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My Secretary is a Fox Demon. Latest chapter update list

author£ºDivine Journey Burger

Volume PrologueVolume 1 Chapter 1 Demon SpiritVolume 2 Chapter 2 Need to add moneyVolume 3 Chapter 3 We Are Professionals
Volume 4 Chapter 4 Strange Incidents in the MansionVolume 5 Chapter 5 The Hour of Xu Has ComeVolume 6 Chapter 6 The Butcher Comes to the WorldVolume 7 Chapter 7 Cooking Time
Volume 8 Chapter 8: The Parasitic Demon SpiritVolume 9 Chapter 9 Reading the SpiritVolume 10 Chapter 10 Mirrorless Elder BrotherVolume 11 The Secretary
Volume 12 Chapter Twelve Dao DisorderVolume 13 Chapter Thirteen Definitely a LiarVolume 14 Chapter Fourteen StrangeVolume 15 Chapter 15 The Water Is Deep!
Volume 16 Chapter 16 Integration of Gossip InformationVolume 17 Chapter 17 Black Pig and Brother GouVolume 18 Chapter 18: Dry Rice Girl and Foot EaterVolume 19 Chapter Nineteen Qi Cultivation
Volume 2 Chapter 20 What's the situation?Volume 21: Your neck must be soreVolume 22 Chapter 22 "The Big Conspiracy"Volume 23 Chapter 23: Cooking Girl? Working girl!
Volume 24 Chapter 24 Thank you bossVolume 25 Chapter 25 Cooking togetherVolume 26 Chapter 26 Refresh JudgmentText Chapter 27 Unfathomable
Text Chapter 28 Let me show you a babyText Chapter 29: Master SalesmanText Chapter 30 Win-WinText Chapter 31 Mr. Zhai
Text Chapter 32 InvestigationText Chapter Thirty-Three: Really a Great Kindness?Text Chapter Thirty-Four: Preparing to Catch a Demon (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 35: Preparing to Catch a Demon (Part 2)
Text Chapter Thirty-six "So cruel"Text Chapter Thirty-Seven Good Demons and Bad DemonsText Chapter 38: Crawling by YourselfText Chapter Thirty-nine I am the boss
Text Chapter 40 Can't let goText Chapter 41: Changing TacticsText Chapter 42 "The Best Chance"Text Chapter 43 Headless (Part 1)
Text Chapter 44 Headless (Part 2)Text Chapter 45 Headless (Part 2)Text Chapter 46 Draw the Sword (Thanks to the leader Big Cat 007)Text Chapter 47 I like evening
Text Chapter 48: Sensitive Chen KuoText Chapter 49: Time to DebutText Chapter 50 First ImpressionsText Chapter 51: Fellow Daoist, your sword is not bad
Text Chapter Fifty-second: Cooking girl, come on!Text Chapter Fifty-Three: The Evil Spirit Breaks BaaText Chapter Fifty-Fourth My Seat Chen Kuo (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 55: My Seat Chen Kuo (Part 2)
Text Chapter Fifty-Six Playing Music and Brightening the SwordText Chapter 57 Very ReasonableText Chapter 58: The Unwanted ChildText Chapter 59 I'm very angry
Main Text Chapter 60 It's time for the test!Text Chapter 61 It's just a pink skull!Main text Chapter 62 I am very talentedText Chapter 63: Reiatsu
Main Text Chapter 64 Missing the Sunshine Boytext leaveText Chapter 65: Chen Kuo¡¯s Teachings (Part 1)Text Chapter 66: Chen Kuo¡¯s Teachings (Part 2)
Text Chapter 67 "Tail"Text Chapter 68: Tony and Bruce of Jingshan SchoolText Chapter 69: I'm Pretty StrongText Chapter 70 Monitoring
Text Chapter 71 Something is wrong in Xianyue CityText Chapter 72: You Are My Little TribulationText Chapter 73: Stop the evildoerText Chapter Seventy-Four: Fighting Demons (Part 1)
Text Chapter 75: Fighting Demons (Part 2)Text Chapter 76 Not Completely DeadText Chapter Seventy-Seven My name is Chen Kuo, a rich manText Chapter 78 Is God so easy to fool?
