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Text Chapter 209 I understand!

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    I don't know how long it took, the two lips parted, and both of them involuntarily pursed their lower lips.

    Zhu Li's eyes were wide open, unblinking, and misty, full of confusion and bewilderment, and a little bit shy.

    There were two blushes on her originally fair cheeks, she couldn't help lowering her head, and then her eyes fell on Chen Kuo's chest muscles. After she was hugged by Chen Kuo just now, she subconsciously put both hands on Chen Kuo's chest muscles  .

    Brother Gou, why is this

    Brother Gou, you're still my boss and I'm still your secretary, why don't you just come up and say kiss

    Ah, no, Brother Gou didn¡¯t even say it

    This is wrong!

    Why?  Why didn't I resist?

    Brother Gou, why is this

    ? By the way, what happened just now, it is obviously a wave of aura at the level of the demon king, is Brother Gou being hunted down?

    It shouldn't be, when you were hunted down, you still cared about doing that to me?

    Wait a minute, Brother Gou is so hot!

    This chest muscle is so hot!

    Thinking of this, Zhu Li suddenly raised her head to look at Chen Kuo, but found that Chen Kuo softened and hung on her body.

    "Hey? Oops? Brother Gou Boss! Boss! What's wrong with you?"

    Zhu Li hurriedly grabbed the limp Chen Kuo, thanks to her, if an ordinary woman was suddenly paralyzed by her dog brother, she would either have to be pushed away, or she would probably be taken to the ground to eat dirt together  up.

    "I hugged my waist so hard just now, my arms are like iron bars, now I have no strength at all"

    "Why is Brother Gou so hot What's the situation?"

    Zhu Li held Chen Kuo tightly with both hands, preventing him from collapsing, and pressed his cheek against Chen Kuo's chest, feeling his body temperature and heartbeat very clearly.

    It's probably no less than 40 degrees!  ?

    Zhu Li was in a hurry, so she leaned low, put her head under Chen Kuo's armpit, picked him up, then walked to his car, opened the rear door, and carefully stuffed him into the back seat.

    Zhu Li bent Chen Kuo's legs, then walked in sideways, half lying on Chen Kuo's body, and carefully checked.

    After the examination, Zhu Li felt that there was nothing wrong with it. Her dog brother's body functions were all in a normal state, but a yang aura in his body was very active, rushing left and right, cruising all over his body.

    However, the yang aura did not break the balance of yin and yang in the whole body, it just made the qi and blood more vigorous for a while.

    She was a little worried if Brother Gou would have a brain attack, but she stroked Brother Gou's head, touched his forehead with the back of her hand, and felt relieved, um, probably not for the time being.

    Her hand was hugged suddenly, Zhu Li was taken aback for a moment, and then heard Chen Kuo's murmur:

    "It smells so good"

    "It smells so good, you're big!" Zhu Li pushed Chen Kuo angrily, then turned out of the back seat, adjusted Brother Gou's feet, and closed the car door.

    She doesn't know what kind of battle or chase Gou Ge and Zhai Hongyang, and later the demon king with strong aura fluctuations, she doesn't want to find out now, and she doesn't plan to check the place where Gou Ge is going to make an appointment, as long as her Gou Ge is fine, now  The most important thing is to leave safely with Brother Gou.

    She didn't know whether Zhai Hongyang and the demon king were still there, and whether they were chasing Brother Gou.

    Zhu Li got into the Q5 that he drove over first, drove the car directly off the path, crashed into the mud next to it, and the whole car was framed between several big trees.

    Then Zhu Li got out of the opened skylight vigorously, jumped a few times, returned to the road, and returned to Brother Gou's little flower crown.

    The Corolla is also bruised and disheveled, as if it has just crossed the Taklimakan Desert. There is a crack on the windshield, the license plate is missing, the bumper is crooked, and it will not fall off. As for the various parts on the body  Scratches and dents are everywhere, too many to count.

    Based on Chen Kuo's usual care and maintenance of this car, it can be seen that the situation just now was really critical.

    After getting in the car, Zhu Li looked back at Brother Gou, whose skin was flushed all over his body and his eyes were closed tightly, and he was still a little worried.

