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The Barbarians Demon-Hunting Daily Life

The Barbarians Demon-Hunting Daily Life最新章节列表,The Barbarians Demon-Hunting Daily Life全文阅读

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The Barbarians Demon-Hunting Daily LifeBrief introduction:

"Hai Ge, what are we hunting demons for?"
"For money, and maybe to have something to do?"
"Why do we need something to do?"
"Because if I don't have something to do, I'm afraid I'll break through this world."
A meteorite changed a world!
Monsters and demons roam freely as the spiritual energy revives, and ancient creatures emerge from the depths of the Earth's core.
Some people, infected by extraterrestrial energy, become "Chosen Ones" as powerful as demons.
Some, less affected by the "infection," become "Spirit Masters" capable of controlling spirits and ghosts.
Some can sense spiritual energy and embark on the path of a war god.
Some become beast knights, relying on animal companions.
More people rely on technology to establish cities for survival, and then strive to expand outward, seeking space to survive from the terrifying "Green Hell."
A time traveler equipped with barbarian powers settles here, leaving behind his mark and soul.
A demon-hunting company, a legendary powerhouse, and a heartwarming and profound magical life.

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