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Text Chapter 227: The Past

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    "What do you say? Did this Huang Ding offend Brother Gou?" Zhu Li raised his head slightly and asked.

    Chen Kuo slowly helped the little secretary brush the long black hair, and at the same time told her all Huang Ding's performance and speech at the "Question and Answer Meeting", and then analyzed:

    "Although on the surface, Huang Ding didn't question or attack me very directly, and it wasn't even as sharp as the questions raised by the other True Monarchs, but when facing this person, I would have an instinctive vigilance.  This proves that my intuition can detect his hidden malice.

    "So after Huang Ding shared the information that the 'Purple Tail Phoenix Lord' took the initiative to fall into the realm to avoid tracking the traces of spiritual energy, I didn't understand at the beginning why he would release this information publicly to expand the number of competitors for nothing. But  Because of the vigilance of the inspiration, I quickly realized that the message he threw out was probably aimed at me.

    "Once the threshold for chasing the 'Purple-tailed Phoenix Lord' is lowered, it will inevitably attract many spiritual practitioners who do not have the strength to participate in it. These spiritual practitioners may not necessarily be sect disciples or elders, but there will be many casual cultivators who have received news, or even  Evil cultivator. Maybe there will be some representatives of big demons and demon kings joining in. After all, for demons, a 'demon king' who has fallen into the realm is also an excellent stepping stone for promotion"

    Hearing this, Zhu Li couldn't help frowning and said: "Those spiritual cultivators or big monsters, if they can't find any clues, they will come to find Brother Gou!"

    Chen Kuo, who was brushing the ends of the little secretary's hair carefully, reached out and touched the top of the little secretary's head, which was still a little wet, to praise her ice and snow intelligence.

    "Yes, these people or monsters don't care about the rules of the sect. They won't come to some 'question-and-answer meeting' honestly and contact me through the sect. They can't find the 'Purple-tailed Phoenix Lord' themselves, so they will  I feel that an ordinary little spiritual cultivator who is neither a real person nor a qi cultivator should be easy to bully and handle. Maybe he will consider tying me up as a bait to see if he can take revenge on the 'Purple Tail Phoenix Master'  Check it out." Chen Kuo said.

    "In order not to be followed, the purple-tailed phoenix master had the heart to let herself fall several times in a row. How could she risk exposing her tracks for revenge at this time?" Zhu Li said.

    "Where would they consider this, anyway, it seems that there is no 'cost'." Chen Kuo laughed.

    Zhu Li also laughed: "Aren't you here to deliver 'food' to Brother Gou? Brother Gou can save me another coat, um, I hope to come more, and get me a magic-level satchel or something  .¡±

    After wiping it with a towel, Chen Kuo took the electric winder and said with a smile: "My wife is really cruel! Tsk tsk, if my sixth sister finds out, I'm sure I'll tremble next time I see you!"

    "No, I will invite Mi Bunny to eat more delicious food. I often chat with Yaomei and know what Mi Bunny likes to eat!" Zhu Li said proudly.

    Chen Kuo laughed and said, "My wife is not only cruel, but also treacherous!"

    "It's red if you get close to vermilion! Uh, it's rape if you get close to a dog!"

    "Hahahahahaha, alas, it seems that I was wrong, my wife is cruel but stupid!"

    "Brother Dog, your wife is still addicted to barking? Be careful to bark smoothly, and you will also bark at the company later!"

    "Then it can only be announced officially, what are you afraid of!"

    "Brother Dog, where's your face?"

    "What shame do you need if you have a wife"

    Under the spirit vision world, the girl on the sofa who had started playing games again couldn't help but look up at the two of them again, her big eyes were full of doubts.

    Plug in the electric blower, and dry the secretary's hair attentively and carefully. After sitting down next to her, Chen Kuocai continued:

    "He must have some doubts about me, and for some reason, he didn't want to test me by himself, so he wanted to borrow the hands of other spiritual practitioners. At that time, he might be able to pretend to be a good person and 'help'  .¡±

    Having said that, Chen Kuo couldn't help but paused, and turned to look at the little secretary next to him: "Xiao Zhu, do you think I'm too dark and have delusions of persecution?"

    Zhu Li said strangely: "No, Brother Gou, your analysis is very reasonable! It is completely logical!"

    What she said was really not a compliment at all. She was thinking about how to remind Brother Gou to be careful of Huang Ding, but unexpectedly Brother Gou was already alert and felt that that guy was not a good guy.

    Her brother Gou's intuition is really strong, as expected of Brother Gou.

