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Text Chapter 151: Closing

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    After completely devouring the spirit body of the "evil spirit", the giant dry rice girl sitting on the top of the building touched her belly, belched contentedly, and then disappeared.

    In the building, He Kuiyun, who was paralyzed on the ground and could not move, looked extremely miserable.

    Not only was the body extremely twisted, the muscles atrophied, the skin collapsed, and various tissue fluids flowed out, but one eyeball was hanging outside the eye socket, and the other eye socket was covered with blood, and it was obvious that he could no longer see anything.

    He kept whispering and saying something, but every time he opened his mouth, blood flowed from his mouth and nose.

    Chen Kuo could only vaguely hear words like "Mom", "I want to drink water", "I'm so cold", "They're all blue", "I'm sorry", "I don't want to die", "It hurts" and so on.  Intermittent sentences.

    He knew that the "evil spirit" had dissipated, and now only He Kuiyun's own wisdom was left. These words were the true expression of He Kuiyun when he was dying.

    However, this spiritual intelligence has also been damaged and lost, and the memory may have fallen into confusion.

    He also knows that if he wants to know something at this time, if he leans over and asks, there is a high probability that he will get some real answers. Of course, these answers may be difficult to understand and illogical.

    However, Chen Kuo didn't come over, although he was curious about some things, such as the channel through which the "Fanwei Evil Spirit" possessed Gao Lin Jue found him, how did he know that he had the ability to hide the traces of spiritual energy, for example, where did he come from?  Where did you get these weird spirit-controlling techniques.

    Because of these things, He Kuiyun didn't say anything, he also had other ways to know.

    Li Shiyou outside also noticed that the "evil spirit" had completely dissipated, and the sound of music that had been lingering under the spiritual vision also stopped, so he walked slowly to the side of the small building.

    Through the wide-open door, Li Shiyou saw Chen Kuo standing inside, and a figure lying on the ground. He couldn't see the tall butcher spirit, chef spirit, old man playing and the group of pink skeletons before, so he cautiously  asked:

    "Brother, what's the situation?"

    Chen Kuo walked to the wall, flicked on the light in the building, and said, "It's settled, this guy wants to use the power of the 'evil spirit' to play spirit games, and he played himself to death."

    Li Shiyou looked at He Kuiyun's miserable appearance on the ground, but he didn't react too much. He also has rich experience in subjugating demons and spirits, and has seen all kinds of bloody scenes.

    Hearing Chen Kuo say that He Kuiyun actually wanted to use "evil spirits" to play spirit fights and strengthen his physical body, he thought of the many "evil spirits" and "evil spirits" he had just seen, as well as the final octopus-shaped "evil spirits".  ", He Kuiyun's current tragic appearance did not surprise him at all.

    Of course, the fact that the biggest "evil spirit" turned out to be "eaten" by the chubby-looking little bowl demon in the end, he never expected.

    "He thought he was raising and controlling spirits, but he didn't know that from the moment he bound evil spirits and evil spirits with his soul, he himself had been held hostage by evil spirits and evil spirits." Chen Kuo watched  Said He Kuiyun, who had no movement.

    "He transferred those 'evil spirits' to the bicycle seat cushions one by one, and allowed those 'evil spirits' to have such a strong spirit body. He must have fed them with ghosts. These ghostshow did he raise them?  so powerful?" Li Shiyou murmured:

    "Shared bicyclesBrother, do you think it will cause manyaccidents through bicycles?"

    "It is indeed possible, but it may not be a direct traffic accident, otherwise it should have attracted the attention of the society." Chen Kuo nodded and said, "Go back and ask Lao Yang, let him check the accidents in Haihong City during this period  With the death records, we can know whether there is any connection."

    He Kuiyun specially set up a shared bicycle company, and specially arranged the loads of the "evil spirits" into bicycle cushions. Being the operation and maintenance personnel by himself must have something to do with his feeding and controlling these "evil spirits".

    "Brother, the magic circle outside has not stopped"

    "It's okay, I'll take care of it. You call and inform Lao Yang. He needs to finish the work. If He Kui died, the police in Haihong City must be alerted."

    "Okay." Li Shiyou took out his mobile phone, and as soon as he dialed Yang Pingye's number, he saw that Chen Kuo, who had walked into the courtyard, had already cast a magic talisman to break open the formation laid down by He Kui. It seemed easy,  It seems to be just random.

    It's tootoo easy?

    Li Shiyou immediately remembered that when he first entered the operation and maintenance point, his eldest brother pointed out to him the location of the gathering place of Yin and Spiritual Energy.

    Being able to do this proves that as soon as he came in, the eldest brother has already seen the way the aura of the entire formation works, and even the position of the formation's eyes has been judged.

    ?But since the big formation can be broken so easily, why didn't the eldest brother break the big formation first, and then fight with He Kui?

    A ridiculous thought came to his mind:

    Could it be that the eldest brother thinks that He Kuiyun is too weak, so he deliberately let him get the bonus of the magic circle?

    Thinking again that the eldest brother was able to get rid of those "evil spirits" and "evil spirits" first, but he didn't do his best, but waited for He Kuiyun to gather all the "spirits" into the body of the octopus-shaped "evil spirit".  Quick solution, this idea is even stronger.

    The elder brother obviously looks like an ordinary art repairer, but his strength and means are comparable to a "real person" level advanced repairer.

