Anti-killing (second update)Text Chapter 1190: Big Bandit (Second Update)Chapter 1194 Auspicious (second update)Text Chapter 1185: Accident (one more)
Text Chapter 1186 Depression (2 more)Text Chapter 1187 Golden Light (one more)Chapter 1189 Extermination of the door (one more)Text Chapter 1190: Big Bandit (Second Update)
Chapter 1194 Auspicious (second update)Text Chapter 1195 Luck (one more)Text Chapter 1197 Supreme (one more)Text Chapter 1197 Supreme (one more)
Text Chapter 1198: White Crane (second update)Text Chapter 1199 Showing weakness (one more)Main text Chapter 1200: Pervasive (two more)Text Chapter 1201 Fascinated (one more)
Text Chapter 1203 Engagement (one more)Text Chapter 1204: All Shi (Second Update)Text Chapter 1205: Gift (one more)Text Chapter 1209 Control (one more)
Text Chapter 1210 Skyrocketing (Part 2)Text Chapter 1212 Experiment (2 more)Text Chapter 1213 Idea (one more)Chapter 1214 Curiosity (second update)
Text Chapter 1215 Valley Lord (one more)Main Text Chapter 1216 Returning Shi (Second Update)Text Chapter 1218 Round card (fourth update)Text Chapter 1219 Male and female (one more)
Text Chapter 1220 Marrow washing (two more)Text Chapter 1221 Returning to Yuan (one more)Text Chapter 1222 Melee (second update)Text Chapter 1225 Faluo (one more)
Text Chapter 1226 Teasing (2 more)Text Chapter 1227 Secret Valley (one more)Text Chapter 1228 Heart (2 more)Text Chapter 1229 Don't hesitate (a change)
Text Chapter 1236 Virtue (second update)Text Chapter 1237 Decryption (one more)Text Chapter 1234 Cut off (two more)Text Chapter 1235 Upward (one more)
Text Chapter 1236 Virtue (second update)Text Chapter 1237 Decryption (one more)Text Chapter 1238: Evil Kungfu (Part 2)Text Chapter 1239 Complementary (one more)
Text Chapter 1240 Achievement (2 more)Text Chapter 1239 Complementary (one more)Text Chapter 1242 Branding (second update)Text Chapter 1243 Question (one more)
Text Chapter 1244 Invitation (second update)Text Chapter 1245 Meet (one more)Text Chapter 1246 Entering the Dynasty (2 more)Text Chapter 1247 Transposition (one more)
Text Chapter 1246 Entering the Dynasty (2 more)Text Chapter 1247 Transposition (one more)Text Chapter 1256 Different places (second update)Text Chapter 1256 Different places (second update)
Chapter 1260 Orb (second update)Text Chapter 1261: Cloud Bead (one more)Text Chapter 1262 Bead Making (Second Update)Text Chapter 1263 Convocation (one more)
Text Chapter 1264 Challenging (Second Update)Text Chapter 1265 Full Exhibition (one more)Text Chapter 1266 Lecture (Second Update)Text Chapter 1267: Palace (one more)
Text Chapter 1265 Full Exhibition (one more)Text Chapter 1266 Lecture (Second Update)Text Chapter 1267: Palace (one more)Chapter 1268 Duan Hu (second update)
Text Chapter 1271 Kowloon (one more)Text Chapter 1274 Fighting for merit (second update)Text Chapter 1271 Kowloon (one more)Text Chapter 1274 Fighting for merit (second update)
Text Chapter 1276 Resurrection (second update)Text Chapter 1274 Fighting for merit (second update)Text Chapter 1276 Resurrection (second update)Text Chapter 1276 Resurrection (second update)
Text Chapter 1280 Intercalculation (second update)Text Chapter 1282 Persuasion (2 more)Text Chapter 1283 Processing (one more)Text Chapter 1280 Intercalculation (second update)
Text Chapter 1285 Help (one more)Text Chapter 1286 Departure (2 more)Text Chapter 1283 Processing (one more)Text Chapter 1288 Extreme Anger (Part 2)
Text Chapter 1289 Inside story (one more)Text Chapter 1290 Asking for advice (second update)Text Chapter 1291 Sword (one more)Text Chapter 1288 Extreme Anger (Part 2)
