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Volume Prologue

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    In a certain mountainous area in the southwest, a figure in a dark gray robe lay prone in the forest, covering himself with lush bushes and leaves, squinting at a certain point in the distance.

    The figure was an old Taoist priest with white hair and white eyebrows, who looked like a fairy, but his posture at this time looked rather wretched.

    Not like a Taoist priest, but more like a hunter.

    In the distance, a black figure jumped out and stopped in front of several purple flowers. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a black fox with shiny fur.

    And on the left front leg of the black fox, there was still a circle of bloody white cloth wrapped around it, as if it had been bandaged.

    Seeing the black fox, the old Taoist's eyes lit up immediately, and after three days in ambush, he finally arrived!

    After waiting for a few more breaths, when the black fox looked back at something and his attention was drawn away, the old man suddenly jumped up and rushed towards the black fox with agility that was completely out of his age.

    "Open your eyes to the blue sky, be sure!"

    While running wildly, the old Taoist shouted loudly.

    ?The black fox trembled, but was actually frozen, unable to move, with a look of panic and despair in its eyes.

    The old Taoist pointed at the sword and pointed at the black fox from a distance: "Lei Gong help me, cut!"

    A small thundercloud appeared out of thin air in the forest, with lightning surging in it, and layers of thunderclouds quickly piled up above.

    But just as the lightning formed and was about to fall, a small figure rushed out not far from the black fox, shouting: "Black pig, run!"

    "Oops! It's dangerous!" The old man was shocked, and he bent his fingers and tried to pull the little boy who appeared suddenly away from the air.

    But it was too late, and he couldn't stop the lightning spell.

    The lightning fell and hit the boy.

    When the old man rushed over, he only saw the boy lying on the ground with his eyes closed, and the black fox had already run away.

    In the blink of an eye, the black fox was hundreds of meters away, looking at this side from a distance.

    This black fox is a fox demon with a very high cultivation base, and its speed is extremely fast. If it can't hit it with one blow when it is not on guard, it will be very difficult to catch or kill it again. A new round of pursuit and ambush is required  .

    For the old Taoist, this black fox is related to the favor of a big man, and is extremely important to the sect.

    But looking at the unconscious little boy on the ground, the old man hesitated for a moment, but finally he did not continue to chase the black fox, but squatted down to check the little boy.

    In the distance, looking at the boy who fell on the ground, the black fox's eyes were full of crystals and full of sadness. After hesitating for a while, he finally turned and left, and quickly disappeared into the mountains and forests without a trace.

    "Huh?" The old man checked the little boy's condition, and found that he didn't seem to have suffered any injuries, his whole body was in good condition, and his skin was not burned by the lightning strike at all.

    This mine is not an ordinary mine, and it is impossible to be hit intact.

    Did it just get crooked?


    The old Taoist checked the boy again, and couldn't help being shocked, although the boy seemed to be fine on the outside, but there was a yang aura raging inside his body.

    If he didn't care about it, it wouldn't take long for his internal organs to be burned by this aura, and he would die.

    The old Taoist hurriedly took out a bunch of small porcelain bottles from his bosom, and then found the most exquisite one, poured one out of it, and gave it to the little boy to swallow.

    But the precious elixir failed to suppress the yang energy, and the little boy's condition continued to deteriorate.

    The old Taoist was very puzzled, what is the situation, there is no reason?  !

    Seeing that the little boy was going to die soon, the old man hesitated for a while, and finally closed his eyes and pinched his fingers to count.

    After a while, the old man opened his eyes and spat out a big mouthful of blood. The white hair that looked extremely shiny suddenly became haggard, and an abnormal color of blood appeared on his face.

    The old Taoist looked down at the ordinary little boy, but couldn't help exclaiming:

    "Fuck! Ninth virgin boy?!"

    "Nine-turn Punishment Thunder met the Ninth Boy Boy? Sanqing Daozu God, this is fucking playing me!"

    Old Daoist looked like he couldn't cry.

    However, after consuming 10 years of life, I figured out the root of the problem, and I was able to find a way to solve it.

    The old Taoist directly set up a formation around the little boy, ready to cast a spell

    A few hours later, the old man carried the little boy who was still in a coma to the nearest small mountain village, and found out the boy's home.

    This little boy is named Chen Kuo. He is seven years old. His parents died in an accident while they were working outside. He lives with his uncle's family.

    Uncle is also working outside, and aunt alone takes fourChildren, naturally it is impossible for everyone to take care of them so well.

    The old Taoist said that Chen Kuo was struck by lightning, and there may be hidden injuries, which are difficult to cure.

    After staying in the village for three days, Chen Kuo finally woke up.

    After raising it for half a year, I was able to get out of bed and walk around. After a year, I was finally alive and kicking and able to run into the mountains again.

    However, the Zhiyang aura in Chen Kuo's body has not been eradicated, but has been closely integrated with his flesh and bone meridians, and it is getting stronger and stronger.

    Once it is not handled properly, it will burn the internal organs and die. The old man can only try his best to find a way to suppress it and seek a dynamic balance.

    He couldn't find a cure at all.

    So one year after being hit by the "nine-turn penalty thunder", Chen Kuo followed the old Taoist and left the mountain village, and formally became his disciple.
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