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Text Chapter 49: Time to Debut

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    "You guys are fooling around! How did you open this door, and where did you get the key?" Gao Zhe frowned and looked at the iron gate of the girls' dormitory.

    "Ah! This is I stole it from the dormitory auntie!" Zhang Xiaofei immediately took the blame, and they couldn't let the dormitory aunt who opened the back door for them be punished.

    "It's so nonsense! Hurry up and get the person you found from above Anyway, invite someone out! If something happens to this, can you take responsibility? It's really messed up!" Gao Zhe lectured.

    "Mr. Gao, Daoist Fu and Xiao Wei are professional and very good. Let them try. At worst, we won't let the school reimburse us" Zhang Xiaofei begged.

    But before Gao Zhe could answer, Chen Kuo had already walked over with two big bags, and put the bags aside, making a loud bang.

    He looked up at the girls' dormitory building, and said directly: "Mr. Gao, take a few classmates to leave first, at least out of the school gate. Then inform those who are in school tonight, stay in their own rooms and don't come out  The same goes for security guards and other staff, stay indoors, and don¡¯t come out no matter what you hear.¡±

    Gao Zhe and the three girls were stunned, looking up at Chen Kuo.

    "Don't worry about the two people inside, I will make sure they are safe, go." Chen Kuo said, waving his hands.

    Gao Zhe heard the words and quickly called three girls to leave with him.

    After following Gao Zhe for 20 to 30 meters, Zhang Xiaofei couldn't help but turn her head, looked at Chen Kuo who was still looking up at the top of the dormitory downstairs, and asked in a low voice:

    "Mr. Gao, who is that man? He looks so tall, so strong, like a thug"

    The delicate girl who went to the dormitory manager to get the key said in a low voice, "I think it's a little handsome."

    The tall girl said with a smile: "You like this type, I like Taoist Xiao Wei, but unfortunately he is still too young, when he grows up ten years later, I will be old, alas"

    Seeing the two nympho girls, Gao Zhe was also a little bit dumbfounded, and said sternly: "This is not your business, go back to rest early, which hotel are you arranged to go back quickly, pay attention to safety on the way, I will call later  Confirm with the teacher at the hotel."

    After watching the three girls go out of the school, Gao Zhe followed Chen Kuo's instructions to explain to the dormitory supervisor in the boys' dormitory, and also to inform the security guard.

    Seeing Gao Zhe walking away, the three girls involuntarily slowed down.

    The delicate girl asked: "Xiaofei, is the big handsome guy who came here with Teacher Gao also a person who came to get rid of spirits and also a practitioner?"

    "It's possible, but it looks strange. His two big bags rattled when thrown on the ground, as if he was carrying something like a hammer, saw, shovel, etc., coupled with his size, he was  I trust the decoration company." Zhang Xiaofei said.

    "You're judging people by their appearance. Although he doesn't wear Taoist robes like Fu Daochang and Xiao Wei, since he was brought by Teacher Gao, he must be professional!" the delicate girl retorted.

    The tall girl smiled and said, "You are the one who 'judging people by their appearance'. You clearly think that he is professional just because he is handsome."

    "Bah, I don't have one."

    "Oh, do we really want to go back?" Zhang Xiaofei hesitated.

    "Mr. Gao has already said, let's go back, otherwise, if he calls Mr. Xu later and finds out that we are not there, he might be punished for several crimes and punished." The tall girl hesitated.  .

    "What should Fu Daochang and Xiaowei do? Let them know first." Zhang Xiaofei said, picked up her mobile phone and called Weizhi. After dinner, all three of them asked for a phone number and WeChat from Weizhi.

    But the phone didn't get through, saying it was not in the service area.

    "Strange, what's going on? Did Xiao Wei turn off the phone?"

    "Uh Maybe he gave us a fake number?"

    "It's not possible"

    "Let's wait and see"

    Outside the girls' dormitory, Chen Kuo folded his arms and looked up at the dark and somewhat gloomy girls' dormitory building, but he had no plans to go in immediately.

    In the evening, the surrounding environment is also heavily yin aura, and the two people in the girls' dormitory stimulated the aura of the whole body again, making the overall aura outline very obvious.

    Therefore, under the spiritual vision, Chen Kuo can directly see the two human aura shapes on the fifth and third floors. Without the interference of lights, he can see the internal aura activities and changes more intuitively and clearly.

    This kind of direct observation at the visual level is even more comprehensive and more comprehensive than watching surveillance.

    On the way here,Chen Kuo has already realized that the problem of the girls' dormitory is by no means the problem of the headless doll, let alone the problem of the dormitory itself, it is the yin spirit environment and the derived "yin spirit body" created by the overall feng shui changes  Variation problem.

    Need to find the key nodes to solve from the whole.

    Under the spiritual vision world, no matter whether they are on the fifth floor or the third floor, they are obviously spiritual practitioners.