    However, Brother Gou suddenly smiled crookedly, then hugged his own shoulders with both hands, and said vaguely: "It's really fragrantXiao Zhu is really fragrant"

    Zhu Li's fair cheeks, which had just recovered, turned red again. She spit secretly, turned around, started the car, and began to drive her dog brother back.

    This time she drove more cautiously on the return journey, not because she changed to a car with a lower chassis and poorer passability, but because she was afraid that the bumps would shake her brother off.  bring.

    theBut while driving, Zhu Li couldn't help frowning, she always felt like she had forgotten something.

    what is it then?

    She recalled the whole process of seeing Brother Gou just now, um, when she got out of the car and ran over, she was hugged by Brother Gou and gave

    There was a flash of light in her mind, and she finally realized what she had forgotten!

    When her lips and tongues touched Brother Gou just now, in addition to those shy and strange feelings from the first kiss, she also felt two very special auras.

    A wave of Zhiyang is mighty, like the sun, people dare not look directly at it;

    It was soft and long, but it was hidden under the sun, making her feel warm and familiar.

    "I see!"

    Zhu Li slammed on the brakes, and Chen Kuo in the back seat rolled down and stuffed between the floor of the back seat and the seat, letting out a scream of "Wow".

    Zhu Li quickly shifted to P, pulled the handbrake, opened the door and got out of the car, opened the rear door, pulled her dog brother, pulled her hard, and pulled her back to the back seat.

    Chen Kuo opened his eyes suddenly, revealing a fierce light. Under the spiritual vision world, the sky eye on his forehead opened, and a red light converged.

    Zhu Li was startled, and subconsciously closed her eyes.

    However, she didn't feel the surging aura fluctuations, so she opened her eyes carefully again, and found that the heavenly eye on Chen Kuo's forehead disappeared, and the eyes in both eyes became soft.

    He looked at Zhu Li, grinned and said, "Xiao Zhu, take me home, I'm so sleepy, I'll sleep first"

    After all, Chen Kuo fell asleep again.

    Zhu Li angrily pinched Chen Kuo's cheeks and tugged twice, then cupped his face with both hands, and pushed his cheeks inward, pouting his mouth.

    Looking at Chen Kuo's appearance, Zhu Li seemed to think of something, and suddenly laughed, then leaned over lightly, and kissed Chen Kuo's pursed lips lightly.

    "Brother Dog You saved me twice, and I saved you once. Now I save you again. We are tied two to two!"

    Zhu Li said softly.

    She realized just now that the yang aura in Chen Kuo's body should have originated from Wu Tiandao's "Nine Turns Punishment Thunder", while the soft and familiar aura hidden under the yang aura was obviously the one in her body.  The breath of a magic weapon.

    She also instantly understood why her dog brother survived after being hit by the nine-turn punishment thunder.

    The so-called "solitary yang will destroy, and solitary yin will perish", Yin and Yang will always tend to balance, if Yin and Yang develop to the extreme, it will be horribly destroyed or annihilated.

    Therefore, when the Zhiyang aura brought by the nine-turn penalty thunder turned to one pole, the Zhiyin aura brought by the magic weapon in Zhu Li's body merged and reversed the evolution of the Zhiyang aura under her strong intention to save Brother Gou  direction.

    As a result, the most yang aura, which originally only had destruction and destruction, was driven by the most yin aura, forming a relatively stable operating system dominated by yang aura.

    Therefore, Brother Gou avoided the ending where his spirit and body were destroyed by the sun and high temperature at the same time. In the unstable state of balance, the old Taoist priests selflessly and fully helped and healed him, allowing him to finally control the spirit of the sun in his body.  live, forming a dynamic balance.

    Zhu Li returned to the driver's seat, and glanced at the big white bowl that Chen Kuo threw on the passenger's backpack, which was also covered with a lot of dirt and dust but had no bumps at all.

    No wonder Qianfanniu is so close to her, no wonder the aura she refined can be directly swallowed by Qianfanniu and transformed into cultivation.

    Strictly speaking, the supreme yang aura that brought Dabaiwan to life and Ganfanniu to the world is also due to the magic weapon in her body.

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