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Text Chapter 222 Hey, Husband

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    Zhu Li hailed a car and followed in the direction of the Hidden Hotel.

    Getting closer to the Hidden Hotel, Zhu Li became more and more sure of her and Ganfanniu's judgment¡ªthe aura that was connected to her was coming to the Hidden Hotel.

    Zhu Li asked the driver to stop the car in advance, and pretended to look down while playing with his mobile phone from a distance of two to three hundred meters from the Hidden Hotel.

    In fact, she has a way to retract her qi cultivation base again. Her current cultivation base is not her real strength at all, it is simulated by a magic weapon, just like a turtle's head, it can be stretched out, but it can be retracted.  no problem.

    As long as she is willing, she can become an ordinary person without cultivation at any time, and she is still very confident that she can withstand Zhenjun Gaoxiu's investigation.

    However, her dog brother is relatively safe, so she was not allowed to come.

    Originally, she must have listened to Brother Gou and didn't come here to avoid meeting the real king. No matter what, the most important thing is to let Brother Gou worry less now.

    But the induction on the road made her unable not to follow, because she was too curious.

    The induction came from the magic weapon on her body, indicating that in the car she noticed just now, there was a demon clan who used her magic weapon to shape the body.

    Including herself, this magic weapon has helped shape the bodies of five demon clans in total. This reshaping method is almost like recreating the real body.  Unexpectedly, even because the monsters are born with the ability to refine aura, they can also practice qi cultivation techniques that only humans can practice after they have refined the real body, and their talents are far superior to ordinary human qi cultivation.

    The most important thing is that this physical body, like ordinary human beings, can develop and grow over time, and even become old after reaching a certain age-of course, if the spiritual energy is refined, it can also rely on  Reiki to counteract this aging change.

    With such a body, no spiritual society would suspect that they are demons.

    Except for Zhu Li, the other four The four demons were all sent into the sect since they were young, or in other words, their identities were arranged, and then they were "discovered" by the people of the sect.  He was brought into the sect to practice.

    The four of them didn't know Zhu Li's identity, and they weren't even sure how their bodies were refined. According to the information Zhu Li got from Sister Baa, they didn't know each other's identities.

    In fact, Zhu Li didn't know who the four of them were, which sect they belonged to, and what cultivation level they had, but if she wanted to, she could search slowly according to the induction of the magic weapon at any time.  ,Just a matter of time.

    Before that, she would not specifically look for these four people, because what they were going to do had nothing to do with her, and she didn't know these people either.

    But since she sensed that they were in the same city, she still wanted to take a look and confirm who had the refined real body and entered the sect.

    Although I don't know which sect the four of them are in, since they are disciples of the sect and they are all qi cultivators, then when they come to Xianyue City at this time, there is a high probability that they will attend Brother Gou's "Question and Answer Meeting".

    Sure enough, I came over to take a look, and the impression was that it was at the Hidden Hotel.

    She moved a dozen steps closer, and suddenly found that there was more than one connection to the Hidden Hotel, there were two in total!

    That is to say, now there are two undercover monsters who have refined their real bodies with magic weapons in the Hidden Hotel?

    Zhu Li was a little surprised at first, but soon realized that this is actually quite normal. Today in the Hidden Hotel, more than 50% of the real masters and high-level practitioners from various famous sects in the country gathered, and there were many non-true masters who were from various sects.  Spiritualists with great status or potential here are brought by the elders of various families to increase their knowledge or get to know people.

    It may not be that everyone is going for the whereabouts of the demon king. After all, he is not a real king, and he is not even qualified to fight for a share. If you really meet him, you have to run away quickly.

    There are quite a few spiritual cultivators from sects here, but in fact they mainly go for those true masters¡ªexcept for the true masters of the "five great sects", there are many true masters who are basically related to the "five great sects".  The conference is "listening to the tone but not to the announcement", and it is difficult to see general joint conferences.

    Under such circumstances, it is normal for Yaozu to arrange for the disciples who entered the sect to appear at the Hidden Hotel - with the talents of those four, after so many years, they must all be of high status in their respective sects.

    "Xiaozhu, Xiaozhu, are we going to help Ah Kuo fight? Let's finish the fight quickly, and then go to dinner with Ah Kuo. I want to eat hot pot"

    Under the spirit vision world, the Ganfan girl who was still riding on Zhu Li's neck said happily.

    "You shrink back! There are a bunch of real monarchs here, be careful and wait until someone catches you, I can't protect you!" Zhu Li said.

    &nb??To be honest, I didn¡¯t expect such important news to be hidden, and it happened to be said on such an occasion where everyone was present. Isn¡¯t this just adding competitors to all true kings?

    If the injured "Purple Tailed Phoenix Lord" falls into the hands of Daoist Lingxiu, she will not be able to play the role she should play as a spiritual material at all!

    Even Chen Kuo was a little puzzled by Huang Ding's operation. What good did this operation do for him?

    After Huang Ding said this information, he just asked Chen Kuo if he had noticed that the realm of "Purple Tailed Phoenix Master" had fallen, and if he had noticed any injuries she had suffered.

    Chen Kuo, who had compiled a full set of stories long ago, naturally said no, and Huang Ding didn't ask any more questions about it. It seemed that he was just taking this opportunity to spread the news of the "Purple Tailed Phoenix Master"'s fall to everyone.

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