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Text Chapter 223 Explosion

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    , my secretary is a fox demon

    Undoubtedly, what the great majority of Zhenjun bosses who came to Xianyue to participate in this "Question and Answer Session" are most concerned about and what they want to know most from Chen Kuo is the one who forced the "Purple-tailed Phoenix Master" to cast all his spells and brought the demon king into the world.  On the other hand, what kind of existence is there.

    In their view, the "Purple Tailed Phoenix Lord" is facing either other demon kings whose strength is higher than hers, or a top true monarch Gao Xiu whose strength is close to the tribulation stage.

    And the probability of the latter is much higher, otherwise it would be impossible to explain why Chen Kuo was able to survive¡ª¡ªfor the Demon King, it is normal to deal with a human spiritual cultivation casually, and there will be no mercy.

    Only the true king who is also a human spiritual cultivator may be hindered by the way he is practicing, so as not to affect the Taoist heart, he is spared his life.

    Except for this possibility, Chen Kuo really has no reason to survive.

    The strong man who injured and fled the "Purple Tail Phoenix Lord", whether it is a demon or a spiritual cultivator, since he can wipe out all traces, he will naturally not be afraid of killing Chen Kuo and causing trouble with the sect.

    What's more, Chen Kuo is not a disciple of a big sect.

    As for the option "Chen Kuo beat 'Purple Tailed Phoenix Lord' and ran away, then pretended to faint and came back to make up a story", no one with common sense in spiritual practice would choose.

    It is still possible for Chen Kuo, an ordinary sect spiritual cultivator who is not a Qi cultivator, to be able to drive away or even kill a top monster like Zhai Hongyang by relying on magic weapons or other special methods.

    But the top demon king like "Purple Tailed Phoenix Lord" is a powerhouse that even the true emperor Gaoxiu may not be able to handle alone. If Chen Kuo can injure her and beat her away, anyone can do it  Trees and dogs can fly.

    Even if it is the darkest and the biggest doubt about Chen Kuo, it is just this little spiritual cultivator of the Jingshan Sect, who may know the strong man who injured the "Purple Tail Phoenix Lord" and deliberately conceal it for him.

    But this kind of thing is about evidence, if there is no evidence, now there are his own sect master, elders of Hongyan sect and other five major sects, Gao Xiu sitting next to Chen Kuo, no one really dares to label him casually  .

    After all, it's hard to say whether the top-ranking True Monarch is a hidden Loose Cultivator or a True Monarch of a certain sect.

    On the side of "Purple Tail Phoenix Lord", Chen Kuo can explain very limited details, such as "I was so frightened that my soul almost flew away", "I should have lost consciousness at that time", "I feel like I have spiritual consciousness  It was closed", "My hearing and vision seem to have disappeared, and I can't tell what is real and what is an illusion", "I'm not sure, I'm really not sure what happened at that time"

    However, these descriptions are quite reasonable to the ears of these experienced high-level cultivators and bigwigs.

    So everyone can only turn to ask him how he brought a few sworn brothers and sisters, the process of rescuing Mi Bunny with Wei Zhi's master and apprentice, and why he has the confidence to single-handedly accept Di Hongyang's promise.  How to fight undefeated for a long time and even almost fight back.

    For these questions, Chen Kuo has naturally prepared and deduced, so there is no problem in answering them, even taking into account the descriptions of Qiu Lindong, Xiao Jiamiao, Wei Zhi's mentor and others who were with him at the time - they were in the  When faced with inquiries from the elders of his own sect, he could help Chen Kuo hide it and not take the initiative to bring up the details of the spells and the appearance of the spirit body under the spirit vision, but he certainly couldn't lie about everything.

    Therefore, the "story" compiled by Chen Kuo must be based on these incomplete and true information, so as not to reveal the truth.

    And his strategy is to underestimate the expression of his own strength, while emphasizing the explanation of props and magic weapons.

    Anyway, in terms of the details of the spells of one's own strength, just a word of sect secrets can be prevaricated, and there is a ready-made suzerain next to it that can be pulled out as a shield.

    As for props and magic weapons, except for the magic weapon-level spirit jade pendant that Chu Zhenyan gave him¡ªChu Zhenyan thanked Chen Kuo for saving his daughter and asked Chen Kuo to continue to help his daughter maintain the ghost state.  Kuo gave it to the little secretary for self-defense ¡ª¡ª more to introduce the various applications of his "Five Elements Exorcism Array Portable and Easy-to-install Kit".

