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Unable to cultivate immortality I can only cultiv Latest chapter update list

author£ºXia Shuqin

Volume 1 Chapter 1 Can't Cultivate Immortals?vol.2 Chapter 2 This Immortal Doesn't Matter If He Doesn't CultivateVOLUME 2 Chapter 3 Titled Heavenly KingMain Text Volume Chapter 4 Sacrifice the small self to achieve the big self!
VOLUME 1 Chapter 5 Million Years Soul PetVOLUME 1 Chapter 6 Lin XiVolume 7 Chapter 7 Goals and ProspectsVolume 8 Chapter 8 Soul Pet Enlightenment! first step!
Main Text Volume Chapter 9: Beginning of Training, Beast Origin Art, Soul GuidanceVolume 10 Chapter 10 Test, Soul Skill? !VOLUME 10 Chapter 11 Three-Liujiu Steel, Mechanical Soul Petvol. Chapter 12 Need to pay more!
VOLUME 1 Chapter 13 Ten Years Soul SkillVOLUME 1 Chapter 14 Silk Spinning Soul Skill, Start of SchoolVOLUME 15 Chapter 15 Qiming Cup, Battle of Soul Petsvol. Chapter 16 First Battle!
vol. Chapter 17 You Have Lost!VOLUME 18 Chapter 18 Soul Dress DomineeringVOLUME 1 Chapter 19 Your Damn Charmvol.2 Chapter 20 The Clown Is You
VOLUME 2 Chapter 21 Teacher Zheng's Guidancevol.2 Chapter 22 The Proud Zhiyun Snake (Revised)vol. Chapter 23 Acting, Shocking! (build)vol.2 Chapter 24 Actually I'm the Champion
VOLUME 2 Chapter 25 Training Skillsvol. Chapter 26 You are making things difficult for me!VOLUME CHAPTER 27 J-b-23VOLUME 28 Chapter 28 You Are a White Girl!
VOLUME 20 Chapter 29 Is This Being Bought?VOLUME 30 Chapter 30 The Battle for District HegemonyVOLUME 2 Chapter 31 Fierce BattleVOLUME 32 Chapter 32 Battle of District Tyrants, against sky-type soul pets!
VOLUME 2 Chapter 33 It Will Hit TenVOLUME 2 Chapter 34 Everyone, Please Save Some of My Compliments for TomorrowVolume 35 Chapter 35 Mighty Rat! Rattle!VOLUME 36 Chapter 36 As Worthy of You
VOLUME 37 Chapter 37 War of Attrition?Volume 38 Chapter 38 Calculating! Shock! Transform! Green caterpillar!Volume 39 Chapter 39 The situation reversed again, shocking the audience!vol. Chapter 40 Rich Rewards!
VOLUME 2 Chapter 41 Mechanical Meteor Clothesvol. Chapter 42 Gacha Lucky Draw! Gold flash!vol.Chapter 43 Spirit Stone?Volume 44 Chapter 44 Soul Technique Secret Engraving! Flame Impact!
vol.2 Chapter 45 Wild Soul Soilvol.2 Chapter 46 Adapt! Break through a hundred years of soul power cultivation!VOLUME 2 Chapter 47 Absolutely Less Struggle for Fifty YearsVolume 48 Chapter 48 Gold Devouring Art! Greatly increased strength!
VOLUME 2 Chapter 49 Boundaryvol. Chapter 50 Two Competitions, Let's Go!vol. Chapter 51 This son will become a great weapon in the future!vol. Chapter 52 Rainbow Deer King!
