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Text Chapter 221: Parasitic Rice Worm

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    Duobao Company, outside Chen Kuo's office, Zhu Li was a little bored sitting at the workstation and clicking the mouse, repeatedly swiping food pictures to catch fish.

    It's not that she wants to see these food pictures, but that the girl who is sitting next to her wants to see them.

    Yes, not only did Chen Kuo not take her to the hotel meeting, he didn't even bring the big white bowl that never left him.

    As for the reason, it is naturally that there are a lot of real monarchs and high-level cultivators over there, and something may be seen if they are not careful.

    In the past, Chen Kuo didn't care, he was open-minded, and he also believed that the high-level cultivator of the Zongmen would not have any malicious intentions towards him, an ordinary little spiritual cultivator.

    To put it bluntly, he has nothing to ask others to figure out.

    But it's different now. On the one hand, there are clouds of the cause of the master's death. He suspects that the final investigation direction may fall on certain sects, Gao Xiushen or even the five major sects. Otherwise, the old suzerain, senior brothers and sisters would not be that  a reaction;

    On the other hand, Chen Kuo has made it clear that his upper limit of strength can easily reach the level of a true king, a demon king, or even stronger.

    So obviously, when facing those true kings and high-level cultivators, when it is still unclear who is the real enemy and who is the real friend, it is safer to hide as much as possible.

    What's more, taking in and raising demon spirits without authorization is a violation of the rules set by the five major sects. It's okay to turn a blind eye to acquaintances, but if there are ulterior motives, then this is the reason to deal with him  .

    As for how he dealt with Zhai Hongyang, how he led Qiu Lindong and others to rescue Mi Huajun, in terms of the details of the spell, it can be regarded as the secret of the Jingshan sect and the secret method of practice.  With the suzerain also present, he could easily find a reason to prevaricate.

    As for not bringing a little secretary with him - although the little secretary hasn't told him that he has any secrets, but the conversation between the two after the confession before and the experience of touching his stomach in the past few days also let him know that the secret of the little secretary must be quite not simple  .

    If those true monarchs and high-level cultivators find out that he has a Qi Xiu secretary who is not from the Jingshan sect, they will definitely find it strange, and then they will spy and investigate deeply. It is hard to guarantee that they will see something.

    So this time when Chen Kuo went to a meeting, the little secretary could only stay at the company with the girl who was cooking, and show her food pictures to satisfy her cravings.

    "Little Zhu, Xiao Zhu!" Qianfanniu suddenly called out.

    "Huh?" Zhu Li, who was in a trance, turned her head and glanced at her, because Qianfanniu's speech is the expression of spiritual energy under the spiritual vision world, which cannot be heard by ordinary people, but her words are real words, so she has to be careful and concealed.  Otherwise, if people passing by heard it, they would probably think she was talking to herself, which was a little strange.

    "Will Ah Kuo fight with them? Those real and fake ones or something." Ganfanniu asked.

    Zhu Li looked up at the other colleagues, and seeing that no one noticed, she whispered:

    "Of course not. Brother Gou is a disciple of the sect, and he hasn't done anything bad. How can they beat Brother Gou?"

    But Ganfanniu said: "They didn't beat Ah Kuo, it was Ah Kuo who beat them!"

    "Why did brother Gou beat them?"

    "Didn't Ah Kuo say that we should observe carefully today, maybe there may be more than one villain who killed our old Taoist priest?" Ganfanniu tilted her head and said strangely.

    Zhu Li smiled wryly and said: "Isn't this the result of the observation yet? You have to determine the situation first and know who the enemy is. And brother Gou just said to observe. It's not so easy to investigate this kind of thing, so we have to think about it in the long run."  .Today, according to Brother Gou, it is just to 'build a root directory' for those people first."

    "That's itit's really troublesome." Qianfanniu held her chin and sighed.

    Zhu Li smiled and said: "What do you think This kind of thing is not playing a game, pulling Zhenjun together, no matter what happens, and just having sex together. Or like you eat delicious food, make all kinds of food  Let¡¯s put a piece together and eat together.¡±

    "Isn't it possible" Ganfanniu said, "Isn't Ah Kuo very powerful now?"

    "Brother Gou's 'Hegemony' ability of 'Fa Tian Xiang Di' is not stable enough, it can't be used casually, and no matter how powerful it is, he shouldn't deal with all the real kings alone, that's too stupid." Zhu Li and Gan Fan Niu  Be reasonable.

    "Xiaozhu, Xiaozhu, where should we go for lunch? Let's go eat stewed pork rice. The newly opened one I saw on the computer just now seems to be delicious. I've never eaten it before!"  I plan to listen to the truth, and think about jumping to the top of the food.