Text Chapter 79 DamnText Chapter 80 PreparationsText Chapter 81: Tang YuanMain text Chapter 82 You don't like me, do you?
Text Chapter 83 Father and DaughterMain Text Chapter 84 Am I So Strong?Text Chapter 85: I Am ChosenText Chapter 86 Zhu Li Calls for Help
Text Chapter 87: The Boss ArrivesText Chapter 88: Who the hell is it?Text Chapter 89 Too handsome and afraid of jealousyMain text Chapter 90 I can solve it for you
Text TestimonialsText Chapter 91: Squeeze your face (first order~)Text Chapter 92 Boss, don¡¯t get excitedText Chapter 93 Assistant Zhu Li
Text Chapter 94 Where are the Senior Brother and Senior Sister?Main text Chapter 95 The boss has something on his mind!Text Chapter 96: I'm Not Considering Dating for the Time beingText Chapter 97 Wishing you a long life
Text Chapter 98 Are you sure you want to fight me?Text Chapter 99: Thank you to the old suzerainMain Text Chapter 100 To Become StrongerText Chapter 101 Why don't you fight him?
Text Chapter 102 Three-component forceText Chapter 103 Fate Cannot Be WastedText Chapter 104 Invasion of Evil SpiritsText Chapter 105 Brother Qiu
Text Chapter 106 Borrowing TreasureText Chapter 107: Unraveling the SpiritText Chapter 108: It¡¯s Just the Color Tone is WrongText Chapter 109: Two People
Text Chapter 110 My Name is Chen Kuo, Kuo Kuo (2 in 1)Text Chapter 111 Young People's Own Matters (2 in 1)Text Chapter 112 FingersText Chapter 113 Forming a Band
Text Chapter 114 Breaking the contractText Chapter 115: The Barbed TigerText Chapter 116 A DogText Chapter 117 Brother, It¡¯s Time for You to Fall in Love
Text Chapter 118: Big Brother, Younger SisterText Chapter 119: Seven Brothers and SistersText Chapter 120: Eat TogetherText Chapter 121 Concerns about Gains and Losses
Text Chapter 122 As expected of my "Brother Dog"!Text Chapter 123: The Genius Is By My SideText Chapter 124 Breakthrough!Text Chapter 125 Chen Kuo What are you thinking!
Text Chapter 126: StupidText Chapter 127: Isn't this courting death?Text Chapter 128 Braised Pork Is DeliciousText Chapter 129: The Boss Is Awesome
Text Chapter 130: I Have a Fairy SisterText Chapter 131 Oolong Little Wild BoarMain text Chapter 132 Then it depends on how beautiful this fox demon isText Chapter 133: The fourth child
Text Chapter 134: Fanwei Evil SpiritText Chapter 135: Convincing Mr. LiText Chapter 136: She is a Secretary FirstText Chapter 137: Big Brother Takes a Look
Text Chapter 138 Witnessing the SpiritText Chapter 139: You will be my younger brother from now onText Chapter 140: Spiritual Tracing (Part 1)Text Chapter 141: Spiritual Tracing (Part 2)
Text Chapter 142: Spiritual Tracing (Part 2)Text Chapter 143 Upright Chen XiaokuoText Chapter 144: Come on BossText Chapter 145: Child Time, Just Right
Text Chapter 146: Slaughtering TimeText Chapter 147 Feast of All SoulsText Chapter 148: Nothing to HelpText Chapter 149: He Kui Yun Runaway
Main text Extra episode: Mid-Autumn Festival special chapter (free)Main text Chapter 150: You deserve it?Text Chapter 151: ClosingText Chapter 152: Poet Li Laosi
Text Chapter 153: I, Li Shiyou, will never get drunk in my lifeText Chapter 154 Boss, do you want to come up for a cup of coffee?Text Chapter 155: I live a long life!Text Chapter 156 We are private
Text Chapter 157: HarmfulText Chapter 158 Here Come Come Come Come!Text Chapter 159: Black WidowText Chapter 160 Mysterious Yin Binding Spirits, Cynomorium Binding Gods
Text Chapter 161 My Fist Is Still HardText Chapter 162: God's GraceText Chapter 163 Treacherous and ViciousText Chapter 164 Thank you pangolin
Text Chapter 165 Chen Kuo Attacking (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 166: The Attacking Chen Kuo (Part 2)Text Chapter 167 Chen Kuo Attacking (Middle and Lower)Text Chapter 168: The Attacking Chen Kuo (Middle, Lower, Lower)
Text Chapter 169: The Attacking Chen Kuo (Part 2)Text Chapter 170 Something is wrong with this person! (2 in 1)Text Chapter 171: Those who learn from me live, those who imitate me dieText Chapter 172 Akuo, are you not full?