    No, it should be said that it is stronger than most "real people".

    "Hello? Hello? Li Daochang, what happened to you? Where is Chen Kuo?"

    It wasn't until Police Officer Yang's anxious voice came out of the receiver that Li Shiyou came back to his senses, and quickly told Yang Pingye the general situation here, especially the death of He Kuiyun.

    After listening, Yang Pingye was silent for two seconds, and said: "I will take care of the rest. I am also a colleague of Haihong. You should leave first, but don't go out of the province for a few days. You may be called here to assist at any time."  investigation."

    "Okay." Li Shiyou replied.

    He has also cooperated with the authorities to deal with the ending of various demons and spirits, so he knows what it means to assist in the investigation and is not panicked.

    After he relayed Yang Pingye's words to Chen Kuo, the two briefly checked around the small building and the operation and maintenance point. After finding no other "spirit that slipped through the net", they left the operation with a few magic weapon level items they found.  dimension point.

    Any objects related to "spirits" obtained from evil heretics and evil cultivators, whether they are "evil spirits" carrying objects, magic weapons, magic weapons, or various spiritual props, shall be determined according to the "five major sects"  According to the general clan rules, it cannot be taken as one's own. It must be handed over to the Zongmen, and can only be processed after being inspected by the Zongmen.

    The two walked out of the operation and maintenance point, turned around and closed the door again, and then returned to the car.

    Surveillance must have captured them, but these do not need to be dealt with. Officer Yang will explain to the Haihong City police.

    The little secretary was still sitting in the back seat of the car, but Chen Kuo glanced at the traces on the ground beside the car, and knew that the little secretary must have got out of the car just now, but he didn't say anything. It's normal for the little secretary to be worried and nervous.

    After getting into the car, Zhu Li immediately asked with concern: "Boss, is everything going well?"

    Li Shiyou first smiled and said: "Brother, if you go out, there will be no troubles, just evil cultivators, evil spirits, nothing more than chickens and dogs"

    Chen Kuo first took the clothes handed by the secretary and put them on, buttoning them and smiling, "It's indeed smoother than expected."

    In fact, what Li Shiyou thought before was correct. As soon as Chen Kuo entered the operation and maintenance point, he had already seen through He Kui's deployment.

    Compared with the large formation that a certain big monster set up in Xianyue City not long ago with the help of Fengshui layout and other means, the magic formation of He Kuiyun is really rudimentary.  Arranging the magic circle is also willing to pay for it, and the way of stacking materials has enhanced its power. This magic circle is not vulnerable at all.

    Chen Kuo didn't break the magic circle at the beginning, because in a sense, the magic circle was still good for him.

    As soon as he entered the door, he didn't do it right away, but played hala with Hekui for a long time, which was obviously not polite.

    Part of the reason is that I want to find out the purpose of the "Fanwei Evil Spirit" possessed by Gao Linjue to find him, but the most important thing is to wait.

    Wait for the time to enter the sub-hour.

    At this time, the yin aura between heaven and earth will be absolutely dominant, coupled with the magic circle and such a large number of "evil spirits" and "evil spirits" transported by He Kui, he will be in an environment with a strong yin aura  middle.

    In this way, he can make greater use of his yang aura to fight, and reduce the risk of backlash out of control.

    Of course, this is just to consider the enemy from a broad perspective.

    In fact, He Kuiyun didn't ask him to use much force, and the solution was relatively easy.

    It can even be said that He Kuiyun was more cooperative, letting Qianfanniu swallow almost all of his "evil spirits" and "evil spirits" spirit bodies, it was not a waste, and it didn't take too much time.

    "Everyone is hungry, let's go, I'll take you to eat delicious food!" After getting dressed, Chen Kuo drove the car onto the road and headed towards the city.

    "Brother, I have a question, I don't know whether to ask it or not"

    "If there is anything you should ask or not, if you have anything to say, just say it, my brother, not mother-in-law." Chen Kuo laughed.

    Sitting in the co-pilot, Li Shiyou hugged his backpack, which contained the five recovered magic circle clips. He hesitated and said:

    "Brother, you asked me to set up the 'Yangjin Lightning Array', is it really useless?"

    "Of course not." Chen Kuo said affirmatively: "Didn't you notice that I dared to follow He Kui into the building after you set up the 'Yangjin Lightning Array'?"

    "But from the beginning to the end, this magic circle has not been activated and used?" Li Shiyou said in surprise.

    "Because this magic circle is an 'insurance', it is a good thing that this 'insurance' is not used in the end."

    "Insurance?" Li Shiyou was even more puzzled. In his opinion, the "Yangjin Lightning Array" didn't seem to be that useful. How could it be "insurance"??'s five magic circle clips, he hesitated and said:

    "Brother, you asked me to set up the 'Yangjin Lightning Array', is it really useless?"

    "Of course not." Chen Kuo said affirmatively: "Didn't you notice that I dared to follow He Kui into the building after you set up the 'Yangjin Lightning Array'?"

    "But from the beginning to the end, this magic circle has not been activated and used?" Li Shiyou said in surprise.

    "Because this magic circle is an 'insurance', it is a good thing that this 'insurance' is not used in the end."

    "Insurance?" Li Shiyou was even more puzzled. In his opinion, the "Yangjin Lightning Array" didn't seem to be that useful. How could it be "insurance"?
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