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Text Chapter 220 Who Doesn't Want to Get Married (Title Party)

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    During the past half month, the entire spiritual world can be said to be unprecedentedly "lively" in ten years.

    First, some people killed people in Southeast Asia to seize treasures, and left traces of auras pretending to be Hongyanmen, which made the shaman of "Tang Taroga" personally lead people to the country to seek help from Hongyanmen, investigate the real culprit, and recover the treasures.

    Then the witch master of "Tontaloga" was killed by a big demon, and many sorcerers in Southeast Asia were instigated to enter the country from the southwest, hoping to help the "Tontaroga", which suffered heavy losses, find the big monster who killed the witch master and take revenge.

    Domestic spiritual cultivation had to be divided into two groups under the deployment of the five major sects, one group went to the northeast to hunt down the murderous monster, and the other group went to the southwest to stop the Southeast Asian sorcerers.

    Relatively speaking, the suspicion that the big monster kidnapped Yuan Taizong's gatekeeper Rabbit Demon Mi Huajun seems a bit insignificant. Apart from Yuan Taizong's own disciples and Mi Huajun's sworn brothers and sisters, there is no other clue.  Xiu participated in the investigation and rescue.

    But it didn't take long for this matter to attract the attention of almost all true monarchs and high-level cultivators in the country, and all major sects.

    "The demon king is present" - this appeals to top-level masters, almost the same as the "holiday after get off work" of office workers and the "dinner after school" of the student party.

    No one expected that a kidnapping of a little rabbit demon from the sect would eventually lead to the emergence of a top demon king.

    If I had known earlier, I am afraid that no matter how the five major sects coordinate, at least one-third of the true emperors will come to "rescue" Mi Huajun.

    The first person to find the location by following the aura induction of "the demon king is present" was Zhenjun Lin Baoyan of one of the five major sects, and then arrived at the other five major sects, Zhenjun Shangzong Huangding.

    After that, Zhenjun Gaoxiu arrived one after another, and some real people, some who happened to be notified by the elders of the sect in the province to see the situation first.

    In less than 24 hours, a large number of high-level sects gathered in a large area centered on the open and flat land where the aura of the "demon king is alive" fluctuated the most.

    Even in the not-too-distant Lanchuan City, a large number of spiritual cultivations appeared. Almost all the few high-end hotel rooms left in the city were booked, and more and more spiritual cultivations rushed over.

    Many high-level cultivators used their own methods to confirm that the "demon king" who caused the powerful energy fluctuations before was Duanmu Yuan, the "Purple-tailed Phoenix Lord" who was once able to fight against the true king Gaoxiu with one enemy and two.

    They can all be sure that Duanmu Yuan is not dead, and the demon star and demon spirit representing her on the natal chart are still very clear.

    But they couldn't find any traces to trace, so everyone began to wonder if the two True Monarchs who arrived first eliminated the traces and wanted to monopolize it for themselves?

    The one who arrived first, or in other words, everyone knows that Zhenjun Lin Baoyan arrived first, but Zhenjun Lin revealed some information to his friends intentionally or unintentionally¡ªafter Zhenjun Huangding arrived, he included the traces left by the demon king  The traces of spiritual energy were strongly stimulated, so no one who came after saw it.

    Some Zhenjun who had more face and higher seniority directly went to ask Huang Zhenjun face to face. Huang Zhenjun also admitted frankly that it was indeed inspired by him, but he was just looking for clues that might be hidden in the aura in the first place, but  and not found.

    Moreover, Zhenjun Lin Baoyan was there at the time, and he didn't do it secretly. The traces of spiritual energy are clear at a glance, and everyone can see it.

    There is indeed nothing to blame for this explanation, or in other words, no one dares to criticize.

    After all, Zhenjun Huang Ding can almost be said to be the top-level high-cultivator in the entire spiritual world. He is an absolute strong among the real monarchs. He is recognized as the one who has the best chance to try to become a fairy in the past fifty years.

    In addition, he is an elder of one of the five major sects, so there is no real mistake, no one can do anything to him, and no one dares to do anything to him.

    However, in private, several true monarchs and high-level practitioners, including some real people, thought that Huang Ding must have discovered something and concealed something, and secretly stared at him.

    Anyway, as long as Huang Ding is not allowed to swallow it all by himself, he will find the demon king first, and the others will also rush forward. No matter what the spiritual material is, everyone can share it. If he eats meat, everyone has to drink some soup.

    The spirit material of the demon king, even if it is just a little leftover material, is a precious treasure that cannot be found in today's era of thin aura and scarcity of spiritual materials. Sometimes a little bit can determine whether a spiritual practitioner can go further, and even extend his life by decades.  Yuan.

    Even if the true monarch is highly cultivated, he still has to fight.