Text Chapter 173 Tablet PCText Chapter 174: Chicken Rib Spoon or Artifact Spoon?Text Chapter 175 KillingText Chapter 176: Seal
Text Chapter 177 This Is Not FairText Chapter 178 They are fighting!Text Chapter 179: Sister Yang's RadarText Chapter 180 Gifts
Text Chapter 181: Christmas EveText Chapter 182: Serious businessText Chapter 183: A MemoriesText Chapter 184 Playing
Text Chapter 185: Hurry up and get caughtText Chapter 186 LesbianText Chapter 187 Big Event (Part 1)Text Chapter 188: Big Event (Part 2)
Text Chapter 189 SuspicionText Chapter 190 ConcealmentText Chapter 191: AnywayText Chapter 192: Going to Your House
Text Chapter 193: A Peaceful JourneyText Chapter 194: Crows, Parrots, and PigeonsText Chapter 195 Familiar with the Three KingdomsText Chapter 196 Departure
Text Chapter 197: Bu Tan SynergyText Chapter 198: Torrent of SteelText Chapter 199: All the way forwardText Chapter 200 Guess
Text Chapter 201 Do you want it? Come grab it!Text Chapter 202 Complete the taskText Chapter 203: DeadText Chapter 204 Tigress
Text Chapter 205: Why is this Secretary Zhu like this?Text Chapter 206 Are you threatening me?Text Chapter 207 WuzhishanText Chapter 208 In short, I regret it very much
Text Chapter 209 I understand!Text Chapter 210: Disturbed, Disturbed, DisturbedText Chapter 211 Very fierceText Chapter 212: Myself
Main Text Chapter 213: True Monarch¡¯s SpeculationText Chapter 214: Stupid People Have Stupid BlessingsText Chapter 215 I knowText Chapter 216: Zhu Li is stunned
Text Chapter 217 Let's Fall in LoveText Chapter 218: Not allowedText Chapter 219: Just HappyText Chapter 220 Who Doesn't Want to Get Married (Title Party)
Text Chapter 221: Parasitic Rice WormText Chapter 222 Hey, HusbandText Chapter 223 ExplosionText Chapter 224: A Big Score
Text Chapter 225: On DemonsText Chapter 226: I, Chen Kuo, are by no means stupidText Chapter 227: The PastText Chapter 228 Brain Hole Expands
Text Chapter 229 Bad NewsText Chapter 230 Do you have any opinions?Main Text Chapter 231: Information of the Immortal Xuan Ting (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 232: Information of the Immortal Xuan Ting (Part 2)
Text Chapter 233 We don't need to investigateText Chapter 234: Akuo¡¯s True Monarch Hunting Plan (Part 1)Text Chapter 235: Akuo¡¯s True Monarch Hunting Plan (Part 2)Text Chapter 236: Going Home for the New Year
Text Chapter 237: A Little Farewell to the MarriageText Chapter 238: Brother Gou Has MeText Chapter 239 Do you know Chen Kuo?Text Chapter 240: A Happy Time Without Shame
Text Chapter 241 "The Honest Man"Text Chapter 242: I will solve your problemsText Chapter 243: I am a villainText Chapter 244: A Little White Cat
Text Chapter 245: Akuo¡¯s True Monarch Hunting Plan (Middle Part 2)Text Chapter 246: Akuo¡¯s True Monarch Hunting Plan (Part 2)Text Chapter 247: Huang Ding's ConfidenceMain Text Chapter 248: Defeating the Gods
TextText Chapter 250 LoyaltyText Chapter 251 Such a coincidence? Is it tasty?Text Chapter 252 Brother Gou, be serious!
