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Text Chapter 293 Sadness

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    After Chen Kuo finished the video with Duanmu Yuan, Zhu Li looked at her brother Gou curiously: "Brother Gou, didn't you refuse to give that octopus to Lord Purple Tail Phoenix before?"

    Chen Kuo said flatly: "She's not you, how could she give whatever she wants?"

    Zhu Li was stunned for a moment, then couldn't help but patted Brother Gou's arm, and said with a smile: "Brother Gou, why are you so nasty!"

    Under the spirit vision world, the Ganfan girl who was sitting on Zhu Li's lap, looking at the tablet on her lap, and comparing a few delicacies that she wanted to eat for a while, suddenly got a keyword, and looked up at Zhu Li blankly: "  What kind of meat? What kind of meat does Ah Kuo want to feed you?"

    Zhu Li couldn't help laughing, a little girl with fox ears appeared behind her, she stretched out her hand and patted Fan Niu's forehead, and said angrily, "Go and play your game!"

    "I'm not playing games" Qianfanniu murmured softly while holding her head.

    Zhu Li looked back at Chen Kuo again.

    Chen Kuo also looked at her.

    The four eyes met for two seconds, Zhu Li frowned and said, "What did I just want to ask you?"

    Chen Kuo laughed, couldn't help stretching out his hand to gently pinch her smooth face, and said with a smile, "It's so cute, come and give me a kiss."

    Zhu Li's face turned red, she slapped Chen Kuo's hand off, and glared at him: "Be careful in public places!"

    Chen Kuo still had a playful smile on his face: "It's okay, other people can't see us, and they can't hear us. Hehe No one will hear you if you shout!"

    "Dog brother!"

    "Let's talk about business, talk about business." Chen Kuo hurriedly sat down.

    Although Xiao Zhu's face is red now, like a ripe apple, she is very cute and makes people want to take a big bite, but Chen Kuo understands the character of the little secretary very well, and if he continues to push forward like this, he will really piss people off  It's gross, you have to accept it as soon as you see it.

    But speaking of it, his little secretary is indeed unpredictable. Sometimes he is so aggressive that he is almost overwhelmed and almost uncontrollable, and sometimes he is very shy and not teased at all.

    Of course, Chen Kuo didn't think there was any problem with this, on the contrary, it reflected the cuteness of his little secretary.

    "Temporarily speaking, we are indeed short of manpower, but for what we are going to do, even if we lack manpower, we would rather be short than excessive. Purple Tail is just in a desperate situation. After weighing the pros and cons, he chooses to surrender. There is no way to choose.  We have no way to trust her, so she will not be of any help to what we are going to do. After all, she is not a cloud and water octopus, she already knows our true identity." Chen Kuo began to answer the question Zhu Li just raised.

    Zhu Li asked suspiciously: "Then you still accepted her in the end? Why is that? Because of that answer?"

    She recalled the last answer of "Purple Tail Phoenix Master", and couldn't help laughing: "Purple Tail said that if she is locked in a room, equipped with a computer and connected to a network cable, she will be able to stay for a lifetime. She is a big demon with severe Internet addiction  ¡­No, she is the demon king with severe internet addiction? No wonder even the demon world has rarely heard of her for so many years. I thought she was deliberately low-key, hidden deep, and she has been staying on the Internet and playing games all the time?  "

    Chen Kuo laughed: "At that time, if I connect her to the Internet and arrange the room, then I will have gaming chairs, ergonomic chairs, electric lifting computer desks, large 4K high-definition display screens, and the top-notch mouse, keyboard, earphones and speakers."  Put it all together, and then equip her with a Pentium 3 plus 98 system from 20 years ago, hehe, what expression do you think she will have? Can she stay for a lifetime?"

    Zhu Li smiled and said: "Brother Dog, you are too bad! If you really do this, the Purple Tailed Phoenix Lord will probably be able to break through the defense on the spot, and the demon will explode immediately. If this is the case, you have committed a crime!"

    "Oh, just kidding, can I be that kind of person? But I really want to see what Ziwei's expression will be when she finds out that it's a broken computer Haha. Actually, when I asked that question, it didn't matter what she answered  , the important thing is her attitude and state when she answers. By observing this, it can help me understand her character to a certain extent, and then judge whether we can use her."

    Zhu Li understood that from the very beginning, that octopus was not important to Chen Kuo, and whether it was handed over to Duanmu Yuan, the master of the purple-tailed phoenix, was just a matter of one word.

    Chen Kuo's refusal was purely for the sake of refusal, and then cited the evil she had committed directly and indirectly in her own cultivation career, expressing the principle that "evil is not punished and cannot be forgiven", expressing that her spiritual body is impure, and giving her a  A feeling of having nowhere to turn, of refusing to serve her.