Text Chapter 1289 Inside story (one more)Text Chapter 1290 Asking for advice (second update)Text Chapter 1295 Shrinking the head (one more)Text Chapter 1296 Guess (second update)
Text Chapter 1297: Uncovering the pole (one more)Text Chapter 1298 Feedback (second update)Text Chapter 1302 Leverage (two more)Text Chapter 1303 Making friends (one more)
Text Chapter 1304 Satisfaction (second update)Text Chapter 1298 Feedback (second update)Text Chapter 1306: Secret trick (second update)Text Chapter 1307 Underground (one more)
Text Chapter 1308 Blocking (Second Update)Text Chapter 1309 Detention (one more)Text Chapter 1307 Underground (one more)Text Chapter 1308 Blocking (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1309 Detention (one more)Text Chapter 1310 Agitation (2 more)Text Chapter 1311: Secret Art (1 more)Text Chapter 1314: Flying Snow (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1315 Outer Peak (one more)Text Chapter 1316 Defeated (second update)Text Chapter 1317 Secret (one more)Text Chapter 1316 Defeated (second update)
Text Chapter 1319 Retune (one more)Text Chapter 1319 Retune (one more)Text Chapter 1319 Retune (one more)Text Chapter 1324 Spirit Fruit (second update)
Chapter 1325 Encounter again (one more)Text Chapter 1326 Reconciliation (2 more)Text Chapter 1327 Calling for help (one more)Chapter 1328 Sword Intent (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1329 All Destroyed (One Update)Text Chapter 1326 Reconciliation (2 more)Text Chapter 1327 Calling for help (one more)Text Chapter 1332 Inquiry (second update)
Text Chapter 1333 Mutation (one more)Text Chapter 1334 Arrogant (two more)Text Chapter 1333 Mutation (one more)Text Chapter 1336 State of mind (second update)
Text Chapter 1333 Mutation (one more)Text Chapter 1336 State of mind (second update)Text Chapter 1336 State of mind (second update)Text Chapter 1340 Diligence (2 more)
Text Chapter 1341 Deliberation (one more)Text Chapter 1342 Alliance (2 more)Text Chapter 1343 Stop (one more)Text Chapter 1344 Turn Your Face (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1345 Proper (one more)Text Chapter 1346: Appearance (Second Update)Text Chapter 1347 Chabao (one more)Text Chapter 1346: Appearance (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1349 Clear sky (one more)Text Chapter 1350 Accountability (second update)Text Chapter 1351 Sword Sect (one more)Text Chapter 1350 Accountability (second update)
Text Chapter 1353 Comprehension (one more)Text Chapter 1355 Seeking (one more)Text Chapter 1353 Comprehension (one more)Text Chapter 1355 Seeking (one more)
Text Chapter 1358 Accepting Apprentices (Second Update)Text Chapter 1359 Hesitation (one more)Text Chapter 1360: Change (2 more)Text Chapter 1361 Dharma teaching (one more)
Text Chapter 1360: Change (2 more)Text Chapter 1360: Change (2 more)Text Chapter 1364 Indisputable (second update)Text Chapter 1364 Indisputable (second update)
Text Chapter 1366 Layout (second update)Text Chapter 1367 Talent (one more)Text Chapter 1367 Talent (one more)Text Chapter 1369 Alignment (one more)
Text Chapter 1370 Forced Interview (Second Update)Text Chapter 1371: Entering the palace (one more)Text Chapter 1371: Entering the palace (one more)Text Chapter 1373 Strange Wind (one more)
Text Chapter 1374 Debunking (2 more)Text Chapter 1374 Debunking (2 more)Text Chapter 1377 Help (one more)Text Chapter 1377 Help (one more)
Text Chapter 1377 Help (one more)Text Chapter 1379 Dead Man (1 more)Text Chapter 1380 Power (second update)Text Chapter 1381 Chase again (one more)
Text Chapter 1382 Authentic (two more)Text Chapter 1383 Hooking (one more)Text Chapter 1384 Tune the Tiger (Second Update)Text Chapter 1385 Hornet (one more)
