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Text Chapter 224: A Big Score

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    Hearing the little secretary call himself "husband" so sweetly, Chen Kuo's first reaction was not happiness, pride, excitement or other positive emotions, but nervousness.

    According to his understanding of the little secretary, although the relationship between the two of them has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few days, and they have confirmed the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend, they will not advance so many names all at once.

    And based on his observation, the little secretary was the happiest when he called him "Brother Dog", as if the name had a magical effect on her.

    So when Chen Kuo heard this abnormal address and abnormal tone, his instinctive reaction was¡ªthe little secretary was in danger, and this was a signal to him.

    Chen Kuo's brain was running fast, thinking about the situation that the little secretary might face and his own countermeasures.

    Normally speaking, the little secretary should be in the company at this time, but she would never call herself "husband" in this tone in the company, so she should be in other places, and there are no familiar colleagues around;

    From the side voices, there are faint sounds of cars and horns, she may be on the side of the road or on the balcony;

    She didn't pick up the phone until the fourth ring, which meant that she wasn't idle, but she wasn't very busy either

    When Chen Kuo was hesitating whether to call "wife" to hint to the little secretary that he had received a "signal" to ask her to give more "hints", the voice of the little secretary over there became normal and crisp:

    "Brother Dog! What's the matter!"

    Chen Kuo finally let go of the breath he had been holding, and his crazily running brain was able to slow down.

    It's okay, it's okay, it seems that the little secretary was just joking with him just now, acting like a baby.

    After asking, it turned out that the little secretary was not in the company right now, and came out to eat when she was hungry.

    He reckoned that Ganfanniu must be "leaning" (crying hungry) next to the little secretary in the afternoon, and the little secretary had to come out to eat¡ªeven if she couldn't make Ganfanniu eat, Ganfanniu would still be noisy.

    Chen Kuo has thought about it, if Qianfan girl turns into an evil spirit, it is estimated that she will specifically drive people to overeat until they die, and if she becomes an evil spirit, she will make people in the entire domain hungry, and then overeat and overeat.  till death

    After telling the little secretary to order food first, Chen Kuo took Tang Yuan and Xianmen to pick up Weizhi's master and apprentice by car.

    Although some people from the Miao Qi Sect also came here today, and that Lin Baoyan Zhenjun belonged to the Miao Qi Sect, they were the only ones who did not come, because this matter had nothing to do with them, and the sect did not allow them to participate.

    However, when Lin Baoyan arrived at Xianyue, he approached the two of them immediately to understand the situation. Naturally, they followed Chen Kuo's earlier explanation and selectively "tell the truth".

    Some things they don't take the initiative to say, others are hard to come up with, most people have preconceived impressions, and many of Chen Kuo's abilities and performances are beyond the scope of ordinary spiritual practice or even common sense.

    Picking up Weizhi's master and apprentice, the group quickly arrived at Shenghua Building where a box was reserved.

    The dishes of this restaurant are not the best among the same type in Xianyue, but in terms of decoration, service, etc., this restaurant is the best choice for Chen Kuo to entertain friends. It is very suitable for gatherings and drinks among friends  .

    Zhu Li has already arrived, ordered dishes according to Chen Kuo's instructions, and waited in the box.

    Chen Kuo introduced the little secretary to Xianmen and Tang Yuan. The former knew from Qiu Lindong and others that this secretary Zhu Lizhu, although pronounced as "secretary", should actually be written as "girlfriend".  The new eldest brother is a couple, and he always inadvertently sprinkles dog food in front of his brothers.

    And he also knew that Secretary Zhu was a very powerful genius Qi Xiu. He had just become a Qi Xiu not long ago, but he was already able to instantly kill a big monster.

    ? According to the judgment of their sworn brothers and sisters, Secretary Zhu is certainly talented and powerful, but she has such immediate combat power when she just became a qi repairer. Chen Kuo, who taught her, should be even more powerful.

    Chen Kuo's "big brother" is really well-deservedly called, and his strength is really unfathomable, and it is completely beyond common sense.  You must know that although Xianmen is also a qi cultivator, one of the five major sects, it is also a qi cultivator of the Great Liang Sect, but it is still impossible to instantly kill the big monster with relatively strong physical defense ability in the original state.

    As for Tang Yuan, although she didn't know the little secretary before, she saw that Chen Kuo specially asked Secretary Zhu to order food in advance on this occasion, and both the master and apprentice knew her as soon as they entered the door, and they knew her when they greeted her.  This person has an unusual relationship with Chen Kuo, certainly not an ordinary boss or secretary relationship.

    What's more, this Secretary Zhu is still a Qi Cultivator!

    It's not easy for Chen Kuo to be a secretary with a beautiful beauty.

    Both of themWhat I know is that Zhu Li, who greeted them generously in the private room with a warm smile on his face, was extremely shocked in his heart at this moment.

    It never occurred to her that she had already given up her search for the undercover monsters who appeared in the Hidden Hotel. As a result, when the door of the box opened, there were two monsters standing next to her brother Gou.  They are undercover agents, and one of them is brother Gou's sworn brother.

    This is so outrageous!

    From a big spectrum!

    Does her dog brother have some demon-sucking qualities?

    Her own secretary, assistant, and girlfriend will not be mentioned, and among the people around Brother Gou, there is a demon undercover who is sworn brother, and there is a demon undercover among the people she knows, the demon king who has not shown his head for decades"  "Purple-tailed Phoenix Lord" was forced into the world by Brother Gou, Zhai Hongyang and a lot of demons circled around him, oh, there is a big rabbit demon among his sworn brothers and sisters, by the way, there is also Ganfan girl, although the bowl demon is a demon spirit  , but after all, it also occupies a demon character, as well as "big car", Wang Weisong, Shensi story

    Her dog brother is the well-deserved "demon king".

    She was able to instantly know Xianmen and Tang Yuan's real monster identities because of the magic weapon in her body, but if she didn't deliberately show the magic weapon, the two of them would have no way to find her.

    Even the two of them should not know each other's true identities according to the Yaozu's arrangement.

    Zhu Li was a little worried, whether it was accidental, coincidental, or purposeful, with ulterior motives for these two people to meet her dog brother?

    After the waiter finished serving the food and the secretary closed the box door, Chen Kuo called out Bai Ying and Ganfanniu.

    Except for Chen Kuo and Fu Chong in the private room, everyone else is Qi Cultivator, who can directly see spirit bodies through spiritual vision, and Chen Kuo himself also has the ability of spiritual vision. As for Fu Chong, if necessary, he can also use spiritual talismans  Come open your eyes and participate in the exchange.

    As soon as she was called out, Ganfan girl couldn't take her eyes off the food on the table, and kept urging: "Ah Kuo, don't be dazed, eat quickly, I know you are hungry eat spicy food first,  Spicy and delicious! Try this too, hurry up"

    As for Bai Ying, when she saw her "senior sister" whom she hadn't seen for a long time, she was naturally extremely excited, chatting non-stop.

    On the other side, although Fu Chong didn't open his eyes and couldn't hear the noise under the spiritual vision world, he was not lonely. The idle door sitting next to him was also chatting with the master and apprentice all the time.

    Xianmen's personality is relatively dull, not very sociable, and very bad at communicating with strangers.

    Fuchong and Weizhi's master and apprentice are also typical of lonely nerds in the Long Qizong, but the three of them got together and started the topic with Chen Kuo, and they had a very happy chat.

    Chen Kuo was also eating while talking to Zhu Li about today's "Question and Answer Meeting", but he always felt that the little secretary seemed a little absent-minded today.
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