Volume 53 Chapter 53 Defeating the Serpent Snake!vol.Chapter 54 Life Feeds Back? Plant life energy! Inheritance of soul skills!vol.55 Chapter 55 I Didn't Expect to Be Number OneVolume 56 Chapter 56 Flying into the Floating Forest.
vol. Chapter 57 Strange Trees, Natural Practice Places!Volume 58 Chapter 58 Key Factors! Graveyard of the strong!VOLUME 1 Chapter 59 The Ancient Soul, Remnant SoulVOLUME 60 Chapter 60 Soul Enhancement, Flying Crazy Lizard
VOLUME 1 Chapter 61 Fighting the Flying Lizardvol. Chapter 62 Requiem Fruit, Harvest!VOLUME 63 Chapter 63 GhostsVOLUME 64 Chapter 64 Sky Dragon
vol. Chapter 65 Introduction to Soul Cultivation, Mutation!VOLUME 2 Chapter 66 What Can You Do To Me?VOLUME 1 Chapter 67 You Are the One Who Made the Joke Firstvol. Chapter 68 Evil, breaking the game, the ancient soul tool!
VOLUME 1 Chapter 69 Illusionary SpaceVOLUME 2 Chapter 70 Inheriting Soul Skills, Resurrecting from the Deadvol.2 Chapter 71 Magnetic SwordVOLUME 2 Chapter 72 He's So Good
VOLUME 2 Chapter 73 Returning to the BoundaryVOLUME 2 Chapter 74 I Come Back with a RewardVOLUME 75 News Broadcast, Young Herovol.Chapter 76 Insect-type century-old core soul skills
VOLUME 2 Chapter 77 Spinning silk with five hundred years of skillvol.Chapter 78 Wang Che, You Come Up and TryVOLUME 2 Chapter 79 When it comes to Temperament...Carefully HandledVOLUME 80 Chapter 80 Green Tiga Caterpillar
VOLUME 81 Chapter 81 Breath Containment TechniqueVOLUME 82 Chapter 82 Friendship and LoveVOLUME VOLUME 83 Why Does His Painting Style Differ From Ours?Volume 84 Chapter 84 Advanced Development of Silk Spinning Soul Skill!
85 Perfect Pass!VOLUME 86 Chapter 86 MigrantsVOLUME 87 Special Magnetic Sword88 Trouble
VOLUME 89 Chapter 89 Insects Break the SkyMain Text Chapter 90 Enthusiastic ResearcherMain Text Chapter 91 Could This Be the Wrong Choice?Main Text Chapter 92 The Green Caterpillar and Wang Che with Deep Affection
Main Text Chapter 93 Problem Soul Pet?Main Text Chapter 94 Additional rewards, scabbardMain Text Chapter 95 Krypton Gold RichMain Text Chapter 96 Excalibur Yu Lei
Main Text Chapter 97 Thunderstorm Weather, One Method, Two Cultivations...Main Text Chapter 98 Lightning InductionMain Text Chapter 99 Successful cultivation!Main Text Chapter 100 Brother Che, Save Me!
Main Text Chapter 101 Unscientific Electric Shock, Lightning Roaring TigerMain Text Chapter 102: The Past of the Magnetic Sword, Instant Kill!Main Text Chapter 103 Martial Soul, Time to Awaken!Text Testimonials
Main Text Chapter 104 Myriad Zang Dao Palace! The magic weapon of fate! (1)Main Text Chapter 105 Graduation Examination! (2)Main Text Chapter 106 Martial Soul Awakening Assessment! (3)Main Text Chapter 107 Let's directly leverage the entire Federation (4)
Main Text Chapter 108 Perfect Martial Soul Sensation! Shocked examiner! (5)Main Text Chapter 109 Undeterminable Martial Soul! Unexpected full marks! (6)Main Text Chapter 110 Officially Cultivate Martial Soul! Hundred Refinement Soul Art! (7)Text Chapter 111 Rejection! (8)
Text Chapter 112 Heading to Rongdu (9)Main Text Chapter 113 To Tell the Truth, I'm Batian (10)Text Chapter 114 Flowing Clouds and Flowing WaterText Chapter 115 I don't need a man to like
Main Text Chapter 116 Sword Skill Name: Sky Thunder Slash!Main Text Chapter 117: The Trial of Life-and-Death Battle!Main Text Chapter 118 Let's Fight, Green Caterpillar! The final explosion!Main Text Chapter 120 Wang Che's intuition, fighting wits in the void?