Text Chapter 1386: Court (Second Update)Text Chapter 1387 Taiyi (one more)Text Chapter 1388 Reason (2 more)Text Chapter 1389 Shaoyi (one more)
Text Chapter 1389 Shaoyi (one more)Text Chapter 1391 Discussion (one more)Text Chapter 1392 Xuanji (second update)Text Chapter 1393 Entering the Palace
Chapter 1394 Invincible (second update)Text Chapter 1395 Undefeated (one more)Text Chapter 1396 System (2 more)Text Chapter 1396 System (2 more)
Text Chapter 1399 Requirements (one more)Text Chapter 1399 Requirements (one more)Text Chapter 1401 Personally (one more)Text Chapter 1401 Personally (one more)
Text Chapter 1402 Increase (2 more)Text Chapter 1403 Amazing (one more)Text Chapter 1404 Greeting (second update)Text Chapter 1405 Waiting (one more)
Text Chapter 1406 Secret comparison (second update)Text Chapter 1407 Golden Lotus (one more)Text Chapter 1408 Admit defeat (second update)Text Chapter 1409 Fist Intent (one more)
Text Chapter 1410 Advance and retreat (two more)Text Chapter 1411 Out of the Abyss (one more)Text Chapter 1412 Despair (2 more)Text Chapter 1414 Confidence (2 more)
Text Chapter 1414 Confidence (2 more)Text Chapter 1415 Ambitious (one more)Text Chapter 1416 Qualifications (Second Update)Text Chapter 1418 Return (2 more)
Text Chapter 1418 Return (2 more)Text Chapter 1419 Propaganda (one more)Chapter 1422 True Dragon (Part 2)Text Chapter 1421 Face (one more)
Chapter 1422 True Dragon (Part 2)Text Chapter 1423 Jade skin (one more)Text Chapter 1424 Reunion (Part 2)Text Chapter 1429 Sword Qi (one more)
Text Chapter 1426 Yuanzhao (second update)Text Chapter 1427 Dongzhen (one more)Text Chapter 1429 Sword Qi (one more)Text Chapter 1429 Sword Qi (one more)
Chapter 1430 Heart Sword (2 more)Text Chapter 1431 Returning to the palace (one more)Text Chapter 1433 Enrichment (one more)Text Chapter 1434 Falling behind (second update)
Text Chapter 1435 Touring (one more)Text Chapter 1436 Pause (second update)Text Chapter 1439 Show off (one more)Text Chapter 1440 Piercing (2 more)
Text Chapter 1441 Sword Heart (one more)Text Chapter 1442 Reluctant (second update)Text Chapter 1443 Entering (one more)Text Chapter 1444 Counterattack (second update)
Text Chapter 1445 Nature (one more)Text Chapter 1446 Resurrection (second update)Text Chapter 1447 Damage (one more)Text Chapter 1449 Unbearable (one more)
Text Chapter 1450: Changchun (second update)Text Chapter 1451 Dodging (Happy Chinese New Year update)Chapter 1452: Prince Huai (second update)Text Chapter 1454: Both Complete (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1454: Both Complete (Second Update)Text Chapter 1460 Reporting to Li (second update)Text Chapter 1461 Face (one more)Text Chapter 1462 Qualification (second update)
Text Chapter 1463 Wizards (one more)Text Chapter 1459 Withdrawal (one more)Text Chapter 1460 Reporting to Li (second update)Text Chapter 1461 Face (one more)
Text Chapter 1462 Qualification (second update)Text Chapter 1463 Wizards (one more)Text Chapter 1474 Restraining hands (second update)Text Chapter 1465 Clearance (one update)
Text Chapter 1466 On track (second update)Text Chapter 1467 General trend (one more)Text Chapter 1481 Seize the house (one more)Text Chapter 1482 Tathagata (second update)
Text Chapter 1483 Fire pit (one more)Text Chapter 1471: Brilliant move (one more)Text Chapter 1485 Bewitched (one more)Text Chapter 1486 Transaction (2 more)
Text Chapter 1474 Restraining hands (second update)Text Chapter 1475 Relationship (one more)Text Chapter 1489 Out of control (one more)Text Chapter 1490 Handwriting (second update)
