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Text Chapter 314 Impossible

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    The pile of spiritual materials that were reacting strangely was disturbed by the powerful aura that broke into the warehouse, and the aura reaction was interrupted.  The pile of spiritual materials is like the main explosive in an explosive reaction, and this wave of interruption seems to separate the spiritual materials that have not yet started to respond from the spiritual materials that are responding.

    The newly formed black flame figure twisted and dissipated, and let out a roar of unwillingness.


    Daoist Liu Fei was shocked, and raised his hand to cast the spell again, reopening the unknown strange magic circle, but the intruder broke through the window, and the successive spells made him overwhelmed, and he couldn't restart the magic circle at all.  .

    And he soon discovered that the "uninvited guests" this time were no longer low-level spiritual practitioners like Guo Wei and the three of them, but a dozen big monsters in transformation form!

    In terms of cultivation, the transformational monster basically corresponds to the real person realm of spiritual cultivation. Although it is specific to the individual, whether it is Qi cultivation, what kind of magic weapon is used, what kind of supernatural powers and spells are there, whether the spells are restrained, fighting skills, etc.  Experience and state of mind, etc., will greatly affect the outcome of the fight, and sometimes even a real person can directly deal with three monsters.

    But no matter how you calculate it, a dozen monsters with transformed forms are definitely not something that a single real person can fight against.

    But why do more than a dozen monsters suddenly appear here?

    Master Liu Fei looked suspiciously at Guo Wei, Qiu Lindong, and Li Shiyou, but found that the three of them were also a little surprised at the sudden appearance of so many big monsters, and they were nervously on guard.

    "You help me cast spells, activate the magic circle, summon the generals, and kill the evildoers! Otherwise, we will all become the food in the mouths and stomachs of these evildoers!" Master Liu Fei suddenly shouted to the three of Guo Wei.

    The thirteen big monsters who entered through the broken window laughed in unison, one of them was a beautiful woman wearing a black sportswear, black sneakers, and long black hair tied into a ponytail hanging down her buttocks and almost reaching her calves  He took two steps forward and said to Guo Wei and the others:

    "Don't panic, fellow Taoists of the three sects. We have received news that there is an evil cultivator here who wants to use the 'ancient secret treasure' to summon exotic monsters to descend. If he succeeds, the whole world will suffer. At that time, no matter whether it is a human, a demon, or a spirit  Whether it is a cultivator, an ordinary person, a monster who gave birth to a spirit, or an ordinary creature, they will all be wiped out. We helped the three fellow Taoists to bring this beast under control, and we asked the three fellow Taoists to bring it back to the sect.  Sect, please ask the high-level cultivator of the sect to judge. As for these spiritual materials and the 'fragment of the ancient secret treasure', you can also bring back all of them as evidence. At the same time, please ask the three fellow Taoists to convey to the high-level sect on your behalf.  My phoenix master is willing to temporarily put aside the dispute between the monster camps with the sect, and jointly deal with this foreign crisis, strangle possible foreign monster invasions in the cradle, and jointly protect this world."

    The big demon in white with a long ponytail made a generous "speech", which directly stunned Qiu Lindong, Li Shiyou, and Guo Wei.

    Even Daoist Liu Fei was in a trance for a moment, what the hell can a demon say?  !

    "Wait, you said you mean Phoenix Lord?" Qiu Lindong frowned and said, "You don't mean the Demon King Purple Tail Phoenix Lord?"

    "Exactly! My phoenix master has integrated two of the four major demon clans in China, and has begun to contact multiple demon clans in East Asia and Southeast Asia to unite. If necessary, he will also integrate with demon clans around the world to jointly defend  Distress." The white-clothed demon continued.

    "Is this so serious?" Qiu Lindong said with a frown.

    Integrate the monster races all over the world?  If this really happens, I'm afraid the sect's spiritual cultivation will not be able to sleep first.

    The big demon in white sneered, and said: "Is there something serious? Do you really don't know or are you pretending not to know? Are you so ill-informed about the news in the spiritual world? You don't know that Sun Hao of the Hongyan Sect is in Cheng'an  City, is the foreign demon god who was summoned by that"

    As she spoke, she raised her palm and made a slashing movement: "It's instant kill! True Monarch! Instant kill! You said that such a foreign demon god really has a foothold in this world, who can stand it? All  The demon king and the real king are tied together, and the foreign real king and the foreign demon king are also pulled over. Can they cut a few more times? Can it last for a long time? What's more, what if there are more than one demon gods summoned?  Do you know if this kind of lunatic is only on our side?"

    What the big monster said was well-founded, Qiu Lindong and the three of them were speechless for a while.

    Seemingly seeing the three of them and one demon chatting, and not noticing him, Master Liu Fei started to try to activate the magic circle secretly again.

    But as soon as he made a movement, under the spiritual vision, a huge millstone that appeared above his head suddenly started to rotate.