Text Chapter 121 You are too strong, I am not worthy to be your soul petMain Text Chapter 122 Official Opening!Main Text Chapter 123: The Extraordinary Soul Pet at the Opening CeremonyMain Text Chapter 124 Give your opponent some respect!
Main Text Chapter 125 They all performed very well!Text Chapter 126 Definitely Not Me! Point control?Main Text Chapter 127 Cowardly Little Lizard!Main Text Chapter 128 First this way, then that way, you will definitely lose in the end!
Chapter 129 It's a Mature Green Caterpillar...Main Text Chapter 130 That Green Caterpillar, It's Playing Me!Text Chapter 131 Shall I tie myself?Main Text Chapter 132 Start to Blind Everyone's Eyes!
Main Text Chapter 133 Anticipate Attack?Main Text Chapter 134 Crushing Battle! The green caterpillar that doesn't look back!Chapter 135 Forest Terrain, Crazy Demon Flute Martial SoulMain Text Chapter 136 Tough Spinning!
Main Text Chapter 137 Inverse Attribute Soul Skill! Hit the vital point, restrain the soul skill!Main Text Chapter 138 Advanced Silk Spinning! Bug net! The third round begins!Main Text Chapter 139: Holding the Mangosteen Bear!Main Text Chapter 140 Green caterpillar, is this dangerous?
Main Text Chapter 141 The Mechanic Fallen Clothes Taken Off, Fighting Soul Costumes!Main Text Chapter 142 Carefully Calculated! One move lore!Main Text Chapter 143 Rattle + Fireball =?Text Chapter 144 Insects, He Shengjian
Main Text Chapter 145 Chance for the Magnetic Sword to Play?Main Text Chapter 146 Once in a Lifetime! First appearance!Text Chapter 147 No, something is wrong with me.Text Chapter 148 The temperature is just right
Main Text Chapter 149 A Sword Covering the SkyMain Text Chapter 150 Lin Xi's Hole Card, Extreme Disadvantage?Text Chapter 151 Suppression?Text Chapter 152 Trap? Instant reversal of the situation! The last game!
Main Text Chapter 153Main Text Chapter 154 Is That Really a Green Caterpillar?Text Chapter 155 AwardsMain Text Chapter 156 Eight Generous Rewards
Main Text Chapter 157 Electromagnetic Sword SheathMain Text Chapter 158 Super Gacha Draw! The luck of the little caterpillar...Text Chapter 159 A WeekMain Text Chapter 160 Flame Blood Potion, Heavenly Material and Earthly Treasure, Start Cultivation!
Text Chapter 161 Small Caterpillar AlchemyMain Text Chapter 162 The first floor of Wanzang Dao PalaceText Chapter 163 True Caterpillar FormChapter 164 The Hand of Life, the Second Martial Soul
Chapter 165 I Really Don't UnderstandChapter 166 Difficulty, re-entering the Floating Forest!Text Chapter 167 There is a lot of room for improvementText Chapter 168: The Little Caterpillar Carried Away
Main Text Chapter 169 It's okay, not unfamiliarChapter 170 Activate the Ancient Soul Beast Illustrated Book?Text Chapter 171 Can You Shock Me?Main Text Chapter 172
Chapter 173 Awakened Sky DragonText Chapter 174 Inheritance? test?Main Text Chapter 175 The Powerful Sky Dragon! Survive for the second time!Main Text Chapter 176: True Caterpillar Form! Bloodline and inheritance!
Text I have something to do tonightChapter 178 True Dragon First Order FormMain text Chapter 179 Dream space, the long-overdue Lieyang King...Text Chapter 179 Barely
Text Chapter 180: I am the King of Heaven, and I am also confused!Text Chapter 181 Qinglong Gong Emblem, University SchoolMain Text Chapter 182 Refining Staple Food, Stable DevelopmentChapter 183 Soul Illusion Trial
Main Text Chapter 184 Soul Pet's Combined Soul Technique, Mental Coercion Training!Main Text Chapter 185 Going to TrialMain Text Chapter 186 Level Records, Adaptation to the Trial Environment!Chapter 187 Look at the green caterpillar...