Text Chapter 253: Must ReportText Chapter 254: Silly CatText Chapter 255: There is Ah Kuo in the Ah Kuo GateText Chapter 256 Unknown
Text Chapter 257: Xiao Chengfeng's Great CauseText Chapter 258 You Don¡¯t Know Who This Seat IsMain text Chapter 259 Going forward!Text Chapter 260 Controlling Yin and Yang
Text Chapter 261: The Ideal Life of Leisurely DoorText Chapter 262 Please help me for detailsText Chapter 263: Meet the Lord!Text Chapter 264: Senior Spiritualists Are Wrong
Text Chapter 265 Blow up the mountain!Text Chapter 266: Secret Meeting of the True MonarchText Chapter 267 Chen Duobao is everywhereText Chapter 268 Yin-Yang Tracking
Text Chapter 269 Matryoshka?Text Chapter 270 Yaomei is very angryText Chapter 271: Treasure HuntingText Chapter 272 Is it a demon? Is it spirit? (superior)
Text Chapter 273 Is it a demon? Is it spirit? (Down)Main text Chapter 274: False is true and true is falseText Chapter 275 Will it be so boring?Text Chapter 276 "Conspiracy"
Text Chapter 277 Chen Kuo Makes up a StoryText Chapter 278: Chu Zhenyan's Mysterious NumbersText Chapter 279 Quite CooperativeText Chapter 280: Yang Miaocheng
Text Chapter 281: Waste is wasteMain text Chapter 282: What is the law of the jungleText Chapter 283: Beginning to Tell the "Story"Text Chapter 284: Falcon King's Apprentice
Text Chapter 285: The Silly Cat and the Dead CrowText Chapter 286: Yunshui Tiangong (Part 1)Text Chapter 287: Yunshui Tiangong (Part 2)Text Chapter 288: Yunshui Tiangong (Middle and Lower)
Text Chapter 289: Yunshui Tiangong (Part 2)Text Chapter 290: Long-range Overlord AttackText Chapter 291: Hairy PhoenixText Chapter 292: Advanced Flattery
Text Chapter 293 SadnessText Chapter 295 Seven StepsText Chapter 296 Yin and Yang of Heaven and EarthText Chapter 297: I Want to See and See
Text Chapter 298 Senior Sister!Text Chapter 299: Show off to Senior SisterMain Text Chapter 300 Crying in HugText Chapter 301 Unable to describe with realm
Text Chapter 302: The Phoenix Lord ArrivesText Chapter 303: Good at But I Don¡¯t Like ItText Chapter 304: Looking for Senior BrotherText Chapter 305 Akuo is very angry
Text Chapter 307: Killing the EnemyText Chapter 308 What about me?Text Chapter 309: Big Brother's ConfessionText Chapter 310: The Appearance of the "Devil God" (Part 1)
Text Chapter 311: "Devil God" Appears (Part 2)Text Chapter 312: "Devil God" Appears (Part 2)Text Chapter 313: What does Immortal Liufei want to do?Text Chapter 314 Impossible
Text Chapter 315: Definite TrendText Chapter 316: The Drama BeginsText Chapter 317: MessengerText Chapter 318 "The evildoer is the evildoer"
Text Chapter 319 Watching a TheaterText Chapter 320 TerribleText Chapter 321: ResurrectionText Chapter 322 Vision
Text Chapter 323 OrderText Chapter 324 Are you strong?Text Chapter 325: Magic SystemText Chapter 326: The Era of Equipment Repair (Part 1)
Text Chapter 327: The Era of Equipment Repair (Part 2)Text Chapter 328: The Era of Equipment Repair (Part 2)Text Chapter 329: Open the doorText Chapter 330 They Do This Every Day
Text Chapter 331 This is GodMain text Chapter 332 A Kuo big stupid donkey!Text Chapter 333 PostscriptText End of this speech
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