Text Chapter 1478 Fighting (two more)Text Chapter 1492 Discussion of scriptures (second update)Text Chapter 1480: The Four Great Ones (Second Update)Text Chapter 1494 Request (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1482 Tathagata (second update)Text Chapter 1483 Fire pit (one more)Text Chapter 1485 Bewitched (one more)Text Chapter 1498 Second (Second)
Text Chapter 1486 Transaction (2 more)Text Chapter 1488 Source Power (Second Update)Text Chapter 1488 Source Power (Second Update)Text Chapter 1489 Out of control (one more)
Text Chapter 1491 Donation of scriptures (one more)Text Chapter 1491 Donation of scriptures (one more)Text Chapter 1493 Nostalgia (one more)Text Chapter 1493 Nostalgia (one more)
Text Chapter 1494 Request (Second Update)Text Chapter 1498 Second (Second)Text Chapter 1501 Babel (one more)Text Chapter 1498 Second (Second)
Text Chapter 1503 I don't know (one more)Text Chapter 1505 Suspicion (one more)Text Chapter 1501 Babel (one more)Text Chapter 1502 Reopening (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1502 Reopening (Second Update)Text Chapter 1507 Desire to get rid of (one more)Text Chapter 1507 Desire to get rid of (one more)Text Chapter 1508 Token (second update)
Text Chapter 1509 Mausoleum Guard (1 more)Text Chapter 1507 Desire to get rid of (one more)Text Chapter 1519 LostText Chapter 1520 Solve
Text Chapter 1521 Not badText Chapter 1519 LostText Chapter 1520 SolveText Chapter 1524 Fit
Text Chapter 1525 AssemblyText Chapter 1526 RewardText Chapter 1527 LeaderText Chapter 1528 Visit
Text Chapter 1529 AdvanceText Chapter 1527 LeaderText Chapter 1531 InvincibleText Chapter 1532 Xiaobi
Text Chapter 1531 InvincibleText Chapter 1531 InvincibleText Chapter 1532 XiaobiText Chapter 1531 Invincible
Text Chapter 1532 XiaobiText Chapter 1538 Public EnemyText Chapter 1543 TrustText Chapter 1538 Public Enemy
Text Chapter 1538 Public EnemyText Chapter 1534 Don't do it (two more)Text Chapter 1538 Public EnemyText Chapter 1534 Don't do it (two more)
Text Chapter 1534 Don't do it (two more)Text Chapter 1538 Breaking (two more)Text Chapter 1534 Don't do it (two more)Text Chapter 1537 Keeping the ring (one more)
Text Chapter 1538 Breaking (two more)Text Chapter 1539 Enmity (one more)Text Chapter 1549 Deep HiddenText Chapter 1542 Insight (2 more)
Text Chapter 1542 Insight (2 more)Text Chapter 1544 Sublimation (second update)Text Chapter 1545 Change (one more)Text Chapter 1545 Change (one more)
Text Chapter 1545 Change (one more)Text Chapter 1548 Difficult (two more)Text Chapter 1549 Solo talk (one more)Text Chapter 1550: Finale (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1549 Solo talk (one more)Text Chapter 1550: Finale (Second Update)Text Chapter 1553 Sword Grant (1 more)Text Chapter 1554 Breaking away (second update)
Text Chapter 1553 Sword Grant (1 more)Text Chapter 1554 Breaking away (second update)Text Chapter 1555 Status (one more)Text Chapter 1556 Plan (2 more)
Text Chapter 1557 Guidance (one more)Text Chapter 1558 Hidden worries (second update)Text Chapter 1566 Hidden WorryText Chapter 1562 Shocking (two more)
Text Chapter 1573 Loan killingText Chapter 1562 Shocking (two more)Chapter 1565 Borrowing (one more)Text Chapter 1566 Killing Intent (Second Update)
Chapter 1565 Borrowing (one more)Text Chapter 1566 Killing Intent (Second Update)Text Chapter 1569 Thorough (one more)Text Chapter 1578 Comprehension
Text Chapter 1569 Thorough (one more)Text Chapter 1582 KarmaText Chapter 1587 PersistenceText Chapter 1590 The beauty
Text Chapter 1591 BacklashText Chapter 1592 Guess rightText Chapter 1594 AvoidText Chapter 1596 Annihilation