Chapter 188 Breaking a Record Simply...Chapter 189 Nether-type soul pet, soul-locking impChapter 190 Lucky Star Caterpillar?Chapter 191: The Soul King of Hell in the Palace of Life and Death
Main Text Chapter 192: The Rich Rewards of the Fifth Level! The trial is over!Main Text Chapter 193 Five Level RecordsChapter 194 Inherited Soul Skill of Magnetic SwordMain Text Chapter 195 The Little Caterpillar's Major Technique
Text Chapter 196 Enrollment, Beijiang, LinduText Chapter 197 Little Soul BeanText Chapter 198 That's Too MuchMain Text Chapter 199 A Little Test Completed Before You Know It
Chapter 200 Air Pilot License, Opening CeremonyText Chapter 202 Small Caterpillar Loosening the SoilChapter 203 The First Planting of LingtianText Chapter 203 Gu Shanhe
Main Text Chapter 204 Glazed Cangluan... Well, it's a green caterpillar!Main Text Chapter 205: The Little Caterpillar That Makes Liuli Cangluan Feel KindText Chapter 206 Hanging?Text Chapter 207 Relatively Simple
Text Chapter 208 Passion Soul BeanText Chapter 209 DetailsChapter 210 The Shocked Senior!Main Text Chapter 211 Just That Tall
Text Chapter 212 Multiple ContactsText Chapter 213 People in Lin Hai, Just Started FarmingText Chapter 214: The Beginning of FarmingText Chapter 215 Somebody Comes to Beat Me Up
Chapter 216 Eating will be even more delicious in the futureText Chapter 217 Use of Force of NatureText Chapter 218 Winter Farming Festival, Field Activity ClassMain Text Chapter 219 Imperial Object Art!
Chapter 220 Lotus Leaf of the Poisonous Melon FrogMain Text Chapter 221 Taking Poison TreasureText Chapter 222 LessonChapter 223 You Tell Me This Is Normal?
Text Chapter 224 Expert GuidanceChapter 225 Evolution of the Poison FrogChapter 226 You are too weak to know my nameChapter 227 Harvesting, a chance to practice with the magnetic sword
Text Chapter 228 Processing SeedsChapter 229 Swinging the sword a thousand times a dayText I have something to do tonight, but I don¡¯t have anything for nowMain Text Chapter 230 Wang Batian's Fan
Main Text Chapter 231 Competition Trial, Encounter with Senior SisterChapter 232 Senior, are you still here?Main Text Chapter 233 Intensive training for the little caterpillar. Look, this is the mountain.Chapter 224 Dragon Yin, choose soul skills
Chapter 235 Another month later, go to the soul landText Chapter 236 Lei Xinzi's ConditionChapter 237 The Trial Begins!Chapter 238 Orbital Lightning Cannon
Text Chapter 239 Nine Birds Pulling WormsMain Text Chapter 240 Thunderbolt! How to open the energy bomb!Text Chapter 241 Insect False Dragon MightChapter 242 Is This the Giant Dragon?
Chapter 243: Zheng Shaoyang, Demon and Demon SpiritMain Text Chapter 244 The second actual battle in the form of a real caterpillar!Chapter 245 You Are the King's Soul PetMain Text Chapter 246 Three Thunders Returning to Yuan Sword Formation! Condensation of flame soul element!
Chapter 247 Flame Awakening, Group Evolution?Chapter 248 Tentacles of King LeiguangenText Chapter 249 Whose student is this?Main Text Chapter 250 Titan Beast! The real flame dragon!
