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Text Chapter 226: I, Chen Kuo, are by no means stupid

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    During the chatting and nonsense, everyone unknowingly discussed the problems and difficulties of the coexistence of monsters, and even rose to the level of philosophy.

    Naturally, this kind of discussion will not come to any definite conclusion, that is, everyone expresses their opinions, expresses some rough opinions to each other, and says what comes to mind. If there is a new topic, it is normal to just diverge and talk.

    After eating a meal for more than two hours, with so many people together, Chen Kuo naturally wouldn't be obsessed with liquidating the liquidation, but while chatting and eating, coupled with the constant urging of the dry rice girl, more than 80% of the dishes were eaten.

    Tang Yuan just arrived at Xianyue today, and the hotel hasn't been booked yet, so Chen Kuo simply asked her to stay in the small building where Wei Zhi and his apprentice lived for one night. There are plenty of rooms and clean bedding.  The secretary also lives there occasionally.

    And Xianmen has a hotel booked by their sect, so it is natural to go back to the hotel at this time. He will go back to the mountain gate with the sect's Zhenjun Gaoxiu, Shishu and elders tomorrow morning.

    Therefore, only the master and apprentice together with Tang Yuan took a car back to the small building, Chen Kuo and Zhu Li called a car to take Xianmen back to the hotel before returning home.

    Arriving downstairs at Chen Kuo's house, the two got off the car and went upstairs together.

    Yes, since the day when Chen Kuo confessed that the two of them slept on the same bed touching their bellies, they have been living together in a substantive and non-general way.

    Saying "substantial" is because they did live together, and even often slept together in the same bed.

    Chen Kuo has already helped Zhu Li move a lot of clothes and bought a lot of daily necessities, and he even vacated half of the wardrobe.

    And "non-generalization" means that although the two often sleep on the same bed, and Chen Kuo often sleeps with his hands on the little secretary's belly, there is no further development.

    After all, in this process, Chen Kuo also needs to perceive the supreme yang aura in his body, so he has to concentrate and concentrate.

    This is not some kind of flirting or tenderness between lovers, but serious practice, modulating the Zhiyang aura in the body, and establishing a new Zhiyang aura operation mode.


    It is true that he and Zhu Li are already lovers, andXiao Zhu never said that she can't touch other places or do other things.


    But Seeing Xiao Zhu sleeping so peacefully and peacefully beside him, how could he do other things?

    Can't do it, definitely can't do it.

    At least not now.

    Back home, Ganfanniu immediately appeared by herself, lying on the sofa with a "little stone" and playing with a tablet computer.

    "What happened to you this afternoon?" After Chen Kuo hesitated, he decided to ask the little secretary directly instead of asking the rice girl first.

    ? Zhu Li entered the door and put on slippers, and turned back to help Chen Kuo take off his coat and hang it up. After hearing this, he hesitated for a moment and said:

    "I had lunch outside at noon, and when I was walking on the road, the aura in my body suddenly sensed, and then followed the induction to the outside of the Hidden Hotel."

    Chen Kuo helped Zhu Li, who had turned around, take off his coat, and said in surprise, "Hiden Hotel? You mean, someone who has a sense of aura in your body or a treasure, entered the Hidden Hotel? It's a person from the sect  ? Come to my question-and-answer meeting? Could it be a real king?¡±

    After Zhu Li raised her hand to ask Brother Gou to help her take off her coat, she put down her ponytail, shook her head lightly, spread her long hair, and said, "I confirmed it during the meal just now, the person who has the feelingis Miss Bai's  That senior sister Tang Yuan."

    "It's her?" Chen Kuo asked thoughtfully: "What's the reason for this connection? Is it because of the special spells she cultivated, because of her special aura, or because she has some special magic weapon?"

    "It can be said that it is related, or it doesn't matter. Well, it has something to do with my secret. Tang Yuan has other identities besides being a disciple of King Nirvana. But for the time being, you have to check her and Brother Gou.  It shouldn't matter, she and Ms. Bai should really have a good relationship, and it doesn't seem like they came to get close to Brother Gou on purpose. Related things I will tell you in detail after Brother Gou solves the master's matter. "  Zhu Li said.

    "Well, I see." Chen Kuo didn't ask further, the longer he stayed with Xiao Zhu, the more sure he was about Xiao Zhu's affection for him.  This kind of affection is not as strong and passionate as he imagined between passionate couples, but it has a kind of trust and consideration like childhood sweethearts and old wives.

    He could even feel that Xiao Zhu didn't fully tell him about many things, but was actually thinking about him.

    He had an intuition that if he kept asking, the little secretary would tell everything.

    But it was precisely because he knew this that he didn't choose to ask.

