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Text Chapter 225: On Demons

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    Because there was a joke about calling him "husband" on the phone, so after seeing the little secretary, Chen Kuo has been paying more attention to her emotions to see if something happy happened to her, otherwise why would he suddenly talk to him?  Make such a radical joke?

    After chatting for a while and observing, he found that although Zhu Li had been responding to what he said, and seemed to be concentrating on listening to him, he was obviously a little distracted.

    Have something on your mind?

    Well, I will ask when I get back at night, or I will secretly ask the rice girls later to see if they have encountered anything in the afternoon.

    "Brother Chen, why don't you take out my magic bronze mirror to serve some food? I also want to eat like sister Ganfan"

    Bai Ying suddenly looked helplessly at the meal, eating happily, and even started to shake her head. Even the girl who was dancing with the little stone hidden in her hair asked Chen Kuo to make a meal too.

    If it is an ordinary pure demon spirit, like a "big car", then even if you see the delicious food, you will only be curious, thinking that this is a different way of cultivation, and you will not envy or  Yes, I also want to eat together.

    But not long ago, Bai Ying was a pure human being, eating and eating delicious food was a normal human instinct.

    Before Chen Kuo could speak, Tang Yuan smiled and said, "What are you thinking? That's someone's innate supernatural powers. You don't have such supernatural powers. Even if Chen Daoyou eats with your magic bronze mirror, you can't eat with it.  !"

    Chen Kuo also said: "It's okay, after you recover, your spirit and body will become one, and you can eat and drink whatever you want, and you can eat whatever you want."

    Tang Yuan smiled and said: "Sakura probably wants to eat whatever she wants while the food is not real."

    "No way, are female spiritual practitioners still afraid of getting fat?" Chen Kuo said, looking at Zhu Li next to him: "Since my little Zhu became a spiritual practitioner, her food intake has increased by three or four times, and she is not fat at all."

    Zhu Li was taken aback, unexpectedly, she suddenly cueed to her, and looked at Brother Gou: "I didn't!"

    Chen Kuo smiled and said, "No? Did you actually gain weight?"

    Zhu Li gave him a "fierce" look, and Chen Kuo hurriedly laughed: "Just kidding, just kidding, haha"

    Bai Ying sighed and said, "Oh, I remember when I first met Secretary Zhu, she was just an ordinary person, but after a while, Secretary Zhu is already a qi cultivator who can instantly kill big demons, maybe in the future I will  We have to call her Senior Zhu."

    Of course, she was not clear about the situation on the day when the "demon king appeared".  Not to mention her, after the spell pattern on Chen Kuo's back was sealed, even Qianfan Niu couldn't condense her spirit body for a while.  However, Chen Kuo once called her out on the way to meet Zhai Hongyang single-handedly, and told her that in an emergency, she might need her magic weapon to help.

    However, when she was called out to fight side by side with Chen Kuo and fight to the death with the big monster, what she saw was her father, Elder Chu Zhenyan.

    Only then did she know that when Chen Kuo almost reversed and killed the big demon that day, the demon king appeared, and then the demon king was injured by some unknown existence and fled, while Chen Kuo survived by luck.

    This made her feel a little scared. Although she was not a disciple of Hongyan Sect before, she has always been active in the field of spiritual cultivation. For information about various spiritual cultivation fields, such as the strength of spiritual cultivation at various levels, the strength of demons and spirits  In contrast, there is a relatively clear judgment, so she knows very well how rare it is for Chen Kuo to survive under the circumstances of the demon king.  If Chen Kuo dies, she will have to follow along with a gg. She doesn't even have a reaction at all, and the ball will die for no reason.

    Just now she heard Weizhi and Xianmen discussing Zhu Li's performance in the film and television city that day, and she was also a little surprised at the improvement of the strength of this newly promoted Miss Qixiu, and she was looking forward to the unity of her spirit and body, and returned to the world.  After entering the physical body, what kind of spiritual strength can you have, and whether you can directly open up your inspiration and become a qi cultivator.