Main Text Chapter 251 The little caterpillar's fire lotus!Main Text Chapter 252 The Magnetic Sword Comprehends the Heavenly Thunder Sword Intent!Text Chapter 253 How about I give you some tips?Text Chapter 254 No Contrast No Harm
Chapter 255 Battle CollectionChapter 256 Conditions do not permit!Chapter 257: Transformation Direction of Magnetic SwordText Chapter 258 Sword Wing Modification
Main Text Chapter 259 Heavenly King Speech?Text Chapter 260 Spirit TalismanText Chapter 261 Find someone to teach him a lessonChapter 262 If you meet me, you can end the battle within ten strokes
Main Text Chapter 263 The initial modification of the magnetic sword is completed!Main Text Chapter 264 Thundering Thousands of Armies!Text Chapter 265 People are not as good as petsText Chapter 266 Don't dare to say I understand too well
Chapter 267 It's almost doneChapter 268 I don't know this wellChapter 269 Food Apprentice CaterpillarMain Text Chapter 270 Winter Farmer's Festival, Two Kings' Contest, Tianguan Fire Seed
Chapter 271 Delicacy ConferenceText Chapter 272 Just Pad Your StomachText Chapter 273 Insect Dimensional ClubText Chapter 274 Professor Yun's Eight Treasures
Text Chapter 275 Isn't that how you drink wine?Text Chapter 276 Not muchText Chapter 277 Spiritual Imaging, Food King CompetitionMain Text Chapter 278: The Aokiji Flower That Won't Awaken
Text Chapter 279 Greedy DucklingChapter 280 Food King (Little Caterpillar)Text Chapter 281 CompetitionMain Text Chapter 282 Pet Physique, The Gargoyle King's Provocation
Chapter 283 Wang Che's Evil HandChapter 284 Baboon King Kong, General Shadow GhostChapter 285 Don't Come OverChapter 286 One move in seconds, the game is over
Text Chapter 287 EndText Chapter 288 Lightning Charm and Fusion TalismanChapter 289: Ice Spirit Ancient Sacred TreeChapter 290 True Dragon Form, Acquiring Tinder
Text Chapter 291 SpeedrunText Chapter 292 Bamboo BearText Chapter 293 Lei Ling PillText Chapter 294 Wuxiu Bamboo Bear
Chapter 295 Two-month retreat, soaring strengthChapter 296 Re-entering the Soul IllusionText Chapter 297 Ghostly Will-o'-the-wispText Chapter 298 Dutian God's Fire Order, Xiong Bao's Test
Chapter 299: Choosing a Soul PetMain Text Chapter 300 Here comes the master!Chapter 301 Master, I'll Show You My Hands!Chapter 302 Bao Xiong is Your Companion
Text Chapter 303 Chaotic Sea ContinentChapter 304 Let me tryText Chapter 305 ComprehensionChapter 306 Then I have this?
Text Chapter 307 SneezingChapter 308 Wang Batian Reappears!Text Chapter 309 Primordial Spirit PossessionChapter 310 Canglang Zero Type, Mechanical Divine Weapon
Text Chapter 311 Do you still remember the space starfall on the top of the sea of ??clouds?Chapter 312: The Great White Shark Who Doesn't Talk About Wu MoralityChapter 313 Flying through the waves! Walk on water!Text Chapter 314 How did I win?
Chapter 315 Deep Sea RemainsChapter 316: Fifteen Days of MeditationChapter 317 The Limit of Level 20! Refine your soul qi a hundred times!Chapter 318 Advanced Soul Technique, Yuanshui Essence!
Text Chapter 319 The Remains of the SwordText I have something to do todayChapter 320 Classmates Gather, Wings of FlameChapter 321 Bao Xiong's First Official Battle
Chapter 322 Destiny Martial SoulChapter 323 The King's Cup, Remodeling Materials AvailableThe text is gone todayText Chapter 324 The Second Floor! Magnetic aura!
Chapter 325 Second Refit, Purple Ting Blade!Chapter 326: Seven more talismans! Hand of Thunder! Blessed Beast Cloud Sea Azure Dragon!Text Chapter 327 The Last ContinentMain text Chapter 328: Riding the dust!
Chapter 329 The number of dragon scales beyond imagination!Text Chapter 330 Shocking the war zone, the ground fire surgesMain Text Chapter 331 Water Element Supernatural Powers! Tianhe yuan water beads!Chapter 332 The reason for not being able to evolve
Chapter 333 Can I Touch This Soul Bone?Text Tomorrow 20,000 wordsChapter 334 Soul Bone Activation, Mechanical Synchronization, Earth Fire CompetitionChapter 335 Invitation from all parties to form a team, the competition begins!