    Zhu Li said helplessly: "It's fine for me to take you to eat, but if I eat it from your bowl, you won't be able to taste it either."

    Although the relationship between Zhu Li and Ganfanniu is very mysterious,It seems that only instinctive demon spirits look at it. You need to instill more serious information into her, force her to think, and force her to calculate.

    However, when the little secretary once again tried to tell her the background and information of the "question-and-answer meeting" that Chen Kuo went to hold, Qianfanniu began to think differently:

    "Xiaozhu, Xiaozhu, why do you call Ah Kuo 'Brother Dog'? Is it because dogs are more edible?"

    Zhu Li was taken aback, a little out of touch with the logic of Ganfanniu, shouldn't it be called "pig" if it can be eaten?  Uh, no, she can't eat at all.

    No, no, she is not a pig

    Zhu Li found that she didn't lead Qianfanniu to think seriously, but was led astray by Ganfanniu instead.

    "Because the aunt of 'Brother Dog' called him 'A Kuo' before, it sounded like 'A Dog', and I think 'Brother Dog' sounds nice! I like to be called 'Brother Dog'!" Zhu Li still decided to be serious.  explain.

    "Oh." Ganfanniu asked again: "Then why is Ah Kuo's powerful ability called 'Papa Body'? Is it because after activation, he can beat other people like their fathers?"

    Zhu Li was stunned again when he heard this, this magical brain circuit is really amazing!

    "It's not dad's dad, it's a domineering tyrant! How did you think of going there"

    "Oh." Ganfan girl lay on Zhu Li's head, seeming a little sleepy.

    "Ganfan girl, let me teach you a set of cultivation methods! Help you develop supernatural powers!" Zhu Li said again.

    Because the yang aura in Chen Kuo's body is actually stabilized by a trace of yin aura from the magic weapon in her body, so in a sense, her understanding of Qianfanniu should be second only to Chen Kuo.

    "No, I can only eat delicious food, not practice." Ganfanniu said decisively.

    "It's okay, it's very simple, I'll teach you!" Zhu Li followed the temptation, "Maybe seeing you become very powerful, Brother Gou will reward you with delicious food."

    "No, I won't."

    "Well, maybe in the future, if you follow me to learn magic and supernatural powers, I can also take you to eat delicious food?"

    "You can't, you can only eat by yourself! I can't eat it!" Qianfanniu thought of the stewed pork rice just now, and felt a little sad.

    "That's not right now. Didn't you say that in the future if I marry Brother Gou in the future, maybe it will be okay? Then what you and Brother Gou will eat every day depends on my face?" Zhu Li resisted shyness and blushed.  , continue to seduce.

    As soon as the words came out, Ganfanniu really hesitated: "Thenthen let me think about it, I'm stupid, and Akuo calls me a stupid girl, so I can't blame me"

    Zhu Li is speechless, this girl who does not want to study because of laziness dares to say anything?

    Normally, when Chen Kuo called her a "stupid girl", she immediately exploded and countered with "stupid rich".

    It's good now, just admit that I'm a fool.  In order to be a rice bug, I will do everything I can!

    "Don't think so much, come on, I'll teach you the most basic first" Zhu Li was planning to strike while the iron was hot, not to give the girl a chance to delay, hesitate and be vague, but suddenly felt something, and raised her head to the motorway next to her.  look.

    A gray car was driving towards the distance with the traffic flow, and a very clear induction line extended from that car, establishing a connection with Zhu Li.

    Or to be more precise, it established a connection with the magic weapon in her body.

    She stopped in her tracks, stopped to look for a while, then lowered her head and picked up her phone to open the map app, ready to check the possible direction of the car.

    As a result, as soon as the map app was opened, the Ganfan girl riding on her neck had already said: "Go to Lali, turn left at the traffic lights and you will find Hushan Road, and then turn right for 800 meters to Huaqian Road, and then walk another three kilometers  It's Qifa Road, turn right at the end of Qifa Road and you will see Hidden Hotel"

    Hidden Hotel?  Isn't this the hotel where Brother Gou and the others had a meeting?

    Then she was taken aback for a moment, and glanced upwards. This girl, who is clearly sensitive to auras and even judges her thoughts, is very accurate and keen, but she usually pretends to be silly!  It was because she didn't want to learn how to practice, so she deliberately diverted her attention to help her analyze the possible whereabouts of the car just now!

    Indeed, after looking at the map, she came to the same judgment as Ganfanniu. The car might be going to the Hidden Hotel, and it might be related to the spiritual practice at that meeting or the meeting.

    But how did Ganfan girl come to this judgment?  How did she know how she felt just now?

    Zhu Li directly threw out the question, and then Qianfanniu was stunned for a few seconds, and said in a daze, "I don't know, I just intuit it!"

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