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Main text Chapter 150: You deserve it?

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    Everything in the world has spirits, all kinds of spirits and spirits fill the space, just like there are a lot of plants in nature, but only a small part can be eaten directly by humans. These spirits and spirits can be seen by Ganfan girls  , Eat as food, is very little.

    However, humans can cook, and with better cooking techniques, many plants and animals that are difficult to swallow raw can be eaten after cooking.

    So for Chen Kuo, after he figured out the taste of Ganfanniu's food spirit, he only needs to design a set that can adjust any spirit energy to match this "taste".

    Chen Kuo's butcher spirit body and chef spirit body, the logic of continuous magical operation is to "cook" the dry rice girl and prepare "delicious delicacies".

    He Kuiyun gathered all the "evil spirits" and "evil spirits" in the small building, and gathered them in the octopus-shaped "evil spirit" spirit body, which made Chen Kuo's food handling and cooking work a lot easier  .

    Under the spiritual vision, Qianfanniu was holding the octopus head and gnawed wildly.

    One bite at a time, at the beginning, I didn't eat much, and the octopus-shaped "evil spirit" can quickly fill up the gap.

    But what made the "evil spirit" collapse was that it had no way to attack the Ganfan girl.

    It seems that as long as you are bitten by a Ganfan girl, you will be "cursed" that you cannot attack her. You know that if you want to get rid of this bowl demon, you must kill her, or at least force her to escape by attacking, but  But there is no way to attack.

    This kind of feeling is like wanting to drink water, and the water is in the cup in front of you, but you can't control your hand to take the cup, but it's no problem to do other things, and your hands haven't lost control.

    So it can only struggle, and can only try various methods to get rid of the dry rice girl.

    But there is no way, its load is the whole building, and it has nowhere to escape, it can only watch helplessly as Qianfanniu holds its head and gnaws on it bit by bit.

    While the dry rice girl was eating, her body grew rapidly, so the speed of gnawing was also accelerating, and it was already difficult for the "evil spirit" to quickly replenish the eaten spirit body.

    It feels hopeless, and now it doesn't care about Chen Kuo upstairs at all, it just wants to get rid of the dry girl - after all, he can't do anything to Chen Kuo.

    Then it noticed Li Shiyou in the operation and maintenance point, and it began to mobilize a lot of aura, trying to attack Li Shiyou, possess and control him-and then threatened Chen Kuo to make Qianfanniu stop

    Under the spiritual vision world, the huge octopus-like "evil spirit" suddenly let out a heart-piercing scream, which shocked Li Shiyou too.

    Then he immediately noticed that the big fat girl's spirit body that appeared on the octopus' head was holding the "evil spirit"'s head and gnawing on it with great relish.

    Li Shiyou's first reaction was to worry. He took two steps forward, wanting to help, thinking that Chen Kuo had reached the moment of life and death in the building, and even this little bowl monster had to be released to fight for his life.

    He also has a good impression of this cute little bowl monster that looks white, fat, and cute. He doesn't want this little bowl monster to be swallowed by the "evil spirit"°™°™from the perspective of strength, this little bowl monster  It is not the opponent of the giant "evil spirit".

    But he quickly stopped and found something unusual.

    The little bowl demon held the head of the "evil spirit" and gnawed wildly, mouthful after mouthful, as if eating faster and faster, the more he ate, the more his body swelled, and then he ate even faster.

    And the "evil spirit" kept struggling, but couldn't get rid of it, looked helpless, and didn't even dare to attack her?

    what's the situation?

    When Li Shiyou was surprised, his hairs stood on end, and the alarm sounded in his heart. He quickly raised his hand and struck out the magic talisman, showing a spell symbol in front of him.

    The ferocious tsunami-like Yin Lingqi came overwhelmingly. With the addition of the magic circle at the operation and maintenance point, Li Shiyou felt that his sanity was a little bit trance, and he had to bite the tip of his tongue to stay awake.  .

    But in the next moment, under the spiritual vision world, a familiar beam of spiritual energy like a searchlight hit over, hitting right in front of him.