Text No today, more tomorrowMain Text Chapter 336 Divine Flame Tempering Body Technique, Each Shows Their Supernatural Powers, Test Results (Wanzi)Chapter 337: Xiong Bao vs. Scarlet Flame Giant Rock MonsterChapter 338 Rock Fighting, Heading to the Sixth Floor
The text will be updated tomorrowChapter 340 Let me try!Chapter 341 Collecting the Green Flame Earth Core LotusChapter 342 God Flame Giant! An ancient soul beast on the seventh floor!
Main Text Chapter 343: The Power of Dutian God's Fire Order! Flame Dragon!Main Text Chapter 344 Fierce Battle against the God Flame Giant, Mysterious Small Demon Spirit Beast?Main Text Chapter 345 Dacheng Body Tempering, Body Mutation, Xiong Bao's Supernatural Ability!Chapter 346 Mogumeng, Tianheng Order, Total Points!
Main Text Chapter 347: Inheriting Soul Skills, Titan Avatar, Misfortune PhantomChapter 348 Two months later, the opportunity for Bao Xiong to evolveMain Text Chapter 349 Ancient Civilization, God of GodChapter 350 Three Soul Bones! True Titan! Soul test!
Chapter 351 The Evolution of Bao Xiong, Armed with Soul Bone!Main Text Chapter 352 Detection from the Heavenly King, Formidable Enemy, Ice Soul Bear!Chapter 353 Complete Evolution! New race! Overlord Power and God Power!The text is gone today
Main Text Chapter 354 Divine Contemplation, the Special Ability of Misfortune Phantom!Chapter 355 Priceless Treasure! The mysterious Tianyue Mountain!Chapter 356 Inside Tianyue Mountain, a mysterious egg?Main text Chapter 357
Chapter 358 Primordial Spirit Seal! Ying Mengling, a strange beast from the ancient times!Chapter 359 Awakening God Stone, Earth's crustal space, filled to the caterpillar...Chapter 360 Sleepwalking MogumonText Rest today
Text Chapter 360 Heavenly TribulationMain Text Chapter 361: God of Tribulation Thunder! A breakthrough opportunity for the magnetic sword!Text Chapter 362 MirageChapter 363 The Power of a Hundred Thousand Year Soul Bone!
Text Chapter 364 Power God Gold StoneChapter 365 The Power of Resting Earth and the Power of Dry LandChapter 366 Is there such a possibility...Chapter 367 The Oracle King's Guess
Chapter 368 I Can't Even Beat A Green Caterpillar?Chapter 369 Shocking Soul Guidance TechniqueText Chapter 370 It is always by your sideChapter 371 Prenatal education, go to Magic Island
Text Chapter 372 Wuwang SpaceChapter 373 Spiritual Orb, Super Phantom DragonText Chapter 374 Substitute? The first experience of the team game...Chapter 375 Lineup Genre, Shen Mingluan's Team
Chapter 376 Then I'll Give It a Try (Fifth Update)Chapter 377: The Power of the Dragon's Voice (Part 1)Chapter 378 One move in seconds? (Second more)Chapter 379 Festival of the Beasts (Third Change)
Chapter 380 The Burden on You Is Important (Fourth Change)Text Chapter 381 Be Good! (fifth more)Chapter 382 Mountain of Beasts! (sixth more)Chapter 383 Injured Yunyan Fox (Seventh)
Chapter 384 An Old Coin and Four College Students (Eighth)Chapter 385 Giant Swamp Blood Frog and Double-Blade Praying Mantis (Ninth Change)Chapter 386 Mainly because of itchy skin, I want to feel the sensation of the thunderbolt (Tenth update)Chapter 387 Isn't that ten thousand bosses?
