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The Barbarians Demon-Hunting Daily Life Latest chapter update list

author£ºCycling Crutch

Volume 1 Chapter 1 The New WorldVolume 2 Chapter 2 BarbariansVolume 3 Chapter 3 Legendary GirlVolume 4 Chapter 4 Underground World
Volume 5 Chapter 5 Possible DangersVolume 6 Chapter 60's WineVolume 7 Chapter 7 Old Wang is Very AnnoyingVolume 8 Chapter 8: The Russian Girl of the Inspection Team
Volume 9 Chapter 9 The Atmospheric Rich Second GenerationVolume 10 Chapter 10: The Horse MaidenVolume 11: You actually won?Volume 12 Chapter 12: The Change Begins
Volume 13 Chapter 13 Why not eat minced meat?Volume 14 Chapter Fourteen Historical TotemVolume 15 Chapter 15 Interesting GuyVolume 16 Chapter Sixteen Tyrants
Volume 17: HypeVolume 18 Chapter 18 "Pollination" of the EarthVolume 19 Chapter 19 Poor people should obey the rulesVolume 2 Chapter 20 Big Movement
Volume 21 Chapter 21: They Are All FreeVolume 2 Chapter 22 Talking CrazyVolume 23 Chapter 23 Guhuo Bird and the White Crane God of WarVolume 24 Chapter 24 Demons and Monsters
Text Chapter 25: The Sword of Death PenaltyMain text Chapter 62: Commissioned by the Sky Management BureauText Chapter 27 Words of Tiger and WolfText Chapter 28: The Chosen One's Plan
Text Chapter 29 Stop it, you are going to kill the bird!Text Chapter 30 Returning in VictoryMain Text Chapter 31 DislikedText Chapter Thirty-two Gifts from the Military
Main Text Chapter Thirty-Three Demon ArmorText Chapter Thirty-Four Please Call Me Kind Brother HaiText Chapter 35: BrotherText Chapter Thirty-Six: Healing the Disease and Saving the Lives
Text Chapter Thirty-seven: Have you ever helped a girl get rid of demons and left sequelae?Text Chapter Thirty-Eight: Aftermath of the MassacreText Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Gift of the Four SpiritsText Chapter Forty You Think Beautifully
Text Chapter 41 ExplorationText Chapter 42 PlaceboText Chapter 43: BargainingMain text Chapter 44 Life finds its own way
Text Chapter 45: Brother Hai's MindText Chapter Forty-Six, Managers and ManagersMain Text Chapter 47 Keep the Bottom LineText Chapter 48 City and Field
Text Chapter Forty-ninth Suzaku DreamingText Chapter 50: The Suzaku BrandText Chapter 51 ArrangementsText Chapter Fifty-Second Debt
Text Chapter Fifty-Three Upholding JusticeText Chapter Fifty-Four: Explosion of Three ViewsText Chapter 55: StupidText Chapter Fifty-six Reasoning
Main text Chapter 57 Don't beat me to deathMain Text Chapter 58 Interest ConnectionText Chapter Fifty-ninth Qinyuan Battle Armor (Salute to the Leader)Main text Chapter 60 Brother-in-law's position
Text Chapter 61: Young BloodMain Text Chapter 63 All You Want, But You Can¡¯t Afford ItText Chapter 64 ThriftText Chapter 65 Mature
Text Chapter 67 Yue Hai's EquipmentText Chapter 68 Hidden dangers in the cityText Chapter 69 Miser, the journey is difficultText Chapter 70 Crash Therapy
Text Chapter 71 Leaping Star FarmText Chapter 72 We are in charge of killing monsters, not handling casesText Chapter 73: Take the initiativeText Chapter 74: Leading the Cat out of the Cave
Text Chapter 75 ChangesText Chapter 76: FightingText Chapter 77: Old AcquaintanceText Chapter 78 The Four Spirits Sect and the Evolutionary Organization
Text Chapter 79 Biochemical BeastText Chapter 80: The Big Bird That Holds a VengeanceText Chapter 81 Just treat him as your fatherText Chapter 82 Undercurrent Surge
Text Post a testimonial! Tomorrow at 12 noon!Text Chapter 83: WaterwayMain text Chapter 84: Local economyText Chapter 85 Encounter
Main text Chapter 86 Getting rich is not easyText Chapter 87 Ranch VeteranMain Text Chapter 88: It¡¯s Easy for Elites to Find a WifeMain text Chapter 89: Strong Enemy Strikes
Text Chapter 90: The Tide of Monster BeastsText Chapter 91: Fighting, the mighty artifact (Thanks to Du Jun for the reward)Text Chapter 92 Full Firepower (Thanks to the leader of the confused Zixuan for the reward)Text Chapter 93: The Pressure Mountain Da Lin Shaoqing (Thanks to the book friends who support the crutches)
Text Chapter 94 High Energy Dana's Nanny Training (Seeking Subscription, Asking For A Monthly Pass)Text Chapter 95: Don¡¯t Stand by His Side (Subscribe)Text Chapter 96 Strange Movements (Please subscribe! Please ask for a monthly pass)Text Chapter 97 Too weak and unaccustomed (Please subscribe! Please ask for a monthly pass!)