    In fact, Zhu Li knew that if the Lord of the Purple Tail Phoenix was really so sinful that he had no chance of being accepted, then Chen Kuo would not talk nonsense with her at all, and it was already an obvious attitude that he was willing to video with her¡ª¡ª  But the Purple Tailed Phoenix Lord naturally didn't know this, she knew about Chen Kuo through various channels except for the almost fatal fight.Established a connection with Yaozu.

    Then waited for the opportunity, completely seized the control of the "Nine Heavens Yinhua Lock", and escaped with the assistance of the Yaozu.

    But the Yaozu didn't dare to confront the Zongmen head-to-head, and no demon king dared to meet them directly, so they had to rush over by themselves, and they had to get rid of the chase, otherwise the Yaozu's response would not come  .

    For the five half-human, half-fox demons who have not yet been able to change form, have not learned spells, and barely control the magic weapon, this is almost an impossible task.

    The five members of their family ran away all the way with the belief of sacrificing for each other.

    Their father, from the very beginning, did not intend to live to the end, so when he took control of the magic weapon, he directly burned his own body and Yin spirit, and forcibly passed the "Nine Heavens Yinhua Lock" to the last case during this period of time.  The passive cultivation base they instilled was consumed - along with his own vitality.

    After the father fell, it was the mother, and after the mother fell, it was the brother and sister.

    Although there was no discussion or communication, the family members tacitly took up the "big umbrella" to cover their loved ones one by one. In the end, they handed over the "Nine Heavens Yinhua Lock" and the hope of life to the children of the age at that time.  The youngest, Zhu Li who is still a bit ignorant.

    And she finally survived.

    She lived to this day, and started revenge with her dog brother.

    Looking at the big tree with a few shallow scratches in front of him, Zhu Li, who thought that after so many years, she had been able to control her emotions on the way here, still burst into tears instantly.

    Chen Kuo hugged the little secretary into his arms, and gently stroked her back and the back of her head.

    "Father Mom Brother Sister They died for me They died for me I can't even bury them, I can't even set up a tombstone for them, Brother Dog,  I'm sorry for them, Brother DogI miss themI miss them so muchbutbut I almost can't remember what they look likeBrother Dog"

    The little secretary cried very sadly, her body twitched, and she was a little out of breath.

    In fact, this was the saddest time she cried after escaping and after her parents, brothers and sisters all sacrificed to keep her.

    Before, no matter how sad and angry she was when she thought of the past of her biological parents, brothers and sisters, she shed tears silently, she never dared to cry unrestrainedly.

    Today, it seems that the grievances, sadness, anger, hatred, aggrieved, self-blame, and bitterness of the past twenty years have all been released, and the emotions are like a flood, surging unscrupulously.

    Even Chen Kuo, thinking of his parents who passed away in an accident when he was young, his master "Old Taoist" who passed away in high school, and his brothers and sisters who are still missing at this time, his eyes are also red.

    Chen Kuo also sympathized with the little secretary's sentence "I miss them so much, but I can hardly remember what they look like".

    However, he still has photos left by his parents in the early years to look at. Although there is only one, although it is not clear, it is a thought after all.

    And the little secretary has nothing.

    He understood the fear, the fear.

    "Don't be afraid, Xiao Zhu, don't be afraid, I will help you remember, you dog brother is omnipotent." Chen Kuo whispered in the girl's ear.

    Under the spiritual vision world, the girl sitting on Chen Kuo's shoulder also stretched out her chubby little hand, and gently touched Zhu Li's head, even though she couldn't actually touch anything.

    So Zhu Li, who was convulsed by crying, slowly calmed down.

    They were in a mountain forest, and it was already night, but the surroundings were extremely quiet, not even the sound of insects and birds, as if they were afraid of disturbing the two of them.

    Zhu Li finally calmed down. In a trance, she felt as if she had slept and had a dream.

    Crying from the afternoon to the evening, even Zhu Li, who is now well-cultivated and close to the demon king, is a little tired.

    She wanted to lift her head from Brother Gou's arms, but she even took up a part of Brother Gou's clothes, and then she found out in embarrassment that her face was stuck to Brother Gou's clothes It seemed that her nose and tears were dry  up


    Will be laughed at for a lifetime!

    This thought flashed through Zhu Li's mind.

    Under the spirit vision world, the voice of Ganfanniu sounded: "Xiao Zhu is awake! Ah Kuo! Let's go eat! Eat roasted pig's trotters!" </div&gt
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