Chapter 388 Blessing of the Holy Butterfly, Light of Potential!Text Today I am taking leaveChapter 389 My trick of worm silk has a foundation of thousands of years (first update)Chapter 390 Soul Eater Jin Yan (Second Change)
Chapter 391 The Power of Yuanshui, the Great Sage of Shiliu (3rd update)Chapter 392 Then shall I take you to play? (Chapter Four)Chapter 393 It's Too Skilled! (fifth more)Text Chapter 394 I saw a ghost! This caterpillar can really fly! (sixth more)
Chapter 395 With me around, it would have a hard time dying (first update)Chapter 396 Undead Overlord, Ancestor Saint Power! (Second more)Text Chapter 397: A bit mediocre (3rd update)Chapter 398: Mythical Martial Soul (Part 1)
Chapter 399 I created it myself, so I shouldn¡¯t need to learn it (second update)Main Text Chapter 400 The Thunderbolt Beast Falling from the Thunder Cloud! (third change)Chapter 401 The Four Great Sages (Fourth)Text Chapter 402 How is it? How much have you learned? (fifth more)
Chapter 403 Must be your ancestor? (sixth more)Chapter 404 You Tell Me This Is a Mechanical Soul Pet?Main Text Chapter 405 The Wang Che Experience Card is up!Chapter 406 Holy Spirit Valley, Martial Soul Resonance!
Chapter 407 Nine Heavens Flame PhoenixChapter 408 Resonance of Ten Thousand Beasts, Ghost Appears!Chapter 409 Eight Desolation Gods, Consciousness Secret Art (1)Chapter 410 Yuanshenhua Sword, Emperor Qinglong's Soul Will! (2)
Main Text Chapter 411 Awakening of the primordial spirit, the power of the Emperor Azure Dragon! (3)Chapter 412 His look just now almost killed me! (4)Chapter 413 Unexpected Situation (5)Text Chapter 414 Can't I introduce myself? (6)
Chapter 415 Three days later, the soul pet changes... (7)Chapter 416 Developing CaterpillarChapter 417 Xiong Bao's Wing Bone, Eggy's Good LuckChapter 418: New Training Program, Combat with Caterpillars (1)
Chapter 419 Cultivation of Primordial Spirit and Martial Soul (2)Chapter 420 Yuanshi Tiangong, Special Soul Ring (3)Main Text Chapter 421 Bear Treasure Charm (4)Chapter 422 Parts for One Pole Transformation? (5)
Chapter 423 It seems a little out of control?Main Text Chapter 424 Soul Talisman... Is this worth it?Text Chapter 425 You must have this idea, right?Chapter 426: The Extraordinary King's Cup, the Extraordinary Soul Pet Egg
Chapter 427 Opening Ceremony, Donghua Legend, Liuli Heavenly KingChapter 428 One District One, Mechanical Martial Soul, Dropped in Seconds?Chapter 429 It's okay, let's melee!Chapter 430 Powerful and Powerless, Routine Play!
Chapter 431 Old Coins of Shendu CollegeMain Text Chapter 432 Heart of the Sky, Ultimate Power, Xiong Bao's Opponent?Chapter 433 Obviously my strength is stronger than it?Chapter 434 Overlord Power, Xiong Bao's Suppression!
Chapter 435 Just ask if you can fly?Chapter 436 Evolution! Extraordinary soul pet! Golden Winged Wind King Eagle!Chapter 437 The Ultimate Offensive! Reversal of the situation! Number one seed!Text Chapter 438
Chapter 439 Mechanic master, old man?Chapter 440 The first team competition, Longwu Academy!Main Text Chapter 441 If you want a quick decision, it's time for it to play!Main Text Chapter 442 Everything depends on its own efforts!
Main Text Chapter 443: Mechanical Divine Weapon! Peerless Tyrannosaurus Beast!Chapter 444 Mysterious Sword! Disintegrated Peerless Tyrannosaurus!Main Text Chapter 445 Shen Minghai, Rain Demon Whale, Enemy of the Top 16.Text Chapter 446: One Person Forms a Group! Caterpillar's King's Cup first match!
Chapter 447 My soul pet is actually attacking me?Please take a day offMain Text Chapter 449 Showdown, it is the former million-year soul beast!Main Text Chapter 450 The first team of Longwu Academy with quad-core system! Terrifying dragon lineup!
