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Text Chapter 177 This Is Not Fair

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    Early in the morning, Zhu Li sat up from the bed, her hair was disheveled, and her eyes were still a little dazed.

    Then she reached for the mobile phone by the bedside and saw the painted picture of the little girl and the little boy holding hands and running in the mountains after the screen of the mobile phone was turned on. She suddenly laughed "hehe", stretched herself, and jumped off the bed.  up.

    "I have a little donkey that I never ride. One day I rode it to barbecue on a whim"

    "Am I the person you love the most? Why don't you eat"

    "Who~ is beating my pot, who~ is stirring my bowl, that bowl~the forgotten ramen"

    Zhu Li went to the bathroom to wash up while humming a variety of blindly modified songs.

    Last night she went to sing K with Brother Gou!

    Of course, it's not just the two of them, but a large group of people in the company, who have packed a huge hall.

    Because of the completion of the big order of "Hongyanmen", Chen Kuo gave the employees a considerable amount of bonuses, and invited everyone to have a big meal together.

    Everyone was happy eating and drinking, and still felt that they were not satisfied, so Chen Kuo waved his hand and took everyone to sing K.

    Originally, Lao Li drank too much, and secretly stoked the fire, asking her to sing "Who Knows the Prodigal Heart" and "Intimate Lover" with Brother Gou, but she was severely beaten by Sister Yang.

    Then it was changed to "Iron Heart"

    Of course, she also understood that Sister Yang was actually protecting her.

    Although her brother Gou sings a little out of tune, she still likes to hear him sing, because when he sings, his voice and expression are a bit naive, and he has a kind of youthful feeling that makes her feel very kind.

    And last night, Ganfanniu has been by her side, playing her chorus. Although it is also out of tune, Ganfanniu's voice is also very cute. It makes me want to laugh when I hear it, and I am very happy when I hear it.

    So she had a very happy time last night, almost laughing from the beginning to the end, her face was almost cramp from laughing.

    After washing, start changing clothes.

    Today she was going to wear a skirt, but she looked at a pair of black stockings and a pair of flesh-colored stockings and hesitated, which one should she wear?

    She looked upwards, and the number of times Chen Kuo peeked at her legs since the first meeting flashed in her mind. She bit her lips lightly with her white teeth, hiding her smile, and counted with her fingers.

    She was sure that Brother Gou liked to look at her legs, and he also seemed to have a preference for stockings.

    Well, when wearing flesh-colored stockings, the number of times and the average time that Brother Gou's eyes fell on her legs should be more.

    A few minutes later, Zhu Li finished dressing up, took her bag, and went downstairs to the side of the road.

    Ten seconds later, a Toyota Corolla slowly stopped in front of her, and she naturally went over and opened the passenger door to sit on it.

    "Morning boss!" Zhu Li greeted.

    "Morning, little Zhu." Chen Kuo responded with a smile. His eyes naturally followed the car window, to the car door, then to the side face, skirt, legs of the little secretarythen passed the center control panel, and then returned to the front.  Look through the windshield and look at the road.

    The whole process is very fast and natural, and it seems that there is no pause at all.

    For Chen Kuo, Xiao Zhu not only has a trend of getting higher and higher in appearance, but also always steps on his g-spot when dressing up.

    However, he is also very clear about what it means to see no evil, and what it means to start from love and end with courtesy.

    In such a closed space in the car, he must pay more attention to his eyes and movements, so as not to make Xiao Zhu feel a little uncomfortable, and he must maintain his image as a decent spiritual practitioner and an upright boss.

    In the recent period, as the magic weapon made for Zhu Li is getting closer and closer to completion, the spiritual art plan designed for her has also taken shape.

    So he simply made an agreement with Zhu Li that he would "stop by" to drive her to breakfast every morning, and then communicate during the meal and on the way to the company.

    Chen Kuo took this opportunity to understand Zhu Li's qi refining situation the night before, give guidance and judgment, and then assign new training tasks.

    In this case, lay the foundation first, and when the magic weapon is brought over, you can basically get started directly.

    Chen Kuo was once again amazed by Zhu Li's savvy. Basically everything can be taught now, and his ability to draw inferences from one instance is also very strong, and the speed visible to the naked eye is increasing.

    People say that smart women are the sexiest, but Xiao Zhu is sexy even if she is not smart, and now she is both sexy and smart

    After eating breakfast at a roadside stall and briefly chatting about the progress of the gas refining last night, the two returned to the car.

    Chen Kuo inserted the key into the keyhole, started the engine, but did not put it into gear immediately, but said with some hesitation:

    "Xiao Zhu, am I making utensils for you?, and now one of them is almost finished"

    Zhu Li smiled and said, "Yeah, thank you boss, I will also prepare a gift for the boss."

    In fact, she probably knows what kind of magic weapon Brother Gou made for her. Last week, Gou Ge specially took her to a shop outside for custom-made coats and windbreakers to measure the size.

    So there is a high probability that the magic weapon Brother Gou prepared for her is a coat.

    Chen Kuo was startled: "Ah? Oh, that's not what I mean, what I mean is I have prepared more than one magic weapon for you this time, and there is another one. I need to touch your headface  Ministry data."

    "Head? Face? Head circumference?" Zhu Li was a little puzzled.

    "Yes, the circumference of the head, the width of the forehead, the distance between the eyes, the distance between the eyebrows, the height of the bridge of the nose, the width of the wings of the nose, etc" Chen Kuo said.

    "Then the boss, do you want to take me to find someone to measure, or you to measure it? Or I measure it myself?" Zhu Li said, frowning: "It seems a bit difficult for me to measure it myself. Boss, you measure it  Bar?"

    "The head circumference is relatively simple. If it is the face, I have to measure it with my hands, that is I have to touch your face with my hands." Chen Kuo said with some embarrassment.

    He practiced this statement several times last night, but it still feels weird to say it now, especially the word "touch", which always feels a bit malicious.

    "Okay, boss, are you measuring now?"

    Unexpectedly, the little secretary agreed very happily.

    Chen Kuo was stunned for a moment, then nodded: "Well, soon, I'll just touch it Uh, I mean just"

    Zhu Li laughed: "I know, boss, please stop explaining."

    With some embarrassment, Chen Kuo took out the disposable wet wipes that he had prepared earlier from the glove box, tore off four packs, and wiped his hands carefully¡ªhe even cut his nails specially last night.

    Zhu Li sat sideways on the passenger seat, facing Chen Kuo, with a smile on his face.

    Chen Kuo gently placed his hands on this face that was so beautiful to him that there were almost no blemishes. The smooth and slightly elastic touch of the skin made him feel like time had stopped for an instant.

    Sliding down slightly along the sides of the nose, the pads of the fingers touched the cheeks and rested on the cheekbones, and then followed the cheeks to the chin, drawing a perfect curve.

    Although he was a little bit reluctant, Chen Kuo kept in mind the motto of "starting with love and ending with courtesy", so he quickly stopped.


    The whole process took only five or six seconds, but it made Chen Kuo feel like several hours had passed.

    Especially Xiao Zhu kept his eyes wide open and looked at him with a smile throughout the whole process, which gave him a very strange feeling.

    "Boss, this is not fair."

    "Huh?" Chen Kuo was a little surprised, his first reaction was, did he act rude just now?

    "You touched my face, and I want to touch yours too." Zhu Li said with a smile.
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