    But a group of high-level cultivators have been busy around Lanchuan for a day or two, but they haven't found any actual clues. Whether it's the exact tracking of spiritual energy, or metaphysical fortune-telling, they haven't been able to help them find the demon king.  Whereabouts, it is not even clear what person or demon forced the "Purple Tail Phoenix Lord" to go all out, so that it caused such a big commotion.bsp; The elevator door opened, and a group of people came out. A short, middle-aged man came quickly and greeted Chu Zhenyan with a smile: "Master Chu, I should have listened to you when I knew I was in the northwest.  I will go to Lanchuan with you for a while, and if that happens, I will probably be able to catch the purple-tailed phoenix master! This day's great opportunity was brought to my lips, but I still didn't get it! Oh, I missed it, I missed it!"

    Chu Zhenyan smiled and said: "At that time, it was Elder Zuo who was in charge after all, and the Northwest affairs were still undecided, so we still needed the presence of all the True Monarchs. Naturally, we couldn't leave rashly. Besides, if Huang Zhenjun really went to Lanchuan at that time, maybe the Purple Tail Phoenix Lord  I dare not show up."

    "Well, what you said is right." Huang Ding said, smiling and looking at Chen Kuo who was standing beside him, because the height gap was a bit big, and he had to look up to see his face: "This is  Xiao Chen, um, yes, you look upright and awe-inspiring, and a good-looking talent But I don't think you are a Qi cultivator, and your cultivation base doesn't seem to be too deep, and you don't have any top-level magic weapons on your body.  survived the situation? Could it be that you know the person who fought against the demon king?"

    Before Chen Kuo had time to speak, one of the people who got out of the elevator with Huang Ding snorted coldly and said, "Really Huang, didn't you agree that everyone will ask questions at the 'Questions and Answers Meeting'? You are a bad guy."  rule."

    Chu Zhenyan saluted the tall man who was wearing a light-colored linen Chinese-style long coat, linen trousers on his lower body, and a pair of cloth shoes, looking extremely heroic: "Mr. Takagi."

    This is Gao Muwenyu, the true emperor of Liangzong, one of the five major sects. He is responsible for arresting the one who killed the "Tangta Luoga" witch lord and wounded the Hongyanmen Lingxiu great demon in the northeast.

    After searching for so many days before, there were no clues. As a result, after the demon king appeared here, Gao Muwenyu immediately determined the location of the "Golden Scale Immortal" who snatched the magic weapon of "Tang Taroga".

    Not only did he lead people to rectify the "Golden Scale Immortal" on the spot and snatch back the treasures of "Tangta Luoga", but he even took the opportunity to go to the last case of the tortoise who snatched the birth treasure ginseng and injured more than a dozen disciples.  The big demon "Rota Immortal" was caught.

    This caused Chen Kuo, who got the news, to complain to the little secretary in private, that these true monarchs and high-level practitioners are like warlords, and this kind of collective incident has never been done without seeing the benefits.

    The magic weapon of "Tontaroga" was immediately sent to the northwest by special plane, and returned to the new witch master of "Tontaroga", and promised to give "Tontaroga" a lot of support and help.

    In this way, the sorcerers in Southeast Asia have no excuse to make a fuss. Those sorcerers who were indeed helping "Don Taroga" left one after another.  The seven or eight sorcerers with ulterior motives and secret incitement couldn't leave even if they wanted to.

    Zuo Zhenjun of the White Wolf Valley had already been keeping an eye on those people. Once the "Tangta Luoga" matter was resolved, they would have no worries, and these people would also be dealt with.

    These people either have Western backgrounds or the support of Dongpu Xiujie, and their hands are not clean. Getting rid of them is also a warning to the people behind them.

    ?Thinking about these people, they didn¡¯t realize that there was no news before, and the Northeast side seemed to be in a state of distress, but in the blink of an eye, after listening to the changes in the situation, everything was settled at once.

    However, the Zhenjun Gaoxiu in the northwest is also very vicious, and he did not hesitate or benevolent when attacking. In order to avoid some legal risks, he deliberately let them pass the border and only attack when they are "abroad".

    So this "demon king's appearance" is like ringing a bell in the entire spiritual world and stepping on the accelerator. These things that affected the entire spiritual world and all the authentic things in the spiritual world were resolved in an instant.

    Huang Ding looked at Gao Muwenyu and said with a smile: "Brother Gao Mu, why are you so serious? I just chatted with Xiao Chen casually. If I really wanted to ask, I wouldn't do it in front of your face, haha"

    The two true lords were fighting each other, but Chen Kuo nodded slightly to the man who looked rather simple and honest, who was closely behind the real lord Takagi.

    The man also nodded to him with a kind smile.

    Although it was the first time they met, the two were sworn brothers.

    Well, this is Chen Kuo's former "big brother" Qiu Lindong, now the second child among the seven brothers and sisters, and the disciple of Liangzong, Xianmen.
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