    But the difference is that the fifth floor should be a surgery repair, and at this time it seems to have cut off the aura communication between itself and the outside world. It is probably because of some kind of talisman and magic weapon used to seal the spirit.

    Judging from this operation, he should be affected by the "yin spirit" at the consciousness level, and chose this method to temporarily "avoid war and protect himself".

    Logically speaking, any spiritual practice would not do this in the process of eliminating spirits, which is equivalent to raising hands to surrender or even begging for mercy.

    But at this moment, Chen Kuo could understand the reason why he did this because the person on the third floor was almost covered with a clear outline of aura, and he was obviously a "Qi Cultivator".

    "Qi Cultivation" has obvious advantages when removing spirits, because like Chen Kuo, it can directly manipulate "spirits" to a certain extent.

    This is to let the "Qi Xiu" on the third floor let go of his hands and feet, without having to take his safety into consideration.

    From this point, Chen Kuo can know that the relationship between these two people must be very close and they trust each other very much.  Otherwise, even if they are brothers from the same clan and have a good relationship with each other, they would not do this. This is not only throwing one of their own big handles to the other party, but also telling the other party that they are cowardly.

    Chen Kuo immediately thought of the little "Qi Xiu" he met on Zhongshan Road before. Judging from the outline of the aura, the "Qi Xiu" on the third floor is similar to the one on Zhongshan Road, even if they are not the same  People should also come from the same sect.

    At this time, the internal battle is at a stalemate. The ghosts in the girls' dormitory building seem to be playing hide-and-seek with the "Qi Xiu", constantly creating various false appearances, as if they want to delay time and exhaust the aura of "Qi Xiu",  Then take advantage of the void and try to influence the other party's sanity.

    However, according to Chen Kuo's observation, although the aura of this "Qi Cultivation" is not very strong, the strategy is still very stable. If there is only the "evil spirit" in the dormitory, it is only a matter of time before it is resolved.

    Unfortunately, there is far more than one "evil spirit" in this school.

    Chen Kuo didn't just watch the show with a cold eye, he just wanted to take this opportunity to sort out the whole context of Yin spirits in this school.

    Suddenly, a sneaky figure got in through the small door next to the girls' dormitory.

    "Hehe" Chen Kuo frowned, and went in directly from the gate.

    He didn't need a flashlight, and he could immediately tell what he was doing from the movement of the figure and the smell of gasoline.

    ?This is a fucking game, you can't fight it, you have to play tricks

    "Hello!" Chen Kuo yelled, and the figure trembled slightly, but instead of turning his head back, he sped up his movements.

    Chen Kuo didn't rush over, instead he raised his right hand and swiped his index finger and middle finger across his forehead.

    Under the spiritual vision world, Chen Kuo opened his vertical eyes on his forehead, and a beam of light shot out like a searchlight on the sea, covering the sneaky figure.

    "Scatter for me!"

    Following Chen Kuo's angry shout, under the spirit vision world, the purple light above the sneaky figure turned into a ferocious face and dissipated like smoke.

    Then, the figure fell limply to the ground.

    Chen Kuo approached and picked up the plastic barrel containing gasoline on the ground, and after covering the lid, the middle-aged woman in her forties rubbed her forehead and sat up from the ground, looking around in surprise.

    "Ihow am I here"

    "Who are you?" Chen Kuo asked, his tone sounded unquestionable and irresistible.

    So the middle-aged woman replied subconsciously: "I am Wang Chengmei, the dormitory administrator of Xianyue Vocational and Technical College Ah! This is the girls' dormitory building. How did I end up here? I"

    "Don't be afraid, you are just sleepwalking. I am the person invited by Mr. Gao from the General Affairs Office to deal with this problem. Now you go to the security room at the school gate and wait for Mr. Gao." Chen Kuo ordered.

    The dormitory manager got up in a daze, looked back at Chen Kuo and the dormitory building, and ran out of the courtyard gate of the dormitory building with lingering fear.

    Chen Kuo knew that the supervisor was possessed by an "evil spirit". He just used his "eyes of the sky" to rush away the spirit body of the "evil spirit" on her body temporarily.  In the environment controlled by the "evil spirit", it will still be controlled or possessed again.

    However, Chen Kuo didn't need to exorcise her alone, because killing the main body of the "culprit" would naturally eradicate her problem.

    Now let her go to the security room at the entrance, just because it is temporarily not affected by the gathering of Yin Qi in the school as a whole, and it is a relatively safe place to prevent her from being controlled again.

    Standing in front of the dormitory door, Chen Kuo picked up his mobile phone to check the time, stretched his neck, and began to unbutton his shirt.

    It's time for him to make his debut.The room is only because it is temporarily not affected by the gathering of the overall Yin Qi in the school, and it is a relatively safe place to prevent her from being controlled again.

    Standing in front of the dormitory door, Chen Kuo picked up his mobile phone to check the time, stretched his neck, and began to unbutton his shirt.

    It's time for him to make his debut
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