Main Text Chapter 451 Martial Soul Fusion Technique, Four Dragons' Suppressing Power! Reversal of the situation!Main Text Chapter 452 The Last Thunderball!Text Chapter 453 Final Four! I want to fight you!Main Text Chapter 454 Four Absolute Sword Figures! Kendo genius, Jian Wuhen!
Chapter 455 Ten Thousand Sword Art! If you also make a move, I will just admit defeat!Chapter 456 The ultimate torture of defensive rebound!Chapter 457 The Fifth Sword? Hit the east and the west!Chapter 457 Final! Extraordinary soul beast god ghost bird!
Main Text Chapter 458 The Insect Fury Fire Lotus Blooms Again!Chapter 459 Reversal of the Wind Ripper! Noble time soul pet!Main Text Chapter 460 Powerful Kalachakra, Defeated Caterpillar?Chapter 461 Evolution! The real dragon is alive!
Chapter 462 Breaking the Cocoon and Transforming into a Dragon! Shock the war zone!Chapter 463 The final battle of the team competition! One move decides the outcome!Chapter 464 Humanoid Martial Soul Holy Soul Gun Master! Fusion of four souls! The ultimate victory!Chapter 465 Long-lost Gacha Lucky Draw!
Chapter 466 Bad Luck? Fu beast! Yingmengling's ability is first revealedChapter 467: The Mysterious Ice Palace of the Ice Field! The origin of the extraordinary soul pet egg!Text Chapter 468: The Practice Plan for Retreating and FarmingChapter 469: Linglong Fruit, the Ultimate Soul Crystal, and the Mysterious Box!
Chapter 470 This Card Can Shut Countless People's MouthsText Please take a day offChapter 471 Three Mechanical Engines! Donghua Great Hall!Chapter 472 Is there enough evidence for the soul ring transformed by Di Qinglong?
Chapter 473 Wang Batian's Famous Shock to the FederationChapter 474 Starry Sky Military Base, Wreckage of Civilization!Text Chapter 475 I Want It AllChapter 476 Wanjian Engine, Soul Pet Hatching
Chapter 477 Contract Yingmengling, the fourth soul pet!Text Chapter 478 How can it not cultivate immortality?Chapter 479: The Beginning of Penance, Re-entering Thundering Soul Land!Chapter 480 Humanoid Martial Soul!
Chapter 481 Soul Beast Battlefield, Starry Sky Ancient Land!Chapter 482 Alien Star ShowdownText Chapter 483 Of course I used the aftermath of the battle to cultivateChapter 484 How about this planet for me?
Text Chapter 485: The Reincarnation of the Human RaceText Chapter 486 Who Are You?Text Chapter 487 Pioneering Mo YuxingChapter 488 Soul Crystal Vein! Star Map of Yingmengling
Chapter 489: The Third Floor of Wanzang Dao PalaceChapter 490 Nine Battles Flying Immortal Art, Sumeru GodText Chapter 491 Creation of Life, Second Generation Soul BeastChapter 492 Formless Sumeru God! First experience with Mogu Mong!
Chapter 493 Amnesiac Mogumon, Father God? Mother Goddess? Beast God!Main Text Chapter 494 Open the altar and preach, beast ancestor?Chapter 495 Cold Wave Disaster!Chapter 496 Birth of the Ice Egg
Chapter 497 Ying Mengling's DiaryChapter 498: Time, the Strange Fifth Soul PetChapter 499 Little Skull's Cultivation, Magical Physique!Text Chapter 500 Advanced Body, Falling Apart
Chapter 501 Spiritual Mind Space, Battle Deduction, Rapid GrowthText Chapter 502 The last time?Chapter 503 Could it be that you forgot?Text Chapter 504 Magnetic Sword's Ten Thousand Swords System
Text About this book¡­Text Chapter 506 Sky Heaven ProjectText Tomorrow three chapters will endChapter 506 Evolution over a million years! (three in one, end)
Text The new book has been released!   
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