    This direct communication with her father also made her realize that now is an excellent opportunity for her to practice Yinling and directly improve her inspiration.

    Since Chen Kuo was able to train Xiao Zhu, an ordinary weak woman and office lady, into a powerful Qi cultivator who can kill a monster with a single blow, then she grew up in the sect since she was a child, and is familiar with all kinds of spiritual knowledge.  It is also in the most suitable state of Yin spirit to improve inspiration, so there should be a good opportunity to greatly improve it, right?

    What the "senior sister" said just now also reminded her that Qianfanniu and Dache are all gifted with supernatural powers, even the "weak" parasitic demon spirits such as Wang Weisun and Shen Sigu have corresponding musical instrument supernatural powers, so her supernatural powers  Woolen cloth?

    Next, they chatted about the battles in the film and television city that day, mainly about Wei Zhi, Fu Chong, Chen Kuo, and Zhu Li, but?Because Tang Yuan is here, Wei Zhi and his disciples can't confirm whether she is as credible as Chen Kuo's sworn brothers and sisters, so a lot of things that I didn't say to my sect's true king, and I didn't say it here¡ª  ¡ªFor example, Chen Kuo's various methods, the bloody abyss, the activation circle that undid Zhai Hongyang's "death curse" in advance, etc.

    While chatting, they also talked about their usual experiences and interesting stories about subjugating demons and eliminating spirits. After Xianmen told the story of the first time he and the sect seniors dealt with a tiger demon and almost killed both of them, Zhu Li seized the opportunity  , very naturally said to Xianmen:

    "These wild monsters are so ferocious. You really should get a monster detector. Once you find them, get rid of them."

    Hearing this, Chen Kuo, who was being urged to drink another bowl of soup by the rice girl, couldn't help but glance at the little secretary.

    Xianmen shook his head: "In fact, not all monsters are bad. There are many monsters who are pure in nature, more harmless and kind than most human beings. Just like our sixth sister Mi Huajun, as long as there is a stutter  , don¡¯t talk about harming people, I don¡¯t even bother to get out of the door, and I don¡¯t even bother to go down the mountain.¡±

    Under the spiritual vision, the girl who drank soup with Chen Kuo nodded repeatedly, expressing that she understood.

    Weizhi also said: "Mr. Mi Hua is definitely a good monster! A big good monster!"

    Zhu Li also stuck out her tongue, and said embarrassedly: "I actually forgot about Mr. Mi Hua, and said the wrong thing. Well, it should be said that all kinds of monsters should be supervised and educated, and all of them should be assigned ID cards."  And so on, guide them to practice benign cultivation, and let them not do evil"

    Fu Chong rubbed his chin and said: "In the past, several high-level cultivators from the five major sects had indeed raised similar ideas, but they still left it behind."

    Xianmen sighed and said: "Because in essence, in this era of lack of spiritual energy and scarce spiritual materials, the relationship between spiritual cultivation and demons is not the relationship between law enforcement officers and criminals, but the relationship between hunters and prey.  Human nature is constantly tested. But human nature is sometimes difficult to stand the test.

    "Let's just talk about our sixth sister. If she hadn't been a rabbit in her original form, she was cute and cute, and most of Yuan Taizong's spiritual practitioners were women, and the spells she practiced were relatively peaceful and close to nature If  After she was born into a demon, the first thing she met was a spiritual cultivator who was in urgent need of spiritual materials, and the ending might not be too good, even if she did nothing evil, but just ate the fruit in the deep mountains and old forests far away from human habitation,  Not even interested in cultivation."

    As soon as these words came out, the box fell into silence for a while. Although it sounded cruel, everyone knew that what Xianmen said was the truth.

    Most of the time, spiritual practice is not based on whether the monster has violated the way of heaven, public order, or the law, whether it has harmed people, or whether it has caused damage.

    For most of the spiritual practitioners who are walking outside, whether the monster is useful to their own cultivation, how useful it is, and whether they can handle it themselves are the biggest factors in considering how to deal with it.

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