Text Chapter 1598 ContradictionText Chapter 1599 Secret CodeText Chapter 1602 DetourText Chapter 1605 Xingnan
Text Chapter 1606 ConstructionText Chapter 1607 Deep meaningText Chapter 1608 BaixiText Chapter 1610 Magnificent
Text Chapter 1611 Drinking iceText Chapter 1612 CloseText Chapter 1613 FormationText Chapter 1615 Closing the courtyard
Text Chapter 1616 CrazyText Chapter 1619 LobbyingText Chapter 1620 ReminderText Chapter 1621 Retreat
Text Chapter 1622 EyelinerText Chapter 1624 Forced to appearMain Text Chapter 1616: Realization (Second Update)Text Chapter 1617 Serious Injury (one more)
Text Chapter 1628 PossibilityText Chapter 1619 Return (one more)Text Chapter 1620 Possibility (second update)Text Chapter 1627 Providence (one more)
Text Chapter 1628 Miaozi (second update)Text Chapter 1629 Origin (one more)Text Chapter 1631 Power (one more)Text Chapter 1634 Returning to the Mountain (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1635 Fixed (one more)Text Chapter 1636 Fighting (Second Update)Text Chapter 1637 Unpredictable (one more)Text Chapter 1638 Settling in (2 more)
Text Chapter 1639 Confession (one more)Text Chapter 1641 Exactly (one more)Text Chapter 1643 Dismounting (one more)Text Chapter 1644 Different (two more)
Text Chapter 1645 Heart (one more)Text Chapter 1647 Replacement (one more)Text Chapter 1648 Low valley (two more)Text Chapter 1650 Difficult to walk (one more)
Text Chapter 1652 Scheming (one more)Text Chapter 1653 Walking Together (Second Update)Text Chapter 1655 Strong (two more)Text Chapter 1656 Voting (one more)
Text Chapter 1657 Results (2 more)Text Chapter 1658 Taking office (one more)Text Chapter 1660 Horizontal pressure (one more)Text Chapter 1661 Lianzhi (second update)
Text Chapter 1662 Change of heart (one more)Text Chapter 1664: Co-resident (one more)Text Chapter 1666 Clue (one more)Text Chapter 1668: Chanting Mantra (one more)
Text Chapter 1669 Power (second update)Text Chapter 1672 Vibration (one more)Text Chapter 1673: Robbery (Second Update)Text Chapter 1674 Difficult to break (one more)
Chapter 1675 Companionship (second update)Text Chapter 1676 Want to enter (one more)Text Chapter 1677 Front view (second update)Text Chapter 1678 True Wrath (one more)
Text Chapter 1682 Help (one more)Text Chapter 1683 Initial Test (Second Update)Text Chapter 1684 Concurrent (one more)Text Chapter 1686 Miraculous (one more)
Text Chapter 1687 Persuasion (2 more)Text Chapter 1688 Magical Use (one more)Text Chapter 1689 Fundamental (two more)Text Chapter 1691: Ye Ming (second update)
Text Chapter 1693 Interpretation (second update)Text Chapter 1694 Entry (one more)Text Chapter 1695 All Responses (Second Update)Text Chapter 1696 Envy (one more)
Text Chapter 1700: Yuanhua (one more)Text Chapter 1702 Go straight (one more)Text Chapter 1703 Opportunity (2 more)Text Chapter 1704 Contempt (one more)
Text Chapter 1705 Defect (2 more)Text Chapter 1706 Amendment (a change)Text Chapter 1708 Wary (one more)Text Chapter 1709 Notice (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1710 Liaoyuan (one more)Text Chapter 1711 Beginning (Second Update)Text Chapter 1712 Released (one more)Text Chapter 1713 All stay (two more)
Text Chapter 1714 Return (one more)Text Chapter 1716 Secrets (more)Text Chapter 1717 Strange (second update)Text Chapter 1718 Sending off (one more)
Text Chapter 1719 Repentance (second update)Text Chapter 1720 Arrival (one more)Text Chapter 1721 Feelings (2 more)Text Chapter 1721 Feelings (2 more)
Text Chapter 1723 Fate (second update)Text Chapter 1724 Thatched Cottage (one more)Text Chapter 1724 Thatched Cottage (one more)Text Chapter 1726 First move (one more)