    Master Liu Fei had been prepared for a long time, and he threw something in his arms into the sky. A magic weapon was activated with supernatural powers, and a white aura spread out towards theA little too trusting?  I don't think it's possible to achieve the level of trust they just showed, even between spiritual cultivators of different sects.  "

    Guo Wei said: "Perhaps, they want to show favor to the sect?"

    "From the beginning to the end, they never asked what sect we belong to?" Li Shiyou said.

    Qiu Lindong suddenly said: "Wait a minute, I remember why the words of the big monster are so familiar, it's a crow! The crow that Zhai Hongyang tied up Mi Bunny before was sent to spy on us, but was caught by the big brother at the foot of the mountain  , what is it called Oh yes, it seems to be called Firefly!"

    Li Shiyou was stunned for a moment, and then nodded: "Yes, that's the smell, I remembered it too. Hey! What fireflies are called Ying Ying what snow."

    Guo Wei, who had never seen the crow monster before, said in a daze: "So, the long-haired monster we just saw was transformed from the crow monster you met before breaking through the transformation realm?"

    Qiu Lindong and Li Shiyou looked at each other, then shook their heads at the same time: "Impossible."

    In my mind, I compared the talkative little crow monster with the beautiful big monster in white clothes and long ponytail just now, and they really couldn't overlap.

    Moreover, in such a short period of time, it is impossible for the crow to directly break through the transformation form of the big demon realm, which is against the law of practice.

    Where is that crow now?

    Before in Yuan Taizong, I seemed to have heard from Mi Bunny that the crow was taken away by the elder brother, and now he should be with the elder brother.

    Indeed, rather than believing that the big demon just now is the form of the crow demon, it is more reliable to believe that the big brother is the "ancient demon god".

    What's more, although the tone of the big monster in white and long ponytail is a bit similar to that of the crow monster in some words, the voice is still fundamentally different.

    More importantly, the half-appeared spirit can also be seen to be not a crow

    On a hillside two kilometers away from the warehouse, more than a dozen big monsters in white clothes and long ponytails stood behind the big monster in white clothes and long ponytails. Together with her, they watched the suv leave the warehouse in the distance, drive onto the national highway, and drive into the distance.

    A big monster with a plump figure and a coquettish appearance stepped forward and said in a low voice: "My lord, do you know these disciples of these sects?"

    "Huh? Why do you say that?" The big demon in white with long ponytail frowned.

    "If you didn't know each other, sirhow could you give them the 'Ancient Secret Treasure Fragment' and Liu Fei to take away? Andthe master didn't ask which sect they belong to." The plump and coquettish big demon whispered.

    The big demon in white with long ponytail was stunned, yes, I didn't ask which sect they belonged to from the beginning to the end, this is a big loophole!

    This big demon in white clothes and long ponytail is naturally the crow demon Yingshuangxue. Of course, in front of these big monsters at this time, she has another name "Chen Zhongya", but they will only call her "Master" or "Boss".

    The reason why she never thought of asking Qiu Lindong about the sects of the three of them was because she knew too well the origins and information of the three of them, so she subconsciously forgot about this step.

    Di Le can realize this, and Qiu Lindong, like Li Shiyou Monkey King, will definitely doubt it.

    But Ying Crow thought about it, it seems even if they doubt it, it won't have any effect on the mission of the lord to entrust her.

    Thinking of this, she finally let go of her heart, and said lightly to Di Le behind her: "Of course I know."

    "My lord is really well informed." Di Le immediately flattered him.

    The Purple-tailed Phoenix Lord used her strength to rectify and subdue the influence of the Yunshui Spiritualist, and also used Xianmen, Yu Xiaobai, and Yingshuangxue to solve the momentum of Zhenshan Venerable. After completely subduing the entire demon clan, she followed Chen Kuo's request  , Integrate the strength of the entire monster clan, select a dozen big monsters for unified training and training, and then hand them over to Ying Crow to perform some "save the world" tasks.

    This is an unprecedented experience for these big monsters, even Di Le was a little uncomfortable at first, but after the news that the Hongyanmen Zhenjun in Cheng'an City was killed by the "foreign demon god", they immediately fell in love with it.  accepted this argument.

    Indeed, if the "foreign demon god" can instantly kill the real king, then they should not have any difficulty in killing big monsters and even demon kings.

    If it is really indiscriminate killing, then they must not allow such an existence to appear in this world.

    However, Di Le, who considers himself the confidant of the Purple Tail Phoenix Lord, was still a little unconvinced at first by the "airborne" boss "Chen Zhongya", thinking that the other party was just better than her by chance and got some benefits so that he could overwhelm himself in terms of cultivation.  , be the boss.

    But tonight, seeing her with her own eyes and waiting for the demon to break the big conspiracy of the previous sect master, and chatting and laughing with the three sect spiritual practitioners, all kinds of bragging, she is truly admired.

    She really couldn't say these things, these words., all kinds of bragging, she is truly admired.

    She really can't say these things, these words.
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