    "correct,nbsp;Just as he was thinking about this, Chen Kuo suddenly noticed that under the spirit vision world, the girl who was supposed to be playing games on a tablet was lying on the back of the sofa in the living room, staring at the two of them with her chin resting on her hands.  Even the "little stone" on her head is in the same posture, staring at two eyes that almost fill up its head.

    Chen Kuo, who was still hugging the secretary, asked doubtfully, "Is the tablet dead?"

    Ganfan girl shook her head: "There is electricity."

    Chen Kuo was surprised: "Then why don't you play games and watch us?"

    "Why are you standing by the door all the time?" Qianfanniu asked puzzledly, "Are you guys playing some kind of game? Is it role-playing? What roles are you playing this time? It's not Lingxiu and fairy, right? Why do I see  not come out?"

    Yes, the two people have not moved since they helped each other take off their coats and changed their slippers when they entered the door, and they are still hugging each other standing in the entrance hall.

    Zhu Li couldn't help feeling a little embarrassed, broke free from her arms, and whispered, "Brother Dog, I'll take a shower first." Then she entered the room with slippers on, took her clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

    Chen Kuo walked to the sofa and sat down, glaring at the girl next to him: "Go and play your game!"

    Ganfan girl scratched her head, a little confused, not knowing what Akuo was angry about.

    "Akuo, are you hungry? I said we should pack a supper before we come back" Ganfan girl couldn't help muttering.

    Chen Kuo ignored her, poured a glass of cold water and took a sip, couldn't help frowning, what were he and Xiao Zhu talking about before?

    Oh yes, talking about the second child, does the second child have another layer of identity like Tang Yuan?  Otherwise, why did Xiao Zhu test him?

    Forget it, judging by Xiaozhu's reaction, the second child should be fine, don't think about it, let's get down to business first.

    Chen Kuo took out a small notebook the size of a palm, and began to write and scratch on it, pausing to recall from time to time.

    After Zhu Li came out of the shower, she wore pink pajamas and pajamas, walked to the living room with a towel and a hair dryer, passed them to Chen Kuo, glanced at what he was writing, and asked, "Brother Dog, are you analyzing today's news?"  Those true monarchs and high-level cultivators at the question-and-answer meeting?"

    "Well, I think my master's death must have something to do with the existence of the Zhenjun level. The Zhenjun who came today probably accounts for half of the domestic spiritual circle. The target I want to deal with and investigate may also be  Inside. Do a basic understanding first, which will help you prepare for the investigation later.¡± Chen Kuo put down his pen, took the hair dryer and towel from the secretary, and asked her to sit on the sofa, while he quickly  Gently began to brush her hair.

    "Brother Dog, can you tell me?" Zhu Li looked at the names written down in Brother Gou's notebook, and decided to gently remind Brother Gou to pay attention to Zhenjun Huang Ding and the previous case later.

    This Huang Ding was one of the culprits who killed her family back then, even if he wasn't the biggest enemy, he could still be ranked among the top three.

    Although she decided to help Brother Gou investigate the cause of Wu Tiandao's death first, and avenge Gou Ge first, and her revenge later, but Huang Ding didn't want something, she still had to let Gou Ge pay attention and be on guard.

    "Zhenjun Lin Baoyan of the Long Qizong, the first spiritual practitioner who came to the scene of my battle with the demon king this time, is best at controlling the wind and imitating the wind. It is said that he once helped the coastal cities to weaken the passing typhoon and avoid a disaster.  , has received a lot of secret care from the officials for the vast Qizong.

    "I heard from Weizhi and fellow Daoists Fuchong that Lin Zhenjun looks hot-tempered and straightforward, but in fact he is thoughtful, has a vicious vision, and is very accurate in judging people and things.

    "This time she also asked me a lot of questions, but it seems that her attitude towards me and our Jingshan sect is quite natural.

    "Zuo Chongzhe Zuo Zhenjun of the White Wolf Valley is considered to be the one with the highest seniority and prestige among the Zhenjuns of the five major sects. If there is any matter in the five major sects, it is necessary to coordinate the Zhenjun's collective action. He is the leader  one.

    "Like this time in the northwest, the one who led many sects and high-level masters to control those Southeast Asian sorcerers, and later wiped out those sorcerers who were secretly causing trouble with thunderous force, is Zuo Chongzhe.

    "This Zuo Zhenjun is the one who asked me the most questions in the Q&A meeting. He also acted very directly. He just wanted to catch the Purple-tailed Phoenix Lord. He didn't have much life energy left, so I left it for him to attack,  The time to cross the tribulation is running out"

    Chen Kuo listed the few true emperors Gaoxiu he met today one by one, and then said a few words of conclusion.

    Soon, he talked about the Huang Ding of the last case.

    "Reverend Huang Ding" Chen Kuo mused.

    When Zhu Li was thinking about how to remind Brother Gou naturally, he heard Brother Gou say: "I hate this person very much."

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