    The spell symbol formed by the magic talisman he himself played disintegrated instantly, and the sweeping Yin aura was also torn apart.

    Li Shiyou couldn't help closing his eyes, the light was so strong that he couldn't look directly at it.

    When he instinctively wanted to dodge, he thought that this was the supernatural power of his elder brother, so he didn't move, letting himself be enveloped by the beam.

    For a moment, Li Shiyou felt that the whole world was quiet. The screams and tears that had been hovering in the thick clouds over the operation and maintenance point, the roar and screams of the octopus-shaped "evil spirits", all kinds of noises aroundThe sense of threat and coldness brought by the aura disappeared all at once.

    He has a sense of being out of his body, detached from reality.

    Then he immediately realized that his inspiration was temporarily blocked, and he temporarily lost any perception of aura, which also affected his normal sensory ability.

    But in the next moment, all perceptions returned. He opened his eyes, saw the elder brother standing at the door of the small building, nodding to him, and saw the octopus-shaped "evil spirit" whose tentacles were engulfed by red light and burned.

    His gaze continued to move upwards, and he saw that above the small building, the Ganfan girl who had turned into a little giant was eating the "evil spirit" that had nowhere to escape.

    In addition to the spirit can it be like this?

    Li Shiyou was shocked.

    At the entrance of the small building, Chen Kuo, who had just rescued Li Shiyou with his "eyes of the sky", heard the vague begging, turned his head, and looked at He Kuiyun, who was collapsed in the living room.

    Inspired by Yin Lingqi, the huge body that was nearly two meters high just now, and the bulging muscles have now shrunk completely, and the whole body has even shrunk by one size compared to the original normal, becoming shriveled and distorted  .

    "Let let me go I will be your guardian spirit, and I am willing to serve you as the Lord"

    He Kuiyun struggled and said in a vague voice.

    Chen Kuo's expression was indifferent, and he looked at him with a look of disgust: "You are worthy?"

    He knew that this was the last plea of ??the "evil spirit" who had no way to resist, and he also believed that the "evil spirit" was really begging for mercy, and was really willing to give everything, because as the size of Qianfanniu grew, the more  The faster it eats, its wisdom will be completely exhausted immediately, and it will no longer be able to replenish the eaten part.

    However, Chen Kuo's refusal was also sincereit really didn't deserve it.

    It took him a long time to deal with this thing even as food for Ganfan Niu. This kind of aura full of all kinds of evil thoughts and negative emotions should not exist in this world.

    Their existence will only allow the normal aura to be occupied, used to do bad things, and used to threaten and kill all life.

    Chen Kuo looked up at the ceiling, thought for a while, and said to Wang Weichan, who was still playing "Storm Waves and Sunset" in meditation:

    "Let's change the song, change it to a song suitable for eating"

    The two of Shen Wang looked at each other, and asked cautiously: "Proprietor, what kind of music is suitable for dinner?"

    "For example For example, like this, woo woo~ woo woo~~ woo woo~ woo~" Chen Kuo tried to hum a short piece of classic Chinese soundtrack on the tip of his tongue.

    The place where the two of Shen Wang stayed these years, they also occasionally watched TV with the host family, so they also heard the soundtrack, and immediately understood it, and began to play the part he just hummed.

    The surrounding spiritual energy has become thinner and thinner, and the dry rice girl on the roof of the building has become the same size as the previous "evil spirit", grabbing the octopus' feet, stuffing it into her mouth, shaking her head, eating with gusto.

    Sitting on this small two-story building, she felt very comfortable as if she was sitting on a sofa.

    Her two eyes are getting brighter and brighter, emitting a bright and soft light, which is the expression of the aura in the body to the extreme.

    In terms of the amount of aura contained in it alone, the spiritual body of this "evil spirit" is far greater than its strength.  After so many years of "feeding", the total amount of spirit bodies condensed is very large.

    For this meal, the big white bowl that Ganfanniu gave her was fully stocked.

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