Text Chapter 1727 Power Technique (2 more)Text Chapter 1728 Cheng Mansion (one more)Text Chapter 1729 Resignation (second update)Text Chapter 1729 Resignation (second update)
Text Chapter 1731 Meaning (2 more)Text Chapter 1732 Space (one more)Text Chapter 1732 Space (one more)Text Chapter 1736 Revealed (one more)
Text Chapter 1735 Limited (two more)Text Chapter 1736 Revealed (one more)Text Chapter 1741 Counting out (two more)Text Chapter 1741 Counting out (two more)
Text Chapter 1742 Birth (one more)Text Chapter 1743 God Lord (2 more)Text Chapter 1741 Counting out (two more)Text Chapter 1742 Birth (one more)
Text Chapter 1743 God Lord (2 more)Text Chapter 1748: Heavy Injury (One Update)Text Chapter 1749 Return (2 more)Text Chapter 1751 Notice (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1751 Notice (Second Update)Text Chapter 1771 Negligence (two more)Text Chapter 1772 Knowledge (one more)Text Chapter 1773 Jinyi (second update)
Text Chapter 1771 Negligence (two more)Text Chapter 1772 Knowledge (one more)Text Chapter 1773 Jinyi (second update)Text Chapter 1773 Jinyi (second update)
Text Chapter 760 SurgeText Chapter 768 ComparisonText Chapter 827 Dragon RealmText Chapter 835 Ceremony
Chapter 856 The third generationText Chapter 869 AcquisitionText Chapter 874 PregnantChapter 875 Controlling the Dragon
Text Chapter 876 Ling XiaoText Chapter 884 SmartText Chapter 885 Pretending to be injuredText Chapter 886 Apology
Text Chapter 887 GatheringText Chapter 888 PressureText Chapter 893 Fu JiaoText Chapter 899 First attack
Text Chapter 901 Subduing the DemonText Chapter 905 Forced to retreatText Chapter 910 NaiveText Chapter 912 Taming
Text Chapter 913 IndependenceText Chapter 914 Road encounterText Chapter 915 Lost GodText 3 Ladi 1010 Branch Temple Ha 6
Text Article 0, 1011: BetrayedText also> Brother 1012 Zhang KeqingText % Laidi 1013 sheets Go to Kazakhstan 7Text Chapter 1224 Limit (Part 2)
Text Chapter 1279 Cold War (one more)Text Chapter 1425 Return (2 more)Text Chapter 1438 Returning to the palace (one more)Text Chapter 1466 Withdrawal (one more)
Text Chapter 1473 AdmireText Chapter 1594 Detour (2 more)Text Chapter 1776 Polygonatum (a more)Text Chapter 1777 Waiting (2 more)
Text Chapter 1778 Exploration (one more)Text Chapter 1782 Characters (one more)Text Chapter 1784 Prayer (one more)Text Chapter 1785 Cheap (two more)
Text Chapter 1788 Familiar (one more)Text Chapter 1789 Haotian (second update)Text Chapter 1791 Contact (2 more)Text Chapter 1792 Inventory (one more)
Text Chapter 1794 Three CasesText Chapter 1796 KaifengText Chapter 1797 Gradually risingText Chapter 1798 Precepts
Text Chapter 1799 Let goText Chapter 1801 Dividing waterText Chapter 1803 White DeerText Chapter 1804 Relocation
Text Chapter 1810 Gathering (one more)Text Chapter 1815 RecoverText Chapter 1816 GratitudeText Chapter 1817 Unsaved (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1818 Misfortune (one more)Text Chapter 1834 Leakage (second update)Text Chapter 1835: Taking over (one more)Text Chapter 1796 Kaifeng
Text Chapter 1797 Gradually risingText Chapter 1798 PreceptsText Chapter 1799 Let goText Chapter 1801 Dividing water
Text Chapter 1803 White DeerText Chapter 1804 RelocationText Chapter 1810 Gathering (one more)Text Chapter 1815 Recover
Text Chapter 1816 GratitudeText Chapter 1817 Unsaved (Second Update)Text Chapter 1818 Misfortune (one more)Text Chapter 1834 Leakage (second update)
Text Chapter 1835: Taking over (one more)Text Chapter 1834 VariablesText Chapter 1188: Nie Yuan (Part 2) 
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