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Foggy City Detective

Foggy City Detective最新章节列表,Foggy City Detective全文阅读

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Foggy City DetectiveBrief introduction:

Evidence is not necessary for a professional yet unenthusiastic detective. Detectives are not police officers, judges, or lawyers. A detective who isn't particularly keen on being a detective, due to factors both resistible and irresistible, always ends up encountering some peculiar non-human entities. These could range from top-tier criminals to ferocious monsters. Naturally, there might also be stunningly beautiful, gentle and kind, empathetic, well-read, and rational special agents who insist on being pursued. (The background of this story is set in Europe and does not involve any discriminatory topics. Additionally, the 'Shrimp European' sector may differ in certain minor details from the familiar European continent. Please refrain from making direct comparisons.)

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      Foggy City Detectivelatest chapter:Text Chapter 202: Cool (3)

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