    Anyway, he brought Qiu Lindong and the others in the film and television city, and indeed used this magic circle kit many times, and it can even be said that it has been arranged since before entering.

    So inexplicably, this "question-and-answer meeting" for the survivors and witnesses of the "demon king" gradually evolved into Chen Kuo's promotion meeting and press conference for various spiritual products of Duobao Company.

    Those real-life spiritual practitioners, or bigwigs from various sects, all watched it with great interest, and kept asking Chen Kuo questions, and Chen Kuo also answered them patiently, basically giving definite answers to everything, you  If he wants to know the principle and the general materials used, he can directly say it, knowing everything, and he can talk endlessly, just like the previous question "The demon king is now.?? Boss Chen doesn¡¯t have the face to let so many true emperors and high-level practitioners come to the meeting. When the ¡®five major sects¡¯ held a joint meeting to mobilize the true emperors to go to the northwest, there were not so many people present.  "

    "Aren't I just pretending to be a tiger? If it weren't for the suzerain and the elders to support me, I would have been torn apart by those real kings." Chen Kuo joked.

    "You go, go, hurry up, I don't dare to listen to you if you continue." Chu Zhenyan waved at him dumbfounded, and then said to the lord of the Jingshan Sect next to him: "Really Lu, how many of us  It¡¯s good to have a gathering by yourself, I just have something to discuss with Master Lu, Elder Yan, and Sect Master Qi.¡±

    Lu Yang nodded, then glanced at Shen Zimu beside him, and said to Chen Kuo: "In this case, Zimu will go with you too."

    Shen Zimu frowned slightly, but before he had time to say anything, Chen Kuo said first: "Junior Brother Shen is the only qi cultivator of our Jingshan Sect. The future suzerain must sit at the big boss's table!"

    So in the end, Chen Kuo took the two people from Xianmen downstairs by himself, and when they reached the lobby, they picked up Tang Yuan who had been waiting here for several hours.

    This is Bai Ying's "Senior Sister". In fact, strictly speaking, she cannot be called "Senior Sister". It should be said that she is her playmate and sister who grew up together when she was young.  build.

    However, their sect is a small sect, and they did not participate in the investigation of the "demon king" and the so-called "question-and-answer meeting". Anyway, their sect does not have a real king, high cultivation, and has no opportunity or motivation to fight for it.

    She came to Xianyue this time, on the one hand, she got the master's explanation to come to send spiritual materials to several sects, on the other hand, she just wanted to "see" Bai Ying again by the way.

    Bai Ying was still dressed in sportswear and sneakers when she first met her, with a backpack on her back, looking dashing and heroic.

    "Have you been waiting for a long time? Didn't I tell the disciple who guards the gate, can you go in directly when you come over? Why have you been waiting here?" Chen Kuo said with a smile. When Tang Yuan came over before, he had already sent him a message  Wechat.

    Tang Yuan shook her head and said, "No, I'm not interested in your 'Question and Answer Session' either. It's not something that small sects like us can participate in such as hunting the demon king."

    "At the 'Question and Answer Meeting' just now, the real Huang Daoist from the previous case revealed a piece of news. The demon king has a high probability of falling to the lower level. Now maybe the three of us can catch him by swarming up!" Chen Kuo said with a smile.  .

    "Ah? Is that so? Then" Tang Yuan also grasped the point: "Then the spiritual world is going to be messed up. Everyone wants to catch the demon king, train them into spiritual materials, and then soar into the sky? But  Why did Master Huang tell this matter? Doesn't this give everyone a chance to fight?"

    "Who knows, how is it, are you interested?"

    "No." Tang Yuan shook her head decisively without any hesitation.

    "That's right, very sober, as expected of Xiaobai's 'calmest senior sister' that Xiaobai has always said. Let's go and have dinner together." Chen Kuo said, pointing to the idle door beside him: "This is the idle door of my sworn brother.  , Disciples of the Great Liang Sect, you should know Weizhi and Fuchong, two fellow Taoists later. Well, there is also my secretary, both of whom are from my own family."

    "I won't go, I came to see you, just want to see Xiaoying by the way, after seeing her, say a few words, and then I will leave." Tang Yuan frowned.

    Chen Kuo said: "I can't let you meet here, can I? Let's go, I will let her out when we eat later, they are all my own people, we can meet together, no problem."

    As he spoke, he took out his mobile phone and called the little secretary, planning to ask her to order food first.

    As a result, as soon as the phone was connected, there was the little secretary's gentle and coquettish voice: "Hey, husband"

    Chen Kuo froze for an instant, as if he had stopped breathing.
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