Text Chapter 98 Demon Spirit (please subscribe!)Text Chapter 99: Poverty makes you omnipotent (please subscribe!)Text Chapter 100 Antidote to AnxietyText Chapter 101 Reading and Journey (for subscription)
Text Chapter 102 Save My Life and 50 Million (Please subscribe! Please ask for a monthly pass!)Text Chapter 103 Guns and Tough Guys (Please subscribe! Please ask for a monthly pass!)Text Chapter 104 Another Way of Living (Please subscribe! Please ask for a monthly pass!)Text Chapter 105 Broomstar (Thanks to book friend Chu Jiayun for the reward)
Text Chapter 106 Special TroubleText Chapter 107 Investing in the wildMain text Chapter 108: Dangerous rivers and lakesText Chapter 109 Fighting is No Nonsense
Text Chapter 110: The Murderer Behind the Scenes (Subscribe for more updates)Text Chapter 111: Xinmi (subscribe for more updates)Text Chapter 112 Mommy ArrivesText Chapter 113 Praying Mantis and Leek
Main text Chapter 114 Love to eat leeksText Chapter 115: Outstanding StudentText Chapter 116: The Peak of HonorText Chapter 117 Big Tree and Forest
Text Chapter 118 Sea King's Love Is Out of ReachText Chapter 119 Remuneration ArrivedText Chapter 120 DrinkingText Chapter 121 Suzaku Changes
Text Chapter 122 Hidden DangerText Chapter 123: Enough?Text Chapter 124: Brother, take it easyText Chapter 125: Report
Text Chapter 126: Controlling and Being ControlledText Chapter 127: Acquaintance BrokerText Chapter 128: Intensive ResearcherText Chapter 129: Yuan Danqing
Text Chapter 130: The Lively CourtyardText Chapter 131 Inner ScrollText Chapter 133 Despair under the Policy StickMain Text Chapter 134: Skilled Master
Text Chapter 135: Armed with EggshellsText Chapter 136: The Hero Saves the BeautyText Chapter 137: Old AcquaintanceText Chapter 138 Don't miss it
Text Chapter 139: I Fight With YouText Chapter 140 FightingText Chapter 141 Entraining QiText Chapter 142 No one is a fool
Text Chapter 145 What Are You Hiding?Text Chapter 146 Everything is connectedText Chapter 145: The Police Force Treats Guests to the Sky Management Bureau to Pay the BillText Chapter 146 Rescue
Text Chapter 147: What's the matter?Text Chapter 148: Scumbag LogicText Chapter 149 Complicated LoveText Chapter 150: For or Against
Main TextText Chapter 152: Jasmine's BusinessText Chapter 153: Telling the truth is not welcomeText Chapter 154: Going Underground
Text Chapter 155: Of courseText Chapter 156: Extorting Confessions by TortureText Chapter 158: Luo QingText Chapter 159: Affair of the Wicked
Text Chapter 160 Action SupportText Chapter 162 Controlling EmotionsText Chapter 163: Follow the vines to find the targetText Chapter 164
Main text Chapter 165 Gift givingText Chapter 166: How many Chen Qiuping?Text Chapter 167: The underlying logic of powerText Chapter 168 Want to leave?
Text Chapter 169: The Ending You Must ReadText Chapter 170: OutsidersText Please take a day offText Chapter 171 Falling
Text Chapter 172 Worth itText About the problem of modifying the update timeText Chapter 173: Good People Don¡¯t Live Long, Bastards Don¡¯tMain text Chapter 174: Not working hard enough recently, I can only spend money
Text Chapter 175: The World Is Too PervertedText Chapter 176 Technical InterrogationText Chapter 177: Counterfeit organizationText Chapter 178: Zhang Guan and Li Dai Turn People into Demons
Text Chapter 179: Small Courtyard WarText Chapter 180: Born to be a Hammer, You Should Be SimplerText Chapter 181: PhilanthropistText Chapter 183: Out of the City
Text Chapter 184 SignificanceText Chapter 185 Sudden BattleText Chapter 186: Yue Hai's Demon SpiritText Chapter 187: The Demon Spirit 'Puppet Life'
Text Chapter 188: Weird, Good and EvilMain text Chapter 189: Big deceitText Chapter 190: I¡¯m afraid you won¡¯t believe me if I tell the truthText Chapter 192 Gambling
Main text: The update may be unstableText Chapter 194: Challenge from the God of WarText Chapter 195 Remember to call '666'Text Chapter 195: The Powerful 'Zero'
Text Chapter 196 Searching for EndorphinsText Chapter 197: The First Formation of the Puppy SoldiersText Chapter 198: Yuan Danqing's Business ExperienceText Chapter 199: Sky Fox Infestation
Main Text Chapter 200 The way of the rich second generation is wildText Chapter 201: The Talking MonkeyText Chapter 202: Chance to Change FateText Chapter 203 Psionic Energy Enters the Brain, Iron Fist Corrects Errors
Text Chapter 204: Jin Can's Dog Licking TacticText Chapter 205: Mom ArrivesMain text Chapter 206 What to do if you are not down-to-earthText Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Text Chapter 207: The True Essence of Life in Fairy TalesText Chapter 208: The Unsatisfactory Beginning of the KnightText Chapter 209: FavorText Chapter 210: Jin Can's Bizarre Life Experience
Text Chapter 211 HardMain text Chapter 212 I can tell at a glance that you are not humanText Chapter 214: InsuranceText Chapter 215: The Sky Fox Who Throws Itself into a Snare
Text Chapter 216: The Legendary BalrogText Chapter 217 PoachingText Chapter 218: Yan Jiu's Way of the SwordMain Text Chapter 219 Soul Alignment
Text Chapter 220: Coincidence?Text Chapter 221 Classification of WomenText Chapter 222: Dog Soldier Training ManualText National Day is frequent, so I have no choice but to ask for two days off
Bow down to life   
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