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Text Chapter 219: Just Happy

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    Seeing Chen Kuo's exaggerated reaction, Zhu Li said angrily: "Boss! Don't think about it! I let you feelI want you to feelthat aspectnot that aspect!"

    Having said that, she also felt a little shy, her face was so hot, so hot, she must be very red now.

    All blame Brother Gou, why such a big reaction, it is obviously to discuss a very serious matter.

    "In that respect?" Chen Kuo was indeed frightened enough. It is not very accurate to say that he was frightened. It should be said that he was shocked and nervous. It was the first time for him to be so intimate with a woman. This made him who was tortured by Zhiyang aura in his early years  A little worried that I would lose control.

    "Boss, don't think about it, come here" Zhu Li also stood up, walked over and took Chen Kuo's hand to sit back on the sofa, took his hand over slowly, and put it on her stomach.

    "Boss, concentrate and sense your own aura." Zhu Li said, taking Chen Kuo's hand to his lower abdomen, and then stroked it in a circle, and then to his stomach, and cycled a few times.

    At the beginning, Chen Kuo's hands were very stiff and tense, and he didn't dare to look at the little secretary, like a child who was being pulled by the hand to draw blood and get an injection.

    But soon, he slowly relaxed, and followed the little secretary's prompt to feel with his heart.

    How does it feel?

    Well, the skin is very slippery, delicate, and icy, and it feels very comfortable to the touch. He feels that he can keep it like this for a lifetime

    Oh, but this is definitely not what the little secretary made him feel.

    Well, the feeling of ice the supreme yang aura in his body seemed to be dormant and hidden all of a sudden?

    No, if he deliberately mobilized it, Zhiyang Spiritual Qi would still be surging and extremely strong.

    Um?  Why does he feel that the Zhiyang aura in his body is suddenly much more docile and obedient¡ªalthough he has been able to control it very freely before, it can be said that it can be said to be as good as his fingers, but the destructive and destructive characteristics of the Zhiyang aura itself  , Explosive characteristics, it is doomed to be not so easy to control.

    But now, the Zhiyang aura in his body felt like a raging and hungry tiger, suddenly became docile and obedient.

    Uh, if that's the case, isn't the animal trainer the little secretary?

    Chen Kuo's big hand, which was carried by the little secretary, was circling between her belly and lower abdomen suddenly stopped, as if he felt something.

    Faintly, there seemed to be an indistinct aura that connected the Zhiyang aura in his body with the little secretary's body, or to be more precise, her stomach.

    Because he led the little secretary all the way to become a spiritual practitioner, so the aura in the little secretary's body also has traces of Zhiyang aura, and the two auras are compatible?

    It seems that this possibility is not impossible. He felt that the Zhiyang aura in his body seemed to be greeting the aura in the little secretary's stomach, as if they were holding hands and dancing together. The two auras seemed to be old acquaintances.

    This gave Chen Kuo a very mysterious feeling, as if the aura of the two of them had also developed affection, and they were also falling in love with each other.

    However, this feeling is very comfortable. Chen Kuo felt that the Zhiyang aura in his body was running more and more smoothly, just like a Tai Chi diagram, urged by the aura in the little secretary's body, rotating in circles, entering the  to a state of extreme balance and harmony.

    After understanding what the little secretary made him feel, Chen Kuo smiled and said to her: "Xiao Zhu, your stomach is greeting me."

    However, the little secretary was obviously not interested in her self-righteous humor. She gave him a blank look and said, "Brother Dog, be serious!"

    "Oh" Chen Kuo was also a little embarrassed, and then said: "Xiao Zhu, I think my Zhiyang aura seems to have a proper complementary effect with the aura in your body. It seems that they are originally one, but they are only temporarily separated.  , now that they are combined, they will be very perfect Uh, the combination I'm talking about, Xiao Zhu, is the combination of spiritual energy"

    Zhu Li gave him another look: "Brother Dog, don't keep explaining. The more you explain, the more people will be misunderstood. It's clear that no one else thinks wrong, but you forcefully remind others"


    Finding that the little secretary let go of his hand, although Chen Kuo was a little bit reluctant, but he couldn't keep his hand on his stomach, so he reluctantly took it back.

    "Brother Dog, you should feel better again." Zhu Li said again.

    "Oh." Chen Kuo was overjoyed, and instinctively raised his hand to reach the little secretary's belly.

    Zhu Li patted the back of his hand helplessly, and said angrily, "I want you to feel the supreme yang aura in your body!"

    "Ah? Oh" Chen Kuo withdrew his hand embarrassingly, and began to feel his true love.The rates are all the same.

    Just now she was going to make trouble for Chen Kuo and ask him to make breakfast. She wants beef noodles, she wants scrambled eggs, she wants big meat buns, and she wants ice cream!

    But when she saw Chen Kuo and Zhu Li holding hands together, Ganfanniu was stunned, and then stared blankly for a long time, biting her fingers while watching.

    When Chen Kuo and Zhu Li decided to sleep together, after the two walked into the bedroom, Ganfan girl smirked and jumped up and down in the living room, and finally jumped on the window sill, looking out at the big sun and pedestrians squinting happily.

    If someone came to her at this time and asked:

    "Fanfan girl, Ganfan girl, why are you so happy?"

    She probably shook her head in confusion, and said foolishly:

    "I don't know, anyway, I'm just happy! ?
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