    It can be seen that the little secretary really agrees, looking at the flushed face that just dried her hair, Chen Kuo couldn't help but reach out and touch it lightly with the back of his finger, and then help her pin a few strands of hair behind her ears  .

    Zhu Li also cooperatively rubbed Chen Kuo's hand with her cheek. This kind of tenderness always reminded her of when she was in the mountains with Brother Gou, and Brother Gou gently stroked her fur.How many questions did you ask me at the meeting?  "Chen Kuo asked Ganfanniu, these are all the information he mentioned when he told Zhu Li just now.

    Ganfanniu looked confused: "I don't talk about it!"

    "You must have heard it just now." Chen Kuo said with great certainty.

    "I don't remember!" Ganfanniu was confident.

    "You answer it, let's eat the milk puffs at Blum restaurant tomorrow morning!"

    Ganfan girl was stunned, and bit her index finger, as if hesitating.

    Chen Kuo immediately said: "Add another bacon sandwich! Drink hot cocoa or supreme pearl milk tea, you choose! If you don't answer, or answer wrongly, drink porridge tomorrow morning, big! White! Porridge!"

    "The Zhenjun who came to White Wolf Valley to participate in the 'Question and Answer Session' is called Zuo Chongzhe, and that 'Zhe' is the 'Zhe' of two dicks. He asked Ah Kuo six questions, which are"

    After Ganfanniu finished speaking quickly, she added one last sentence: "I want to drink Supreme Pearl Milk Tea! Super big cup!"

    Chen Kuo turned his head to look at the dumbfounded Zhu Li with a smile, his expression seemed to tell her:

    This is the correct instruction manual for Ganfanniu!

    "After I finish writing on the paper, I will burn it. These contents will be recorded by Ganfanniu. If you want to inquire about it in the future, you can ask Ganfanniu directly. As long as she recites it once, she will never forget it."  Chen Kuo said to the little secretary.

    After Zhu Li went to bed, Chen Kuo thought about it, and called Bai Ying out again.

    Previously, Bai Ying was working as a spiritual broker. Although she did not become a formal disciple of Hongyanmen at that time, she was also a spiritual practitioner herself, and she had much more information about the spiritual world than ordinary spiritual practitioners.

    After calling Bai Ying out, Chen Kuo asked directly: "Fellow Daoist Bai, during the meal just now, you said that you know all the gossip about the 'famous families'?"

    Bai Ying said with a little embarrassment: "Actually, I can't say that I know everything well I just know a little bit about those relatively big things. I was a bit bragging just now. Brother Chen, are you looking for something in the past? You can indeed ask me, even if  I don¡¯t remember it myself, but I can help you find someone to ask.¡±

    "Do you still remember what happened in the last case twelve years ago?" Chen Kuo asked.

    "Twelve years ago? The last case?" Bai Ying frowned, thought for a while, and said to the girl next to her, "Sister Fanniu, help me check my forum community and log in to my account."

    In that forum, there is a hidden post, which is a memorabilia written in code words, involving dozens of "famous orthodox sects" including the "five major sects", and some more famous casual cultivators.

    Bai Ying looked at it for a while and said: "This year, the main events that happened in the last case are: in the first month, a sixteen-year-old Qi Xiu went down the mountain;  Encircle and suppress the Four Great Demons; in late February"

    Chen Kuo listened, and suddenly interrupted: "Zhenjun Mingjia was seriously injured in the battle against the evil cultivator, his realm fell, and he retreated to recuperate? What kind of strength and origin is this evil cultivator?  Hit the realm and fall? I have never heard of this character before"

    Bai Ying said: "I've heard of this before. It is said that a true monarch-level evil cultivator suddenly appeared, and his strength was very powerful. Several major sects dispatched a total of six true monarchs and high-level cultivators to besiege and kill them.  It suppressed and killed. In the end, including Zhenjun Mingjia, three Zhenjun were injured, and their realm fell"

    "The evil king who appeared suddenly? So strong?" Chen Kuo asked in surprise. This was an absolute major event in the spiritual world.  Have not heard?

    Bai Ying thought of something, and said: "Oh, by the way, I heard from my senior sister that there seemed to be some inside story about the matter, so the five major sects and the real masters all kept a low profile, and ordinary spiritual practitioners don't know about it.  It's also normal"

    "Inside story? What inside story?"

    "I don't know about that. I was still very young at the time. But you can ask my senior sister, she probably hasn't slept yet." Bai Ying said, her tone was a little excited, Chen Kuo finally had to give her something, and she  Time is suffocating.

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